We believe planning your trip should be almost as fun as the trip itself

As one of Singapore's largest travel agent and tour operator, we offer the widest choice of destinations from the mainstream to the exotic ones.

While we explore new destinations and venture into opening the roads less travelled, we consistently review and revisit existing ones with new itineraries and experiences. By maintaining a strong marketing and communications link with our customers, prospects, business partners and the general buying public, we attain top-of-mind recall as a reliable travel agency providing quality packages at value-for-money prices. For the past 50 years, we take pride in satisfying and surpassing our customers' expectations with tour experiences that get them to return time and again. We were also the first to set up a sophisticated online travel infrastructure and a call centre as part of our continuous efforts to offer seamless travel experiences from the first touch point to utilisation of service.

Chan Brothers Group of companies encompass Asia Global Vacation, specialising in affordable good value tours for your dream vacation including the Euroworld brand, your gateway to flexible and affordable Europe travel; company-owned franchise shop, Chan's World Holidays, a bespoke travel agency offering off-the-beaten-track unusual vacations and Muslim tours; Chan Brothers Express, specialising in Club Med holidays and regional beach getaways; and iconic Chan Brothers Travel Powerhouse with our widely acclaimed package tours, Free & Easy+ Holidays, Worldwide Cruise Centre, Customised Easy Holidays, as well as flight and hotel online portals.

With over 50 years' worth of happy customers, no one comes close to Chan Brothers for perfecting the holiday experience. Holidays are just better with people you know and you are in great company with Chan Brothers who knows the world like no other.


- Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award Asia – Winner (Tour Operator) (Awarded by Reader’s Digest)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award Asia – Winner (Tour Operator) (Awarded by Reader’s Digest)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Best Travel Agency Southeast Asia (Outbound) (Awarded by Travel Weekly Asia Readers' Choice Awards)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award Asia – Winner (Tour Operator) (Awarded by Reader’s Digest)


- Best Travel Agency Southeast Asia (Outbound) (Awarded by Travel Weekly Asia Readers' Choice Awards)
- International Brand Travel Agency (Awarded by The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards Singapore)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)


- Singapore's Leading Travel Agency (Awarded by World Travel Awards)
- Asia's Leading Travel Club (Awarded by World Travel Awards)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- Singapore Service Class (Awarded by SPRING Singapore)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- AsiaOne People's Choice Award – Best Travel Agency (Awarded by AsiaOne)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- AsiaOne People's Choice Award – Best Travel Agency (Awarded by AsiaOne)
- WSQ Most Supportive Employer Award – Tour and Travel category (Awarded by Workforce Development Agency)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- AsiaOne People's Choice Award – Best Travel Agency (Awarded by AsiaOne)
- SINGAPORE SME 1000 for Chan Brothers MICE & Travel Pte Ltd (Awarded by DP Information Group)
- Best of the Best Family Products/Services (Family Travel Agency) (Awarded by Parent's World)


- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand – Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)
- TMIS Top Travel Agent (Industrial Training) (Awarded by Tourism Management Institute of Singapore)


- WSQ Best Supporting Company (Singapore Workforce Development Agency and Tourism Management Institute of Singapore)


- Outstanding Branding Effort (Local) (Awarded by National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)


- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- SPBA Heritage Brand Award (Awarded by Association of Small & Medium Enterprise & Lianhe Zaobao)
- Asia 's Top 300 Brands (Brand Portfolio, 26 Aug 2005)


- Singapore Superbrands 2004/2005
- Singapore's Top 100 Brands & Number 1 Online Travel Agency (Brand Portfolio, 16 Jul 2004)
- Asia's Top 500 Brands (Brand Portfolio, 16 Jul 2004)


- Tourism Host of the Year (Travel Agency) (Awarded by Singapore Tourism Board)
- Best Singapore Travel Experience - China (Awarded by Singapore Tourism Board)


- Travel Agency of the Year (Awarded by Singapore Tourism Board)


- Travel Agency of the Year – Merit Award (Awarded by Singapore Tourism Board)
- Best Agency Award (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)
- Top Innovator Award (Awarded by TravelWeekly East)
- Golden Web Award: Best Website – Outbound Operators (Awarded by TravelWeekly East)
- Best Travel Website (Awarded By Australian Tourist Commission)
- Tourism Medal (Awarded by French Minister of Tourism)


- Enterprise Award, Singapore Business Awards (Awarded by The Business Times and DHL Worldwide Express)
- New Age Agent (Awarded by TravelAsia Magazine)
- Best Travel Website (Awarded by Australian Tourism Commission)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)


- Tour Operator of the Year Outbound (Awarded by Travel Asia Magazine)
- Best Travel Agency – Singapore (Awarded by Travel Trade Gazette Asia)


- Gold Circle Award (Awarded by Singapore Tourism Board)
- Golden Kiwi Award (Awarded by New Zealand Tourism Board)
- Koala Award (Awarded by Australia Travel Industry for outstanding contribution to Australian Tourism – South East Asia)
- Partnership Award (Awarded by Australia Travel Industry)


- Best Performing Travel Agent Outing to Turkey (Awarded by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Tourism)
- Tourism Host of the Year (Awarded by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board)


- Travel Agency of the Year (Awarded by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board)


- Number One Achievement Award (Awarded by The Queensland Tourist & Travel Corporation)
- Travel Agent of the Year (Awarded by Travel News Asia)
- Beijing Forbidden City Cup (Certificate of Honour for Excellent Overseas Travel Agency – Company)


- Best Travel Agent (Awarded by Australia Travel Industry)


- Travel Agent of the Year (Awarded by Travel News Asia)


- Golden Kiwi (Awarded by New Zealand Tourism Board)


- Travel Agency of the Year (Awarded by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board)


- Reader's Digest Trusted Brand - Platinum (Travel Agent) (Awarded by Reader's Digest)

Our core values is customer focus, excellence, innovation, integrity, passion, teamwork. Every day is a FUN, because we serve with LOVE. Our mission is "You Dream, we deliver. Every day is gonna be holiday." and our vision is "To be a world-class travel icon that delivers magical experiences."

Valued employees are the lifeblood of any business and especially so in the travel industry. We provide an integrated and sustainable scheme that attracts and retains talented people, and caters for personal and professional development.

We develop our training and development programmes to meet the challenges of changing technologies and trends. While we help our employees to develop their careers, we give our business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market. In 2012, we were awarded WSQ Most Supportive Employer Award - Tour and Travel category by Workforce Development Agency in recognition of our efforts in supporting WSQ through the hiring of WSQ graduates, sending staff for WSQ training and adoption of WSQ schemes.


We were voted in as the Singapore Winner in the Tour Operator category for the inaugural Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award Asia 2020. This award is 100% voted by Singaporean consumers and designed to reward local companies that provide outstanding service to its customers. Consumers were surveyed and asked to rank their experiences of the service provider according to 5 main components of customer service excellence – personalisation, understanding, simplicity, reliability and satisfaction.



We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2019 and 11 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2019 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners.



We launched +en Travel Envoys – Singapore’s First Travel Entrepreneur Network, supported by Singapore Tourism Board, a new innovative initiative based on the model of the sharing economy, providing individuals with the digital platforms, training, expertise, network and resources to start a travel business online. The seeks to unearth new distribution channels through the envoy network, thus reaching out to new and untapped customer segments.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2018 and 10 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2018 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners.


We launched www.ChanBrothersCruises.com, a one-stop solution designed to drive change and foster innovation in the cruise industry. Boasting over 22 cruise operators, 230 ships and 3,500 with 20,000 sailings, it is the only online travel agency in the world with the capability of packaging beyond cruises including air tickets, transfers, pre- and post-cruise accommodation and pre- and post-cruise tours. With robust 24/7 booking, customers can select preferred cabins, understand map routing of programmes, navigate deck plans for selected ships, book preferred dining times, make comparisons across up to 3 ships, chat with a cruise specialist over the live and transact seamlessly with a mobile-friendly display. 

We extended the Chan Brothers Travel brand with the inception of Chan Brothers Prestige, which in crafting tailor-made journeys through industry knowledge and global Virtuoso connections. As an esteemed member of the leading luxury network Virtuoso with access to a plethora of exclusive experiences, customers can travel like a VIP and a superlative vacation after their very own hearts' desires.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2017 and 9 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation. 

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2017 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners.


We launched our eTravel Advisor app which offers prospective travellers ready tour information and functions at their fingertips, including pre-departure briefings, tour notifications, balance payments, post-tour feedback and more.

We completed the final phase of development of our Quote, Book & Go ecommerce platform effectively allowing an individual to price every single component of their holiday independently with instant confirmation. While many Online Travel Agencies already have the capabilities to do so to a limited product extent, we have enhanced it and expanded it to include cruise holidays, pre/post cruise accommodation, transfers, sightseeing and more.

We inaugurated the Chan Brothers accelerator programme, a new initiative designed to drive change and foster innovation in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries through incubation and acceleration of start ups with intellectual content and strong growth potential across international markets. The initiative marks the first of its kind in Singapore and the region for a travel agency.

We launched Chan Brothers Japan Travel Centre, offering travellers the convenience of a one-stop shop to check out top destinations in the land of the rising sun from Japan travel specialists. With carefully curated programmes moulded to perfection by the tens of thousands of Singaporeans who choose to travel with travel agency every year, Chan Brothers Travel Japan itineraries charm with the guarantee of authenticity of meals, one-of-a-kind immersions, well-located or specialty accommodation and quality hot spring experiences. Nothing screams personalisation more than the diverse range of programmes featuring bed and breakfasts, home stays, city breaks, heritage voyages, hot spring retreats, rail holidays, resort getaways, self-drive journeys, shopping sprees, ski vacations and more.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2016 and 8 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.



We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2015 and 7 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

Chan Brothers Travel was successfully awarded the Singapore Service Class Certification by SPRING Singapore on 27 August 2015. The Singapore Service Class certification was a testimony of our commitment to attain service excellence in all aspects of customer service. It also marked the travel agency’s progress in its one and a half year Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) journey. 

Singapore Service Class (S-Class) is the certification for the business excellence niche standard for service. The niche standard enables organisations to develop their service capabilities to enhance service leadership, service agility, customer delight, and customer experience. Based on the business excellence framework, it covers 6 categories namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Customer and Results. 

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2015 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners


We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2014 and 6 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.


We were awarded Best Travel Agency in Asiaone People's Choice Awards 2013 by AsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings' leading news and lifestyle website. The award is a public acknowledgment of the best brands and products in Singapore and the region.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2013 and 5 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We completed the final phase of Chan Brothers Travel Powerhouse. Following the opening of its flagship store and worldwide cruise in 2012, massive makeover took place progressively at 2 other principal stores on level 1 and 7 of the same building within a year. Spanning over 2 floors and 15,000 square feet, the Travel Powerhouse heralds the dawn of a new era for the 48-year-old agency and a new frontier for the industry.

We relaunched Asia Global Vacation as the trusted, low price alternative for affordable good value tours and established Euroworld the low price challenger for Europe and America tours. Both entities serve the segment of price-conscious travellers who require only basic itineraries with more leisure time for shopping and other pursuits of special interest. On average, prices are 10 percent lower if not similar to the low-ballers in the market comprising of new entrants or small, medium-sized wannabes. They bring affordable tours with absolute price transparency but without compromise to quality, the assurance that comes only with Chan Brothers brand.

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2013 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners.


We were awarded Best Travel Agency in Asiaone People's Choice Awards 2011/12 by AsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings' leading news and lifestyle website. The award is a public acknowledgment of the best brands and products in Singapore and the region.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2012 and 4 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We launched the flagship store and cruise centre, prominently anchored at #01-12 Fook Hai Building. Spreading over a spacious 4,000 square feet of retail space, the roomy flagship store increases current capacity by 15 percent. The bold design of the new flagship store and cruise centre symbolises how impassioned the travel agency is in elevating travel service and product excellence, and has been described tongue-in-cheek by many as redefining the "Chanel" in travel.

We established partnership with the biggest travel review site TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site. Through the partnership, TripAdvisor traveller reviews and ratings are displayed on our online hotel platform ChanBrothersHotels.com, marking the collaboration of key industry leaders. ChanBrothersHotels.com boasts of over 120,000 hotels, low prices guaranteed, instant confirmation, acceptance of last-minute bookings and exclusive daily offers. Unlike regular hotel portals where prices displayed exclude hotel tax and service fees, ChanBrothersHotels.com promises prices with all taxes included and no hidden charges, i.e. what you see is what you pay.


We were awarded Best Travel Agency in AsiaOne People's Choice Awards 2010 organised by AsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings' leading news and lifestyle website. The award is a public acknowledgment of the best brands and products in Singapore and the region.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2011 and 3 years consecutively for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We launched our first company-owned franchise shop, Chan's World Holidays. Beyond distributing products and services by Chan Brothers Travel, the bespoke travel agency steers away from mass market tours and instead, plugs existing gaps in the current travel market by offering English-speaking package tours to Asia and China and Chinese-speaking package tours to long haul destinations.

We acquired another commercial property at North Bridge Road under the Chan Brothers property investment portfolio and named it Chan Brothers Building. It has over 11,000 square feet of commercial space for lease across seven floors. The new building adds to the existing over $100 million of /asset backing on local and overseas properties, ranging from office building, shop houses, shop units and residential units in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, as well as residential development in Australia.


We launched our new television commercial series to great success.

In keeping ourselves aligned with new technologies, our hotel and flight portals www.ChanBrothersHotels.com and www.ChanBrothersFlights.com underwent major revamps in the first and third quarter of 2010 respectively. Online bookings via our flight and hotel portals achieved an average growth of 50 percent month on month since their revamp while visitorship doubled.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2010 for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.

We were awarded Best Travel Agency - Singapore in TTG Travel Awards 2010 for demonstrating professionalism and excellence in staff and services towards consumers and partners.


We kick started the year with the official appointment of MediaCorp Radio personality, Ms Wong Lee Jeng as our travel ambassador for 2008. With Lee Jeng hailed as a prominent voice over the airwaves and Chan Brothers Travel unanimously regarded as the “voice of the travel industry”, the partnership looked set to be a perfect pairing.

We were the only travel agent in Singapore awarded Platinum in Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2008 for demonstrating excellence in the six qualities: trustworthiness, image credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovation.


We extended the Chan Brothers Travel brand with the inception of a budget travel division, Asia Global Vacation, catering to the price-sensitive customers and focusing on offering travel packages without the frills.

Our new hotel portal – chanbrothers.com/hotel was launched with a secured online payment gateway for convenience of travellers and hit over a million page views in May alone.

Demand for travel was at its peak and so we went big with the inaugural success of our Taiwan charter flights, China Three Gorges charter cruises and Eastern Europe Danube River charter cruises.


We grew to be the largest and most established travel agency in Singapore and the region with more than 300 associates globally, joint ventures in Indonesia, franchises in Malaysia and a fast-growing network of agents in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of our continuous effort to enhance our service quality, we commenced the implementation of a customised e-CRM programme and the expansion of our existing call centre.


With the launch of our regional hotel-centric portal – chanbrothershotels.com, we now offer the region’s most integrated travel exchange portal. At the same time, chanbrothers.com also developed into a leading online travel portal in Singapore with average daily page views of more than 30,000.

With the advent of budget airlines in Asia, we saw a new market opportunity and an increased demand in low-cost air travel in the region. We participated in the growth of intra-Asia travel and made an effort to capture the budget travel market ahead of competition.

Consequently, a new range of budget packages targeted at cost-conscious travellers was unveiled at our budget travel fairs and roadshows that were held in tandem with the launch of Singapore's first budget airline in May.


We took another leading step with the launch of the first regional discount airfare portal in Asia – chanbrothersflights.com, offering discounted airfares for travels originating from Singapore and other countries.


We entered into a S$1 million partnership with PT. Panorama Sentrawisata to set up PT. Chan Brothers Travel Indonesia.

In the same year, chanbrothers.com expanded its content base and went international. Through affiliated programmes, strategic alliances and joint ventures with leading central reservations systems, travel companies and major travel players in Asia Pacific, chanbrothers.com established Internet presence in the USA, the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


We clinched the inaugural “New Age Agent” award by Travel Asia for demonstrating strength, fortitude and enterprise in the new economy. Cyber investments and online efforts paid off in the same year as we achieved S$120 million in sales and recorded a year-on-year growth of 34 percent.


We launched our first B2C travel website – chanbrothers.com. Within the first 11 months of operation, we received 25,000 bookings online and close to S$30 million in sales.


We were awarded “Travel Agency of the Year in 1987” by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (now known as the Singapore Tourism Board), the first of many accolades to come.


Our managing director, Mr Anthony Chan, took over the helm. He introduced with great success the “hotel-on-wheels” concept in touring Europe (double-deckers with sleeping berths and kitchens) and popularised tours to Australia and New Zealand among Singaporeans.


Our business was moved to Fook Hai Building, occupying a single unit on the fourth floor. Over the ensuing years, we expanded to the fifth, sixth, seventh and finally, the first floor of the building.


Our chairman, Mr Chan Liang Choy, founded Chan Brothers Travel and began an intimate three-staff outfit operating from a modest rented shop in Cecil Street selling only air and train tickets.

What our customers say

Generic Image Testimonial
Balvinder 17.06.2019

We got back from our Melbourne trip, and thank you for all the arrangements made. It was our first package tour with Chan Brothers and we enjoyed ourselves very much with the rest of the group. Joe Gwee, our Tour Leader, was excellent and we do look forward to our next trip with Chan Brothers.


Generic Image Testimonial
Mdm Patricia Chan 17.06.2019

I would like to commend our Tour Leader Cynthia Ng for her professionalism, service excellence and attentiveness to our needs.

When I caught a slight cold, she made ginger tea for my breakfast and made sure that I was taken care of. She also made sure that the other senior citizens in the group were treated with kindness and consideration. We were impressed by her willingness to go the extra mile to bring a smile to our faces.

I travel by Chan Brothers almost every year and she is by far the most customer oriented your leader I have ever met in the past 7 years.

The local tour guide is an excellent storyteller, and took the trouble to introduce us to the history and culture of Taiwan. The coach driver Mr Chin is also a skilful and obliging professional who made our travel as comfortable as possible.

I am happy with the whole experience. Only minor grouse - we don't need pork trotters for so many meals. The menu at the aboriginal restaurant could have included their famous baked chicken in the barrel.


Generic Image Testimonial
Mary 19.06.2019

Morocco is an exotic country to visit but it is never in my bucket list.
However Yong Zheng (Tan) strongly recommended me to join
To view the beautiful sunset in Sahara desert was an “eye to behold” and riding on camel was an interesting experience.
Understand this was the project of Tevin and we’re the “pioneer” group.

Yong Zheng responded to my email, replied with detail tour cost/itinerary and he is friendly/helpful.
I had rejected Yong Zheng twice to join the tour.
The package tour was good and worth every single cent, definitely no regret paying more.
I missed the tour briefing and Kelly (Koh) gave me counter briefing in detail.
She is friendly/sweet, able to answer all my queries and offered valuable advices on travel tips.

So glad Tevin (Ong) was our tour leader and he provided excellent services.
Listed below, my observations..

  • Before departure Tevin introduced himself, weather forecast in Morocco and check-list to pack.
  • He’s organised, getting key to our hotel room was a breeze and he arranged morning calls for us.
  • Fulfilled my requests for aisle seat / no beef and mutton in my meals / hotel rooms to be near lift and non-smoking area.
  • Tevin take good care of the elderly in our group.
  • Escorted us to our hotel room when the surrounding area was in darkness and difficult for us to find our rooms.
  • Provided us with sambal chilli so that we had good appetite to enjoy our meals.
  • Sent us photos taken by him or the photographer.
  • During toilet breaks, Tevin willingly gave us local coins when we don’t have any to enter the toilets.
  • Before the coach travelled to next destination, Tevin head-count us to ensure no one is missing.
  • He also counted our no. of luggage, at the hotel lobby and inside the coach.
  • We were reminded to beware of pick-pockets and look after our handbags.
  • During long journey, Tevin entertained us with song requests and we watched a movie (video) called "Casablanca".

The local guide Abdoule Abdessamad from MTM impressed me with his historical knowledge of Morocco.
He’s very professional / well-organised / experienced / responsive and answered all our queries / questions on Morocco and the cities.
I noticed he also helped the driver to load/unload our luggage.
To our surprise, he can speak Mandarin very well.

Coach driver drove us safely from one location to another and helped to handle our luggage (taking in/out from coach/hotel).
Thanks to the driver’s skill, we had smooth rides on certain winding / mountainous roads.

It’s a “bonus” when Anna Lee came on board our coach and her presence brighten our day.

My relatives/friends/colleagues were excited to hear about my trip upon my return and I strongly recommended Chan Bros to them.

Your customer is your walking advertisement.

Kudos to you Mr Chan for you have staff like Tevin / Yong Zheng / Kelly, they are the “GEMs” of your company.
It’s the professionalism and excellent service of your staff that your customers return for more package tours.



Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Yeo C.N 24.06.2019

8 days 7 nights Hokkaido Floral Indulgence

I had good experience with your staff, our SG tour leader Ms Vicky. She is very helpful , friendly and a systematic leader who always look out for us ensuring that no one had been left out. She will always inform us well ahead of the hotel room etc. She is a great guide. Would recommend her to be the best staff for this month or year of the year. She deserve to be awarded.

The other 2 persons I wish to compliment are the driver Mr Yamashita, he is a very careful n steady driver and the bus he drove is always clean and tidy every single day. He was on this bus when we we having lunch or during our sightseeing. He was a very responsible man and we felt very secure of his great driving professionalism.

Another person to compliment is our Hokkaido local guide, Mr Seki. He is also a rear gem asset to Chan Brothers Travel. He also has a very good positive attitudes towards his work. Is a great time keeper and fair person. Also a great planner who can plan very well. With his guide we are able to enjoy the delicious food in Hokkaido. He is also very helpful and very caring guide. We feel very comfortable with him as he is also a very caring person. He blends very well with all of us:- 30 pads.

I would also strongly recommend Mr Yamashita and Mr Seki to be awarded for the best employee of the month and even for the year end award if there is any.

I enjoyed this trip very much.

Thank you for the 3 great wonderful peoples who made my trip a great one which I have never come across before.


Generic Image Testimonial
Anne Lee 24.06.2019

My husband & I just returned for the Chan Bros. ITALY Supersaver Tour (EU10IS).

Our tour manager was Ms Vivian Yeow. We enjoyed ourselves very much and would like to commend Vivian as we believe that the Tour Manager plays an important part. She was sensitive to the needs of the group and tried her best to accommodate them. In addition, the other members of the group tour were also very friendly.

We wish to specially Thank ?? Vivian for everything & for taking the extra effort to organise the Florence & Tivoli tours.

Keep safe in all your tours! Cheers!


Generic Image Testimonial
Neo K.C. 17.06.2019

Our tour leader, Ms Juliana Wong, she is very kind, patience and always alert us to be careful with our belongings and take great care of us especially the older folks and the younger children.. She has a cheerful disposition and also very helpful. She goes out of her way to assist us, helping my hubby to retrieve his phone from the bus when the bus has left the vicinity. Her duties did not stop there, even arrive in Singapore she is there to help us and ensure all our belongings are with us.

Unfortunately, we loss our bag. She assist us to file claim for our loss luggage and not only that she also follow up with us the next day whether airport has contacted us and assured us not to worry. She always buying us snack to try and also pay for us toilet fees when we don't have the particular currencies in certain places. Chan Brothers do provide excellent tour leader. Three cheers to Juliana Wong.


Generic Image Testimonial
Seah Family 05.07.2019

I would like to commend Patrick Ong for his outstanding service during our Scandinavian tour. He showed great knowledge and experience on the history and culture of the different countries we visited. In addition, his attention to details such as looking after the welfare of each and everyone of us makes us feel confident knowing we are in good hands. His planning during the trip is also worth commendation as it ensure ample time during the tour and we would not need to rush and feel pressured during the entire trip. Overall, Patrick performed well above our expectations and we felt his service during the trip deserve a notable mention and commendation. We hope to travel with him again in the future.


Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle T. 08.07.2019

I would like to give a compliment to Ms Nicole Tan, for her excellent service and I really appreciate it.

I had made a Nov 2019 Cruise booking back in Feb 2019. For the past 5 months, i had been receiving awesome services from Nicole despite the fact that my booking sale amount isn't large. She is understanding, patience and always keep her customers in mind. She gave me advises, provide solution and helped in her action. Her high efficiency in replying emails promptly is great too!

It is really pleasant to have her as my travel consultant and it has increase my confident and enjoyment with Chan Brothers!

Thank you so much and keep it up, Nicole!


Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle 31.05.2019

I had a wonderful holiday again with Chan Brothers.

Our local tour guide Mr Sebastian Lee was excellent and also was the coach captain. I couldn't expect more. I greatly appreciate and enjoyed Sebastian's sharing of the history of Japan, health tips, his humour plus care. The coach captain was a very careful driver, very pleasant and helpful.

Accommodation & food was good too though tour fare was a little high.

So glad that I went on this trip. Looking forward to more such memorable holidays with Chan Brothers.

Wishing Chan Brothers success in this industry.


Generic Image Testimonial
Jenny 03.06.2019

My family had a great trip!

Rabil is very helpful and considerate, this is the first time i came across a tour leader who bother to carry so many currencies with him so that we can have coins for toilet break. He even prepared raincoats for bad weather and standby for those who need it.

Attila is also very good and he keep us safe throughout our journey.

Chan brothers’ tour has always been great, my family has been joining the tour for the past 4 years and will definitely plan for the next one again! :)


Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Yap 10.06.2019

8D The Distance Between Perth & Coral Coast Campervan Convoy with Mediacorp Artiste Shane Pow .

Really enjoyed this canpervan trips. Would like to thanks our tour leader Ivan Hong for taking care of us. Very satisfied and happy with Ivan Hong service. Also thanks to Sara and another young lady from chan brother. Until now chan brother never disappoint me. Keep up the good services and tour quality. Hope to join another chan brother tour packages soon.


Generic Image Testimonial
Frederick Y. and Family 12.06.2019

To the management,

We would like to compliment Brandon (??) & ?? who were our tour leaders for the 8D7N Beijing + Gubei Watertown + Tianjin Value Tour. They were lovely, very professional and friendly.

?? was very knowledgeable about the rich history of all the cultural places. She shared stories with us throughout the journey & we learn a lot from her. She was always with a smile & always ensured that everything went smoothly.

Brandon was very helpful, e.g. during meals, he would help the restaurant to serve cutlery to all the tables, and when we arrived Singapore, he helped all of us carry the luggage out from the baggage conveyor belt. He was not only helpful, but he was also a very responsible tour leader, e.g. he would make sure no one was left out by always walking behind the group. In addition, he was also very responsive to all our requests (regardless big or small requests). He was also quick-witted e.g. when the ???? forgot to issue the official receipts to us, he immediately suggested that he could ask his colleague, who will also be bringing a group to the shop, to collect for us & he volunteered to pass the receipts to us as soon as he gets the receipts from his colleague, thus providing good service to customers.

On the whole, Brandon & ?? really made our trip a great & memorable one. A BIG thank you to them.


Generic Image Testimonial
G.P. Lee 12.06.2019

China tour guide, Ms Yang Zheng, was excellent with her service. She is so committed and takes much pride in her profession. She engaged well with the tour members and instilled much interest in the history, geography and culture of places we visited. We really enjoyed her expert knowledge and sharing of experience. During the trip, she was extremely responsible in the way she handled the tour members and always ensured that all of us were well taken care of and all our requests and needs were met before she would even sit down to have her rest or meals.

Ms Yang Zheng was very attentive and she made sure that I had a dish or two of vegetarian food for every meal. Upon learning that I had a fall, she rushed to check on me. She then dashed to a nearby pharmacy to get ointment and help me to apply. I’m very impressed and feel very fortunate to have had Ms Yang Zheng as my tour guide. She deserves to be recognised for her hard work, passion and professionalism.

China coach captain, Dong Ge, who is a very experienced driver. He was very cautious, punctual and friendly. He was very always ever ready waiting patiently for us whenever we exceeded our scheduled time at our place of interests. With him, we felt safe at all times during our travel time.

Travel advisor, Ricky, was very friendly and polite. He provide useful information regarding the trip and took the time to explain and answer my queries well. No hard sell!

The chemistry and excellent teamwork exercised between Ms Yang Zheng and Dong Ge was fantastic. With them, members mingled well and we became a big family altogether in just a few days. This had made the group of 21 members enjoyed the trip with high spirits and had a wonderful memory of Yunan.

Thank you for having such valuable individuals as your staff.


Generic Image Testimonial
Jolyn 15.06.2019

Dear Chan Brothers,

We had just taken a Eastern Europe Tour with Chan Brothers. There were 6 of us in my booking, 3 sets of mother-daughter combination. 4 of them were Malaysian.

This trip is comparatively more expensive than a Malaysia tour group or some local tour group however the food, hotel stay and planning of our tour have seemed to be to be a value tour. It was well justified for the amount paid. I thank our tour manager for changing our hotel (in poland or prague), that was ok so anything below that i doubt it would have been up to my Chan Brothers expectation.

More than the hotel and planning, what makes me want to take another Chan Bro tour next year with my family is Rabil/Robin. He is well versed in taking care of elderly in the tour group, he tries to translate and inform my mum and aunts important details in chinese, making them feel involved and in the know. It was raining heavily for some days and he prepared (from Sg) some of the easier to wear raincoats for elderly in the group and coordinated with tour guide to tighten the tour so its easier for everyone in the rain. The adjustment he made as a tour manager is the added value of why i will always choose a tour group with my family. It is so hassle free.

For the younger ones in the group, he takes time to tell us how to get to certain places in the city at night or most of the time he brings us there. He goes out of his way alot to make the tour experience more enriching for the young and old alike.

I have been on other tours before this with my family and i felt it was the most well managed tour with a fantastic tour manager and a safe driver Attila. We were in great hands and my aunts, mums, cousins and i had a fantastic time in Eastern Europe. Rabil is the icing on the top as we were very worried for our mandarin speaking mums and 1st time in Europe but they had a good time.

Thank you and we will definitely book with Chan Bros again.

Our gratitude to tour manager - Rabil Lian , driver - Attila for making the trip fun, safe, hassle free and comfortable.


Generic Image Testimonial
Tony 16.06.2019

Me and my Wife just came home after a 12D 9 N Eastern Europe Highlights.

I must commend your tour guide Mr Jeffrey Fong.

He is always attentive and quick to attend to situations with a comforting smile. He was there to help my wife who was too tired to walk on the 2nd day of the tour, offering medical oil and staying to keep us company while my Wife recovers. He also brought along song sheets to encourage us to sing to keep us entertained on Long trips onboard the coach. He also played relevant videos like Hitler and the Sound of Music when we travelled to Auschwitz and Salzburg adding interests to the sites we visited. Very thoughtful of him.

He also play games on board in an effective effort to bond the group together.

Because of his effort, the group got along very well and enjoyed each other’s company very much.

Please do convey my sincerest thanks to him for being such a good tour leader.


Generic Image Testimonial
Somawon 17.06.2019

Dear CBT,

My family and I just completed the 11D8N Treasures Amserdam/Paris/London tour with Mr Sam Ho as our tour manager. Not being used to taking group tours, we were very apprehensive at first. Thanks to Mr Sam Ho, he was very knowledgeable and insightful about all the places that we have visited, and guided us on the dos and donts of the trip. He interacted very well and showed sincerity towards the young and the elderly. He also kindly helped to contact a Thai restaurant in Paris to order a birthday cake for my mother, which she celebrated her 74th Birthday there. If we could choose a tour manager to guide us on our next tour, we would definitely prefer Mr Sam Ho.


Generic Image Testimonial
From: Mr Yang 16.05.2019

We have just completed our tour package to HOKKAIDO JAPAN and come back to Singapore. We would like to express our sincerely thanks to our tour leader Ms Doris and tour guide Ms Shallen. We highly appreciated for their very good service: hardworking, friendly, thoughtfully, patiently and professionally. Just because of them, we are looking forward to have our holiday travel by Chan Brothers next year.

All our best regards to Chan Brothers and Doris and Shallen.


Generic Image Testimonial
From: Tiong FT 28.05.2019

My family and I joined the Turkey tour. The local tour guide was Gokhan and Singapore tour leader was Paul Soh.

Feedback on Gokhan: A very knowledgeable tour guide who has given us a thorough commentary throughout the tour. Under his lead, we absolutely enjoyed touring the places that he brought us.

Feedback on Paul Soh: A very fun and meticulous tour leader who was responsible in seeing to our needs (i.e. problems with rooms, food) and making our trip enjoyable.


Generic Image Testimonial
Tiong KM 28.05.2019

My feedback on the overall tour experience was "Excellent". Keep up the good job!! The followings areas induce me to comment:

• Turkey's Tour guide, Mr Yokhan simply done a Great Job. A Great Knowledgeable man that well aware of every places of attraction and its history background, Fluent in English that make every commentary became so clearly and interesting, Caring in the area of food preparation, hotel arrangement, road and personal safety, comfort time arrangement (toilet break), etc. This is the kind of "Tour Guide" that I am always looking for when on tour. MUST KEEP THIS MAN IN YOUR TEAM!!!

• Coach Captain: Sorry can't remember his name. An Excellent Skilled Driver!!! Although traveled hundreds of KM everyday but he always maintain a very good standard upholding safety and speed limit throughout our tour journey and on time. A quiet warm man (maybe communication barrier!!) but a man that very concern for safety and keep the coach clean at all time.

• Local Tour Leader, Mr Paul Soh. A nice guy always ensure we have enough food, making sure that we have received good hotel facilities and good rest, protecting our safety at every places of attraction, a man that always there when help is needed. A good helper to the local tour guide.


Generic Image Testimonial
Jackie 28.05.2019

Just wanted to drop a note to say that the 8D6N Korea Tour was really a fantastic one. I must compliment our local tour guide Mr Wang. Super experienced, jovial, friendly and he made our holiday a wonderful one. Having joined a few tours, Mr Wang left me a very memorable tour experience. I hope all our guides can be as good as him!

The itinerary was well planned, if I could just comment on the free time shopping at Seoul, if only it could be slightly longer, it will be great! Too many things to buy! Meal n hotel was well arranged, my husband and I enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Chan brother!


Generic Image Testimonial
Alina 29.05.2019

My husband and I took a tour package to Spain and Portugal with Chan brothers and it being our first package tour, we did not know what to expect. Having met Lena on the trip was definitely one of our blessings. She coordinated the trip well and made additional pit stops, allowing us to fully immerse in the Spain experience. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich culture of Spain from the city guides who are all so passionate about their own cities and even from Lena who seems to have such a broad knowledge of this country. She would explain the landscape as we traveled and even telling us some stories about each cities that we visit.

On the 5th or 6th day of the trip, I sprained my ankle at Cabo da Roca. The city guide and Lena rushed to get ice pack for me and ensured that I was comfortable on the bus. Lena seems more worried than I am about me not being able to walk for the next few days as there will be quite a lot of walking in some cities. During dinner, she went off for a short while and had to rush through her dinner after. Later, she passed me a ankle guard for me to wear when walking so that it would be more manageable for me. (And she refused to collect money for the ankle guard). Of course, she frequently checked in over the next couple of days to ensure that I am okay walking with the group and gave alternatives, allowing us to rest at the hotel if we like. We were genuinely touched by her actions and believed that she has gone way and beyond her duties to ensure the safety of the entire group.

We have always planned for our own trips and enjoyed the flexibility that it provides us with but now having taken this tour, we will definitely consider future trips with Chan brothers.


Generic Image Testimonial
Calvin and Cynthia 27.05.2019

We would like to thank Chan Brothers and Sam Ho (tour manager) for a very enjoyable holiday.

Overall, we had a memorable and pleasant trip. Below are our compliments to Sam:

1. Safety – Sam’s utmost concern. The group was repeatedly and constantly reminded.

2. Communication – he speaks well in both English and Mandarin and is capable of communicating with all individuals.

3. Knowledgeable – he knows how to make history and geography captivating.

4. Timing – he co-ordinated each visit well to avoid long queues.

5. Experience – his sharing of his experiences, be it personal or work related, was interesting and philosophical.

Well done, Sam, for a successful tour. Thank you.


Generic Image Testimonial
Chris and Denise 31.05.2019

Just back from our 12D9N Balkan tour from Chan Brothers. My daughter & myself really enjoyed the tour. We were blessed with good weather during our trip. The itinerary was of good pace as it gave enough room for mother & daughter bonding at cafes. The 5 star hotels stays were spectacular. The wide spread of breakfasts with some restaurants by the bay open to sea view were awesome except for 1nite at Zadar but its breakfast made it up for all. The all included meals were acceptable with 2 Chinese meals towards the last 2 days. Really like the itinerary as there was no compulsory shopping stops.

Our tour leader Edmund was meticulous & planned things ahead. He was constantly reminding us on our passports & meet up times. He ensured the safety of his tour members. Let’s not forget our driver Anthonio who made 7 borders crossing so at ease for he knew his ways to get around it. A big thank you to both Edmund & Anthonio. It was really a pleasant & memorable tour for us. This is definitely not the last time we will be traveling with Chan Brothers. Keep up the good works.


Generic Image Testimonial
Nancy 01.06.2019

Just a sharing on our recent holidays in Spain and Portugal lead by Tour Leader , Lena Ng.

Despite this was my second trip with Chan Brothers, I was indeed very impressed by the service received.

Lena is considered one extraordinary tour leader from all the package tours that I joined including other tour agencies. I am representing a group of 4 to express our feedback.

Lena whom had went beyond her role of being organized and so caring of her, to consider and ensured our concerns over special diets were duly honoured.

There was one unforgettable incident which impressed us most. She knew we finished our mineral water. She took the effort to walk10 minutes (one way ) to buy two bottles of 1.5 litres of water from the nearest supermarket without our knowledge. It caught us by suprise that she appeared in our hotel doorstep and was perspiring. We were indeed very thankful to her for being so observant to our needs.

This was notwithstanding, she did not accept our money for the bottles of mineral water. Apart for this , I realised she bought little gifts out of pocket to encourage us to participate in some activities initiated by her in the coach. These activities had kept us occupied during the long distant travelling.

Last but not least, I would regards her service was commendable to deserve a recognition from me writing this positive feedback.

I am certain I will continue to travel with Chan Brothers if time permits.

Keep it up, Lena. Good job and well done.


Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Koh 22.04.2019

Hi Chanbrothers, I want to thanks our tours guide Ms Joyce from sg n Judy from Korea, on this trip they take well care of us, they let us have a very nice n happy journey, I wish to thanks again for their wonderful work n appreciate them. In future I will join your team again.


Generic Image Testimonial
Mr Cheong 22.04.2019

Letter of Commendation – Benjamin Gomez

Dear Sir/Ms,

I am writing this letter to commend the services provided by and the performance of our tour guide Benjamin.

Our journey started rather inauspiciously. Our flight from Changi Airport was postponed by 2 hours, probably a first by Qatar Airways, which is known for promptness and punctuality. This caused us to miss our connecting flight at Doha, thus leading to a delay of 11 hours. Therefore, our planned itinerary was pushed back by 1 day. Ben showed much professionalism and managed to make the necessary changes, which included spending a few hours in Doha in an exquisite hotel. He settled our hearts and put us all to ease. Of course, as can be imagined, there were a few hiccups along the way, but nothing too major, and all of us believed that ‘everything will be alright’.

Our group was huge, made up of 31 people. For every piece of information, he had to explain in English once. And then he had to repeat the same information in Chinese for the tour members who were not conversant in English. Even though his command of the Chinese language was admittedly limited, he tried his best and most of the key information was transmitted accurately. And then he had to repeat the same information 8 more times to the individuals who were talking, taking photos etc who did not receive the information. I certainly could not have done that.

Mum was one of the oldest members of the tour. Due to her advanced age and weak knees, she had difficulty climbing up the rocky steps in the breathtaking but terrain-challenging Santorini. Ben would often slow down and help me to support mum up and down the cobblestoned paths despite having to be responsible for the other tour members as well.

Lastly, on the cruise to Santorini, it was raining heavily and the seas were really choppy. Ben noticed that one of the passengers was suffering from motion sickness. Despite her not being one of the tour members, he immediately grabbed a plastic bag from the service counter and assisted her towards the nearest washroom. A small act, certainly. But this simple but important act left an indelible impression on my mind.


Generic Image Testimonial
Jeffrey & Bee Leng 22.12.2018

Definition of insurance is to protect protection against possible eventuality, likewise, shujuan is our insurance!
She took care of us like a close family, a Mother, to make sure we are safe and happy and healthy!
Her duty does not start from receiving us at the airport's arrival hall, rather, she pre-informed us of the things to note for this Yunan trip (on the attitude sickness prevention, on the mental preparation for a different place's culture, the local temperatures so that we can fully enjoy the trip), and the itinerary of this trip both in English and chinese, on things to pack for this trip and what not to pack in the check-in luggage)!
During the holiday, she ensured our safety (when alighting from bus, she was there with open arms, when approaching the unfamiliar attitude rising, she gave us pi pa Gao and salompas, she gave us note on her room number and detail of timings so that we can gather at the right timings...
Not to forget she received us early mornings with a big smile, to start off the good days! She is definitely the one all holidays should have!
Quoting from your Profile:
With over 50 years' worth of happy customers, no one comes close to Chan Brothers for perfecting the holiday experience. Holidays are just better with people you know and you are in great company with Chan Brothers who knows the world like no other.
I think of ShuJuan!
Thank u for making our trips a memorable, safe and happy one!


Generic Image Testimonial
Mr and Mrs Koh 12.12.2018

We are very pleased with this trip even though mother’s nature created a frustrating situation as we were on the road for about 20 hours.
Your staff, Catherine Chee, James Shieh, Yang and George including FM95.8 Seng Yong carried out their professional service with upmost calmness, cool and caring attention to the group.
Your staff have done it again 👍👏, Chan Brothers have been and will be our travel agent for all our future travels.
We look forward to our next booking in April 2019 to Spain, Portugal and Morocco which we are waiting for the booking to be open.
Please send our praise and appreciation to your team!


Generic Image Testimonial
Harry 12.12.2018

I write to inform you that you have an excellent tour manager in Jessie Seah.
Not only was she joyous to be around with, she is also very helpful and ever ready to lend a helping hand to the group. She is also knowledgeable and firm in whatever she was doing.
I would dare to say that Chan Bros should have more such tour managers as this is a vital asset to the company.
Wishing All "A Blessed X'mas and Happy New Year"!!


Generic Image Testimonial
Sandra C. 11.12.2018

I would like to commend Danny Tan for his excellent performance during the tour. He made an effort to remember all the names of the group members and he ensured every individual preferences were met. This is a task that is not easy to accomplish considering the size of the tour group.
Danny did his best to help everyone check in with their luggage at the airports and he made sure everyone was happy with their hotel rooms. He provided information with explanation to the group. As to be expected, people are generally difficult to manage but he took it in his stride and was calm and pleasant throughout the tour. In fact, some of us are considering joining other Chan Brother tours conducted by Danny in the future.
My friends and myself thoroughly enjoyed our trip! Keep up the good work Danny!


Generic Image Testimonial
Eileen 10.12.2018

I like to compliment our tour guide, 何光,of the Beijing 8days tour from 1 to 8 dec 2018.
I lost my bag in Gubei Watertown on 5 Dec, Wednesday. 何光导游 made huge effort to assist me checking with the in charge there. In the end, he managed to find my bag. I like to express my deepest gratitude to him for his excellent service.


Generic Image Testimonial
Mr Koh 05.12.2018

My overall experience of the tour is excellent. The tour guide, Mr Kelvin Foo and Senior Manager, Ms Ang Yoke Lian, have done an excellent job.
Ms Ang Yoke Lian, have done an excellent job.
My only adverse comment is that we have not been informed by your office staff that there is an option to extend the tour by 3 days to include Kashmir. Some of the tour members had either toured Kashmir before the Taj Mahal sector or after it.


Generic Image Testimonial
Martin and Irene 20.11.2018

We are writing to compliment Ivan on his efficiency and vast knowledge of the places we visited during the whole trip. It’s not an easy task to speak continuously for hours on the coach to enlighten us on the places we were visiting but he excelled in it. He peppered his presentation well with interesting anecdotes.
He knows the routes well and we’ve witnessed him telling the local driver how to get to the destinations.
As we do not like to have the tour guide following us everywhere, Ivan gave us the liberty of trailing off on our own within the given time frame or opting out of optional tours.
He was very helpful in guiding us on the tax return forms.
Thank you for providing us with an excellent guide. We feel safe under his care.


Generic Image Testimonial
J S & Jessie 19.11.2018

S K is exceptional in her service and has performed beyond her call of duties. She is very responsible and has been providing our tour information a week before the tour even she was away on duty in another tour. She has made our tour so comfortable and enjoyable. Everything from hotel rooms, meals and transportations are so well organized and coordinated that we simply just walked in and enjoyed. She is professional, patient and most importantly responsible for the group .
Coco is also extremely professional and well versed in what she is doing. She is patient in explaining all the details including history before we visit each destination. Through her explanation of each destination, we really enjoyed and have gained knowledge and history of each destination. Both SK and Coco are an asset and should be treasured and retained for the growth of Chan Brothers Travel.
Both me and my wife would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to both SK and Coco. Well done !!


Generic Image Testimonial
Susan Tan 15.11.2018

I have been travelling with Chan Brothers and just completed my CB 14D ISPA with Sam Ho. I must say that I greatly enjoyed this trip with him as our tour guide even though it's a touch-n-go one, visiting four countries in such a short duration.
Leading a group comprising of young and older folks from Sg, Malaysia and Indonesian wasn't a easy task to handle but Sam did a very a good job indeed.
He has excellent knowledge in the history /stories of the places of interest. And I personally find his explanation/description clearer than the local guides engaged during our tour. He added in more information and explained in Mandarin or dialect to help us understand better. He taught us the simple greetings used in the countries we visited too.
His continuous jokes, stories and tips on health matters filled our long hours of coach journey with so much fun and laughter. We even use his jokes and gestures like "neh mind" and "hadat" throughout our trip too.
He has good communication skill and gives very clear instructions to prepare us before every alighting stop.
He patiently explain and clarify things as well as skilfully mediate any difficult situation amongst us.
He demonstrated his professionalism in dealing with the difficult driver to Belgium and the nasty driver who refused to help load our luggage before our departure to airport in Amsterdam.
I look forward to my next guided trip with Sam for my booking with Chan Brothers.


Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Oh 09.11.2018

I came back from the 10 days Bavaria and Austria trip. It was my first trip with Chan Brothers and I was happy and had a fabulous trip. I have to admit that this was by far the most outstanding, and adventurous trip I have ever participated in.
I wish to thank Mr Sam Ho our tour group guide for his reliable and excellent service. The service he had provided goes above and beyond anything I had experienced with other travel agencies and as the one responsible for arranging travel needs. The itinerary was perfectly planned. There was time to mingle, play and sightsee with the entire tour group, and had enough time to explore on our own. I have especially appreciated this. I have no hesitation and will surely recommend Chan Brothers to any of my friends, family members and travellers who wish to use their services.


Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Lai 07.11.2018

Would like to give the company a feedback on our tour leader Johnny Lim.
He is very responsible and patient with the tour members. His help is greatly appreciated by us. He is a great tour leader.
Thank you.


Generic Image Testimonial
Caroline 06.11.2018

I took on a 14-day tour package for Best of Italy, Switzerland, Paris and Amsterdam with my 5 travel buddies. It was my first Europe trip and also as a first time customer with your company.
First, I would like to first compliment the tour planner for the wonderful itinerary which leads us to the breath-taking scenery and historical attractions. We also got to taste the local cuisines as part of the included meals and 2 thoughtful oriental meals as well to satisfy our 'home sick' symptom.
Next, I would like to express my appreciation to Tour Guide Samuel Ho for his dedication, professional attitude and fun loving nature during this trip. I, as well as many of us in his tour, felt that he treated everyone in this tour like his family members.
Let me list out my claims:

  • His dedication to his works was seen by all. He got to know each family or group of travelling buddies personally to cater the tour experiences for us. Indeed, a genuine person who hold intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. He even shared his healthy habits with us. Now my travel buddies and I drink wolfberry tea every morning instead of instant coffee. I exclaimed it as an selfless act. Very kind of him.
  • His knowledgeable sharing in the country's history and attractions was vast including photos, maps and videos too. He also added in some language lessons for us. It was really useful when we were trying to get the attention from the local staff at the shops or restaurants and even hitch on some discounts on our purchase too. So thoughtful!
  • His organized planning and well versed in the local situations ensured that we reached the attractions and restaurants timely and safely.
  • His constant and heart warming reminders kept us all safe from theft and scams outdoors as well as indoor shopping too.
  • His cheerful nature in cracking humorous joke make the long journey coach ride fun and filled with thunderous laughter.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate your company for having such a talented staff like Samuel Ho. Indeed, he can be a Chan Brother Travel Ambassador. And you have earned a group of satisfied customers.
P.S. My travel buddies are planning for a trip to be leaded by Samuel again with your company next year. Looking forward to it!



Generic Image Testimonial
Kiat Mui 20.10.2018

I would like to commend Rachel for her excellent performance during the tour. She made an effort to remember all the names of the group members, called to check every hotel we checked in and helped to take family photos for pretty spots in the tourist sites. She is the best tour guide I had experienced so far in all my tours with various travel agencies.


Generic Image Testimonial
Satisfied Customer 04.10.2018

Yong Zheng has been very helpful,responsive to my queries, prompt in getting things done within short period of time. Very dedicated in making sure that all my requests are met and completed. He had followed through to make sure that things are done according to my requirements.

I want to comment that Yong Zheng is a very good consultant with a willing heart to help out in many ways. Keep up the good work. Am very glad to have Yong Zheng as my travel consultant.


Generic Image Testimonial
Gary & Yelin 24.09.2018

My Husband and I joined Chan's Brother tour to Guizhou. We had an enjoyable time. We especially would like to compliment our team leader Davin for the wonderful guide and service! He is extremely detailed in giving instructions and ensure all of our safety throughout the 8 days (especially when we had a big group of 32 members).

He also went to the extra mile of buying a cake to celebrate all the Oct birthday month members, adding extra warmth and laughter to this trip.

Overall we really enjoyed this trip. Davin is truly a remarkable gem to Chan's Brother! Thank you Davin for creating a wonderful memories in our life!


Generic Image Testimonial
Joyce 23.10.2018

Just came back from the 12D 9N Croatia and Slovenia Discovery led by tour leader Rachel.

To be honest, my family was quite worried after we booked for the tour, as we thought the travelling might be a bit too heavy for our 80 years old mum. But thinking that it could be her once in a lifetime Eastern Europe trip, with the mindset to create a fond and lasting memory with her by immersing in the astounding beauty of scenery, we just went ahead anyway and kept our fingers crossed that the trip would turn out great and safe.

Many thanks to Rachel, with her never ending enthusiasm, attentiveness, helpfulness, humor, passion and commitment, our trip was a smooth and enjoyable one without much hinder. With a group of 29 of us, Rachel was able to perform so well with her good memory, management and problem-solving skills. Not only was she multi-tasking as a photographer during almost every photo-taking session, she would also share some very meaningful life philosophies during our bus rides, which were very positive and touching. Her professional skills, life attitudes and positive personalities literally brightened up the atmosphere and established our tour group’s team spirit.

I, and I am pretty sure many of us in the group, could see and feel that Rachel really serves from the bottom of her heart and with a lot of love (her texts are always full of hearts and kisses), and we would definitely very much look forward to go on many more tours with an awesome tour leader like her.


Generic Image Testimonial
Riona Tan 27.10.2018

Tour leader Jeffrey Fong is a very professional and detailed tour leader who took great care of us during this trip. Hope to have him as our tour leader for our future trip with Chan Brothers.


Generic Image Testimonial
Grace 29.10.2018

We are very pleased with the services of our Spore guide SK Hean and local guide Xu Xiao Dong including the coach driver.

We had a safe and enjoyable trip.

Special thanks to the responsible and considerate SK and the well-experienced and entertaining Xiao Dong who made our trip extremely enjoyable.


Generic Image Testimonial
Phua Choo Yeng 27.09.2018

Just returned from the trip this and and am happy to add it was well organised and enjoyable largely due to Tour Manager, Sam Ho. It is indeed an asset to have Sam on board Chan Brothers Travel because he is:

  • very informative and considerate in general,
  • speaks well and fluent in French, mandarin and dialects,
  • good looking, cheerful, helpful and friendly,
  • love to share his wide travelling experiences and knowledge,
  • humorous, and
  • generous in providing Hacks sweets to overcome our breathlessness at the 3 mountain/alps visited plus some other nice tit-bits along the way.

In short, simply awesome to have him around, never a dull moment....so good!

Susan Phua



Generic Image Testimonial
Philip Phua 27.09.2018

We have just completed a wonderful tour of Switzerland under the able leadership of Tour Manager, Mr Samuel Ho.

I have been to many tours and known many Tour Managers but Sam is exceptional. I can't describe fully how fortunate my family and me are to have Sam as our Tour Manager except to say that he is very special in his own creative and unique ways to make us feel comfortable, engaged and deeply immersed in what Switzerland had to offer. Sam has indeed raised the bar in tour guide service and for our future tour bookings, we need not look further than Chan Brothers with Sam Ho as our Tour Manager.

In this regard, I would greatly appreciate it if Chan Brothers Management could accord Sam Ho the recognition, which he greatly deserves, at the earliest opportunity.


Generic Image Testimonial
Chia Charmaine 24.09.2018

I would like to commend on the Taiwan tour guide, Randy Chu, for his excellent service and extensive knowledge about Taiwan’s cultures, practices, history and specialities.

He takes care of the members of the tour group very well, regardless of young or old. He also has a great sense of humor to keep our spirits up.

Therefore, we are very thankful to have him as our tour guide, and I would highly recommend him to others who are thinking of visiting Taiwan.

In addition, I would also like to commend on the driver on his excellent driving skills. Thank you.


Generic Image Testimonial
Chia Cheo Meng 24.09.2018

Ms Karen Wong has been a meticulous, diligent, helpful and responsible leader. Under her, our trip has been smooth, blissful and enjoyable. Though she was strict on some set rules, she was able to crack some jokes along the way. She may be blunt at times yet we all feel that she is a truthful and down to earth person. She mingles well with everyone. We are able to enjoy our trip under her especially myself who made Aussie's friends during this trip. I reunited with old friend and make new friends in my own profession too. Great harvest and memorable for me. Most importantly, my hubby n myself revisiting New Zealand after 26yrs through Chan Brother brought good memories to both of us.


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Tan Hui Ling 28.09.2018

Upon arrival at Icheon Airport, we were warmly greeted by local guide, Emma Zhang. We felt welcomed with such a friendly atmosphere we had a fantastic start!

Emma, our coach driver (who unfortunately had a heart attack on Day 7 and unable to resume the tour with us on our last day) and tour was extremely enjoyable and flexible (appreciate this!). Emma and coach driver deserve special thanks.

Emma treats her guests fairly and takes good care of the senior guests who have difficulties in walking/ climbing minimal stairs. She is keen to make the tour organized and very punctual. The tour program was scheduled well and always was on time. We didn't miss anything during the tour program.

Emma and coach driver are very humorous. Although we met them only the first time, we felt as though we knew them for long time. Emma would share some personal stories of her life such as how she met her good looking husband (ajummas in our coach are salivating) and pet dogs. As for coach driver, he is constantly bubbly and loves to exclaim “Oh my God!”.

Emma took us around the places of interest in our itinerary, share with us a complete understanding of not only the beautiful history of Korea and culture but also reminders of the colder weather conditions at some places and care to be taken at all times. In addition to the very friendly approach and good sense of humour, Emma makes herself easily available and flexible to attend our wishes.

During meal times, Emma is attentive to the smallest detail and ensure we are well settled and food has been served, before she had hers.

Hence, we would love to express our love and gratitude to Emma in this good feedback, as well as our coach driver (get well soon!). They have maximised our time in Korea with charm, knowledge and all of us simply had a great time.

Hui Ling


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Chia Cheo Meng 25.09.2018

Ms Karen Wong has been a meticulous, diligent, helpful and reponsible leader. Under her, our trip has been smooth, blissful and enjoyable. Though she was strict on some set rules, she was able to crack some jokes along the way. She may be blunt at times yet we all feel that she is a truthful and down to earth person. She mingles well with everyone. We are able to enjoy our trip under her especially myself who made Aussie's friends during this trip. I reunited with old friend and make new friends in my own profession too. Great harvest and memorable for me. Most importantly, my hubby n myself revisiting New Zealand after 26yrs through Chan Brother brought good memories to both of us.


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Lewina Leung 13.09.2018

We want to compliment one of your outstanding staff- Richard the emergency duty manager.

My husband and I booked a self-drive Hokkaido tour.

But we were not able to start the tour from Hakokate on 2Sep because the Diamond Princess Cruise we were on skipped Hakodate due to typhoon Jebi.

We can only fly to Hakodate to start tour on 3Sep from Tokyo.

However, your emergency duty manager Richard gave us such valuable support despite contacted him on a Weekend that he managed to shift all hotels for 1 day so that we can proceed with our tour.

We were struck with earthquake at Furano New Prince Hotel on 6Sep. He kept contact with us and gave us support and advice so as to manage the rest of the tour. We can arrive back safely and enjoy our journey too.

We are truly appreciative of Richard 's dedication and outstanding service support. He really made Chan Brothers proud.


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Lau Kar Gek, Chua Eng Teck, Lau Kah Mai, Ang A Gek, You Kai You, Chua Puay Boon Rebecca, Low Shork Cheng 27.06.2018


感谢一位潇洒帅气导游 ** 徐𣇈东 **

这次运气非常好,遇到一个愽学多才的导游!吐词清晰.出口成章,一路走来..听他解说:尤如听着一首优美的诗。嘻嘻哈哈好开心 !你所有的付出,是为了让我们的旅程更多丰富……更让我们了解中华文化真谛!






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Florence, Yin & Nathasha Wong 06.07.2018

Dear Chan Brothers,

Our compliments to your fantastic tour guide Rachael Koh for Croatia.

She is knowledgeable, professional , friendly, speaks well and with a very cheerful disposition each morning throughout the trip.

Particularly very helpful on hotel problems be it air-condition or beddings etc. With her expertise & ability to recommend optional tours to enlarge our sightseeing is highly commendable.

Congratulations! Well done and we will definitely give good recommendations to our friends on your tour package from our wonderful tour experience especially with Rachael!


Generic Image Testimonial
Xu Huode 29.06.2018






Rachel导游遇到问题都是尽自己所能帮客人们解决,比如当我们在"TRH ALCORA"酒店吃晚餐时,遇到餐厅客人多,服务人员少,我们这一行35个人,被置之不理在餐厅,干坐着没有人来服务。Rachel导游主动服务我们,为每一位团员拿餐具,发面包,把服务员叫来,先让大家点饮料喝.......尽管那天我们吃完晚餐都10点多了,但我们还是很感谢Rachel为大家所做的,我们感觉得到她的努力,她说:'出了问题我们尽力解决,一切为客人着想"。



就是在即将结束行程登上飞机的时候,我们的导游Rachel仍然尽心尽力地为我们调配座位,以便尽量照顾到每个家庭能坐在一起,这种站好最后一 班岗的敬业精神值得我们钦佩和感激。



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Jackson Lim 25.06.2018

On top of my feedback which I had just provided, I would like to commend on the fantastic service provided by our tour manager cum guide, Sam Ho.

Throughout the journey, he has been very talkative, humorous, entertaining, helpful and approachable. There was never a dull moment with him around. Everyone in the tour enjoyed their trip and the time Sam Ho was with us. He can connect very well with his passengers and provide some good recommendations of restaurants and shops.He was very knowledgeable about the history of Europe and the places that we had traveled. He works hard to ensure that his passengers had an enjoyable trip.

My family would love to have him as our tour guide/manager in our next overseas trip if we book with Chanbrothers again.

We wish him all the best in his career and safe travels in all his tours.


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Kani & Chandra 27.06.2018

My family would like to thank our tour guide - Phillip Tan for his wonderful guidance & service towards our tour group in Europe.

We were very touched and amazed by his tireless efforts in making sure we enjoyed each & every moment during the 14 days Europe Tour.

His wide knowledge on the history of places whether Europe or other countries was awesome!!

This is the first time we booked through Chan Brothers and we hv very good impression on your company.... All bcos of our dear uncle Phillip.

Big Hugs & Cheers to uncle Phillip.


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George Tang 25.06.2018

My son, Ben, and myself were recently on the above tour. We would like to complement our Tour Leader, Samuel Ho, who was very organized and paid attention to all our needs. He is very knowledgeable in the countries where we travelled to and always provided us with the best advice. His constant humour throughout the trip made the tour that much more fun and engaging with all the tour members.

We believed he is certainly a valuable team member of Chan Brothers and hope that the Management will find the opportunity to show their appreciation for his hard work.

His tour management leadership helps to ensure a high level of happiness & joy throughout the entire trip. Kudos to his cheerful & sense of humour makes the entire trip fun & full with laughter,

Thank you Samuel Ho, we will not hesitate to recommend any friends & family members to Chan Brothers for their next trip.


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Tay Kin Bee 25.06.2018

My son, Ben, and myself were recently on the above tour. We would like to complement our Tour Leader, Samuel Ho, who was very organized and paid attention to all our needs. He is very knowledgeable in the countries where we travelled to and always provided us with the best advice. His constant humour throughout the trip made the tour that much more fun and engaging with all the tour members.

We believed he is certainly a valuable team member of Chan Brothers and hope that the Management will find the opportunity to show their appreciation for his hard work.


Generic Image Testimonial
Tay Kin Bee 25.06.2018

My son, Ben, and myself were recently on the above tour. We would like to complement our Tour Leader, Samuel Ho, who was very organized and paid attention to all our needs. He is very knowledgeable in the countries where we travelled to and always provided us with the best advice. His constant humour throughout the trip made the tour that much more fun and engaging with all the tour members.

We believed he is certainly a valuable team member of Chan Brothers and hope that the Management will find the opportunity to show their appreciation for his hard work.


Generic Image Testimonial
George Tang 25.06.2018

My son, Ben, and myself were recently on the above tour. We would like to complement our Tour Leader, Samuel Ho, who was very organized and paid attention to all our needs. He is very knowledgeable in the countries where we travelled to and always provided us with the best advice. His constant humour throughout the trip made the tour that much more fun and engaging with all the tour members.

We believed he is certainly a valuable team member of Chan Brothers and hope that the Management will find the opportunity to show their appreciation for his hard work.

His tour management leadership helps to ensure a high level of happiness & joy throughout the entire trip. Kudos to his cheerful & sense of humour makes the entire trip fun & full with laughter,

Thank you Samuel Ho, we will not hesitate to recommend any friends & family members to Chan Brothers for their next trip.


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Jackson Lim 25.06.2018

On top of my feedback which I had just provided, I would like to commend on the fantastic service provided by our tour manager cum guide, Sam Ho.

Throughout the journey, he has been very talkative, humorous, entertaining, helpful and approachable. There was never a dull moment with him around. Everyone in the tour enjoyed their trip and the time Sam Ho was with us. He can connect very well with his passengers and provide some good recommendations of restaurants and shops.He was very knowledgeable about the history of Europe and the places that we had traveled. He works hard to ensure that his passengers had an enjoyable trip.

My family would love to have him as our tour guide/manager in our next overseas trip if we book with Chanbrothers again.

We wish him all the best in his career and safe travels in all his tours.


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Kani & Chandra 27.06.2018

My family would like to thank our tour guide - Phillip Tan for his wonderful guidance & service towards our tour group in Europe.

We were very touched and amazed by his tireless efforts in making sure we enjoyed each & every moment during the 14 days Europe Tour.

His wide knowledge on the history of places whether Europe or other countries was awesome!!

This is the first time we booked through Chan Brothers and we hv very good impression on your company.... All bcos of our dear uncle Phillip.

Big Hugs & Cheers to uncle Phillip.


Generic Image Testimonial
Xu Huode 29.06.2018






Rachel导游遇到问题都是尽自己所能帮客人们解决,比如当我们在"TRH ALCORA"酒店吃晚餐时,遇到餐厅客人多,服务人员少,我们这一行35个人,被置之不理在餐厅,干坐着没有人来服务。Rachel导游主动服务我们,为每一位团员拿餐具,发面包,把服务员叫来,先让大家点饮料喝.......尽管那天我们吃完晚餐都10点多了,但我们还是很感谢Rachel为大家所做的,我们感觉得到她的努力,她说:'出了问题我们尽力解决,一切为客人着想"。



就是在即将结束行程登上飞机的时候,我们的导游Rachel仍然尽心尽力地为我们调配座位,以便尽量照顾到每个家庭能坐在一起,这种站好最后一 班岗的敬业精神值得我们钦佩和感激。



Generic Image Testimonial
Adrian Chew 07.05.2018


I am writing a review in email as i am unable to post in Facebook as i reviewed Chan Brothers before.

  • Rating: 5 Stars!
  • Tour: 7D6N Picturesque Kyushu
  • Tour Leader: Kew
  • Tour Guide: Ms Yang (Xiao Yang)

The trip organised by Chan Brothers to Kyushu is fantastic!!! Our tour guide Xiao Yang is very experienced and always does her utmost to ensure everybody needs are met. She even introduced us to the Kyushu Ichiran Ramen during our last night in Kyushu Free and Easy and showed us around the Fukuoka City.

The places that i visited are very beautiful and indeed as the tour title says Picturesque. The sea of mountains and trees definitely painted great memories for me. The Hot-sand Bath in Ibusuki/Dolphin watching boat ride/Takachiho Gorge etc... I definitely enjoyed myself in this tour.

Arigatou Gozaimashita Chan Brothers for your impeccable service as i know your staff behind the scenes work very hard to ensure your customers enjoy a wonderful experience for their trip.

Looking forward to traveling with Chan Brothers again!!!!


Generic Image Testimonial
Tom Chua 28.05.2018

Dear Chan Brothers tour department,

Firstly my family and myself enjoyed this trip very much. All the hotels and meals are excellent. The bus we are on is also very comfortable.

Most of all Johnnie san makes the tour more interesting and informative. His Japanese knowledge is very impressive too.

We will highly recommend to have Johnnie for your future tours.

Pat was also very helpful and caring for us especially to the old lady (My mother)

Generic Image Testimonial
Teresa Yap 03.05.2018

I just recently returned from Eastern Europe led by Johnny Hoo.It was very amazing and exciting experience I ever had.

I wish to give my complement to our tour leader, Johnny Hoo, for the trip that make my tour pleasant and memorable.

Till date, I hardly aware there is a tour leader that have a high expectation in himself and showing great passion in his work. He is a great person that really know and attend to little details such as introduction of all beautiful scenery that we need to take note at and in each place that we been, the group have some Chinese-speaking tour-mates and he is constantly always keep the group up to dates, for all history of events in the places of interest and to even daily affairs in their language so that they are able to comprehend.

Despite, long walking trips, he is making sure we are in group and keeping us within the time frame.

He considered the food appetite of everyone and he will give us little gesture such as buying tomato ketchup for our meals which the restaurant that are not providing any of condiments for seasoning.

During our 3rd day of the trip, he has sensed some of our tour-mates feeling discomfort and he will arrange medication and ensure that we are not running out of water during the journey.

He will be always giving ideas and recommend places of interest and purchase of souvenir for friends and family.

He is always giving people conveniences such as currency exchange (when crossing almost many borders, those money exchange currency really make us crazy) and he is still helping us to tie over those “difficulties”.

The best part of him he really considered a request from a family group and he really make a good trip to the place which is not in the schedule. Till date, I still miss the place of interest that he brought us there. My thought is why do he want to give himself such a stress and why did he not consider the risk that may lead him to. After the 12 days, I can only conclude that because he is what he is. He is never restless when come to his passion.

His caring gesture not only within our tour group but also towards the driver, Tribo, that ferry us during the trips. He is making sure he is having enough rest and eating his meal properly.

I also would like to give my Thanks to our Driver, Tribo during the eastern Europe trip.

He is a good driver and trying to think out of box when coming to tight schedule and jam-packed city but in a safety manner. Without him, our trip will be not a successful one.

I give thanks to my tour mates that I met and they are best companion in this trip. Most of them are patient and nice people.

I will highly recommend Europe tours with Chan Brothers Travel. I will continue to join the tour to give my best support. I am hoping to see more Johnny Hoo’s personality in my coming trips!

Generic Image Testimonial
Felicia Ho 04.04.2018

I just recently returned from Eastern Europe led by Johnny Hoo.It was very amazing and exciting experience I ever had.

On the first day he showed his caring and passion toward his customers. He led us around and he was making sure of our safety and comfort throughout our journey.

I have travelled with Chan brothers long haul tours for many years knowing the tour leaders like Elaine, Lawerence, Jaoc, James and Sam. None is better than Johnny.

Johnny is honest, jovial, caring and understanding. He is an asset to your company and he always speak well and proud of Chan Bothers.

I also feel comfortable on the whole trip because the bus driver Joe who is a safe driver and very helpful.

I think you should change some of the local tour guides

  • Auzwitch tour - the guide was not able to explain.
  • Jewish quarters - the guide just brush off questions thinking that we don't know the region.
  • Salzburg tour - the guide was uncaring and completed the tour within an hour instead of 3 hrs. Half of the passengers were delayed at the traffic lights she didn't wait but carried on, those behind couldn't hear her on the whisperer as she was very far. Johnny had to help us.
Generic Image Testimonial
Rosie Hong 27.04.2018

Wish to convey our appreciations to Richard for all his care and concern that was given to the on this tour.

Very generous in sharing his knowledge both historical and practical information, highly informative and entertaining.

Had sufficient time for shopping and photo shoots

Professional, wonderful, kind and patient person with a sense of humour

Visiting places like-1)Lake Bled 2)Postojna Cave 3)Plitvice Lakes 4) Stari Most &5)Dubrovnik old town ancient city walls

I was fearful and wanted to go no further but Richard was always around and with his words of encouragement-completed the journey

It was a joy & satisfaction to see the beauty of each place-spectacular view all round..

Richard ,you are superb..Thank you Richard,Thank you Chan Brothers

Generic Image Testimonial
Kelly Wong 23.04.2018

很高兴这次能参加这个团。我们是来自马来西亚的4位美女😅这次的团是以英语解说,我们当中有些不会英文,可是导游Mr Johnny hoo 会很细心的另外为我们解说华语。真的很感激他让我们了解当地的文化遗产。Mr Johnny hoo很风趣幽默让这11天的旅游增添不少乐趣。希望下次有机会再参加贵公司的旅行团。谢谢

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr & Mrs Peter Tan 23.04.2018

My husband and I just returned from the above-mentioned tour led by Tour Manager Mr Richard Lim.

We wish to convey our appreciation to Richard for all the care and concern that he had rendered to us during the tour.

Many thanks to him for ensuring our safety, comfort & health too. He is also very entertaining with his jokes! Many times he went beyond his call of duty to help the elderly who had difficulty in walking and climbing the stairs. Because of him we had an enjoyable and a fun-filled holiday with great memories too!

We had travelled many times with Chan Brothers and other Tour Agencies. To us Richard is, so far, the best Tour Manager! He is certainly an asset to your organisation.

Kudos to Richard!!!

Generic Image Testimonial
Leong Teng Kee 19.04.2018

My family hv joined this tour guided by Mr Roy Ang. Its was a great pleasure having him as he is a very experience and displayed very well co-ordination. Apparently this is our first holiday trip with Chan Brother and we shall hv no doubt to plan our next holiday trip with your agency. Great job Roy!!

Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Mary 19.04.2018

My daughter and I enjoyed our recent Beijing/Gubei Watertown/Tianjin 8D7N tour, bringing back with us pleasant and fond memories of the trip.

I would like to commend our Singapore tour leader (Peter Han), China tour guide (He Guang) and his fellow colleague, coach captain for their great teamwork and passion in their work. The arrangements made for hotel accommodation, meals at restaurants and visits to the various places went smoothly. The tour was enjoyable and conducted at a relaxed pace making the tour members happy.

Peter is an excellent tour leader. He has made great effort in organizing the best possible travel experience for the tour group. He prepared the group before the trip thru WhatsApp informing us about the weather in Beijing during Springtime and the proper clothes attire to wear to keep warm. He also saw to the seating arrangements for both the flights between Singapore and Beijing ensuring that family members/friends were seated together. There is good rapport between him and tour members.

The local tour guide, He Guang is friendly and passionate in his work. He not only has thorough knowledge about the places we were visiting, but also shared about life in Beijing and his experiences in life.

Safety was pretty much evident as shown by the skillful and good driving by the coach driver. At Gubei Watertown, there was opportunity for the coach captain to interact with the tour members. He was found to be friendly and approachable sharing with us about his experiences in chauffering some famous celebrities. The ride was comfortable throughout the whole trip.

I would like to express my thanks to them for making this trip a wonderful one.

Generic Image Testimonial
Goh Choon Kin 18.04.2018

Last day of the Hokkaido trip before leaving for airport to return home. My family and I wish to commend the excellence service of the local tour guide Ms Shallen who is caring, helpful & patient with full understanding of the needs of the members. She is bilingual and have full understanding of the culture of Japanese & Chinese, hence providing a lot of useful/interesting information during the journey. Her instructions were clear in making the trip memorable & safe. She is approachable and checking everyone of us about the room conditions everyday after checking in the hotel. This extra efforts of her is commendable. Please convey our appreciation to her and we wish her well.

Generic Image Testimonial
Molly Tan 02.04.2018

I visited Chan Bros Travel Revolution on 23 March 2018! I was being served by Dilan & Candy! Dilan & Candy are very helpful & knowledgeable in delivering my needs, I ended up booking the 10 Days Beauty of Holland wif my gf!

The next day, I needed some information & I msged Chan Bros App No. Knowing dat Dilan & Candy r busy, I didn't expect them to reply me so quickly!

Dilan & Candy really made my day & I definitely will go to them again should I wanna book future tours!

Please convey my appreciation to them and cc to me!

This is my 2nd time booking Chan Bros & I definitely will recommend my friends to look for Dilan & Candy!

Generic Image Testimonial
Shirley Ong 12.04.2018

I would like to compliment our local tour manager, Mr. Su Long, our Japan tour manager, Mr. Gado Wu and our Japan Driver, Mr. Ozawa.

We had a pleasant and memorable trip to Japan because of the exemplary and dedicated service provided by three of them.

As for Mr. Su Long, we are very well taken care of by him from the first night when we checked into the hotel. We are culturally shocked when the hotel room provided to us does not come with an attached bathroom since it was a hot spring hotel. Mr. Su Long went through all the trouble and effort to negotiate with the hotel staff to change the rooms as the hotel was fully booked. He even gave up his own room to us so that we are able to rest early for the night and even help us with the luggage when we are shifting rooms. We are very touched by his actions and is very grateful to him for his sacrifice. Throughout the entire trip, he was very jovial and paid extra attention to the old folks in the group. He will also be the first to alight the bus so that he can assist the old folks in alight the bus. He is a very attentive, accommodating and caring tour manager.

Every night, he would give all of us a slip of paper containing all the vital information such as our room number, his room number, the morning call and departure timing, I find this is a very good and systematic way of giving us information instead of giving us information verbally. When we alight from the bus, we can immediately take the room keys and go into our rooms. No time is wasted in reading out the room numbers to us.

As for Mr. Gado, he was very thorough in explaining the facts and history of Japan to us. We have travelled to Japan and joined many tours before, there was never one tour manager who was so detailed in explaining the facts and history to us. We have learned so much from him and enjoyed listening to us stories. He took extra effort to instruct the driver to alight us at the nearest location from the entrance of the places of interest so that the old folks do not have to walk very far.

As for Mr. Ozawa, he was very careful and experienced in his driving. We feel very safe and secure when riding the bus. Every single time when we board or alight from the bus, he will always wish us in Japanese. This is such a kind gesture.

This is by far our best trip to Japan ever. I can say that we are very blessed and lucky to have the three of them guiding and taking care of us this year. We hope that we will have a chance to have the three of them serving us again for future trips to Japan.

Thanks for making this trip such an amazing and unforgettable one. We will definitely visit Japan again.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Chian Yin Kim 10.11.2017

I want to compliment your manager, Mr Joe Ng, as he has gone all out to help customers even before we made the decision to join your Harbin tour. We were contemplating to go with Hong Thai initially. Because of his excellent service we decided to join you ultimately.

I realised that I have a medical problem only after the booking and want to make some changes to my travel plan. Without hesitating, Joe offered to check and would revert on alternatives. As promised he came back very promptly with good solutions which I’m sure he has contributed lots of time n efforts towards them.

I want your organisation to note and know that you have such an outstanding staff in terms of customer service excellence and such a valuable asset to your company.

I would like the Management to acknowledge this compliment for Joe Ng.

Generic Image Testimonial
Carol 08.03.2018

Shallen is the best tour guide i have ever encountered. She was very responsible and hardworking. She would prepare a daily memo with important details (e.g. room no, morning call time, breakfast time, dinner time, onsen operationg hours, departure time etc.) and distribute to all. That's very thoughtful of her. Shallen also ensured all of us have settled our check-ins (hotel, airport) before she left. She would, in fact, ringed us up to make sure we were all satisfied with the hotel rooms. Due to the heavy snow storm, she had to replan the itinerary such that we had a chance to experience the snowmobile ride! Really appreciate her effort. She was confident, knowlegable and approachable too. Excellent tour guide!

Driver was good too! When he saw a pair of red crowned cranes at the road side, he stopped the bus for us to take a picture of the rare birds!

Generic Image Testimonial
Bernard Lim 01.03.2018

I'm writing in to register our appreciation and thanks to our tour leader Sulong Budiman who has served us exceedingly well during our recent trip to NZ. He is not only intense, driven and focused in his duties but also devoted, disciplined and dedicated to his calling.

When one passenger had a fall in his hotel room and broke his crown Sulong called for an ambulance and visited him the very next day with his meals in tow. His action is indeed laudable and commendable When I wanted the lyrics of a Japanese song he went out of his way and lost no time in getting me what I had wanted. (By the way Japanese song is not part of the tour itinerary). I had simply hummed the tune to him at dinner time and "Presto" I got the song the very next morning. I was shocked at his timeliness and impressed with his efficiency. THIS IS WHAT I SAY GOING BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. I was also impressed with his fluency in the Japanese language which I discovered later when I tested him with some sentences.

He even distributed oranges during the Chinese New Year to every passenger and advised us where to have our lunch and took care of our every needs.

Kudos to Chan Brothers for having a tour leader of such calibre. Because of this personal encounter I shall made Chan Brothers my first priority in my future travels.

Generic Image Testimonial
Brandon Neo 22.03.2018

I am writing this letter to compliment an outstanding individual who has shown patience in answering all our questions with his wide array of experience in touring Japan. His unique ability of communication added a personal touch and made us feel at ease to which my parents commented that we have made the right choice to travel with this travel agency.

We have travelled with a lot of agencies before and never did my parents paid such a big compliment to.

Mr Richard Tan from Customer Service impressed me once again when we were handed the letter to collect the free luggage from Planet traveller. The date for luggage collection was dated AFTER my holiday. It would have been such a disappointment if not for his sharp observation. Furthermore he took the initiative to arrange for me to collect the luggage earlier. I can’t stress how efficient this person is.

We would have hoped that he was our tour leader but unfortunately we don’t have the blessing but nevertheless, Mr Richard has shown me and my family how capable, friendly and professional the staffs in Chan Brothers are. We know we are in good hands travelling with your company.

Richard has proven the two quotes written below.

Steve job “ The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Anne M Mulcahy : “ Employees are a company greatest asset. They are your best competitive advantage. To attract and retain the best.

Well done Richard. I wish you the best in your career.

Generic Image Testimonial
Helen Lim 28.03.2018

Thank you for a wonderful tour! I had a great time despite the very cold weather!

it's not often that service providers nowadays earnestly ask for genuine feedback - the good and bad. I am glad Chan Brothers has done so this time and is continuing its efforts to progress in retaining its customers and improving customer relations in this very competitive world with more leisure travelers adventuring into their own "free & easy" travel plans.

Travel Advisor - Exceeded Expectation - regardless who I have dealt with, I have received very prompt and spontaneous responses. Hassle free online booking till final payment procedures.

Tour Guide - Billy is very experienced. Took care of our group very well and ensured we had the best deal in our purchases. Well versed in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Shared a lot about his past experiences and had us always laughing on his jokes keeping us awake through long bus rides. never a boring time but good if he could elaborate more about the places we are to visit and also the ETA prior to sharing his personal jokes/experiences before some falling asleep. On our return during transit at Narita Airport, he came to check on us several times....... a responsibility beyond his call of duty as he was to board another flight. He lost but found his plastic bag while doing this...................Great Job, Billy and you sure do deserve another reward from your company!

Generic Image Testimonial
Lai Ming Choo 04.04.2018

Hi Chan Brothers,

I would like to give my feedback on the recent Eastern Europe trip which I went.

I was particularly impressed with the tour guide, Johnny Hoo. Out of all the Chan Brothers tours I have joined, he is the most dedicated tour guide I have seen. He ensures that everyone is the tour group is well taken care of and went out of his way to walk the cities with us during the free and easy slots. It is rare to find such a dedicated guide and I am glad he was our guide for the trip. I really enjoyed myself and I definitely hope to join his tour again. I must mention that he is a very entertaining guide as well, I haven't laughed so much in a long time and I thank him for that.

One thing to improve on was the breakfast, everyone was sick of the same breakfast spread every morning and felt that the breakfast variety could be improved upon.

I am looking forward to signing up for the next tour with Chan Brothers.

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Tong Shao Ming 24.01.2018

Hi Chan Brothers,

The contents of the email are with regards to compliments paid to three individuals in the organisation.

1) Mr Billy who is our tour guide in Hokkaido.

2) Ms Theresa/Teresa(?) who was our local (Singapore) contact for our trip.

3) Shima-san who was our local (Japan) contact for our trip

I would like to split my email to three portions.

Mr Billy was our tour guide in Hokkaido, he impressed us with his friendly demeanor as well as experience.

From the moment he spoke with the bus driver, his grasp of Japanese was excellent and the way he interacted with us in the airport was friendly and refreshing as he shared the concerns with us on the toddler that was brought along with the trip.

He would pay special attention to the family throughout the entire trip, but was still very approachable to every one of us during the tour.

His vast experience in the tour industry was elaborated to us throughout the trip as he talked about his experiences in Japan, other countries, his touring adventures along with his commentary about the areas we are visiting.

He also shared with us many facts about Japan, recommendations on where to travel as well as promoting other tours in Chan Brothers.

Mr Billy has made many personal recommendations on what to purchase, where to eat to cater to the needs of our tour mates, much to our delight.

His planning and pacing of the tour to tweak the itinerary to better suit our needs was highly appreciated.

I am not certain whether the organization is aware but Mr Billy was slightly injured when he slipped while looking out for us during a leg of the journey.

Please do send my, and our regards to Mr Billy for his speedy recovery and good health. I hope that he takes good care of himself as we heard from Shima-san that he made inquiries on our state after our flight was delayed and subsequently cancelled at Narita Airport.

Mr Billy has certainly made my trip very enjoyable, and his experience and knowledge has shown that Chan Brothers is indeed a firm who has staff that are well equipped and knowledgeable of the land.

Again, please do send my compliments to Mr Billy, and although the possibilities are slim, I would very like to be led by him again.

Secondly, for Ms Theresa/Teresa who I conversed over whatsapp after our flight was cancelled on the 22/01/2018.

Her number was listed in the itinerary given to us and we made an urgent call to her when our flight was cancelled.

Her response time was superb, replying through whatsapp and reassuring us that she would contact us after she made contact with the local agent (Shima-san).

She stayed available throughout the night, answering my questions on the claims, hotel and flight arrangement till we were picked up by Shima-san at approximately 3am.

Ms Theresa also kept in contact with me during the latter half of the day when we were en route to the airport after securing tickets from us all the way until we boarded the plan.

She took a vested interest in ensuring that we boarded our flight till late in the evening as well.

Such consideration and service is to be applauded.

Chan Brothers and Ms Theresa have reinforced my belief that Chan Brothers are a very reputable firm and I would have a worry-free trip as during the entire ordeal at Narita Airport, many other tourists were having difficulty finding assistance as they were left to fend for themselves.

With Chan Brothers, I was able to find assistance almost immediately with limited resources. It was amazing they could find a hotel in such a short time and to rebook us to the next flight out to Singapore.

The team in Chan Brother has made my trip much more pleasant than I could ever believe it to be.

Lastly, Shima-san from Japan was the local agent working together with Chan Brothers who contacted me after my conversation with Ms Theresa.

She had a good grasp of the language and was contactable throughout the entire situation. She gave me a call through whatsapp and informed us concisely on what we should do.

From her appearance, it was clear that she rushed down immediately together with the bus driver.

Please do send our compliments to him as well for making the trip in such an hour and for getting us safely as well.

When we made contact with Shima-san, she informed us of the plans that Chan Brothers had for us easily and answered all of our questions.

She even went around to check on us and our accommodation and promised to be in contact all the way.

She was also very gracious, apologetic and eager to help in anyway and was great as a point of contact that helped reassure us that our needs were taken care of.

Please do send my compliments to her as well.

All in all, even with the small hiccup, I enjoyed my trip immensely and my opinion and evaluation of Chan Brothers have increased tremendously with the trip.

However I hope that Chan Brothers would be able to assist us with our claims as well…

Still, it’s a minor issue in the light of the documentations that Shima-san and Ms Theresa had asked us to keep to claim for the trip, the process would be made much easier with their advice.

Have a good day ahead


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From: Daphne Wang 12.02.2018

I joined one of your packaged group tours to Balkan Europe last year and was truly impressed with your Tour Manager, Mr Ong Wee Bin.

I have wanted to send in my appreciation and compliments earlier but was held back by work the last one month. I was truly impressed with Mr Ong’s positive zest and passion towards his work throughout the entire trip.

Mr Ong does his homework everyday, does great introduction and presentation on all the places of interest, ensures everyone in the group is well taken care of and well informed of what’s going on.

Despite the fact that it was a big group of close to 40, he manages the entire group really well. He keeps everyone happy and entertained.

However, what really impresses me further was his patience and understanding towards these 2 other group members who were always late and not exactly cooperative.

A good tour manager really does make a huge difference in the overall experience. Im glad Chan Brothers hired the right candidate and very appreciative that my holidays was made even better with Mr Ong as my tour manager.

Thanks both!

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Eileen Loh 26.02.2018

I am writing to compliment our tour guide, Mr Sebastian Lee for doing a wonderful job.

Our tour leader, Sebastian was simply the best guide we have met. His knowledge of every aspect of Japan such as history, people, places was amazing. We can't say enough good things about our guide's organization skills, attention to detail, inter-personal skills and general ability to be aware of the needs of each individual traveller. We felt safe and well looked after at all times.

On a scale of 0-10, I would give him a 9.5-10. He deserves a medal! The tour went exactly as expected and described prior departure. The trip has been very impressive and awesome. Compliments for your organization, which is surely a modern and efficient one.

Sebastian is an asset to Chan Brothers and what is unique about Sebastian is he adds a personal touch to our holiday trip! He went the extra mile to get a decent birthday cake for my mum (where he could just get a muffin from the hotel), assisted everyone with the baggage and on one occasion, I even saw him touching the forehead of a child to see if the fever has subsided. It was quite heartwarming to see he treated everyone like his own family, a very honest and sincere person.

Last but not least, we will not hesitate to recommend Chan Brothers to our friends because our Hokkaido trip was the best holiday trip we ever had! Cheerios to our tour guide, Sebastian! Hope our paths cross again soon!

We would be grateful if you could covey our appreciation to Sebastian.

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Alicia Poh 27.02.2018

This is my first trip to China as a big group of 8 members. We get to know this tour through the suntec city roadshow, recommended by Eileen. My initial worry for the trip are the toilets, hotel stays and food taste. However, for all the meals served to us is good. I vividly remember there was one mushroom dish which is very salty, once we raised up to Coco (our local tour guide) , she immediately called the kitchen to change a new plate for our family. As we know, China trip considers a lot of mountains and sightseeing which required many walking and stairs for the elderly, Peter Han (our leader) helped me to bring my old folks to resting corner and talk jokes with them to past time.

Our leader and guide always ensured that we are settled down with our seats before they have their meals. They are very knowledgeable to know with us the china culture and singing "shan ge" along the road trips.

All in all, our whole family enjoyed ourselves very much.

As quoted by Peter: “健康就是财富”,it’s good opportunity to learn from a youthful and energetic man like him. Keep in touch :)

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Joanne Koh 28.02.2018

13 Days Spain & Portugal Discovery

I have to applaud tour manager Jeffrey Fong for making this trip a memorable one, his positive and cheerfulness made this trip fun.

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Chai Yen Lee 19.01.2018

Hi Cathryn,

A big thank you to you! My family and myself were very enjoyed and we had fun for the trip.

Appreciated your assistance on the trip arrangement and follow up closely on my booking.

We were impressed by your initiative on the online check-in for flight coming back to sg, and the efforts to make sure 10 of us can sit together.

Without your kind assistance, our trip will not be so enjoyable.

Overall, we had fun and enjoyed the trip much.

Looking forward to travel again with Chans Brother.

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Marcus Ong 17.01.2018

My family and I was on a 16 days trip to Europe. We had the time of our lives visiting the many monuments and sceneries that Europe has to offer and would definitely revisit sometime in the near future.

Throughout this trip, Edmund has been really helpful in providing us with relevant information about the particular country we are visiting and the rich history that comes with it. Educating us and making sure that we took some knowledge away with us instead of it just solely being a mindless shopping and sight-seeing vacation. He entertained us with many personal anecdotes and made the trip so much more lively and warmth.

Furthermore, my mum injured her shoulders and ribs while on Mt Titlis and requested to see a doctor to get an X-ray so as to get a peace of mind. Immediately, he went to make arrangement and found us a nearby GP that offered X-ray services and the issue was quickly resolved.

Overall, Edmund was able to offer a fantastic service throughout the trip and all 12 of us really enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We would like to thank him for his time and effort and we hope that there would be many more opportunities to meet him with Chan Brothers in the future. Thank you.

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Susie Cheok 17.01.2018

My husband and I would like to commend your staff, Tour Leader Johnny Hoo who led us on the above tour for a job well done!

The itinerary was well planned and it exceeded our expectations.

As we have majority of seniors in late sixties and seventies, he is always patience and looking out for them. Johnny is always cheerful, polite, patience, attentive and displayed professionalism by taking care of each of our concerns and needs. Many times, to ensure the safety of members when crossing roads, he’s our traffic controller.... Thanks to Johnny!

Not forgetting always alerting us to take care of our valuables where places with risk of pickpockets.

We enjoyed our time with Johnny jokes and songs and there is always lots of laughters on the bus in the long coach ride. It was a wonderful and memorable trip and we look forward to other tours with Chan Brothers. Johnny is a very responsible and awesome tour leader, making sure that he covers all sightseeing places and not missing beautiful photo stops for us. Please convey our appreciation to him.

Thank you.

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Chuah Joo Swan 03.01.2018


I am writing to let you know for the fantastic tour that I had in Dubai and to especially thank you for sending Mr. Tan Yong Zheng to be our tour leader. He did his work well, and was more aware of our needs than any of our previous tour leaders. He is willing to help and sincere. He is very patience too. He is a top-notch tour leader! We love him and hopefully he can be our tour leader again. Please convey our thanks to Mr. Tan

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Tan Boon Yih 12.01.2018


Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Philip Tan, we felt welcomed and had a fantastic start! The guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible and for that he deserves a special thanks. We had great days there, which obviously also added up to the experience.

Mr. Philip Tan is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). We truly enjoyed the time with him through all the area that we discoveried in this time Europe trip.

The atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect for Mr. Philip Tan who does a great job there, a true sample of excellent tour guide!

Many thanks again and we recommend Mr. Philip Tan to everyone!

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Low Kum Heng 09.01.2018

Thank you Johnny Hoo, our tour manager for the 12Days 9Nights Croatia and Slovenia Discovery, for the wonderful times my wife and I had throughout the whole tour.

From the moment we met him at the airport (prior to departure) he was already making us laugh and very comfortable with him. Even upon returning, he ensured everyone had their luggage intact, waving goodbyes and smiling happily despite a tired looking face. A truly fun, dedicated and responsible tour manager!

We really appreciate the time and effort he put in, to plan to ensure we can catch the best views along the way and at every destination such as the sunset at Zadar.

Even crossing country borders can be fun and interesting with Johnny’s wits and humour.

It was an unforgettable experience, beyond our expectations.

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Christina Heng 09.01.2018

Dear Chan Brothers,

My family has been travelling with Chans Brothers for more than 10 trips. The recent trip from Croatia made us realised the importance of a good tour leader. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our tour leader, Mr Johnny Hoo. He is very professional and passionate about his work. He has great rapports with all tour mates and made us feel like travelling with own family member. He is very entertaining and the bus was always full of laughters. What touched me most was that he also took good care of the driver throughout the trip.

Thank you Johnny for making this trip such an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

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Chan Leng Choon 08.01.2018

Dear Chan Brothers,

My wife and I together with some of my siblings, in laws and a friend (8 in all) went for the above with Johnny Hoo as the Tour Manager.

We had a great time despite it was winter and cold in the places that we visited. This is largely due to great attention and care Johnny has put into in taking care of each of us. He went beyond his call of duty and did his best in ensuring that we get the most out of the trip. He was able to bond with each of us and he was also fun and entertaining too.

I sincerely applaud his excellent and great service and look forward to the next trip with Chan Brothers in the near future.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work!

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Helen Wong 09.01.2018

Dear Chan Brother,

It was my pleasure to write this email.

I would like to compliment this young man, Dilan, who is serving his internship with your company.

I started my browsing on your web site for the Northern light tour packages in December 2017.

I was served by Dilan via the web chat. He had all my enquiries answered and also met me a couples of times at your office with friendly and helpful manners.

  1. I was contemplating if I should upgrade to either business or premium economy class,he got back to me a few times, informing me the differences between both classes( despite the fact that I was not able to decide then).
  2. My passport was in the renewal process, thus made the booking not straight forward. As I could only make it (the trip) at this particular time, he helped to secure my booking by giving me advices on what to do, while awaiting for my new passport.
  3. He let me used his phone to contact my bank to increase my credit limit when I came to make balance payment. (My mobile phone battery was flatten.)
  4. The destination was wronged on my travel insurance, AIG sent me 8 emails , all with the wronged destination stated on them. Dilan helped by corresponding to them to get it amended.

This young man is dedicated to his work, and I am very pleased to let his acts be known to you.

Guessed this will be best way to say thank you to him.

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Kuok Shiun 08.01.2018

Dear Sir / Madam,

My wife and me joined a tour with Chan Brothers for 16D14N to Europe as our honeymoon trip, this is the first time we went to a trip by joining tour and out of our expectations it is such a memorable and successful trip.

We want to give the tributes specially to our tour manager, Mr Sam Ho who has done an excellent job throughout the entire trips. Sam is very professional and experienced who provides us with many extra and useful information in order for all of us to have a smooth trip. Beside that, Sam also very knowledgeable where he able to answer all the questions from our whole group very patiently and very well.

Not to forget, our coach captain, Mr Volvel also gives a very good impression to us. He handle our coach smoothly for the entire trip which make us feel very comfortable and safe. He is so punctual in every stop without having us to wait even one time. He is also very considerate by going to as close to the entrance as possible so that with minimum walking distance for all of us especially there are some elderly in our group.

Two of them Mr Sam Ho and Mr Volvel has done such a great job in making this trip so successful. Again my wife and me would like to thanks them once again and wishing them all the best for the coming year ahead.

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Jenny Low 08.01.2018

I just returned with my husband from the 12D9N Croatia and Slovenia Tour.

I would like to compliment Johnny Hoo who is our Tour Leader for his outstanding professionalism displayed in giving us his best service throughout the trip.

He deserved to be given this feedback. I have in the past joined group tours but Johnny made a difference. He puts his customers first and ensure we get the best service. In one occasion, one of the customers refused to pay his table service after his meal with family and there was a dispute. Someone called Johnny who was not at the scene at all but yet he rushed down to help resolve the issue and making it a peaceful resolution. I have seen tour manager ignoring such situation but Johnny is highly commendable in this case.

Importantly, Johnny is versatile and fun that makes the whole different.

My husband and myself enjoyed thoroughly and he deserved to be highly awarded for recognition.

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Jason Tian 08.01.2018

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Croatia and Slovenia last week and I just want to drop a line to say "Thank you".

It was one of my best overseas trips as the places I visited are amazingly beautiful and, more importantly, we have an amazingly great tour leader - Johnny Hoo. He is humorous, friendly, kind and very helpful throughout the entire trip. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to help our group broke the ice right from the very first day. With his passion and enthusiasm, the group was also able to enjoy the entire trip right from the very first day. The feeling I have was like I was travelling with a good friend who happens to know the places very well. Wherever we went, the people there seems to know him for years and this made us felt so much more comfortable in foreign land. He is also a very responsible person as I saw that he was staying back and the luggage belt area on the day we returned to Singapore just to ensure that all his passengers have no problem with their luggage before he left - last one. I must say that my wife and I were very very impressed by him. If possible, we hope our next trip to Europe would still be led by him.

Thank you for a wonderful trip and thank you very much for assigning Johnny Hoo to lead our group!👍👍👍 3 thumbs up!

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Veronica Low 08.01.2018

My family and I (a total of 8 of us) joined the 12 days Croatia and Slovenia trip with Johnny Hoo leading the group as tour manager.

The trip has exceeded our expectations in many ways - the scenery was beautiful even though it was winter season, the overall itinerary was well thought-through particularly given the fact that we were in the midst of public holiday (1/1/2018) and had great entertainment throughout the journey and this is really important as there were quite a lot of road travelling.

I believe the above was only possible as we had a really great tour manager. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Johnny for his excellent service.

Johnny went the extra mile by planning and stopping at places just to provide us with great views for photo-taking and this was well appreciated by the group given that the scenery was not at its best during winter season. In addition, he was very considerate in ensuring that the group receives maximum value for our money by adjusting the itinerary such that we were able to visit all the places indicated in the itinerary to avoid the closure of certain places during the public holiday. This was particularly appreciated by the group as we were aware that another group that was there about the same time did not manage to go to some of the places that we did.

To TOP it all, we loved Johnny for his great sense of humour and that is really important given that we have to spend Long hours on the road. His jokes and ability to draw out the fun in each of us made a huge difference when you are travelling with a group of people whom you do not know. Johnny is also very sincere and the group genuinely felt his care and commitment to his role to ensure he provides the best for us.

The only improvement feedback that I would like to provide is that there were too many to-and-fro travelling into Croatia to get to Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro. It would have been more efficient to get in and out from different locations ie into Croatia and out from Montenegro, if possible.

Finally, I would once again like to thank Johnny for making our last 12 days such a great and memorable experience - thank you.

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Wong Lai Meng 08.01.2018

My family just came back from our 12D 9N Croatia & Slovenia Discovery tour led by our tour leader Johnny Hoo.

Initailly i was kind of worried that the tour leader was going to be a serious one until we met Johnny. He is easy going, fun loving and also very responsible guy. He can really make us relax, interact with us, tell us stories, histories of the places of interest...❤ and he would always remind us to be careful with our belonging... so caring of him. Anyway we have a bus full of happy people laughing and enjoying together.

I would like to thanks Johnny for giving us such a wonderful and memorable holiday in Croatia! Bravo to Johnny! Wish my next holiday with Chan Brothers will be led by him again!

Thank you Johnny and thank you Chan Brothers.

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Nancy Low 08.01.2018

Good day!

Pertaining to above captioned tour, would like to give credits to your Tour Manager - Mr Johnny Hoo Kim Sai whom had done an excellent job thru out our tour which we arrived safely yesterday afternoon.

He was so knowledgeable and experience that he met up with our expectations.

He’s being caring, attentive, humorous as well as taking care of everyone’s safety and needs.

This was my third time joining Chan Brothers Tour Groups and I find this is the best Tour Manager that I had ever encountered.

My family and I are looking forward to our next trip to South Africa and hope / wish that Mr Johnny Hoo Kim Sai can be our Tour Manager.

This is one of my best wonderful and memorable trip to Croatia with such a lovely / caring Tour Manager.

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Jenny Ee 04.01.2018

Just a note to compliment Chan Brothers on the great 13 days South Africa trip that my family of eight booked last year.

The overall trip was awesome & very enjoyable. The food was excellent with great varieties. Nice accommodations.

My compliments too to the local tour guides in Capetown (Robbie), Johannesburg (Rhiana) & Zimbabwe (Alex).

Last but not least, my compliments n thanks to the tour leader, Kang Yong. He is great with people whether young or old, helpful in many ways and very customer orientated. Keep up the great job, Kang Yong.

Thank you, Chan Brothers.

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Stephanie Lee 05.01.2018

I would rate my recent 13D10N EGYPT WITH SINAI AND RED SEA holiday with Chan Brothers as one of the best ones I have ever had as someone who have travelled quite widely across the globe.

It was an excellent itinerary and the sightseeing was fantastic. All the visitor sights lived up to my expectations. The River Nile cruise with regular stopovers to visit multiple ancient sites was unique and spectacular. The cruise itself was relaxing and had the best buffet spread for all meals onboard!

I was especially thrilled about exploring the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt marking the 117th UNESCO site visited on my checklist, as well as the famous Great Pyramid of Giza which is the only one monument left standing and remain largely intact on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - I was delighted that all of those sites were covered within the programme!

The domestic flight transfers were seamless and the hotel check-in procedures were effortless due to the experienced tour guide and leader assigned to the trip. Furthermore, most of the hotels during the trip were in excellent condition.

The tour guide from Egypt was well informed and gave us the most comprehensive briefings about the sites visited, the history and geography of Egypt, it’s politics and economy in the context of the rest of the neighbouring countries in Africa & with the Sinai Peninsula considered as part of Asia, and he had really looked after the group well.

Likewise the tour group leader from Singapore, Mr Kew Chew, had also looked after the group very well. Kew was always attentive to the group’s needs throughout the trip. Kew was also a very observant leader for he spotted and reminded me that I had forgotten to pick up my backpack in an occasion during the trip, which I greatly appreciated!

I enjoyed every aspect of my Egypt holiday and every place I visited there was a highlight. It was a memorable tour which will remain the experience of a lifetime and I am looking forward to travel with Chan Brothers again soon!

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Susan Ng 29.12.2017

I have just completed the 11-day Eastern Europe Tour with Chan Brothers and wish to send my heartfelt thanks and compliments to our Tour Manager, Ms Vanessa Lam

In this 11-day trip, Vanessa had been taking care good care of a group of 31 passengers (a good mix of both young & old and a diverse international group - we had group mates from Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Singaporeans). She had explained to the passengers what we were expected when clearing immigration. She initialed to start a Whats App Chat group, to ease communication: to list down the daily "routines" such as timings for morning calls, breakfast, meet ups and other necessary info.

Vanessa had went on extra miles, she brought along loads of tib bits to feed us through out the journey, even packed chill source for us! To warm up the group, we played games on the coach, not forgetting the Christmas surprises! She would tried her best to attend to passenger's requests: to find a better way to enjoy his trip for a wheel chair bounded passenger, allocating aisle seat for my elderly mum etc.

Thanks! Vanessa. You made my trip, a memorable one, especially during Christmas.... heart warming.

Generic Image Testimonial
Lucy Seah & Family 02.01.2018

My family and I had a wonderful & enjoyable time in Yunnan & well taking care by Steve.

Steve is a very hardworking and knowledgable tour leader that made sure that our entire trip went smoothly. Throughout the trip, he made sure that we were all well taken care of, and if there were problems, he would solve it immediately.

For example, when we reached the hotel, he always makes sure that we know his room number, and makes it clear that he is available to be contacted at any hour of the night if there are problems. After we go to our rooms, he would knock on our door to do a room check to see if there was any problems with our rooms or luggage. If there are problems with anything, he would solve it immediately.

His organised and systematic approach to troubleshooting and preventing problems contributed to the smooth sailing of the entire trip.

Furthermore, Steve is able to provide us with local knowledge on the shops and best places to eat around our hotel. This indicates that he knows the places well, allowing us to feel safe in his care.

Steve also promotes other travel places and tours that Chan brother provides. He would give us his honest opinions on when and where to go to, providing us with key insights that would help us plan our future trips.

We will travel with Chan Brother again, hope to see Steve again during our Dec 2018 trip to China.

Steve, thank you for everything. :-)


Generic Image Testimonial
Jasmine Lee 04.01.2018

On behalf of team-mate, we would like to say thank you to your staff Mr Joe Ng for his excellent service and positive attitude.

Due to the team is small only 16 persons and aging around 70 to 80, he showing his patiently to explain to individual/couple the schedule repeated again and again, and extended his service such as by knowing some difficultly to shoot a nice picture, he created a group whatsapp and to post all the nice scenery into it, let the old folk please of mind and less worries !

I never come across such a service when I travel in New Zealand with my Anut and family member a few year ago (With Chan Brothers Travel).

He humorous and energetic influence me, automatic become his assistance. Of course his caring make me embarrassing!

Anyway thank you Chan Brothers Travel give me such a wonderful and unforgettable holiday and send us a tender, loving and care tour leader Joe Ng.

Hope Joe will get good point of his service performance and keep it up forever.

Lastly, wishing Chan Brother Travel management and all staff : Happy New Year !!!

Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Boon Yih & Lam Hong Kim 02.01.2018

我和丈夫参与Chan Brothers 16Days的Europe 团,这是我们第一次选择您家公司去旅游配套,感觉真棒👍🏼值得信赖的一家旅游公司,因为无论在服务、食物、住...等等都令我们很满意,尤其是我们的导游Phillip Tan他是个非常细心的导游,服务态度很好👍🏼让我们全程享受整个旅游过程!我们会再次选择您家的旅行社😊


Generic Image Testimonial
Sarah Ong 27.12.2017

William is an educational and entertaining guide. He made the bus rides enjoyable with his conversations and recommendations. He was able to give us good tips on what to do so we could have the best Hokkaido Winter.

Joyce is a very caring and patient tour leader. She took care of all our needs and made sure we were comfortable on the coach and at the different destinations. We also had good conversations with her in the evening after the day's programme.

Thank you William and Joyce for all the effort! =D

Generic Image Testimonial
Michael Ho 27.12.2017

Dear Sir,

Our tour group of 31 persons consisted of 5 families/groups plus one single lady get to know each other during the tour wishes to thank you for providing us with a competent and experience tour manager Ms. Rachel Koh.

She and all the tour guides including the driver of Spain and Portugal had performed their jobs in an efficient, conscientious and diligent manner with many extra miles provided.

Kindly forward our compliments to all of them and wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

After travelling with Chan Brothers for so many years, I would consider and vote her, Ms Rachel Koh as one of your best tour manager.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mike Lim 18.12.2017

Dear Chan Brothers Travel,

Being the 1st timer joined your company to the Europe tour. It gives my family & i a great time and a memorable trip.

The major contribution was made by our guide, Sam Ho. His tour is very informative sparked with lots of humor and he gave historical and anecdotal information about so many different things. He answer all our questions politely, gave great directions & suggestions for our onwards journey too. We are grateful for his work, for all the effort of those involved with coordinating our trip and ensuring our safety & comfort. He even spent his time to thanks & said goodbye to each of us when we were at the luggages collection bell point despite he had collected his.

We felt that Sam went above and beyond what was expected on his professionalism and superlative customers service skill. Well done!

We will certainly join again and recommend our friends to join your company tour and of course not forgetting the cheerful guide, Sam Ho be the tour manager as a top consideration.

Please also pass on our compliments to the tour manager, Sam Ho.


Generic Image Testimonial
Alvin & Hanni 18.12.2017


My wife and i recently ended our Europe 15D13N tour with Chan Brothers and we had a very good time. Huge part of the positive experience has to credit to our tour leader Samuel Ho. I would like to commend him for doing an outstanding job based on the few points below.

1. Country Knowledge - Sam is very well-versed with the history of the places we visited. We were amazed by how much he could share with us on the historical and religious significance, including the exact time period/date of the key events. He has built up an extensive network in those countries as well so could recommend decent asian food for us when meals were not catered for. Besides that, we learnt a lot about the culture and behavior of the local people from him. That made our trip much more fulfilling.

2. Social Skills - There was a mix of young and elderly people in the tour and Sam was able to keep all of us entertained throughout the whole trip with his jokes and life experience sharing. He made the effort to know every single one of us by name which is by no means easy for a group of 30. We felt very comfortable chatting with him. He always wear a big smile and his cheerful attitude keep the tour members' spirits high.

3. Dedication - Sam shared with us that he was assigned on 19 tours this year alone and we understand that it is difficult to put 110% effort every single time when you keep going for the same tour itinerary. However, we didnt feel that he was jaded and that he often went above and beyond his responsibilities. For example, he stayed up late to plan for the next day due to the unpredictable weather. We also appreciate the handwritten xmas cards he slotted into each of our hotel rooms in Paris for our last night in Europe.

If we were to sign up for another tour with Chan Brothers to Europe (Perhaps Eastern Europe or the Scandi), we seriously hope hecan be our tour leader again. Thumbs up to our friend Sam!

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Tang Woh Peng 16.12.2017

Dear Sir/Mdm

I have just returned from a trip to Eastern Europe with Chan Brother's, ably led by your excellent tour leader, Chih Wee.

Via this email, I wish to put on record the exemplary service provided by Chih Wee throughout the tour. He was attentive to every detail, took care to bond with all group members during the trip, provided very good information to us ahead of every place of attraction (in the good old Singaporean fashion/lingo, which all of us easily identify with) and provided good recommendations every night of what to look out for or consider purchasing in the city immediately ahead.

On our return leg, we experienced a little problem when my daughter innocently packed some honey into our carry-on luggage in excess of 100ml, without my knowledge. And who was there to help us out but our Chih Wee, who was quietly and superhumanly monitoring all of his "brood" in the enormous and busy Frankfurt airport and dived in to rescue us in the nick of time.

I understand that Chih Wee is a lecturer in tourism management and it certainly shows in the way he manages the tour, with his effective and efficient use of technology to communicate with all of us throughout the tour, timely release of just the right amount of useful and applicable information to us during the tour and provision of information throughout the tour to complement and supplement the information provided by the local guides. Aboveall, he was consultative and discussed with the group final details if the tour arrangements so as to optimise the tour for everyone.

When we touched down yesterday and bid goodbye, each and every family in the tour provided our heartfelt thanks to Chih Wei via none other than the effective communication channel established by Chih Wei for the group, the whatsapp chatgroup.

Since my previous tours with other tour companies, my recent tours have all been with Chan Brothers, to Beijing, Taiwan and now Eastern Europe, despite more competitive pricing by some other tour companies. The key factor for me is the quality of your tour leaders, exemplified resoundingly by Chih Wei.

May I take the liberty to suggest that in addition to tapping on Chih Wei to lead your tours, you also tap Chih Wei's expertise in training/empowering your new tour managers/leaders. In this way, you will be multiplying your key success factor many times

I am sure I will continue to travel in future with Chan Brothers, hopefully in a bigger group with the families of my wife's 2 sisters.

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Shalliet Ng 12.12.2017

My family of 4 recently returned from the 12 Days Spain+Portugal trip. We had a really enjoyable time. The itinerary was well-planned - engaging and yet relaxing. The local guides were really knowledgeable, offered good insights and did their best to engage us. Credit also goes to the Chan Brothers' guide Ms Vivian Yeow who really put in her best effort to make sure that all of us were well-taken care of. She was really efficient in handling the administrative stuff. She was clearly well-prepared for the trip and an experienced guide. She gave us a lot of information to prep us for the places of interests and offered good advice on meals, shopping etc. Overall, it was a really nice experience and a trip we will remember for a long while.

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Mrs Eng 11.12.2017

I went on a 12D10N Spain & Portugal tour with Rachel Koh as the tour manager.

My family had bad experiences with unprofessional tour managers in the past and those bad memories had caused us to have bad impression of guided tours / tour packages.

However, this trip with Chan brothers as Rachel as the tour manager turns out to be better than expected.

Rachel is professional, friendly and approachable. She always puts the passengers’ interest as the highest priority and strives to give her best service. With her years of experience as a Europe tour manager, she dispenses good advice (eg where is good to eat and shop) and cautions us to take good care of our belongings and be vigilant of our surroundings.

Wherever possible when there are pockets of free time available, she adds on extra places for visiting and for phototaking.

For instance, during the last day before our departure from Spain, we had the morning free. She negotiated with the bus captain and brought us to the Football stadium, a park and a shopping mall.

Our tour group is indeed blessed to have her as our tour manager. She tries her very best to make everyone in the group feel comfortable, welcome and protected. In her own words, like ‘Mother Goose’ she is someone whom we could always depend on and rely on in Spain and Portugal.

Lastly, my family would like to extend our thanks to her again for celebrating our younger son’s birthday with a slice of chocolate cake.

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我们参加你们曾兄弟旅行社东欧12天9夜的旅行,整个行程虽然时间有点仓促,但是所到之处,风景优美,而且身心放松,符合我们的预期!特别是我们的领队Johnny hoo, 他是一个非常专业,尽心尽责,而且幽默风趣,特别在我们回程的时候,在奥地利航班被取消时,他为我们所做的一切,让我们觉得整个行程物超所值,谢谢Johnny,谢谢曾兄弟,希望曾兄弟旅行社继续保持这样专业和高素质的导游团队!虽然是第一次参加曾兄弟旅行社的跟团旅行,但是给我们留下很好的印象!

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Shannel Ong 20.11.2017

I am writing this letter to extend my heartiest compliments to Mr Deng Fei (Xiao Fei) as our knowledgeable tour guide during our recent China tour, the experience was awesome.

He is bright, always cheerful, and gets along well.

One particular incident happened at the dining restaurant. When the staff mopped the floor using soapy detergent and causing her elder sister to fell on the ground. He quickly picked her up and ask about her condition.

He even help my mum to carry her luggage and bags and look after her all the time. Knowing that we are constantly busy taking pictures along the tour.

He is very attentive to details and very polite. Has a charming personality.

He always greet us with full of enthusiasm, ready to take on new challenges, and eager to share his insights about the tourist attractions places. He is very knowledgeable and shared with us a lot of Chinese culture and history background of The Life of Su Dong Po.

Mr Xiao Fei has a lovely voice whom can sing very well.

We are glad to know this special person. I certainly will travel with him as our guided tour leader again in China.

And I want you to know how much we appreciate his sheer hard work.

Keep up the good work. We are proud of you.

Employees like him are an asset to the organization and I wish Mr Xiao Fei all the best and I am sure that he will touch greater heights of success we wish him well in his future endeavours.

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Winnie Tan 22.11.2017


我们对该团的导游Mr. Patrick服务非常满意,他很细心和用心,双语并用的为我们讲解行程,也相当照顾一些年纪较大的团友,让我们在这次的旅程中过得舒服·愉快。



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Kee Chee Seng & Chan Chin Fern 11.11.2017

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Hi! My family joined the Chan Brothers' 7D6N Tokyo Family Fun .

It was a fun and memorable trip! We are very happy and blessed to have Johnnie Fung as our guide in Japan. Johnnie is a friendly and professional guide who looks into the needs of the family and is able to make adults and children to feel comfortable. He welcomes our questions and will give tips and timely reminders on what to focus and look out for, e.g. we may need to go to some hotel cafes earlier as there might be a queue for breakfast. On our very first day, he gave us advice on tourist tax refund.

What stands out for Johnnie is that he is knowledgeable and humorous. He shared with us about Japan's culture, history and geography. It is really interesting and fun to hear Johnnie talk as he highlighted the differences in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore's culture. We laughed and learnt. Even my primary school daughter is captivated by Johnnie's stories. Bus journeys are never bored with Johnnie around.

Johnnie is a guide who takes extra initiative for his work. He shares with us what to prepare for hot springs and brought a kimono in the bus to demonstrate to us how to wear. He even brought a big Japan map to share with us the 4 major islands of Japan. Johnnie has also helped us to contact the hotel to retrieve a book that our daughter has left behind. He was reassuring and helps to "troubleshoot" our problems.

We have enjoyed this tour thoroughly with Johnnie around. He covers all the itinerary and to share with us the tips of what to shop and buy. We know about Coffee Plus Coke from him and when we told him we could not find it from the vending machine, he bought a can for us to try. After that try, we know how it looks like and even bought a few cans back to Singapore for our friends to try... haha.

Would like to also commend the bus driver, Mr Hayagawa 早川 who is professional and polite. There were umbrellas readily on the bus and it was lent to families it was raining on certain days.

A big "Thank You" to Johnnie, the bus driver and Chan Brothers. We have enjoyed this trip thoroughly and the fond memories of Japan will stay with us. And we are looking forward to another trip to Japan in time to come!

Thank you and blessings.

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Mr. Zhai及家人 26.11.2017

我们一家人参加了贵旅行社的意大利、瑞士、巴黎和阿姆斯特丹的14日之旅。 虽然旅行已经结束, 但在我们心里都留下了许多美好的回忆。 在这次愉快的旅行中, 我们要特别感谢我们的领队Sam Ho和Pillip Tan, 他们以“真诚、热情、周到、细致”的优质服务给我们留下了深刻而美好的印象。

他们知识渊博、思路清晰、业务娴熟、操作规范、工作责任性强。 在整个旅行过程中, 他们时刻提醒我们注意安全, 加强我们的防盗意识, 在他们的不断提示下, 整个行程安然无恙。 他们精通中英文双语, 全程都会照顾到不会英文的团员, 经常会用双语来讲解。 Pillip细心周到, 每天清晨都会早早地在餐厅等待大家就餐, 吃饭时还会为每位团员安排座位。 由于家中有事, 由Sam临时中途接替了Pillip的领队工作,Sam能在极短的时间内适应新团队,很快地熟悉了大家并且记住了所有人的名字。 Sam热情幽默,亲和力强, 几个笑话就拉近了与大家的距离, 一路上欢歌笑语,使枯燥的长途旅行变得充满了欢乐。 女儿途中吃坏了肚子, 忽然肚子痛, Sam立刻通知司机, 以最快的速度找到了最近的服务区紧急停车。从这些细小的事情上都能体现出Sam的果断和对突发事件具有极强的应变处理能力, 让我们倍感温暖与安心。

旅行的整个行程(包括自费活动)安排合理, 体现了较高的专业水准和综合业务能力, 深受大家的信任和赞扬。 我们至今难忘领队在大巴上对欧洲历史、人文、风俗滔滔不绝的讲述, 从而使我们更多地了解了欧洲的历史; 忘不了每到一个景点, 他们仔细讲述的注意事项和游览要点; 忘不了每到一个地方, 他们讲述的当地特产以及纪念品, 使我们购物中能够在最短的时间内买到自己心仪的物品。

他们在整个旅行过程中, 以“热情、幽默、真诚、细致、优质”为贵公司树立了良好的企业形象, 同时也让我们深刻感受到了曾兄弟旅行社的企业文化。 这次旅行我们很满意, 这将是我们人生中一次难忘而又珍贵的旅行经历。 在此, 向领队Sam Ho和Phillip Tan真诚的付出表示衷心的感谢!下次出行,我们还会选择曾兄弟旅行社, 希望有机会还能和他们一起旅行!


谢谢领队——Sam Ho 和 Phillip Tan, 你们辛苦了!

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From: Merz Tai 13.11.2017











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Mr and Mrs Ho 14.11.2017

My husband and I are very pleased with your tour guide service during our journey in China. Firstly like to compliment Tour leader Steve Soh for being attentive to our needs. Although we have 48 people in this tour group, He never fails to fulfil his duty to us.

Secondly the Tour guide in China Yang Jun and Dang Ying Ying are also good in their profession. Always making sure our needs are met. . Not forgetting a operation staff by the name of Panda from China is also very good .She is caring towards the seniors too. Lastly the bus 2 driver is good too .Throughout the journey he always drives with care which makes us feels safe.

Thank you for sending good staffs of yours to serve us. Keep up your good service. I will surly recommend Chan Brothers Travel to friends and relative to use your service.

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Amy Tan 13.11.2017

Dear Chan Brothers,

I have recently join your tour package to Korea and my family and I had an enjoyable and wonderful 8 Days vacation. So far i have always choose Chan brothers and you have never fail me in term of local tour guide, itinerary, accommodation & food. Please continue with your good service and of course you will always have my support and will highly recommend you to my friends & relative.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation & gratitude for the excellent customer service received from the Korea local tour guide Mr Liu Chin Hsun. His positive attitude and great customer service is highly commendable, please send my regards to him and his family.

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Chew Lee Eng 16.11.2017

Dear Chan Bros Management,

I write to express my utmost satisfaction with the 11 days Balkans Super-saver Tour. We really had a great time during this trip.

This is due to the excellent service of our tour leader, Johnny Hoo from your company who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone was well taken care of from the airline seats to addressing the needs of fellow passenger who hurt his leg.

A tour leader can make or break the enjoyment of any tours and we really appreciate having Johnny as our tour leader. We thoroughly enjoyed his humor, earnest sincerity and passion for wanting the best encounters for this group of 19. Example was when in Kotor, he was even willing to buy coffee and cakes at his own expense for the whole group just so we can sit comfortably in a cafe while waiting for the rain to stop before we can move on for the next itinerary.

Johnny was tirelessly enthusiastic throughout.

His planning & care for the members of the group throughout ,all the way till we collect our luggage at Changi airport and depart for home were immaculate and commendable .

Thank you again and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Johnny Hoo and Chan Bros as the preferred travel leader /partner for any future trips.

Wishing Johnny and Chan Bros a happy and successful 2017/ 2018.

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Kong Yoke Siong 20.11.2017

I returned home this morning from the above 8-day tour to Hailuogou with Tour Guide Dong-dong

I am very impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. He saw to every of our group's needs and all arrangements made earned a perfect score of 10. Here is a tour guide who truly knows his stuff.

I cannot wait for Juizaigou to reopen. Do let me know when the next Juizaigou tour to be led by Guide Xu is available. I will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends then. Many thanks!

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GH Chew 16.11.2017

My family and I had just returned from the 10-day Europe tour and we would like to take this opportunity to commend on the tour guide, Samuel Ho, for his outstanding service.

Sam is not only experienced and but also a knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed his story telling sessions very much. He is good at telling funny jokes and his life experience...he makes us feel relax and happy to have him around....not to forget that he did his diligence to give us the insights into the history/background of the places of interests, in a light hearted manner.

Sam makes conscious effort to remember everyone's name and to mingle around and I think this is quite remarkable. By far, there are not many guides whom I had travelled with can remember every individual's name, even during the tour. Sam is friendly and well-liked by all my family members.

My family and I had a wonderful time with Sam around and we look forward to be able to join Sam's guided tour in the near future!

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Peng Ei Ong 03.11.2017

我和老公参加了8天7晚寻秋枫游北海道。回来已经五天了,才有空翻看照片,回忆了第一天到最后一天的行程,真的要谢谢我们的导游DON HU先生为我们服务得很周到,从新加坡飞去日本已经延迟了两个小时,还要在HENADA机扬飞往SAPPORO在那过程带我们二十一位追赶下一趟飞机又下雨,天气又冷又饿,导游DON HU手上拿着一包包的东西分给我们,上了巴士打开来看,里面是两个饭团一罐绿茶,饭团虽然己经冷冷,但吃下去那温饱的感觉无法形容,(好舒服哦!👍)。

参加过这么多的旅行团,第一次遇到这么有爱心的导游DON HU 在此除了谢谢还是谢谢!很感恩🙏,让我和老公这次的假期有个美好的回忆,谢谢!

在此也谢谢Chan Brothers为我们安排这么好的导游。感恩🙏

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Johnson Tan 06.11.2017

We were so please with recent trip (10D9N THREE GORGES + ZHANGJIAJIE + FENGHUANG)

We wish to commend that tour leader Mr Joseph Lam (Singapore) as well as both local tour guide-Mr David Hong (China) and Ms CoCo (China) for providing us a friendly and safety-conscious experience.

Their professionalism is rare nowadays. They are an asset to your organization and this will be part of the reason I will engage your company again for my future holiday.

I will highly recommend your company to those who inquire as you exceeded all expectations.

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Generic Image Testimonial
Jennie 01.11.2017

Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable, the credit goes to our tour guide “Mr Tong Tong”.

He is such a nice, friendly, patient and knowledgeable man. I would never find it bored while travelling to each and every destinations. He always have interesting topics to touch on especially the history about “Sun Dong Po”. His planning was very good, didn’t chase us for the time and yet was able to cover all the designated places. The entire tour was very relaxed.

So far, he is the best tour guide I have come across.

Keep up the good job.

Thanks once again for the enjoyable trip, Mr Tong Tong and Chan Brothers.

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Jaslind and Ong 08.11.2017

8D/7N Grandeur of Korea

From the start of my tour booking and arrangement by Frankie Kee/Kenneth Lee (Chan bros office in Singapore) was perfect and he had responded to telephone calls promptly and provide the detailed travel information timely.

This is my first time joining Chan Brothers tour and I must say it is a wonderful experience. It was an awesome trip, nice cool weather, beautiful scenery, great food and with a group of helpful tour mates. We were all very well in time for departure and arrival to all venues throughout the tour (even with 3 young children).

The itinerary, hotels were great and we have sumptuous and delicious food.

On behalf of our tour mates, we all gave our 2 thumbs up to our tour guide in Korea Mr Bryan Liu Chin Hsun. He welcomes the group at Incheon Airport with warm smile and spoke fluent Mandarin.

Mr Liu has a warm personality, professional and experienced. He has an in-depth knowledge of the histories, explained well the culture of the places and shared many interesting personal stories. He is caring, responsible, reliable and ensured that we all spend our 8 days in Korea comfortably in making the trip efficient and smooth. Whenever we all have checked in the hotels, he will stay in the lobby until we have settled well before he leaves.

Special thanks to all the drivers, who are cheerful helpful people that have contributed to the safe traveling.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Bryan Liu & drivers with best wishes.

Will continue to travel with Chan Bros for superb quality, value and service in the near future. If ever me and my hubby plan to go for the next S. Korea trip, Mr Liu is our prefer choice for tour guide.

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Sheryl 09.11.2017

I just completed my 8 days 6 nights Central Japan Autumn Beauty Tour

Just like to compliment our tour Guide. Mr Don Hu.

He was patience and attentive to our needs throughout the journey. Provided specific instructions even though some of our trip was free and easy shopping time.

Just to thank him for letting us experience such a wonderful Autumn tour and experiencing Japan.


Thank you.

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Ansabel 10.11.2017

My mother and I recently returned from a memorable trip in Eastern USA and Canada and would like to compliment Steve, our tour leader/guide for his impeccable service.

Steve is an amazing tour leader and guide! :)

He is very meticulous, fun-loving and strives to take care of our well-being. Even before the trip, he sent us informative tips and reminders for the journey ahead. Humorous and knowledgeable, he shares the history and information via a very engaging storytelling manner. He does not stop sharing when some members of the group fall asleep,but continue to tell us (those awake) more about the history/upcoming plans for the days etc and jokes with us.

Not only does he try to engage everyone, he tries to bond the whole group as well. I think it was particularly thoughtful of him to initiate and set up a Halloween dinner party for us when he could have simply go along with the itinerary and bring us to the designated dinner place. Food and drinks, entertainment (contest and voting for best-dressed for Halloween), goodie bags - he got them all covered. It was truly a fun and memorable dinner!

Throughout the trip, Steve gave superb advice and recommendations. He always made sure we are 101% prepared for what's ahead (from rainy/windy weather to food and shopping tips). He even distributed the factory outlet map to all of us in advance, and taught us how to strategize in order to make full use of our time there.

Apart from that, Steve was very helpful and was always there to take photos/videos for us. Plus he bought us loads of food to try/eat!

With his confidence, patience, professionalism and reminders, everything went smoothly. There was never a dull moment with Steve around. He puts in an immense amount of effort to ensure we have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. We definitely need more tour leaders/guides like him who goes the extra mile. Thumbs up and many thanks to Steve!

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Ginny Chua 30.10.2017

Dear Chan Brothers Management,

Sam Ho was our "tour manager par excellence". He is articulate, knowledgeable and caring to our needs. Sam was well organized and provided amazing cultural details on the famed monuments, main landmarks and catheral sites that we have visited.

Sam guarded the tour in all safety and made our experience in Italy unique and memorable.

Thank you Sam for taking good care of us!

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Dom & Sab 30.10.2017

To the Management of Chan Brothers

My family have been a regular supporter of Chan Brothers Travel as we travel at least 2 times a year to take a break from our hectic work schedule to recharge ourselves.

We have also been to many parts of Europe thru Chan Brothers under several experienced tour guides.

We chose this particular Mono Italy trip as this was our 3rd time to Italy and we wanted to cover Italy with more depth.

We were particularly impressed with Sam’s knowledge of Italy, his efficiency in organising and leading our group, and his patience and composure when he encounters challenges with missing local guides, difficult /troublesome individuals from our group.

He also pre-warned the group on potential dangers such as risk of pickpockets, trickers so that our group is more careful...

We can feel his strong passion for the job and we really had the peace of mind to focus on just enjoying the Italy experience under his care.

We are sending this email to the management of Chan Brothers to let you know that Sam is one of the best tour leaders we had on our numerous trips to Europe.

Well Done Mr Sam Ho. Thank you for making this a wonderful trip for me and my wife. We hope to have the chance to travel with you again for our future trips to other parts Europe.

Generic Image Testimonial
Cheong Yan Wei 30.10.2017

My family members and I just ended our memorable trip at Sichuan yesterday.

This trip was well planned and visit to places of interest stated in the itinerary was covered in a very relax pace.

Would like to complement the arrangements (accommodations, meals, etc) made by friendly and knowledgable local tour guide, Deng Fei (邓飞)our very alert and friendly coach driver, Mr Tang (唐师傅) for making sure we reached our destination safely and punctually.

We bonded very well with our local tour guide, just like a big family. Really thankful to have Deng Fei as our tour guide for this trip and making us laugh non-stop with his humorous stories and jokes. Wish him all the best to his future endeavours!

PS: Kindly assist by helping to forward this email to our local tour guide, Deng Fei.

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Generic Image Testimonial
Sia Hui Min 30.10.2017

It was an unforgettable Sichuan Trip.

I will like to thank Chan Brother and the China tour guide Mr Deng Fei & bus driver Mr Tang for this 8 day 7 night Hai Luo Gou & Mount Emei Trip. Mr Deng Fei is a very rare tour guide as he is helpful, caring, friendly and always use some Singapore way of chinese speaking to communicate with us so that we can understand more of Si Chuan history. For this trip we didn't feel any boring as he will sing song and tell joke to us throughout our long bus journey. And also our bus driver Mr Tang have a good driving skills, no matter how danger is the mountain route is, he always give us a relax, safety and secure feeling throughout our bus journey.

Hope that you could also help to convey this thanks to the China Tour side.

Really appreciate for your help.


Generic Image Testimonial
Xie Ri Guang 30.10.2017

For 8 day Hailuogou tours/Sichuan explore tour.

Our tour guide DengFei (邓飞) was very friendly and nice tour guide, who is fun and resourceful and full of passion for his job.

He gave great insight and history into everything we were seeing and also kept us right on schedule. He was very professional and I feel very lucky to have been able to go on this tour with a wonderful experience.

Our tour driver 唐师傅 was very friendly and professional in driving. I feel comfortable when traveling on mountain and rocky road . He had been keeping the bus clean for us without fail.

Would Chan Brother please pass on my compliments to their company at Cheng Du.

Thank you.

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Generic Image Testimonial
Ng Yan Hao 23.10.2017

Dear Chan Brothers,

We would like to make a special commendation to the tour guide in the 8 day 7 night Sichuan tour, named Han Fang Fang. She has provided exceptional service on the tour, and was a key part of our enjoyment of the trip. I believe the commendation letters you will receive from other guests can testify to this.

As a tour guide, she exceeded expectations in the various criteria of good service. She was highly informative on the sights and the historical and cultural background of the region, speaking with depth and humour for hours on the topics during long bus rides. In addition, she was meticulous in checking the rooms, and showed genuine concern, bordering on affection, for us and our safety and well-being.

In addition, with a highly open and likeable personality, she was excellent in customer engagement, and the friendship bonds formed between her and some guests reflect this.

Generic Image Testimonial
Andy Tan 24.10.2017


Firstly, i would like to give thumbs up for our bubbly local tour guide, Zhao Dan. Dan Dan is eloquent and well-versed in her knowledge of the places. She had been funny and never failed to keep us entertained throughout the long bus rides with her endless jokes. With her providing insights and explanations, I was able to learn more about China and its culture. Dan Dan took care of our needs throughout the trip, she always ensured that head-count was conducted and no one was left behind. In just a phone call or a text away, Dan Dan displayed that she was enthusiastic to help and always ready to assist us. Going beyond, Dan Dan lent a hand in ordering food delivery for me. In which, I am especially grateful for.

Secondly, not to be forgotten is our coach driver Liang Shi Fu. He had been exceptionally helpful in the shifting of all heavy luggages on/off the bus. He was seen to be handling our luggage meticulously, ensuring no damages was made. Throughout, our journey had been very smooth and safe, thanks to his superb driving skills and alertness.

Next, our Chan Brother's tour guide William was very thoughtful as well. He would always walk behind our tour group and ensure that no one was left behind. For those of us who were slower, he would wait for us and guide us to join the rest. In addition, he would even help us take photos. On top of that, he even helped an old lady from another bus throughout the trip, as she has some difficulty walking. William was witnessed to be waiting for the old lady and occasionally helping to carry her bag. I feel that William has been really considerate and surely he deserves a compliment.

Last but not least, every meal during the tour was well taken care of, by both Dan Dan & William. Both our tour guides would always ensure that our food were well-served and drinks were provided. They would only settle down after all our food had been served, and they would intermittently check on us to see if everything was okay and if we needed anything else. Overall, it has been a fascinating and enjoyable tour to Sichuan. It was an unforgettable, relaxing and enriching trip for my family. Thus, I must compliment both Dan Dan & William for being such wonderful tour leaders and tour guides. We enjoyed this holiday trip very much. Cheers!

Generic Image Testimonial
Rosmeli 25.10.2017

My name Rosmeli, iam from Medan Indonesia, joined my family tour with Chan Brothers lead by tour leader William

From Singapore, in China Chengdu fetched by Tourguide Zhao Dan n bus driver Mr Lian shifu

Our tour destination was to visit Hailugou - le shan - emei mt- chengdu Panda Breeding park.

William is a responsible n friendly tour leader.. few days before departed he sent a sms to my niece to keep us remind us about what to bring ..etc.. "Dear customer, I'm your Hailuogou Tour Leader-WILLIAM. Weather highest 18'c,lowest 10'c. Kindly prepare wind breaker/down jacket (incase weather change),wet tissue, sun block, basic first aid kit, umbrella/raincoat, thermal flask, toiletries, lotion, 3in1 coffee(if needed), swimming costume (for hot spring)Check-in 14Oct Saturday 3.45PM @ Terminal 2 Row 04. Kindly send an SMS for acknowledgements once received my sms. thank you!"

During the trip.. he taken care of old aunties..baggages.. take responsible to gather everyone .. really appreciated for whay he did n done.

As for China tour Guide Zhao Dan.. she is the best tour guide i ever met.. always with sunny attitude.. when we ask for something which met difficulty.. she step forward n always ready to help n fulfil it even must argued it with third party.. very responsible for her job.. she also very funny girl .. to keep everyone happy n enlightened china cultures n story.. safety .. she is very friendly n warm.. n cheerful.. she is an expert for her job..

As for Mr Lian Shifu the driver.. he is a responsible driver who taken a good care of his passengers .. everytime he turned the bus on curved turn.. he kept horning to alert another vehicles.. never too rush n rough during the trip.

Thanks him for the safe trip.

Most of all. thank you very much for efforts of William.. Zhao Dan .. n Lian Shifu to made the trip became a memorable n wonderful trip.

Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle Tan 27.10.2017

My most memorable trip to Szechuan, DaoCheng with Chan Brother Travel during September 2017. We have a professional and caring local guide Ms.Zhou-Lan 周兰 with us for this adventure trip. To be able to survive throughout the high altitude environment we were well taken care off and be reminded all times for the do’s and don't. Especially the very seniors. Along the tough road journey, toilet fascility is not easy, she possibly arranged even it is impossible. We tried all kinds of impossible toilet experience in a day ...“phew!” Back end time management and many other coordination was well planned and smooth as scheduled. Zhou-Lan really worked above and beyond miles. Compliments to all and driver Li who make this wanderlust to safe and fascinating. Thank you!

Generic Image Testimonial
Mrs Lim 23.09.2017

We were looking around for a good travel package to Japan in the last two months. After making comparisons among the many travel agencies, I finally decided to go ahead with Chan Brothers. Part of the reason was because I had pleasant experiences liaising with KY (among some others) in a few occasions in your online chat. KY was efficient, helpful and polite throughout the chats. He was also knowledgeable in advising on the products.

I feel that Chan Brothers is lucky to have a capable employee who can portray the good image of the company.

Thank you again for your time, advice and patience.

Generic Image Testimonial
Eleana 01.10.2017

Dear Chan Brothers

I would like to send a review of the tour package 10D Jiuzhaigou / Sichuan Explore

I went for this tour with my family and was very impressed by the care and concern provided by our local guide, Tian Wei

I remembered one night when we were having steamboat dinner and my mum, unknowingly hurt her right hand from holding a hot porcelain plate. Tian Wei immediately ran towards my mum and quickly offered to get the ointment (which we bought from Baoshutang earlier) from the tour bus. Before he went off, he gave my mum a plate of ice for her to cool her hand while waiting for the ointment. My mum was very pleased with his quick attention.

Overall, my family has enjoyed the tour very much. The food at every meal is very well planned especially after Tian Wei has arranged with the restaurants for less oily, less salt. There are so many dishes during our 10 day trip and we have not tasted a bad dish - thanks to Tian Wei.

Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle and Clare Chong

Dear management of Chan brothers

Once again, I would like to thank Wan Yee for her assistance and excellent service in providing us with the checks and confirmation of information for our trip to Japan. The prompt information provided by her helps in our planning for the trip.

Also we would like write in to show our appreciation to the guide assigned to the trip, Mr Gabo and the driver.. Mr Gabo is very knowledgeable and able to share with us the history of Japan, so that we have a much better understanding of Japan history and culture.. Also he is very flexible in the time allocated for each sight, always checking with the tour gp on this. A very well planned sight-seeing trip by Mr Gabo. He also make the trip very interactive and lively so that we really enjoy the sights while Travelling in between destination. He is very responsible and is very considerate I.e there is one tour participant who is walking with a stick. He ensures that for this person and the one sharing the room with her, arranging for a normal bed room instead of a tatami arrangement as she may have difficulty getting up.

The driver was also very accommodating and arrange, where possible for us to have frequent toilet stops while we are Travelling Long distances. He also try to drop us off and pick us up as close to/from the sightseeing places as possible.

We would like the above feedback to be escalated to the higher management. Thank you..

Generic Image Testimonial
Kris Low 07.10.2017


Finally we completed all the 16 days journey to Europe. Thanks to Chan Brother and Tour Leader, Mr Richard Lim for all the guides, caring, sincere and patient. This is our 1st group tour, even though hearing some bad comments regarding group tour, but we really have fun and sweet honeymoon, it’s above my expectations. Again thanks to Mr Richard for some special arrangement to leave a unforgotten memories for us. Connection within Tour Leader and others members is a important factor which will influence the atmosphere and smoothness all along the tour. Mr Richard did it well and therefore, I made a lot of good friends.

As a man, the most treasure thing is to see your love one happy, smile, relax. In this tour, I saw it.

Generic Image Testimonial
Cheong Mabel 15.09.2017

I do not have any good experience with a tour group before until my sister booked this trip with Chan Brothers. Well, I must say the arrangement that Mr. Henry had done for us this 7 days is remarkable, recognized and commendable. His passion for his job made him professional.

Day 1 - He greeted us at Narita Airport with a smile. He shows us the way to buy our lunch at the airport and help us to check in our luggage too. Upon arriving Sapporo, he quickly handover us 2 rice ball and a bottle of green tea to fill our hungry stomach and he did not eat till he sent and check our rooms are fine.

Day 2 - During lunch and dinner, he served all the 19 of us with tea, drink and help us with the food (remove covers, adding veg into the hotpot ect.)

Day 3 - Day 7 - He repeated all the above. Even on the last day, free and easy. He even added extra itinerary, to buy fruits which 19 of us very happy as we do like Hokkaido fruits. He offered to bring us to the town area without any extra charges which I have never come across any tour guide do it for free. And not forgetting our friendly driver, Mr. Ito San. He is patience and drives carefully. Looking at him carefully put in and take out all our heavy luggage daily and still wearing a smile.

During the journey, we do not feel bored as he is always filled us with little jokes and story. He has changed my impression of a tour group, if I would go for a trip with a tour group. I will definitely recommend Chan Brothers. But I think my sister had encountered some unhappiness with the flight sitting arrangement and the kid's meal was not prearranged. 9 out 10

Generic Image Testimonial
Samuel Ang 18.09.2017

Just a note to express our satisfaction with the organization of our recent holiday in China (DaoCheng Yading).

The chief guide (Xiao Lan - 小兰) and group doctor (Ms. Fu - 小付) left us feeling that we were never neglected or lost. Services provided were definably five-star and this trip was exceptional value for money.

Tour guide and group doctor have treated us very well. Would like to highlight a few:

1. Tour guide was really responsible. Had room-check every night to ensure we were well taken care of.

2. Daocheng yading itinerary was never easy but we felt safe and secure. Xiao Lan briefed us day 1 itself, not to forget doctor's recommendation throughout the trip.

3. Foods and accommodations were reasonably well. Especially ChengDu's sofitel.

4. Bus provided was really big for just 6 of us!

5. Tour leader - Xiao Lan had extensive knowledge in Tibetan cultures and geography.

6. Extensive knowledge in China's history and explained 武媚娘's history clearly.

7. Given us a lot of recommendations throughout the trip especially on what to buy and eat in ChengDu.

8. During shopping stops, she was not pushy and bargained well on behalf of us.

9. Very punctual.

10. Coordinated well in Chengdu during rush hours. Made a few great amendments.

11. Driver's driving skill was really good. It was never easy to drive 4000m above sea level, from 6.30am to 9pm.

12. Optional tours were varied and interesting. They suited us well.

13. In overall, this trip was exceptional value for money in terms of services.

I request this appreciation letter (details) to be sent to China's tour agency + Tour leader & Group doctor themselves. We would like to extend our appreciation towards our great group leader, driver, and doctor.

Please keep it up. You guys are really doing a great job!

Generic Image Testimonial
Jesty Phua 19.09.2017

I would like to compliment on one of your senior travel advisor, Mr Khng Yong. As this is my first time booking a tour package through Chan Brothers and naturally I have a lot of enquiries on the tour package. Khng Yong has been very responsive and has attended to all my questions via Whatapps.

On top of this, he has also assured me that a counter briefing can be arranged if I am unable to attend the pre-departure briefing.

It has been a very pleasant experience to book my trip through Khng Yong, he has been most helpful. I would probably have more questions nearer to the date of my trip, and I feel very assured that Khng Yong will be there to assist.

Generic Image Testimonial
JM 20.09.2017

First of all, I would like to express our thanks to our superb tour guide, Kevin, for giving us such a happy and memorable tour.

Kevin is one of the best tour guides that I have ever come across. His knowledge of Japan and its history and culture is just remarkable. We have learned so much from him on Japan. He is a very experienced tour guide giving us very clear details day to day and making things so seamlessly and smooth for our group. He is a very friendly, approachable, patient, sincere and caring tour guide. He goes out all the way to assist us to the extent of going to the rooms of a few of the older tour members to set up the mobile wifi for them. We were so happy to have him in our tour and everyday was a joy to us as he was also very humorous and able to bring up the spirit of everyone especially when we are travelling on the coach for long hours.

Kevin is very hardworking and committed and he has worked tirelessly round the clock taking care of all our needs and comfort. He is also very professional in promoting Chan Brothers tours and always speaking good of the Company. A good and efficient tour guide is very important to any tours. It really makes a great difference.

The hotels, meals and programme were good.

We are very happy with this trip and on behalf of the other tour members and yourselves, we would like to thank Chan Brothers for all the arrangement and gift. I am also very impressed with Chan Brothers for their thoughtfulness in providing us with light snacks for our first night arrival in Sapporo.

With such a good tour guide like Kevin, it will boost up the image and quality of Chan Brothers Tours. I will not hesitate to recommend Chan Brother tours to my friends.

Hopefully, I can have the service of Kevin again for my next tour with Chan Brothers to Japan.

Generic Image Testimonial
Patricia Sim 21.09.2017


I would like to give compliment to your online chat mode staff, Ms Candy. She has shown patience and helpfulness in her replies. She assist me to book a package to japan.

She has also reminded me about detail on luggage, insurance that i have overlooked. Also your online payment is convenient. Initially i wanted to make a trip down to your office to book. Then candy said she can reserve right away.

I have travelled with your agency for past few years. Thanks

Generic Image Testimonial
Ong Hwee Ling 21.09.2017

I would like to compliment your USA Tour guide Steve Lim. Recently I joined your Eastern USA + Canada 13N tour. Steve was our tour guide. Few days before the tour, he started to message us on what to take note, what to bring and answered queries from tour members. Initially, I was quite put off by his non-stop talking during trip when what I really wanted was to sleep. I believed he was trying to lift us out of jetlag and not sleep too much during daytime. At the end of the trip, I was totally impressed by his commitment, passion and professionalism. Not only he is knowledgeable in his area of expertise (US history and things-you-must-know), his joyful personality was “contagious”. I will definitely like him to be my tour guide for the next USA tour! 

Generic Image Testimonial
Mandy 20.09.2017

I would like to express my satisfaction over this trip which I enjoyed very much.

Surprisingly the hotel accommodations are good even though it is quite a remote place that is still very "virgin" in terms of tourism.

The food overall is good. Interestingly, we enjoyed the food served by the native tribes,especially experiencing eating in a Tibetan tent!

The sceneries are superb.

Finally, I feel that it would not have any meaning without mentioning the treatment the we experienced from the accompanying staffs from your China tour agent.

I would feel it appropriate to commend on the job of the tour guide (Ms Chou Lan), the doctor in attendance (Ms Fu) and the driver (Mr Gou) for their good job done.

Tour Guide Ms Chou Lan ( 小兰 ) has been exceptionally good and professional in her job and hence made our trip even more enjoyable than expected. She even helped us to get the best bargain for our purchases.

Ms Fu (小付) the doctor in attendance was very attentive and watchful towards our health conditions during the high mountainous stays. She checked on us every night before we called it a day.

Mr Gou the driver was very cautious with his driving and we feel very secure when he drove us around.

I hope that you can share this email with your China tour agency Good job!

Generic Image Testimonial
Leong Lai San 27.07.2017

Had a good trip to Korea Busan and Jeju, serviced by Priscilla. She was helpful to ensure we had a good time. In particular, at last minute she helped to secure a tour in Jeju. While there was some mis-communications, all went well in the end.

Local guide Chris in Busan was particularly helpful and accommodating. He put in extra effort to ensure that we see the best in Busan and ensured that we left Busan happy ;)

Generic Image Testimonial
Thomas Tan 14.09.2017

Dear Sir,

Our first trip with Chan Brothers travel, my wife and i love it,. I will love to follow your company tour again or recommend to other. I would like to inform you that we really enjoy our holiday with Mr Johnny Hoo as our tour leader. It is from day 1 at the Changi departure hall till the last day at the arrival hall in Singapore.

When our group touch down at our destination he dedicate his professionalism as tour guide running up and down to make sure that everyone is not left behind, he also give all of us precise instruction every now and then to be certain that we understood him.

During the day to day tour he will brief us and also for tomorrow itinerary one day in advance and on the same day he will repeat it again, so no one will missed it. He also make sure that everyone really enjoy it, he will help out to those who need it.

He is knowledgeable to explains in those places of interest and past history. He recommend good foods and shopping when all of us on our own free time (lunch or dinner), he even bring those who don't know where to look for food. He will give enough time to all of us and if some of us turn up late he very understanding.

The last day (day 10) when we all on our own he wake up early to arrange with the bus driver to bring us to those places of interest on his own accord which is not included in the tour itinerary. He also strongly recommended all of us to travel to other wonderful destinations of country by Chan Brothers travel and explain to us why other travel agency prices factor compared to his company (CBT) I notice that he is very loyal to the company. I think he need to be commendable by the company.

Generic Image Testimonial
Andrew Tan, Lim Sio Choo, Doreen Chan, Helen, Alan Khoo, Alice Chan and Susan Tan 18.08.2017

We are grateful to have Laurence Lim leading us in this Spectacular Scandinavia Tour. His leadership and communication skill with his knowledge on the different countries and history is commendable. We are also impressed by his flexibility to adjust and accommodate us to change the itinerary to Vigeland Park due to the raining weather.

He is able to accommodate to meet the needs of the families in term of room arrangement and internet router constraint.

We would certainly enjoy the tour and look forward to have him as our tour manager for other tours.

Generic Image Testimonial
Tanny Wang 02.08.2017

Hi there!

I did a tour with Chan Brother to Russia. My tour leader was Cedric Soh. I would like to take this chance to give my feedback to you. It was a wonderful trip for me and my aunt (she went with me). We enjoyed the iternary that was planned by the agency very much. All the places of interests that we wanted to see were covered. Especially the "moscow metro" that is world renowned as the "people's palaces". We were so glad that we get to see a lot of the beautiful train stations that were built during the soviet times. Our Russia tour guide was keen to showcase the metro and I am Glad he didn't just take us to one but many stations. Please keep this in the tour planning, it is stunning to see the stations because they are bulit like palaces! Maybe kindly inform the elder travellers in advance about this segment and give them an option to rest and allow the rest to keep viewing more stations.

As there were mixture of young and old Travellers it's good that the Moscow tour guide show at least 4 to 5 stations. During this trip, the food was decent and has a pretty good ambiance. We enjoyed it, however I suggest is good to have vegan options for those who wish not to eat meat. My expectations were met and the Transportation was good. Moscow's tour guide Vladimir was good and keen to showcase Moscow to us. While the St Petersburg's tour guide Dasha was excellent! She was very Pro-active and enthusiastic, always smiling and quick to help first time Travellers like us in any ways she can. She make St Petersburg very lovely trip for us. We are very glad that Chan Brother's secure good oversee staff like her. It really transforms the Russia experience into a whole new level.

When we got back to Moscow, we had Irina a local tour guide. Although it's only 2 days, she was very professional and once again enthusiastically showed us Moscow even though she knew we probably have seen most of it during the first few days when we were there. We can tell she showered us with attention and not just guiding our way back to Singapore. Lastly, I would like to give my sincere acknowledgement of our tour manager Cedric Soh. I have been to other tour agencies such as EU Holiday, I must comment that Cedric did above and beyond his duty. He listens to our feedback on the spot and improvised quickly to cater to our needs and wants. He watched over us when we visit places of interests, minding our personal safety and most of all, he keeps the group tight together so that we don't lost each other in crowded areas. We didn't lost any precious time finding lost travel mates.

I like the fact that Cedric was able to cater the needs of those whom couldn't travel by foot that well (afterall Russia big country, moderate to intense walking is expected) and those who can walk very well. He is always mindful that there are some whom want to see more of places of interest s and some who don't want to see more than is needed due to personal physical abilities. Cedric maximum the viewing opportunities to those whom want to see more and he would also always make sure there is a resting spot and toilet breaks adequately for those who have phyically less able. For this I applauded his efforts and his professionalism. Given that he just Join Chan's Brother only recently, he met the Chan's Brother high standard that we expected. And likewise he was in fact better than other tour agency I went to.

Generic Image Testimonial
David Chan 02.08.2017

My wife, daughter and myself recently went on the Hokkaido Floral Indulgence, conducted by Kevin (who is based in Tokyo).

I would like to feedback that it was the most enjoyable family trip. The Chan Bros choice of hotel stay and meals were of high quality. Although every night was a different hotel, it thoroughly enjoyable.

Both the Tour Leader (Kevin) and bus driver were polite and helpful. Kevin was exceptional in providing relevant info without being too intrusive (ie, he didn't talk all the time). He was also one of the reasons in making our trip very enjoyable and memorable.

All the sights in the itinerary were interesting and fascinating. We have already shared this tour package with a number of friends, one of whom have indicated interest for next year.

Keep up the good work, to you and Kevin.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Donna Leong 23.07.2017

Dear Sir/Madam;

Good day!! My family and I would like to say thank you to Chan Brothers Travel and especially arranging a great tour guide, Mr.Sam to accompany us in Europe tour in June’17.It was a magnificent experience and under a great and professional tour leader, Mr.Sam; we managed to enjoy many fabulous scenery, great food and restaurant, transportation without delay.

Last but not least, we gained many knowledge from Mr.Sam, Austria with the famous ”Sounds of Music”, and Mozart’s birth place; La perfume at Paris; Art and Mummy Museum at London based on recommendation of Mr.Sam, and enjoyed musical, “The Wicked” at London, etc. Thank you so much for arranging us a great Europe Tour and we would like to join Italy tour with Mr.Sam next year. Looking forward for our next trip. Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Lim Eng Heng 24.07.2017

My family and 2 of my elder sisters have been travelling to many countries but never had the pleasure to experience such excellent tour guide service as provided by our recent 10D9N Jiu Zhai Gou / Sichuan Explore local tour guide, Xiao Fei.

Beside his good personalities, we were greatly impressed by his outstanding service orientated attitude and his knowledge, humour and hospitality demonstrated throughout the tour.

He was always ready to go the extra miles to serve the needs and help all the travellers as well as providing valuable insight information such as the tour timing to avoid crowd congestion, the exact hotel’s rooms & breakfast location, details on their local food & delicacies and many others besides being well-versed in Chengdu’s culture and history and also a good story teller especially on the story of Su Shi, also known as Su Tungpo, a Chinese writer, poet and a statesman of the Song dynasty.

Xiao Fei has greatly contributed not only to the great success of our tour with long lasting and very positive memories but also left a very good impression on Chan Brothers Travel and for all the tour guides in the tourism industry to emulate!

Nothing was too much trouble for him and each and every questions we asked were met with a warm and knowledgeable response.

Please email theses compliments to his company as he really worked above and beyond our expectations and requirement. Many times on the bus trips, he could have just sat down and rested but instead, he went out of his way to ensure that we had a perfect day by entertaining everyone either through his interesting story telling, singing or providing information while standing facing backward in a bus which is hard work. Such effort has resulted in the trips being more educating, entertaining and interesting instead of just passive bus rides.

Last but not least, my family including my 2 elder sisters would like to strongly encourage him to keep up the good working attitude and wish him success, peace and safety in all his future endeavour.

Generic Image Testimonial
Yang Ones 28.07.2017

My family just returned from a very enjoyable Scandinavian trip. Thanks to our experienced n knowledgeable Tour Manager🚩, Mr Richard Lim Chai Heng🕴

Being well-versed with the itinerary, Richard was able to share with us highlights of each place we visited; the kind of cuisines/products available; including additional bonus picturesque📸 photostops along the route. He also kept us updated on the weather forecast so that we could be adequately attired/prepared for the cold or rain👍

Richard was always entertaining even when driving home the importance of vigilance👀 against pickpockets🕵 and bicycle hazards🚴 through humorous anecdotes.

Not everything was perfect but Richard put his heart and soul in l👀king after all of us. He took effort to mingle with every family in the group. Richard was especially caring and helpful to my son who has mobility difficulties; always motivating him. (THANK YOU, UNCLE RICHARD.💗JOEL)

Every program listed on the itinerary, including optional tours, were carried out smoothly in an efficient manner. For that, we also want to comment our friendly Coach Captain, MEELIS MATUS, for his expert handling of the coach🚌, giving us a safe and comfortable ride throughout, as well as, fellow tour mates who were cooperative and punctual!

Thank you, Richard! We shall look back with fond memories.

Generic Image Testimonial
Feng Lan 10.07.2017

I am writing in to extend my heartiest compliments for the tour guide of my Scandinavia trip, Sam Ho.

Sam is very knowledgeable and experienced. The trip was very smooth as Sam had made all necessary logistics arrangements taking into consideration our comfort and cautioned/mentally prepared unfamiliar travellers of any cultural differences and threats. Travelling, checking in and out of hotels were all hassle-free and done in the quickest time.

Sam also did exceptionally well in engaging the diverse group of 38 pax and kept everyone happy and helped to break the ice. He was well versed and highly expressive in terms of his conversation topics which catered to the masses. He made special effort to explain the historical backgrounds of our attractions in Chinese, bearing in mind that some of the participants are better oriented to it. He also showed us relevant movies for our deeper appreciation during long duration of commuting to keep us entertained.

Sam was also able to rise to the occasion when the tour group encountered a mild verbal confrontation with Spanish tourists during the trip. He was able to defend the group and protect us from their unruly behaviour. I think this is highly commendable as we feel safe and well taken care of when our guide is able to dissolve confrontations appropriately and professionally.

Lastly, as my birthday fell on the last day of the trip, I was pleasantly surprised by Sam's kind gesture of chorusing a birthday song and a handwritten card. This personal touch was definitely very memorable and I am grateful to Sam's attention to details.

All in all, Sam has made the trip a highly enjoyable and successful one. This was the first tour I have ever taken and I now have full confidence in engaging Chan Brothers again for my future holidays. Please do convey my compliments to Sam and I do look forward to another holiday with Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Gary Ng 18.07.2017

I just want to write in to commend your staff, Kang Yong, who attended to me via live chat. He was very polite and patient in answering all my questions and provided me the information I need to make my holiday plans.

He is a shining example of how Live Chats can be well executed and engaging.

Please convey my appreciation to him.

Generic Image Testimonial
Tham Fee See 19.07.2017

你好,我是贵公司的其中一名顾客,在前年和去年分别参与了两个团,那也是第二和第三次参与贵公司的团游了,在这里想表扬贵公司的两名导游,第一个是Ms.Florence Choo, 是一个和蔼可亲的导游,当时在纽西兰,尝试了笨猪跳,在那时候心里害怕,发抖,她一直都陪在我的身边,拉着我的手,告诉我不要怕,还在桥上陪我直到我跳下去,那时候我的心是温暖的。身为一个导游,她迈出那一步,很难得,这不是每个导游都会做的。而且她也有很好的紧急处理的能力,记得回程当天,其中一个团友找不着钱包,心想应该是不小心把钱包留在酒店了,当下她非常冷静地处理,最后我们得以准时登机。就算回到新加坡,我们大伙还是有聚在一起,聊天,吃饭,由导游变朋友,可贵。

第二个想表扬的是Mr.Vincent Hew,那时候是欧洲游,一见面就是笑声不断,喜欢分享很多趣事。是另外一个难得的好导游,出发前总是做很多很多的额外功课,让我们省去很多时间,永远把团友安全问题和福利放在第一,喜欢和我们一起拍照,平易近人,完全不严肃,像跟好朋友去旅行。记得那时候贪玩,在瑞士冰山上摔了一跤,把门牙敲歪了,他过后还时不时会关心伤势,而且也特别注意我们的安全。他也给我们很多很多的tips,哪里能找好吃的,好看的,好玩的,特别的。 总的来说,身为一个导游不容易,当一个好的导游更不容易,那份为团友们付出的心意实在太难得,所以我觉得他们都是特别好的导游,希望他们都得到嘉奖呢,曾兄弟旅游,你们一级棒!

Generic Image Testimonial
Liu Guiliang 02.07.2017

I am writing to commend Mr Leonard Lee, my tour manager, for my 11D 9N Croatia and Slovenia Discovery Trip (20th to 30th June). My family and I are extremely satisfied by the services rendered to us by Mr Lee during our trip for the following reasons.

First, Mr Lee is extremely professional in the conduct of his tour. He provided us with detailed explanations of the daily itineraries, and not only that, he was able to explain it very fluently in Chinese as well, something that I am most certainly thankful for given that my parents are better versed in Chinese. His professionalism is also demonstrated in his willingness to seek our daily feedback on the tour so that he could do his utmost best to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable for the entire tour group.

Second, Mr Lee also goes out of his way to bring us to additional places during our itineraries to make our trip to the Balkans extra worthwhile. These optional tours were well executed and the local guides were extremely professional as well. In particular, I would like to commend Mr Lee on his excellent management of the group as a whole with regard to the optional tours. This is exemplified by Mr Lee's excellent handling of the optional tour to Perast, Montenegro. On that particular optional tour, the full group is required to give their consent for the optional tour. However, there were 6 guests out of 22 who were disinterested in the optional tour. To avoid disappointing the remaining 18 guests, he was able to work out a win-win solution by going ahead with the optional tour to Perast and by providing the 6 disinterested guests with a scenic photo stop in the town of Perast while the interested guests went on the 45 minutes optional tour in Perast. I am extremely impressed by Mr Lee's delicate handling of the situation, since he was able to derive a solution that did not alienate any of the guests on the trip since every paying customers' wishes were respected and given effect to. Furthermore, the optional tour was extremely well organised and planned since without the optional tour, we would have to spend a longer time in Kotor (part of the main itinerary), which is honestly not as visually impressive and exciting as Perast. In short, I am extremely grateful and impressed by Mr Lee's handling of the optional tours.

Third, the hotel stays during the trip certainly exceeded my expectations. Mr Lee was also able to provide and extremely checking in and out service for us, which my family and I are more than satisfied with. Mr Lee has also demonstrated superb humility and exemplary customer service when he made a heartfelt apology to the entire group when he received feedback from some members of the group as to the distance of their rooms to the lift lobby. While I am of the view that Chan Brothers have very little control over room allocation by hotels, Mr Lee has nonetheless took it within his stride to apologises to the group as a whole with regard to the criticisms of the allocation of rooms. To this end, I am of the view that Mr Lee has most certainly exemplified the professionalism and standard of customer service expected from an award-winning travel agency such as Chan Brothers.

This is not my first time travelling with Chan Brothers and it will certainly not be my last trip either. I will most definitely recommend travelling with Chan Brothers and Mr Lee to my friends and relatives for their next trip to Europe.

Generic Image Testimonial
Lau Chung Hiong 03.07.2017

Dear Chan Brothers,

I signed up for the 8D7N JiuZhaiGou/Sichuan Explore

徐晓东 is indeed commendable for his multi-talented abilities. He provided very comprehensive explanation of all the places of attractions. I truly enjoyed hearing his expert knowledge of the Chinese history stories and poetry on Su Dongpo 苏东坡 and many others each day.

I am very satisfied on the extra mile service he provided. For example while we were having meals, he went to make arrangements for the hotel rooms. So immediately after we finished our meals, we could check in our rooms. No time was wasted on waiting.

On a note, I am happy to have donated to the building of school compound via the purchase of compressed tea. It is a meaningful social cause.

Generic Image Testimonial
Angela Sin 03.07.2017

It's my pleasure to inform you that I have had a wonderful, enjoying trip despite feeling tired because of the flight delayed (from Spore), which led to missing the connecting to Urumqi, because we have good tour leaders from Spore. Especially Mr Eric Tsai (leading my group-bus no.1). He is a very well experienced and caring tour leader. Coincidently, he was also my tour leader to Hainan Island with chef Eric Teo some time ago. Eric (Tsai) was prompt in requesting a letter from China Airline (as proof of missing connecting n also confirmation that we are the passengers on that particular flight). Eric did a very good responsible job. I would strongly recommend him! Thanks Eric!

Another hardworking person I would recommend is the Xinjiang tour guide, Ma Rui. He has done a very good job in many ways, such as helping out in all our meals (with Eric), for example-distributing utensils, bringing us our drinks and also food. Sometimes he and Eric don't even have time to sit down and enjoy a proper meal! Thanks to both of them, our meals are always on time😊.

This is the first time of my many tours, I noticed both good tour leader and tour guide!

Though I might not be meeting Ma Rui again, I hope Chan Brothers will convey my heartfelt thanks to him. Hopefully, I will meet Eric again if I plan for my next China tour in the future.

All the best to both Ma Rui and Eric Tsai-chan.

Generic Image Testimonial
Le Kuan 04.07.2017

I would like to thanks to our tour guide laurence lim for our london trip. From the moment we were picked up at the airport, we were taken care of and treated so well! he is also such a helpful and patience man. when our hotel got no lift ,he is the one who help us to take our super heavy lugagge using stairs. thanks again for the fantastic experiences in London!!👌👌

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Khouw Thiam Hok 04.07.2017

Hi Chan Brothers,

I wrote this to compliment for Doreen, Henry and Kawa San during our trip to Hokkaido

They really are a good team player and serve us with passionate and good attitude, we are pampered with their professional service as Tour Leader, Tour Guide and our professional Bus Driver.

Thanks a lot for their services, looking forward the next trip with Chan Brothers...again

Please relay this messages to Henry and Kawa San company where they work. 😊

Keep it up guys .

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Yeow Swee Li and Delphine Ng 01.07.2017

We would like to commend Mr Edmund Wong for his great customer service and the help he had give us during our tour and flight back to Singapore.

Edmund was our tour leader for the 12 Days 9 Nights Croatia and Slovenia Discovery tour. He took good care of us and would always brief and remind us of the times to meet, our daily itinerary and things to expect. He would also take care of our safety and wellness during the trip.

On 20 June 2017, after Edmund has briefed us at Doha airport on the times and venue to board our flight back to Singapore, my friend, Ms Delphine Ng, and I mixed up the timing as we did not tune our watches to Qatar time. Also our mobile phones were turned off. As a result, we nearly missed our flight. Edmund kept calling us, asking the airport staff to announce our names and also look for us. He persuaded and talked to the airport crew not to turn out our luggage as we would be able to make it in time.

True enough, we were lucky to be able to meet the airport staff who was looking for us. He led us to go through the boarding gate and board the plane just 5 minutes before take-off. Edmund was waiting for us and calling us at the time we boarded the plane. Thanks to Edmund who have so kindly and patiently asked the airplane staff and crew to wait for us and he also convinced them that we would make it. Otherwise, we would have missed our flight and have to wait many hours later for another connecting flight.

When we arrived at Changi Airport, Edmund helped me and my friend carry our luggage off the belt as they were too heavy. He also helped our tour mates with their luggage as well. We wish to commend Mr Edmund for his professionalism, kindness, patience and going the extra mile to help us. His customer service is great and we hope to travel with Mr Edmund Wong as our Tour Leader again.

Thank you!

Generic Image Testimonial

我要积极推荐和表扬一位不可多得的好导遊 , 赵丹. 他是我和我太太到成都与九寨溝旅游的其中一位导遊赵丹是个好导游懂得帶团和講解艺术,张驰有度,收放自如 講解内容丰富, 清楚易懂。从語气中也可以听出他很热忱, 很敬业. 帶团其间看到在电話中与朋友有激烈争执. 但下一阵子,面对我們這些遊客, 就會展现可亲笑容。

這个年轻导遊虽是农家出生 , 处世生活的经验, 不是一般年青所能觸及。他母亲病逝及他在廣东的打併是他生活的最好磨练• 所以他对团队里的老少都能無年龄間隔的服务与对待。每个团员都觉得他和藹可亲. 爽直活泼性格及可愛笑容讓我們增添許多美好与愉快的回忆。


Generic Image Testimonial
Lim Pey Hwa 13.06.2017

Dear Chan Brothers,

Firstly, I would to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent service from your company. My mum and I had joined the 8D7N Grandeur Of Korea and fully enjoyed ourselves very much. Both the tour leader, Mr Frankee Kee and tour guide, Ms Li Ying are very experienced and professional.

Mr Frankee Kee is very friendly, helpful and has shown extreme care and concern to the elderly. He will also give timely and constructive suggestion to the tour members.

Ms Li Ying is a pretty and knowledgeable tour guide. Throughout the whole tour journey, she has enriched the tour members with the different aspects of Korea in terms of culture, lifestyle and history etc. She will also share stories that had happened to her previous tour groups to highlight the importance of safety to us.

I would definitely choose Chan Brothers as my first choice if I were to join any package tour in the future.

Thumbs up to Mr Frankee Kee and Ms Li Ying!

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Song Cheng 26.06.2017

Hi chan brothers,

I would like to write this email to compliment my local guide in japan during my Hokkaido trip henry chan he is funny and joke a lot to make the long hours ride feel shorter. He explain everything very well and he makes a lot of effort to make sure we enjoy the trip he also add in a lot of free locations for us to travel,

dorene is good ,nice, very friendly she also make sure all paperwork is in place and all, she also take good care of the old people, she make sure my grandma who cannot sleep on the floor always has bed to sleep without us requesting for it and she also make sure all rooms are right beside one another if u are in the same group

Kawa-san is a very good and nice driver, he would greet us with a smile every morning, he would slow down and help us spot wild animals along the road side and make our long hours trip more interesting, his driving is smooth and not bumpy so for those who dose off we can sleep well

Generic Image Testimonial
Meng Fee 23.06.2017

这次东欧之旅,领队:Rabil Lian 连尉全

Tour Manager 是位很负责任的领队,在此向这位领队万分谢谢。。



Generic Image Testimonial
Eugene Chan 28.06.2017

I'm taking this opportunity to comment on Henry Chan (tour guide) and Dorene (tour leader) from my recent trip to Hokkaido with my wife. Chan Brothers need staff like Henry and Dorene to conduct tour for us. Henry always crack jokes and make the journey fun and pleasant. He is very professional in his work and attitude, and is very patient especially with the older tourists needs. He will always gave us advise in advance where to get/buy the cheapest quality products and eat the best foods in Hokkaido.

On top of that, he brought us to certain destinations not covered in the itinerary. He sees thru' our needs by getting cardboard (foc) for us to pack our gifts to bring it back home. He went beyond his duty, to me this is a hallmark of a good tour guide.

I and my wife like to this opportunity to thank Henry and Dorene from the bottom our heart what a wonderful time/trip we have with them.My next trip to Japan , I hope it will be Henry and Dorene again.

Generic Image Testimonial
Toh Chin Chuan 25.06.2017

My wife and I are so fortunate to be among the group of 21 guided by 徐晓东 during our 8days Jiuzhaiguo trip.

With so much already written about 东东 in the various Chan brothers testimonies, we can only further endorsed that he is simply one of the best in our more than 10 years of travel tours with Chan Brothers.

Though our trip were hampered with several days of increment weather (which resulted in the tragic loss of life in a massive landslide in 茂县 on the day of our return), our spirit and enthusiasm were never dampened at any time. 东东ensured our safety is of paramount importance and keep us entertained at all time. His abilities to relate with all of us with his real life experiences, story telling, jokes and singing is second to none.

To many of us in the group, 东东 has set a new standard of what a truly professional tour guide many would wish to have and i.e we simply have nothing to complain except praises.

Congratulation to Chan Brothers for having such an excellent tour guide!

Generic Image Testimonial
Pang Li Min 24.06.2017

Dear Chan Brother Team

I would like to compliment our tour manager ,Edmund Wong , for our 12 days Croatia and Slovenia discovery tour.

He was very friendly and informative throughout our tour. The first impression given at the airport was professional and meticulous such as grouping the tour members and sticking stickers on our passport with our group number for easier co-ordination. He had also went the extra mile to print our e tickets and itinerary set in a folder for us. His time management was fantastic such as ensuring punctuality of everyone and he puts in effort in reminding us to have a lookout on our personal belongings at all times.

I look forward to joining more tours with Chan Brothers in future as Edmund has given the tour agency a very good and lasting impression for the tour.

Generic Image Testimonial
Alannah 28.06.2017

Dear Chan Brothers,

I like to praise the tour guide Li, Ying from BK travel during our tour to South Korea. She is very thoughtful, responsible and always putting a smile on her face. She looks after the elderly and the young child. Good time management. She took care of us during the 8 days trip. Thank you very much!

Generic Image Testimonial
Estella Khoo 30.06.2017

I, Khoo Choon Eng with a group of six in Coach One. We sincerely appreciated the services from Our Tour Leader Eric and Tour Guide Ma Rui.

They are an excellent team in Coach One. We are very very fortunate to be with them in this trip. It is our first time to join the Star Tour. We joined this trip because we look forward to Xin Jiang scenic beauty.

We managed to adjust ourselves during the long journey with this perfect match with us. Ma Rui will keep us brighten up with his vast experience in the history of Ghenis Khan and Xin jiang culture and his tour experiences .

Eric not only take care of us well, he also co-orindated with other 5 coachs tour leaders to make sure we have our food, toilet breaks and accommodations . Although there are 158 people in this tour, he assisted to cut quene for toilets quenes too by keeping a look out for ladies to use the gents toilets. HaHa

We gave the credits to both of them during this trip. they are the awesome pair.

They are the asset to Chan brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Xin Ying 29.06.2017

My mum and I would like to accord of appreciation to Eric, Xiao Cai (Tour Leader) and Ma Rui (Tour Guide) for their relentless effort, leadership and going the extra miles service for our group from Singapore to Urumqi during the 10 days tour trip to China Xinjiang with Guo Liang.

We enjoyed the entire tour for the fact that we have a dedicated, responsible tour leader going beyond the call of duty to achieve excellence service. We have joined Chan Brothers’ tours before and Eric is one of the few rare good tour leaders we have encountered so far. He is meticulous and attentive to our needs throughout the trip, always check to ensure that our members are well settled down at each meal and hotel. Also worked closely with the tour guide, Ma Rui who is equally good and conversant in Chinese. During the trip, both of them coordinated and communicated professionally and are truly very experienced and knowledgeable giving us sound advice.

Under both Eric and Ma Rui's daily care, we really had a meaningful and enjoyable 10 days in Xinjiang and look forward our next trip with Chan Brothers!

Generic Image Testimonial
Magylic 29.06.2017

I am very satisfied with this tour and the guide Mr Dave Tan who had assisted to take care of my grumbly 83 yr old mum {poon hong meng] for some hours patiently while I shop in the Premium Outlet. Dave was knowledgeable in most of his facts of America history as some of us google to tally with his talks.

Generic Image Testimonial
Cecilia Chew Phek Lian 16.03.2017

This is my first trip to Guangzhou, Bama & Nanning. I'd experienced the ancient places are so interesting & significant sceneries with special cultural.

This trip is called 双陈出击"养生之旅.

"双陈出击"养生之旅, the 2 doctors are very experiences with their skills. Our group their simple skills of keep fit. Especially Dr Tan Yong Seng teaches our group to be happy & exercises regularly to stay young & healthy. Dr Tan Bee Gawh teaches us the food we eat be be healthy & to keep our bones strong. In Bama & several places have their own beauty & lifestyles.

This trip let me understand the lifestyles & cultures, the longevity of Bama people. They lives a simple & happy life & grow their vegetables, corn & rice, herbs.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are simple meals prepared by the local as they grow their own vegetables, chickens & corns, seafood & herbs.

Drinking hemp soup & eating of yellow corn regularly cleanses of stomach & intestine, nourishes, aids in digestion, improves eyesight, protects the liver & generally beneficial to health.

Day 1 Singapore to Guangzhou - Stay @ Guangzhou Holiday Villa

We visited places like Guangzhou Museum & Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street where four main features of Xiguan. Dinner with local specialties like grille cuttlefish & fermented tofu on street stall.

Day 2, Guangzhou transit to Bama - Stay @ Bama Huayu Hotel

After breakfast, headed to Guangzhou airport for a domestic flights to Baise.

We visited Longevity island to enjoy a longevity banquet specially prepared by the local & youth from Yao tribe performed tribal song & dances.Joined a health talk & session for Chi.

Day 3 stay @ Bama Huayu Hotel - We visited the Bainiao Grotto known as "Skylights over Water Ripples"

Following by explored Bama Crystal Palace.

Day 4 stay @ Bama Hua Huayu Hotel

We visited the Panjang River. This river is a gift to the people of Bama by God of Longevity is a blessing to generations & generations of of Bama people with long & healthy lives. Visited Balmo Caves, natural art palace.

A classic karst caves inside with millions of years of natural processes. Joined both doctors in a healthy workout in the caves & enjoyed it's fresh air contains up to 70, 00 negative oxygen ions.

Day 5 Bama to Nanning - Stay @ Nanning Yong Jiang Hotel

Visited to Bama Spring Water Factory & spring water contains minerals & trace elements. Bama spring water is affectionately know as ' Immortal' s water. After dinner, take a boat tour on the Folk Song Lake.

Day 6 Nanjing to Guangzhou to Singapore .

A tour to Guangxi Science & Tehnology Museum. A science education in Guangxi. It is an important platform for technological exchange between China & Association of Southeast Asian Nation(ASEAN) countries. A popular science activities, youth science & technology education. We watched a show @ 4D cinema as well.

There are four local tour guides from Bama & 4 tour leaders from Singapore.

Bama tour guides are very helpful, good attitudes and responsible, cheerful.

Singapore tour leaders are also very helpful, good attitudes & responsibles, cheerful , patiences. The four guys are Eric, Quek & Prince Willam, David ( Ah Wei). 😉

My tour guide is JJ Chueng( Bama) 😊& tour leader is William(Singapore) but we called him 王子 from bus 5😀. Our group of 35 pesons, there are 2 grandmothers both are 80 to 85 years old & a few elderly & younger some Both tour guide & leader are very co-operate with each other with patience. Especially 王子everyday he helped the 2 ah ma,elderly seniors & everyone on the group.

This is my second time I have encounted on this China trip with such responsibles, helpful & good attitudes, cheerful tour leaders even though they are frustrated but they still keep their cool & trying to be courtesy to their groups.

I also encountered a good tour leader on my first trip to Hokkaido in 2013 from Chan Brothers Travel.

I hope Chan Brothers Travel will continue to services to their customers with good tour guides & leaders.

With appreciation & thank you to Chan Brothers Travel.

Generic Image Testimonial
Hui Chun 27.02.2017






Generic Image Testimonial
Ho 14.02.2017

Hi, my wife and I just came back from our 15 days Europe tours with your tour manager Mr Phillip Tan.

We wish to commend Mr Phillip Tan for a job very well done.

Uncle Phillip Tan was very enthusiastic about his job and extremely helpful during the entire Europe trip and went out of his way to help anyone who needs help or advice.

Please allow me to cite my pleasant experience with him...

In Switzerland after visiting a watch dealer, I was interested to purchase a Rolex watch but found that I had left all my credit cards inside a backpack that was in the coach that we were Travelling on.

I call Phillip Tan and he immediately came to us and contacted the coach driver who park the coach some two km away. Phillip Tan walk us to the coach personally without any complaints at all.

Mind you that was a very Long walk to the coach and it takes us a good 15 minutes one way.

After retrieving my credit cards, I managed to purchase my watch.

At Venice, we "lost" our directions while walking in the town during a free and easy session, we call Phillip Tan and again he immediately came to our aid to direct us back to the group.

During every incident he didn't grumble or complain but instead constantly advice all of us to be careful during this Europe trip.

Please pass our compliments to Uncle Phillip Tan for a job very well done, thank you Uncle Phillip.

Mr & Mrs Thomas Lee 16.02.2017


1)  Knowledge & Expertise

a)  No doubt, he utilised his vast experience to inform, remind and reinforce punctuality from the travellers.

b)  Many tasks from him which may be very simple but timely, check on passport and stuff you may have left in hotel room.

c)  Monitor local guide's actions and correct it when he sees the need.

2)  Meticulous    

Thorough and detailed briefings on a daily basis when in the coach or hotel lobby distributing keys.

3)  Attitude 

Show very good attitude which we don't see it often in travel guides.

4)  Resourceful

Able to handle difficult situations that abruptly affect the flow of the tour.

5)  With such a tour leader like Peter Han, travellers will really enjoy the holiday as he treats travellers like friends!

Tan Cheng Gek 15.02.2017

A big thank you to Ms Hannah Beh (Travel Advisor for Asia) for helping to arrange a semi-flexi tour to Seoul and Busan. Despite the multiple email exchanges and telephone calls, Ms Hannah had remained patient and dedicated to provide a customized travel plan that is suitable for our needs and interests. It had been a great pleasure liaising with her in planning the trip.

In addition, I would also like to extend my appreciation to James, our local driver in Busan. Besides driving us around, he introduced his hometown with great passion and enthusiasm. He was kind, sincere and amicable. His pleasant disposition made us feel so comfortable and at ease during the trip.

Thank you so much for the wonderful travel experience!

Generic Image Testimonial
Lee Yoi Howe, Nellie W Lee, Hong Kim Leong, Wong Chai Teck and Lee May Ling Joanne 08.02.2017


Our group of 5 would like to say a big “Thank You” for the slightly hectic but splendid and memorable tour.

We were extremely delighted when we heard that Miss Janice Lim was assigned to lead this tour. 3 of us previously were on a trip lead by her and it truly brought back fond memories.

Miss Janice Lim is still highly commendable for her professionalism. She provide services beyond our expectations always putting our best interest in mind. She regularly check on us to ensure our satisfaction. Very punctual, approachable and helpful, Janice is also outgoing, fun, bubbly, good sense of humour and a caring person too.

David is an amazing guide. He too has a great personality and is well organized. He is also very punctualand helpful too. He shows his professionalism when handling tight and unforeseen situations.

Another person worth mentioning is Sifu. A very careful and skillful driver. Always smiling and well-mannered.

He is very thoughtful and considerate. He has a special raised platform so we could get on and off the coach easily. When it rains, he has an umbrella ready to shelter us. He even mop up whenever there are stains and patches of water in the coach.

Lastly, one more deserving person is none other than Joseph Lam. The booking of this tour right to the end of briefing, Joseph was extremely patient, attentive, helpful and thorough.

WELL DONE AND KUDOS TO ALL OF THEM! Their commitment and performance are truly remarkable and commendable.

Thank You Chan Brothers!

Generic Image Testimonial
Toh Poh Geok 09.02.2017

I was given this link to provide feedback or to send in enquiry.

I wanted to compliment on the service of one of your webchat agent, Arianna who assisted me with my questions I have for one of the Korea tour package.

Arianna is very patient with my many questions and provided answer, solutions and advise professionally.

She made me feel like a very valuable customer even though I had not make my final decision to book my travel with Chan Brothers.

With that, she definitely, give me another reason to strongly consider my next and even future travel with Chan Brothers.

Awesome customer service, Arianna.

I hope she gets informed of the excellent service she had render and receive the compliments that she so well deserved.

Thank you very much once again, Arianna and kudos the Chan Brothers team.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr Lee 10.02.2017

Just to thanks Tour Leader Jane and Local guide Dickson being the funny guy and a bunch of jokers to make the Hokkaido Ice Winter from 1st to 8th Feb 2017 trip a joyous journey throughout.

Jane was thoughtful and attentive to older generations as well as helpful.

Dickson shared his knowledge and experiences throughout with some humour in between.

Thank U both for a wonderful and well planned trip. Greatly enjoyed this trip

Generic Image Testimonial
Christina Teo 17.01.2017

We were booked on a 7D6N fabulous Hokkaido package tour. The hotels and food arranged were very good. Itinerary planned for the trip was quite relaxing on most days and not too rush.

The local tour guide, Mr Kevin Mizzuuchi was friendly, helpful, patient, responsible and very humorous. He made headcounts often to ensure that all pax were present before he gave instructions for bus to move on. He has added value to the quality of the trip.

We would also like to commend Chan Brothers bus 5000 driver Mr Yamashita who drove us around during the trip. He was a careful and responsible driver who made the long trip a breeze.

Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Juat Swee & Family 14.01.2017

我们九人一团去8天九寨溝/峨眉山 之旅,有个值得加奖的导游,让我们渡过了开心的假期

罗杨帝,虽然年级轻轻,卻有丰富的智识,也很负责任!他也很乐意为我们服务! 一路上,他不只介绍了景点,历史文化,也给我们了解了当地的风土民情。

在路上的一个小意外,他也怔定勇敢的好好处理!同时也能很快的从新安排受影响的行程 另我们很赏识。




Generic Image Testimonial
Tiong Mee Fong 27.12.2016

We joined Chan Brothers for a 6 days 8 nights tour to Hokkaido. We had a very enjoyable and smooth experience throughout the whole trip.

We would like to thank our tour leader, Allison Teoh, for making this trip enjoyable and smooth. She is responsible, meticulous, approachable and efficient. She is dedicated and always goes the extra mile to take care of the needs of all her tour members and ensured our safety at all times. We also especially want to thank Allison and the local tour guide (James, 谢耀建) for the care, concern and extra effort that they made to ensure the safety of our elderly mother, without which she would not have enjoyed the trip.

Please convey our appreciations and thanks to Allison and James (谢耀建)for their wonderful and dedicated service. Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
William Wong, Soh Hin & Elysia Wong 09.01.2017

Hi! My family & I joined the 14D12N Best of Italy/Switzerland/Paris/Amsterdam holiday package.

We were fortunate to have Patrick Ong as our Tour Manager and would like to send a note of appreciation to him for his dedication to the entire group, not just our family.

Patrick is not just knowledgeable, he is organized, patient & caring. He is ultra responsible & always ensure that the interest of the group is taken into consideration; be it 'Seat assignment onboard the plane, coach & during dinning, hotel rooms assignments, rest & toilet breaks, direction & meeting place, recommendation for good buys, tax refund procedure' etc.. he constantly reminded us of safety and taking care of our personally belongings, and staying as a group. In addition, I am also impressed with Patrick being able to recite the history of many sites. He has refreshed my memory.

A particular incident I would like to highlight. Though Chan Brothers admin (??) has made an error in registering our booking as 'Double Bed', Patrick took pain to arrange for 'Twin Bed' throughout the journey. This is not made possible without Patrick's dedication.

An excellent Tour manager and our sincere thanks to Patrick. You have made our holiday memorable!

Generic Image Testimonial
Betsy Tan 17.12.2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Alice Shieh for her sincere and kind service as a tour manager to my family - 11D8N Italy Romance trip (EU11R).

She exhibits great professionalism who could articulate clearly on the historical and geographical details of every site we visited. Besides that, she showed great initiative and responsibilities towards our safety and welfare by constantly providing useful reminders in taking care of our valuables and our health,

She showed great resilience and vulnerability by proposing alternatives option visits to our group. She is tactful in handling such suggestions by providing details and helping us to make informed decisions. The group members trusted her well as she always ensuring each and every group member is satisfied to every site we visited.

Last but not least, she showed special care, patience and concern towards my elderly parents and 2 young girls. As we are the only family with elderly and children in the group, she was sensitive towards our needs yet not depriving the other group members from enjoying themselves. For instance, she patiently walked me through the itinerary in details at the beginning of the trip, allowing me to prepare my mother in using either her wheelchair or walking stick. Alice also made adjustments to a walking tour to the Spanish Steps for my mother's convenience. These gestures are some of the evidences of her sincerity and care towards the group members.

It is Chans Brothers' privilege to have Ms Alice Shieh as one of your tour manager. Her passion, zest and professionalism will definitely bring more joy and happiness to many more to come. We wish her all the best and look forward to be part of her travelling mates again in the near future.

Generic Image Testimonial
Serene Sim 21.12.2016

I just returned from a 10-day trip from Iceland with my son and is pleased with the trip. This was the third time I travelled with Chan Brothers package tour.

While the planned itinerary was excellent, it was threatened to be dampened by factors that was beyond our control ie. weather. Although we did not manage to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, my son n myself still enjoyed the other activities planned in the itinerary especially the blue lagoon, gullfoss waterfall and geyser hot spring area.

We would like to compliment the tour manager Edmund Wong and his local team. Edmund is extremely knowledgeable with his 26 years of experience, eloquent, and spoke enthusiasm that kept the group in high spirit. He and his local team were very nice, friendly, warm and ensured each individual of the team was well taken care of. Information were given clearly and precisely and he has never failing to diligently explain them in 2 languages as there are a number of old folks in the group whom maybe inadequate in English. Edmund had even gone an extra mile in the logistic arrangement for the hotel accommodation and seats in airplane so that families members were together. He even arranged for Asian meals with the hotel for the group to address our homesickness of home food.

Recalling a specific incident in the trip, Edmund has even volunteered to be a "waiter" to serve us meal to in order to speed up the serving when there was a chaotic created by the restaurant due to lack of space.

All in all would like to thank Edmund and his team for an unforgettable experience in Iceland. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to choose Chan Brothers the next time they travel.

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Richard Lee 23.12.2016

Our family of 4 just returned from 14D/13N Europe trip. It was our 1st family trip to Europe and we are thankful for the memorable experienced. We have enjoyed ourselves very much and are glad with the excellent services, care and concern rendered by our tour guide Mr. Vincent who is totally professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. With no complaints but always doing his best.

Mr. Vincent Hiew is interesting and is experienced, efficient and professional. He has organized the itinerary to convenient us and enable us with smooth journey making our trip fun and enjoyable. We did not get bored throughout the journey. We are very comfortable with their services and are grateful with their cares and concern during the trip.

We enjoyed the trip very much. This is an experience we would like to share with travellers. It is worth recommending to those who loves and plans to travels.

All the best in coming year 2017.

Thank you,

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Mr & Mrs Leong 23.12.2016

We just come back from 7D5N Hokkaido trip recently led by team leader Mr Johnny Lim.

We (2 adults, 2 elderly and 2 young kids ) truly enjoyed ourselves very much. Johnny is very attentive and caring towards the entire group. He is very systematic and always ensure my mom and mom in law's room is next to us so that we can look out for each other. As it was winter and the road sometimes got slippery, he would remind us tirelessly to be careful. Johnny even volunteered to accompany my old folks to take the zoo shuttle so that I could walk with my family in the snow.

We are also fortunate to have Sebastian Lee as our tour guide. Sebastian has very good knowledge of Japan history and culture. He is also very jovial which made the long coach ride an enjoyable one.

This is our 2nd trip with Chan Brothers. We were happy with our first experience and even happier with the second one. This is not possible without Johnny and Sebastian's hard work and dedication. We look forward to our third trip with Chan Brothers in 2017.

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Teresa & Gwen 22.12.2016

Yet again Chan Brothers tour did not fail us. The Melbourne tour was fantabulously planned and exceeded our expectations.

Special mention to your tour leader Mr Patrick. He was cool, calm, knowledgeable and even went out of his way to assist us in searching for the tram routes to the nearby places of interest near our hotel. He is an exemplary tour leader which your organisation should be proud to have as your human assets.

We love his easy going attitude and gave very clear instructions in directions. Because of that we were always on schedule.

In addition, the itinerary was well planned and we did not have to rush about. We particularly loved the sovereign hills (gold mine and gold panning activity). It was interactive and I speak for the children as well here. The Ballarat wildlife park and Great Ocean road was also an experience of awesomeness.

Thank you Chan Brothers Travel. We will certainly travel with you again next year to another enchanting destinations. Hopefully with Patrick as our tour leader again.

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Ng Mui Boon 24.12.2016

Recently, I went on a 11D8N Italy Romance trip with my daughter. Initially, I was quite apprehensive on tour package type of holidays as I understand it will usually be very rushed with limited time for sightseeing and shopping. However, this recent trip proves otherwise, all thanks to our efficient and capable tour manager, Alice Shieh, who makes our trip a very memorable and enjoyable one.

Before we depart Singapore, she sends a reminder to us on flight details, meeting point at Changi Airport, weather in Italy, things to bring and last but not least her contact nos. I have been through packaged tour in the past (long time ago) but have never received pre-trip reminder from tour manager. This is the first good impression I have of Chan Brothers having such a dedicated and efficient tour manager. More surprises awaits us during our holiday.

Alice is an engaging tour manager who never seems to run out of topics to talk about and never fails to get the group's total attention. She has in depth knowledge and history of not only Italy but also countries which had an influence on Italy. She is very calm and cool in the face of hiccups although through no fault of hers. The local city guides mixed up our group for another one even though Alice repeatedly verified with her. The mix up was not just once but twice, due to 2 Chan Brother groups going to the same place at the same time.

She is very dedicated in her job, always ensuring everyone is well taken care of, eg. right up till the last person picks up her luggage in Singapore before she calls it a day. At the end of each day, she will brief us on the itinerary for the next day and on the day itself, she will again go through the itinerary with emphasis on the specialty of that place of interest. She puts in additional effort to call restaurant in advance to make lunch reservation and order for us on days where lunch is not provided. During our free & easy slots in Siena and Milan (last day), she recommended places of interest and arranged them for us at our consensus. I really appreciate her special effort in changing the shopping venue in Milan from Barberino to The Mall which everyone prefers.

In summary, she is the best tour manager I have experienced and she is a gem in the tour industry. She is such an excellent tour manager that we have group members asking her to be their private tour manager for a trip they are planning next year. Alice takes pride in her job and ensures that customer's satisfaction is her top priority. We are very glad we had Alice as our tour manager.

The other person who makes a difference is the coach driver, Antonio. He is a very steady, experienced and skillful driver who seems to know the roads of Italy inside out. Alice works very well with Antonio. Great team work

The only drawback is the hotels. Some of the hotels don't seem like 4-star rating as promised by Chan Brothers as they don't provide kettle and no complimentary internet. Fortunately, we were reminded by Alice to bring our own kettle. I hope Chan Brothers will ensure that all Hotels are equipped with kettles and foc internet so that we can stay in touch with our family members and also work (urgent matters) whilst away.

Other than that, well done Chan Brothers! I look forward to future trips with Chan Brothers with Alice Shieh as my tour manager.

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Ronnie Chan 25.12.2016

My family took a trip to Melbourne Australia with Chan Brothers from 19Dec2016 to 24Dec2016. Andy Wong was our tour guide and we were very impressed with his great knowledge and appreciate his patience to our numerous questions.

My family and I really appreciate Andy for being such a wonderful tour guide and hope we will be able to have him again on our next trip in the very near future.

Thank you Andy (and Chan Brothers) for making this such a relaxed, pleasant and enjoyable holiday!!

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Gormit 26.12.2016

For the first time we joined a tour - we usually planned our own routes - like what we did when we drove through US two years ago. But yes it can be tiring with driving and all.

We simply decided on Chan Brothers because it fitted in with our leaves dates - but when my friends asked which company we had selected, they told us - "Oh, they are good!"

The communication was good even before the tour including the briefing that was conducted by Richard. Nevertheless we went on our tour with some trepidation and zero expectation. The lady who met us at Changi Airport was reassuring as she saw us off.

We must admit that we have been most enamoured with Samuel Ho's (our tour manager) service standing and values. He met us at Rome Airport and we were most taken in by his bubbly nature. He put all of us at ease and made sure that he got all our names right, which is an important start. We understood that he had just finished off another tour and it was amazing that he still had the energy to be bright and chirpy.

During the course of our trip, we noticed that he took the time and effort to actually sit down and chat with each and every member of the group - that makes everyone feel included. Being in a service industry myself, it can be pretty draining when engaging with each and everyone but he showed no signs of that.

He also has a good intimate knowledge of the regions we travelled to and shared good anecdotes with us. He peppered his commentary with a good sprinkling of humour and had us in stitches. He also made it a point to show us some videos that were relevant to the area that we were going to visit so that we gained an inherent understanding of the historical significance of the events. It takes a special skill to select the relevant videos to do that and he did very well on that.

And although he did not have to, he spoiled us by giving us some Asian tidbits that he had brought along. He kept the momentum going and made sure that we kept to the itinerary by timeline.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience. A company can be good but the front person who delivers the final service is very important as well. Because of Sam Ho, our family will definitely choose Chan Brothers again. You should be proud to have him - he does his work with pride. And just to add, the additional touches like remembering to wish happy birthday, slipping in Birthday and Christmas cards under the door - the attention to finer details that we will always remember.

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Deborah 24.12.2016

My family n I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the SIN tour manager, Alison and the JK tour leader, James Seah as well as the JK coach driver for making our recent trip to Hokkiado a memorable n enjoyable one 😃😄

Besides carrying out her responsibilities excellently, Alison was also very caring n always check n ensure that every member of the group is well n comfortable in the cold weather. We look forward to having her as our tour manager in future👍👏

James Seah, the JK tour leader was similarly very professional n caring in all possible ways. He is very informative, knowledge n even demonstrated how we should feed the bears such that the biscuits would land inside their mouths. He also took extra care n constantly remind us to be mindful our steps when walking on the melted snow/ice👍👏

The JK driver has placed rags over the ice in front of the steps when we get down from the coach so that we do not slipped and fall 👍

Please convey our appreciation once again to the three of them for a job (tour) well done 🤗

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Tan Family 26.12.2016

My family of 3 would like to commend our local guide, Mr Henry Chi Wai, for doing an excellent job to make our Hokkaido holiday so safe & enjoyable.

Henry is very professional & experienced in guiding the tour, coupled with his proficiency in Japanese language & familiarity with culture of varied countries, he made us feel very secure whenever he is around to handle any issues. He thinks & plans ahead, and he is able to make informed changes that is to the best of interest of the tour group, in terms of safety, time & holiday satisfaction.

Apart from the above professionalism displayed, Henry often cracks jokes on the bus to make our journey so much more enjoyable. Even upon returning to Singapore this morning, my family still miss his voice and his jokes. He is also able to share his geography & history knowledge, of the places we go, on the bus.

We will not hesitate to join another tour or many to come with Henry as the tour leader again. If possible, we wish to be informed of which Chan Brothers tours he will be so that we can have another enjoyable & satisfying trip with him. Appreciate this info from your office.

Do let Henry know the above feedback we have of him as he deserve such compliments for the effort he put into leading his tour with our group. We thank Henry once again as well as Chan Brothers for a job well done.

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JJ & Mabel 24.12.2016

My wife, Mabel, and I had just returned from our year end trip to Finland. We would like to compliment our tour manager, MS Jennifer Cheong, for the enjoyable trip.

MS Cheong had demonstrated her professionalism and warm personality during the entire trip. Her approachable self quickly warms up the group and allowed us to mingle freely. She also ensured that no questions were left unanswered even when she may not have the ready answer. She will usually get back to the unanswered question the next day.

MS Cheong is quick witted and able to think on her feet, qualities of a great tour manager. When our group were disappointed that we could not see the Aurora during our scheduled outdoor activities, she quickly arranged for the night tour upon our request within a couple of hours. This was arranged by her despite the need to ensure that the scheduled tour itinerary was not affected. Kudos to her quick thinking!

Her good planning of the tour itinerary also saw a shift of the Helsinki city tour so that a day was free up to allow those who choose to go on the optional tour to Tallinn, Estonia to visit at ease without being rushed!

We prefer to travel free and easy usually and this is one of the few packaged tour that we had signed up. We would rate this as one of the best packaged tour experience we had. Please send her our compliments. Do keep us informed of the next tour that will be lead by her. We would like to join her group again where possible.

Merry Xmas to all at Chan Brothers!

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Maggie Koh 23.12.2016

First I would like to thank Chan Brothers for the great experience. Booking the tour is so easy. Everything is done through email confirmation and payment online.

The sales person – Ms Jane Chin, is very helpful and provide us with the necessary information as we did not attend the briefing.

The local tour leader – Mr Jeffrey Sng, is a helpful guy. We are so happy to have him help us take photos as he was so patient and detailed to ensure that our photos, individual shots and family shots turned out well. Very rare I see a tour leader so willingly stand out in the cold to help everyone in photo-taking.

Besides photo-taking, he helped us packed our goodies/souvenirs/etc into the boxes to ensure it is properly secured for check-in. A very detailed guy who does his job well. He offered neck-warmers, gloves, etc to those who didn’t bring enough as it was icy cold when we went to Kokonoe “Yume” Grand Suspension Bridge. We are happy to have him again for our next trip. He paired very well with the Tour Guide, Ms Kao Yu Fen in Fukuoka.

Tour Guide, Ms Kao Yu Fen or Xiao Fen, is a fantastic tour guide. Besides sharing with us on details in the itinerary, she shared many personal experiences. We are never bored on the coach journey as she entertained us with stories, games and titbits. She is very caring and thoughtful, always ensure that we have enough rice as we have a few teenagers in our tour group, before she starts to take her meals.

The coach driver, Mr Kama, is a safe driver and always put on a smile. Our luggage got heavier and heavier each day but there is no sound of complain from him.

Our overall experience for this trip is EXCELLENT. Thank you Chan Brothers!

Thank you.

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Jemelle Chong 28.12.2016


My family enjoyed this trip very much.

There was plenty of snow and the skiing was a great experience for my daughter. The ski resort that we stayed faced the skiing range, the view was just amazingly beautiful.

The one day free and easy was good for all of us. It gave us time to look at Seoul and shopped for things before we flew back.

The food provided is great and the pace for the itinerary is just right.

The tour leader from Korea - Jenny, is a very experienced guide. She is joyful and interesting. We enjoyed her sharing and there were lots of laughter. Her mandarin is excellent.

I will recommend this tour to my friends and will surely want to back again!

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满意:吃的住的都相当满意;就说吃的,或许是东东导游对于我们新加坡人的口味已经非常了解了,因此在处理我们的饮食都非常细心,比如说每一餐一定会准备我们爱吃的chili padi, 附配汤匙(中国很多地方都只用筷子),尽可能换上合我们口味的菜肴。 他对我们每一个人的饮食习惯都放在心。



Generic Image Testimonial
Wee Lai Ping 29.12.2016

My family of 5 with 6 others joined the Chan Brother Jiuzhaigou and Mt Emei tour. Our tour guide was 田伟 (we call him小田).He is a young and handsome tour guide. Although he is very young but he is very professional and caring. 小田arranged and shifted our itinary according to the weather, the arrangement was done nicely and the whole journey is smooth.

1.Every day,小田will tell us the weather of the next day and remind us what to wear to keep warm.

2.During the trip, some of us felt no well because of 高原反应. 小田 take care of them very well.

3.At Mt Emei, the road was frozen and slippery. 小田 help us to put on and take off the spikes tied below our shoes.

4.小田noticed my husband's birthday was on one of the day during the trip . He arranged a birth cake and beer for him at the restaurant. He really surprise us with the arrangement and we had simple but cozy celebration.

5.Besides 小田, we also very lucky to have a good coach driver雷师傅 during the trip.His driving skill is very good, especially when we are at those sharp turning point, he will slow down and drive with extra care. With his carefulness and skill, it has help in reduce the altitude sickness reaction.

During the whole journey 小田 make sure we have a pleasant, smooth and safe trip. Thanks to 小田 and thanks Chan Brother for this arrangement.

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Mr Yeo 31.12.2016

I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Ms Alice

She is our tour guide for the 8 days Korea tour from 15 - 22 Dec. She has been taking good care of my family and I. Her excellent service is greatly appreciated ! To travel under her care, we have a peaceful mind, no worries of safety; wonderful experiences of shopping/Skiing on what we want; enjoying the delicious foods of the local delicacy and many more. She is very experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

I will surely recommend all my friends and relatives to engaged your company in all future traveling.

Once again, I would like thank her for making my family's Korea trip an unforgettable life time experience !

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Mrs Lim 16.12.2016

最近我们一家三口参加了七天五日的北海道之旅,第一次踏上日本国土的我们带着一颗即兴奋又期待的心情渡过了一非常难忘旅程。 首先我们遇到一个不可多得的导游Kimi,她让我们在无数的欢笑中渡过白雪纷飞的旅程。踩着皑皑的白雪, 听着Kimi给我们讲述日本的历史文化,人文地理,她的专业知识让我们获易不浅。 这次让我们碰上二十几年来十二月上旬最大的暴风雪,看着大雪纷飞的景象,心中很是兴奋但也带着少许的不安。大雪打乱了我们的脚步,但是导游 Kimi 沉着稳重的态度带领全团人从老到少,一步一步的向前行完成了旅程。 她也让我们这些身在异乡的旅客能安然的渡过班机被取消和没有住宿的困境。 我们心中对她只有满满的感激!这次的旅程,完美的饭店和膳食安排也为这次的旅程记上一功! 谢谢!

Generic Image Testimonial
Goh Beng Lay 19.12.2016

I am writing in to compliment Patrick our guide for the Melbourne.

Patrick is a capable and efficient guide. He is interactive and gentle in his approach. He is serious in his business and at the same friendly with his customers. Well done Patrick!

Thank you

On behalf of the 7 of us.

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Serena Sim 21.12.2016

I just returned from a 10-day trip from Iceland with my son and is pleased with the trip. This was the third time I travelled with Chan Brothers package tour.

While the  planned itinerary was excellent, it was threatened to be dampened by factors that was beyond our control ie. weather. Although we did not manage to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, my son n myself still enjoyed the other activities planned in the itinerary especially the blue lagoon, gullfoss waterfall and geyser hot spring area.

We would like to compliment the tour manager Edmund Wong and his local team. Edmund is extremely knowledgeable with his 26 years of experience, eloquent, and spoke enthusiasm that kept the group in high spirit. He and his local team were very nice, friendly, warm and ensured each individual of the team was well taken care of. Information were given clearly and precisely and he has never failing to diligently explain them in 2 languages as there are a number of old folks in the group whom maybe inadequate in English. Edmund had even gone an extra mile in the logistic arrangement for the hotel accommodation and seats in airplane so that families members were together. He even arranged for Asian meals with the hotel for the group to address our homesickness of home food.

Recalling a specific incident in the trip, Edmund has even volunteered to be a "waiter" to serve us meal to in order to speed up the serving when there was a chaotic created by the restaurant due to lack of space.

All in all would like to thank Edmund and his team for an unforgettable experience in Iceland. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to choose Chan Brothers the next time they travel.

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Richard Lee 23.12.2016

Our family of 4 just returned from 14D/13N europe trip. It was our 1st family trip to Europe and we are thankful for the memorable experienced. We have enjoyed ourselves very much and are glad with the excellent services, care and concern rendered by our tour guide Mr. Vincent who is totally professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. With no complaints but always doing his best.

Mr. Vincent Hiew is interesting and is experienced, efficient and professional. He has organized the itinerary to convenient us and enable us with smooth journey making our trip fun and enjoyable. We did not get bored throughout the journey. We are very comfortable with their services and are grateful with their cares and concern during the trip.

We enjoyed the trip very much. This is an experience we would like to share with travellers. It is worth recommending to those who loves and plans to travels.

All the best in coming year 2017.

Thank you,

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Mr & Mrs Leong 23.12.2016

We just come back from 7D5N Hokkaido trip recently led by team leader Mr Johnny Lim.

We (2 adults, 2 elderly and 2 young kids ) truly enjoyed ourselves very much. Johnny is very attentive and caring towards the entire group. He is very systematic and always ensure my mom and mom in law's room is next to us so that we can look out for each other.  As it was winter and the road sometimes got slippery, he would remind us tirelessly to be careful. Johnny even volunteered to accompany my old folks to take the zoo shuttle so that I could walk with my family in the snow.

We are also fortunate to have Sebastian Lee as our tour guide. Sebastian has very good knowledge of Japan history and culture. He is also very jovial which made the long coach ride an enjoyable one.

This is our 2nd trip with Chan Brothers. We were happy with our first experience and even happier with the second one. This is not possible without Johnny and Sebastian's hard work and dedication. We look forward to our third trip with Chan Brothers in 2017.

Generic Image Testimonial
Teresa & Gwen 22.12.2016

Yet again Chan Brothers tour did not fail us. The Melbourne tour was fantabulously planned and exceeded our expectations.

Special mention to your tour leader Mr Patrick. He was cool, calm, knowledgeable and even went out of his way to assist us in searching for the tram routes to the nearby places of interest near our hotel. He is an exemplary tour leader which your organisation should be proud to have as your human assets.

We love his easy going attitude and gave very clear instructions in directions. Because of that we were always on schedule.

In addition, the itinerary was well planned and we did not have to rush about. We particularly loved the sovereign hills (gold mine and gold panning activity). It was interactive and I speak for the children as well here. The Ballarat wildlife park and Great Ocean road was also an experience of awesomeness.

Thank you Chan Brothers Travel. We will certainly travel with you again next year to another enchanting destinations. Hopefully with Patrick as our tour leader again.

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Mui Boon 23.12.2016


Recently, I went on a 11D8N Italy Romance trip with my daughter with departure date on 6 Dec.  Initially, I was quite apprehensive on tour package type of holidays as I understand it will usually be very rushed with limited time for sightseeing and shopping. However, this recent trip proves otherwise, all thanks to our efficient and capable tour manager, Alice Shieh, who makes our trip a very memorable and enjoyable one.

Before we depart Singapore, she sends a reminder to us on flight details, meeting point at Changi Airport, weather in Italy, things to bring and last but not least her contact nos.  I have been through packaged tour in the
past (long time ago) but have never received pre-trip reminder from tour manager.  This is the first good impression I have of Chan Brothers having such a dedicated and efficient tour manager.  More surprises awaits us during our holiday.

Alice is an engaging tour manager who never seems to run out of topics to talk about and never fails to get the group's total attention.  She has in depth knowledge and history of not only Italy but also countries which had
an influence on Italy.  She is very calm and cool in the face of hiccups although through no fault of hers. The local city guides mixed up our group for another one even though Alice repeatedly verified with her. The mix up
was not just once but twice, due to 2 Chan Brother groups going to the same place at the same time.

She is very dedicated in her job, always ensuring everyone is well taken care of, eg. right up till the last person picks up her luggage in Singapore before she calls it a day.  At the end of each day, she will brief us on the itinerary for the next day and on the day itself, she will again go through the itinerary with emphasis on the specialty of that place of interest.  She puts in additional effort to call restaurant in advance
to make lunch reservation and order for us on days where lunch is not provided.  During our free & easy slots in Siena and Milan (last day), she recommended places of interest and arranged them for us at our consensus. I
really appreciate her special effort in changing the shopping venue in Milan from Barberino to The Mall which everyone prefers.

In summary, she is the best tour manager I have experienced and she is a gem in the tour industry. She is such an excellent tour manager that we have group members asking her to be their private tour manager for a trip
they are planning next year.  Alice takes pride in her job and ensures that customer's satisfaction is her top priority.  We are very glad we had Alice as our tour manager.

The other person who makes a difference is the coach driver, Antonio.  He is a very steady, experienced and skillful driver who seems to know the roads of Italy inside out.  Alice works very well with Antonio. Great team work

The only drawback is the hotels. Some of the hotels don't seem like 4-star rating as promised by Chan Brothers as they don't provide kettle and no complimentary internet.  Fortunately, we were reminded by Alice to bring
our own kettle.  I hope Chan Brothers will ensure that all Hotels are equipped with kettles and foc internet so that we can stay in touch with our family members and also work (urgent matters) whilst away.

Other than that, well done Chan Brothers!  I look forward to future trips with Chan Brothers with Alice Shieh as my tour manager.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ronnie Chan 26.12.2016

Dear sir,

My family took a trip to Melbourne Australia with Chan Brothers from 19Dec2016 to 24Dec2016. Andy Wong was our tour guide and we were very impressed with his great knowledge and appreciate his patience to our numerous questions.

My family and I really appreciate Andy for being such a wonderful tour guide and hope we will be able to have him again on our next trip in the very near future.

Thank you Andy (and Chan Brothers) for making this such a relaxed, pleasant and enjoyable holiday!!

Generic Image Testimonial
Elfin Loh 26.12.2016

My family of 3 together with 8 others just came back from our tour. We all agreed and felt this was the best tour package we taken (and many of us were seasoned holiday travellers).

The hotel accommodation at Intercontinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise and Sofitel Chengdu Taihe hotel were especially comfortable; plus most of our meals were of great quality in terms of standard and taste.

Our Chengdu local tour guide was 田伟(we call him 小田), we are very impressed by him of the following:-

1. his knowledge of the places were superb;

2. he took care of all the minute details to Ensure we knew what to do and what to wear throughout the 8 days;

3. he pre-requested for heater in each of our jiuzhaigou hotel room, and heat pad on all our beds in Venie hotel at Leshan.

4. he went out of his way to give a surprise birthday celebration for an uncle in the group by arranging for cake and wine at a restaurant;

5. he prepared and gave each guests a big apple 🍎 in heart-shaped gift box on Christmas Eve to wish us peace on 平安夜;

6. on our way to Mt Emei which was especially difficult due to icy slippery steps and he helped with putting on and taking out the metal spikes below our shoes several time throughout the Mt Emei because of the mid journey to take the cable car where the metal spikes were not allowed.

7. He even gave praises to our first coach driver and acknowledged how the driver took special care to slow down at the many sharp turns on the difficult drive to and fro jiuchaigou mountainous trip.

Overall, we felt 小田truly had made our holiday trip special and memorable. Thanks to his professional dedication and passion to serve his guests.

Thanks to Chan Brothers.... we highly recommend this tour to everybody indeed.

Generic Image Testimonial
YL, SY, LL, YK 10.12.2016

Recently we’ve joined your 10D 7N Switzerland at Leisure (11EU10L) led by Mr Laurence Lim.

We find him a very experienced Tour Manager.  We are very pleased with his services and attention given to us throughout the trip.

He will never let us felt bored especially when we are on a long bus ride.  He will explained to us the history and happenings of the places that we are going to visit (his knowledge of history is good) with additions to his jokes, etc. He’ll also plan ahead for the next day departure to avoid rushing for time daily.

To conclude, we are very happy with this interesting and relaxing trip.  We will definitely put Chan Brothers Travel on our priority list for 2017 tour with relatives/friends.

Generic Image Testimonial
Carine Ang and Kevin Tea 09.12.2016

Dear management of Chan brothers,

My Husband and I were on the 16 days trip to Europe from 22 Nov led by tour manager Edmund Wong,

It's my first time to Europe and we are glad that we have travelled with Chan brothers. Itinerary is comprehensive with visits to key iconic places and meals provided at most of the places are deliciously good.

Above all, we would like to complement Edmund. Without his diligence and detailed planning, we would be delayed by the traffic jams. He is well versed with the road conditions and was quick to make alternative arrangement for unexpected circumstances so that it would not jeopardise the itinerary. He takes good care of his tour group - making sure we are safe from pickpockets, enjoyed great food and shared with us history and knowledge of the place we visit.

One suggestion that we have for the program manager are the hotels. Some of this were in the outskirts with no shopping and amenities nearby e.g. Ardeatina park in Rome and hotel west Florence. it would be better if there are as u know Singaporeans prefer convenience n shopping.

It's has been a great experience which we would not hesitate to share with our friends n relatives.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ong Wee Peng & Family12.12.2016


Thanks for reaching out to me for my feedback via this email.

I would like to thank Chan Brothers once again for another wonderful family holidays that we had with your company.

The pre-tour admin experience was good where we had hassle free tour booking and payment. The tour briefing was generally good although personally I would prefer a smaller group briefing rather than mass. My view is that a smaller group would allow me to know who are my tour mates prior to departure as well as for us to have a dialogue rather than monologue.

My family and I would like to give special commendation to our local tour manager, Ms Alice Hwang. Although this was our 3rd trip to Korea, she was very courteous throughout the whole tour and she filled us with good insights to Korea's tradition and culture. There were new information about this great country which we have not discovered previously. We were also introduced to many local delicacies. We certainly had our fill! She personally ensured that all our hotel rooms were well equipped through the inspection of our rooms upon every check-in.

I would like to congratulate Chan Brothers for having a good local tour agency to ensure that our holidays was a memorable one. I always enjoy travelling with Chan Brothers and I look forward to my family holidays with you next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in Chan!

Generic Image Testimonial
Evon 13.12.2016

Hi there

On behalf of my parents, I would like to feedback that they have truly enjoyed their trip to Taiwan last week with their tour guide, Ms Alison Teoh. 

I am very pleased with the service provided as my parents have been on several tours and this is the first time they have actually requested for me to write in to compliment on a tour. They are extremely satisfied with Alison's positive attitude and enthusiasm in answering their enquiries and resolving any issues that they encountered along the way. I do hope Chan Brothers can pass on this message to her as well as her superior. 

Good job done by Alison and thank you Chan Brothers. 

Generic Image Testimonial
Pearl Hong 03.12.2016



Generic Image Testimonial
Yvonne Chong 06.12.2016


Our tour leader Ms Angie Ng did distribute hard copy feedback forms to all tour members & we have submitted.

Anyway, just to mention here that my family enjoyed this 8days Melbourne-Sydney trip very much. Angie was very experienced hence things went smoothly & schedules to all places of attractions were timely. She has good knowledge of the places of attractions, and very patient, caring and approachable. It was very challenging for her to take special care of the 88yr old couple traveling on their own and yet managing well on all matters for the group. She was simply fantastic. We look forward to having her as our tour leader for future trips.

Tour members were friendly, helpful and cooperative. It makes the whole trip very pleasant.

Thanks to Chan Brothers for such good arrangement and experience. Itinerary wise, good coverage of the places of interest.

Generic Image Testimonial
Annie Soh 03.12.2016


Good Evening

We have just returned from our Kyushu trip and this is my 3rd time choose Chan Brother tour package~~

I’m very satisfied with the service provide by the tour guide, tour leader and driver.

Billy is a very experienced guide, during the journey he shared with us his experiences dealing with people and his life experiences and we really enjoyed it till some of the tour mate fell asleep. =)

He is very knowledgeable of all parts of japan and ensured the tour is safe and comfortable at all times. He never failed to make us laugh with his humour on jokes.

Steven, the tour leader was very caring and professional and he always goes around helping us to take pictures. During one spot, we have to walk about 40min pathway before we could reach the destination. He took extra care to hold/support one of our tour mate (Old Granny) as there’s a lot of steps and slope. He always offered to guide the granny and her family to prevent getting lost with the main group.

Wakiyama San, driving us safely from place to place,slowing down for us to take pictures at times. He was helpful, always the first person to alight to put a metal step and ensure us alight safely. When boarding the bus, he alway's there to greet and welcome us back.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one tour guide (Don Hu) which I joined the Hokkaido trip 2 years ago. A helpful, sincere, thoughtful and knowledgeable guide. He even went extra mile to courier our box to Tokyo and we are grateful for his kind gesture.

Lastly, We will definitely recommend friends and relatives about Chan Brother Travel and looking forward to travel with your company yearly~~

Generic Image Testimonial
Amanda Woo 09.12.2016

Enjoyable trip with a good range of activities available. Got to experience the Northen Lights, snow and sub-zero temperatures, and husky sledding. Tour Manager Wen Jie also took care of us and was very accommodating and friendly.

Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle & Clare Chong 10.12.2016

Good afternoon to Chan brothers management

Me and my Sister, Michelle and Clare chong has just returned from the 7 days family Fantasia packaged tour to Taiwan.

We would like to say thank you to both Wan Yee and Johnny Lim for their excellent service rendered to us in this trip.

First, talking about Wan Yee, not only she provide detail info to us in our clarifications b4 sign up for the tour, her explanation is very clear. She is very patient and even offer us alternate options. Her initiative in subsequent follow up is also highly commendable.

As for Mr Johnny Lim, who is our tour leader for this trip (our gp is purple), also provide excellent service to us. He is very detailed, structured in his assistance with the arrangement of the meals, sightseeing and accommodation. For eg in the hotel arrangement, he provided each family a info sheet, with details on the room no for the tour guide & tour leader, also provide, whether got wifi in the room, wake up call time and breakfast Start time etc. This info sheet provides detail info to us without the need to seek further clarification. In addition, during dining in restaurant, he prepared a table signage with the group number stated clearly so that the family knows exactly where to sit. From this 2 pt, we can see he is very systemic and a very experienced leader. Finally, as he is aware of my Sister's medical condition, he will try to make the arrangement for us to sit near to the lavatory on the plane.

His leadership in this tour is extremely commendable and with the high service level provided, we were able to enjoy this trip even more.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Chris Soh 11.12.2016

I would like to compliment your fellow staff, SK Heah as our tour leader during our Yunnan trip. She is very dedicated and always there for your needs. I have a toddler and she will always be there to catch him from the steep steps of the back door of the coach at each destination. She took her initiative to provide sachets of milo just in case my toddler could not adapt to the local food. When I told her my toddler vomitted due to cough in the middle of night, she immediately handed over two sachets of herbal tea for his cough. She even offered her help to babysit him so that I can enjoy the sightseeings. In addition, when my both sons had high atitude sickness, she showed her concern and acted decisively to ask us to descent the mountain fast to relieve his pain. On the plane back home, my elder son suddenly had nose bleeding, she was there to show her concern and help. Upon reaching changi airport, we had forgotten our two bags at the baggage collection area while we had headed to our maxicab at coach carpark. It was her call that had made us realised that we had missed our two bags. She was sharp and observant. She quickly brought the bags over and met us near to the carpark. Her dedication to keep her guests and belongings safe and sound throughout the trip even at Singapore touched my family's hearts and she always kept her promise and answered to my needs and questions. We would like to thank her for all her efforts througout the trip.

Generic Image Testimonial
Jan 21.11.2016


I recently made an enquiry on one of your tour packages via online live chat. Your staff Ms Arianna was very helpful and very patient and provided me with all information I need.

She was also really fast in replying me and did not keep me waiting on the line at all, which could be very annoying and frustrating! However, she did not and that really made it very pleasant and enjoyable chatting with her!

I like to commend on her work and attitude and hope she will continue to keep up her excellent service and other staff will follow also! Thumbs up for her attitude n service!

Thank You Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Lau Kim Hai 15.11.2016

We just completed a recent Tour with your company to Spain & Portugal. I write to compliment your good selection of itineraries and hotels. The breakfasts were great and so was the Spanish Pig's lunch. Above that, the Tour Manager Jeffrey Fong has been a blessing to all of us. He is able to gel the group as one that we had so much fun together. He is caring and is constantly ensuring all of us are safe at all times, including our possessions. We had Elderly & young ones in our group, he will go out of his way to ensure all their needs are taken care (e.g. pram ready). Nothing is left to chance.

On long haul journey to the next city, he kept us occupied with his jokes & draw participation from everyone with his sing-along session. We had good fun with him, and the entire group were kept entertained throughout the trip. Thanks to Jeffrey & your company for making our holiday a wonderful and memorable one.

Thank You Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Pearl & Paul 20.11.2016

Hi Mr Chan,

I would like to compliment tour manager Laurence Lim for his exceptional service and guidance throughout our whole trip.

For us first-timers travelling to Europe, we did not know much about the countries and things to take note of while travelling within these countries. We are very thankful for all the tips and safety precautions which Laurence shared eg. the different ruse gypsies would use to steal our belongings.

Also, Laurence was a great help because Paul fainted and Laurence applied pressure on his acupoints so that he would regain consciousness. I would not know what to do without Laurence's help.

Laurence came across as a very experienced travel guide who possesses an impressive amount of knowledge and we all, not just us, but the whole travel group, thoroughly enjoyed the trip -- knowing more about the history of monuments and places and even helping us when we wanted to go to places to buy designer bags and souvenirs.

Laurence is a gem of a tour manager and a great asset to Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
James Lee 23.11.2016

Dear Sir

My wife and I joined your company’s tour group to Switzerland from 21st to 29th October 2016.

We found the itinerary well planned, hotel accommodation and meals satisfactory.

We were very impressed by the knowledge and service of your Senior Travel Advisor Mr Patrick Ong. Not only did he known the places well, he also informed us of the history of famous people and major events relating to the places which we visited.

Mr Ong briefed us clearly in advance of the following day’s itinerary and he always ensured that our meals were properly taken care of. We found Mr Ong highly efficient in his work and maintained a high standard of responsibility as a tour manager. The tour members’ safety was always his main concern.

I also wish to mention that the lady driver of our coach named Prisca is a very courteous and good driver. My wife and I enjoyed the tour very much.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mok Wai Kei 25.11.2016

Dear Chan Brothers Travel

Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that I would like to commend Beverly (webchat for cruises), for all the help, being patient and seamless booking procedures she has offered for booking my last min cruise trip (I bugged her almost everyday during the last week for this).

Many thanks once again, and appreciate all she has done. I will probably be back soon to book my next trip with Chan Brothers!

Generic Image Testimonial
David Lee 14.11.2016

Thank you for this 7D5N Fabulous Hokkaido Tour with my wife n 2 friends we truly enjoyed this trip. From the scenery, hotels n meals are truly awesome. Everything was well organized and executed. We special like to thank our tour leader Mr. Lai for taking care of us throughout the tour. Very professional, caring and patient man. Also special thanks to Mr. Henry our tour guide. He is well prepared, friendly n polite. Showing enthusiasm and knowledgeable in Hokkaido region. He made a point going to all our rooms every check in to ensure we are happy with the rooms. Both Mr. Lai n Henry are an asset to Chan Brothers Travel. As for us we concluded that Chan Bros Travel is one of the best travel agency we ever come across. Cheers!

Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Family 14.11.2016


Generic Image Testimonial
Mrs Tan 09.11.2016


On behalf of Tan Family (12 pax), we would like to express our greatest appreciation to John Tan and the local guide, Dong Dong for their fantastic service. They were very systematic and efficient in carrying out their jobs. They helped to check-in/out our luggages in the hotels saving us all the hassle/time waiting. They were very helpful and took very good care of us, eg for carrying our luggages to be checked-in at the Chengdu Airport. Then at Changi Airport, John helped my brother to lodge a claim for his damaged lugguage. Dong Dong is very knowledgeable regarding the ancient history of Chengdu and Sichuan. He is also a great story-teller and a singer who kept us entertained during the long journey.

Please help us convey our heartiest thank you to them again for their excellent service.

In addition, we would like to thank Joe Ng for his excellent service during our booking.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mag 15.11.2016



这是我们第一次游九寨沟,他贴心的为我们20人和另一组22人合租一辆车游整个 九寨沟,让我们舒服的观景。

一路上他会讲笑话和唱歌斗我们乐,但当他讲到历史,他会一本 正经的描述。从这让我深深感到他对这份工作的热爱。

那天我们的车子冻坏了,他赶快的安排另外一辆车载我们去另个目地,他帮忙搬行李箱,搞到外套沾满了灰,司 机贺林也急忙找人来解决车子,时间刚好的接我们上车。

谢谢两位, 让我们的行程安全,开心又难忘。


Generic Image Testimonial
Theresa Ho 13.11.2016

我与朋友参加了曾兄弟-九天九寨沟,峨眉山,乐山之旅,对于你们的服务和旅途上的一切安排感到很满意,在此想借此机会表扬对当地导游(田伟)和司机师傅(钟师傅)的服务表示感激及感谢 。


这次的九寨沟之旅给我们团队留下好的印象,谢谢! 曾兄弟是家名不虚传的旅行社,值得推荐!

Generic Image Testimonial
黄女士 17.11.2016

我是参加8天7 夜,中國成都之旅的黄女士。

我想借此电邮贊揚导游鄧飛(Deng Fei) 和司机楊師傅。





Generic Image Testimonial
Quah Soon Tong 15.11.2016

We just came back from your Eastern Europe tour. The tour was led by Mr Edwin Tan. We are very impressed with the conduct of this tour, especially the professionalism of the tour leader. Edwin was very well-versed in the history behind these countries and shared with us snippets which we find interesting. He was very patient, especially with a few participants who are frequently late.

I would not hesitate to recommend your tour to my friends and I take this opportunity to congratulate you on having such a seasoned and experienced tour leader like Edwin Tan. He is a credit to your organization.

Generic Image Testimonial
Yew CF 01.11.2016

To whom it may concern,
Chanbrothers Travel Pte Ltd

Re:  8 days Hangzhou + Shaoxing + Wuxi + Suzhou +Shanghai + Nanxun ancient town

I would like to feedback on the following for the above mentioned trip.

1.    China local guide – Ms Soon
       -  like her telling the history of the places we went eg: Luxun’s residence and  introducing Hangzhou, Suzhou etc etc
       -  like her kind gestures of advising us what not to buy and what can buy and where to buy or eat

2.    Singapore guide – Ms Elaine
       -  very appreciate her efforts in checking and ensuring that our luggages were collected and loaded in the coach every morning. In the evening, ensuring it is being delivered correctly to our room
     -  after check-in she will drop by each room to enquire are we satisfy with our rooms
      -  she will always standby at the coach exit door to assist us alighting from the coach

3.     Compliment
       - no designated commercial shopping was good. While waiting in the Shanghai airport on our last day 29th Oct, heard 2 ladies complaining NamHo travel no good because of many shopping places they have to go.

4.    Well organised
       - the trip was well organized which I am very pleased. The plastic folder for putting the air ticket and itinerary was good as it prevent crumbling of documents.
      - pre arranged table seating for meals was good as it could prevent any unnecessary unhappiness.
      - numbering according to each family to assist in counting the number of paxs was a good idea to save time and easier for the guide to check that no one is missing.
     -  envelopes with names and amount were given to put our tippings for the guides and driver.

5.    Hand carry bag given
      -  was not in an appropriate size, when carry it will hinder the people behind us due to too long. In this trip, none carry this bag. Those who carried were of different size from ours.

6.   Steam fish dish
      - too many bones, difficult and fearful to eat. Suggest deep fry it and make it a dish of  sweet and sour fish where the bones become crispy and can be eaten.

Overall, the trip was reasonablely good except the weather was quiet wet.

Please kindly convey our appreciations to Ms Elaine for her good works.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Derrick 07 .11.2016

We just returned from the above tour and would like to highlight to you that the local tour guide Mr. Deng Fei has provided us an excellent service.

Mr. Deng Fei is a very acknowledgeable tour guide, his is also very caring and entertaining. He made sure we were served first before he took his meals. He is also a good story teller and kept us entertained all the time.

Now, I have confident even there is no tour leader following us from Singapore. And I will book my next trip with Chan Brother.

Please help us to forward this email to Mr. Deng Fei.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Se Chai 07.11.2016

我和父母一同参与了曾兄弟8D7N 成都九寨沟之旅。 我们的导游是小帅文彬彬的小东,他一路上细心尽责地安排着行程,体恤到每一位客户的需求。小东学识渊博,一路上给我们分享许多对中国历史,文化,和现代社会体制改革的独特见解,让我们在旅游的同时获益匪浅。印象特别深的是他只说到一半的苏东波的一生,我们期待下次相会他把故事给讲完 :) 小东能说会道,唱功一流,为我们的旅途增添不少欢乐。 




Generic Image Testimonial
Andrew Tan 12.11.2016

Good afternoon Chan Brothers, 

It is with my pleasure to inform you that i enjoyed very much during my recent 9D8N JIUZHAIGOU / MT EMEI / LESHAN / HUANLONG TRIP and i would also like to compliment the local tour guide, Miss 韩 for her good service.

The tour guide has displayed professionalism throughout the tour. She was able to explain the historical significance in each of the scenic spots in a very clear and interactive manners. She made insightful explanation time to time and also shared the local customary during the long road journey which i felt was very refreshing. Despite the long gruesome road journey, she displayed high spirits with her vibrant personality which i feel that it is hard thing to find in a tour guide nowadays. She also acted promptly to all our check-ins to the hotels as well as the arrangement of all the meals so that the wait didn't get too long. 

It's heartening to know that Chan brother has good partnership with local travel agency that has such good tour guide which makes the overall of the trip seemed so enjoyable and fun.

Thank You ! 

Generic Image Testimonial
Michelle Seet & Family 03.11.2016

Hi Chan Brothers Team,

Thank you for the well planned tour. Me and my family were very pleased as we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Special compliments to our tour manager, Mr Edmund Wong. He was very professional and responsible from the start to the end of the trip. Edmund went the extra mile to ensure that everything went smoothly for all 17 of us on the tour group. Especially on the last day in Paris (our free day), Edmund took the initiative to make sure that all of us managed to go or see the places we wanted to visit.

I am glad we chose Chan Brothers for this Central Europe tour. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank your excellent team as well as Edmund for making this trip an unforgettable experience! I am considering joining other tours with Edmund in future.

Keep up the good work!

Generic Image Testimonial
Jerrick Chong 01.11.2016


I would like to commend the tour manager Rabil Lian for an excellent work in managing the Eastern Europe tour from 20 Oct to 31 Oct 16. He was very patient and responsible as he leads the older tour members and answers questions very patiently. He's also very knowledgeable about Eastern Europe and always showing a very pleasant and cheerful impression.

If I have the chance, I would like to travel with him again with him managing the tour.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Wang 28.10.2016

Hi, 您好,


34人10天的团在Mr.Steve Soh 的领队下,我们一路顺风、轻松愉快、开开心心地畅游九寨沟和岷江沿途美景品尝当地美食。




总结这次参加旅行团的经验是,Chan Brothers 是家名不虚传,货真价实的旅行社,值得推荐!

Generic Image Testimonial
Sim Fu Liang 25.10.2016

Before I join this tour I was sceptical of the need to put in a tour leader when the group is of a certain size. I was thinking that having that meant more outlay in tips to him. But at the end of this trip I knew I was wrong. Our tour leader (Steve Soh) delivered excellent service and made all the difference in ensuring the trip was enjoyable (in spite of the huge crowds). His experience showed in crucial moments, he promptly tie up any loose ends and ensuring all things moved smoothly.

Full credits must also go to the local tour guide (Bi Yaodong). Very hardworking, he entertains with stories (I love those of Su Tongpo) & singing, making the best of situations (under bad weather or swelling crowds) to get us to the sights without delay.

Aside from the crowds and unpredictable weather, the trip has been wonderful.

Kudos to Chan Bros.

Generic Image Testimonial
Michael Goh 17.10.2016

Hi Chan,

I have a very satisfying trip last 2 weeks.

The package is value for money. And the schedule and destination is perfect!

The overall is 9.5/10.

Lastly i want to thanks to the tour guide Vincent Hiew. He keep making joke and sharing his experience in whole journey.

He is the best tour guide i ever met


Michael Goh Chin Chai

Generic Image Testimonial
May Chun 03.10.2016


Generic Image Testimonial
Mr & Mrs Khoo 01.10.2016


这次是我们俩第五次参加中国旅行团 (其中三次是参加曾兄弟旅行团)。我们非常感谢赵丹导遊的领导和照顾,让我和太太有一个很愉快又难忘的旅程。凭我们的经历,这次四川之旅能够顺利完成绝非偶然。赵导游的付出功不可抹。




丹丹是一个非常細心又有愛心的导游。她常会注意有特殊需求的老年人或有特殊需要的客人。她会吩咐 司机把巴士車開到較易让老年人上下車的侯車处。她也特別照顧一位患有哮喘病且对烟味过敏的客户,总是確保他被分配到非吸烟房。每当涉及到安全問題,丹丹会坚持自己的立场,以安全第一為先來处理問題。例如她堅決反对一位团员攀登上黃龙, 因为这位团员身体不适。

做为一个导游, 丹丹非常友善,平易近人,真誠可靠,知识渊博,还有一个非常開朗的性格。最令人兴奋的是,她对自己的工作充满熱情,我们可以感受到她对工作的熱忱。


Generic Image Testimonial
Mr & Mrs Raymond Ng 01.10.2016

We write to express our complete satisfaction with the tour leader Mr. Patrick Ong.

Every morning, he make an extra effort to be at the dining area before anyone of us to make seating arrangement for us.

Throughout the entire tour, he was exceptionally helpful and caring towards everyone. We can see that he has done his homework well as he gave very detailed explanations and stories to every destination that we go.

We strongly believe that Mr. Patrick will be a great asset to your organisation and we look forward to travel with CHAN BROTHERS TRAVEL and Mr. Patrick in near future.

We appreciate for the efforts that he has made and left us a memorable experience. He truly deserved a pat on the back. To summarise all, “JOB WELL DONE”

Generic Image Testimonial
Puah Be Leah, Tan Poh Tee , Ng Siam Gek , Chua Lian Pong 24.09.2016

致 曾兄弟中国四川成都九寨沟旅游团组人员





每天起早摸黑的为我们整队人奔波勞累,还要唱歌讲故事笑话娱乐大家. 旅店的安排快速不拖延,食物安排也满意. 也从不会浪费时间作无谓的等待.




Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Meng Hong 26.09.2016

Dear Sir / Madam

Recently I and my group of friends had jointed the tour to China-Sichuan /Chengdu with Chan Brother Travel.

I would like to express my experience and compliment to the China tour guide - Zhao Dan ( 赵丹).

I and my group would like to say she is a very professionalism, enthusiasm, skill and helpful person. She is an excellent and knowledgeable to each activities and destinations we went. Our daily traveling is smooth and our schedule perfectly, very relaxing as we don't have to worry anything.

Our group have some elderly person, she really don't mine to help them whenever they need her. We know this is not her job but really she very enthusiasm and courteous tour guide. After this travel with Chan Brother experience, I will highly recommend them to all my other friends and relative planning to Sichuan /Chengdu, must book with Chan Brother travel. I will confidence say that Chan Brother Travel is great and the tour guide will make your trip unforgettable.

We were extremely happy and thank to the China tour guide, we want Zhao Dan ( 赵丹) to be our next destination tour guide again. Hope to see her soon.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr and Mrs Tan Swee Seng 27.09.2016


我和我先生参加了曾兄弟的17/9-24/9 之8天九寨沟峨眉山乐山黄龙之旅,对于你们的服务感到非常满意,尤其是 导游徐晓东, 大家都叫他东东。他对每个团员都照顾得无微不至,无论大小事都弄得妥妥当当,令我们的 旅程可以非常顺利进行到底。

此外他可谓是多才多艺,历史人物甚至诗歌都倒背如流,每天的几个小时车程 全无冷场,讲故事讲笑话唱歌,还能唱我们所熟悉的广东和福建歌。把大家都逗得非常开心。

说真的,我和我先生真的非常幸运, 原本是参加别的旅行社,他们结果不成团,而且是到了2个星期前才 通知我们。

由于我们已经拿了假期,无论如何是要出国的,在无可奈何之下,碰碰运气问了下曾兄弟,幸而 我要的日期还有2个位子,便毫不犹豫地参加了,当时也不知道是否会霉运走到底,是有些担心又遇到不好的 旅行社,皇天不负苦心人,我们幸亏参加了你们的团,还遇到一个这么好的导游东东,让我们感到非常满意和 开心。



Generic Image Testimonial
Mr Darren Oh 26.09.2016

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter as a commendation to Mr Patrick Ong who was our Tour Manager for our recent Europe trip (14D 12N Best of Italy/Swiss/Paris/Amsterdam).

This is the first time we are using Chan Brothers Travel and I can safely say that because of Mr Patrick Ong’s professionalism, we will definitely put your organization as first priority if we were to book another tour in future.

First and foremost, his experience and knowledge of the all the countries was unparalleled. He can recite effortlessly all the historical facts and data and present it in a fun and interesting fashion. We were particularly impressed with his linguistics skills being able to translate seamlessly between English and Chinese.

More importantly, his dedication to all his customers was heart-warming. He was constantly looking out for our well-being and tried tirelessly to create a family atmosphere amongst all the customers. He does not hesitate to run errands for customers like buying dinner and souvenirs when requested to do so.

Mr Patrick Ong was attuned to our needs as Muslims and make sure that every meal, we were given separate table whenever possible. When it is not possible to have separate table, he will make sure to warn us which dishes contain pork.

Overall, we will rate Mr Patrick Ong’s performance as outstanding and hope that your management will take this into consideration when giving his annual review and bonus payout.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Madelene Ng & Family 14.09.2016

I would like to compliment Ms Angie Ng for her excellent service during my Flavours of Melbourne and Sydney trip.

Firstly, Ms Angie Ng was very friendly, helpful, approachable and professional during our trip. She will always help us when we face any issues during the trip. Besides that, to make our long coach ride more enjoyable, she also managed to engage and entertain us with all the history and stories of the different tourist spots.

Secondly, we are very grateful to Ms Angie Ng as she took the initiative to re-arrange the plane seat of the entire tour group when the SIA Mangement did not arrange the seat according to our family. In addition, Ms Angie Ng has also been very helpful and patient in guiding us on how to perform the GST claim from the different counters in the airport. We do appreciate her guidance and help especially when this is our first time visiting Australia.

Overall, my family and I enjoyed this Flavours of Melbourne and Sydney trip and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ms Angie Ng for her excellent services and hard work. We believe Ms Angie Ng will be an asset to the company.

Thank You very much.

Best Regards
Madelene Ng & family

Generic Image Testimonial
Lai Wei Liang 14.09.2016

Dear Chan Brothers,

My family and I would like to convey our compliment towards to the local tour guide named “成鑫, Cheng Xin” and Chan Brother’s tour leader named “Roy” who led our 10 days tour in ShanXi and Inner Mongolia from 02 September to 12 September 2016. They performed exceptionally outstanding and way beyond our expectations throughout the trips covering all areas of hospitalities.

Gauging the professionalism and the positive attitude towards serving its customer with my several tour experiences, local tour guide “Cheng Xin” surpluses all the expectations and were outstanding in her duty. She acceded all requests from the tour members and did her very best to accommodate everyone.

For example, during our trip in Kubuqi desert, most of the tour members took up an activities package to experience various activities in the desert. Till we reached the desert, she was told that one of the activities (冲浪车) was cancelled on that day, she heard our disappointment and work to our surprise to make the activity happen towards the end of the day which are catered just for our group only. Another incident took place at our hotel in Hohhot city, a mis-management by the hotel which delayed the breakfast timing. ChengXin handled the issues very well and comforted all the tour members, as we did not have sufficient time for a good breakfast due to an upcoming long journey to Baotou, Xilamuren Grassland.

Throughout the trip, we were constantly fed with snacks and entertainments, we also received add-on of fruits to our meals at her expenses. Her caring and kindness also led to her consideration whether are we adaptable to the food and stays on the grassland, where eggs, bread and coffee were also given to us through her means. As the group has a lot of senior members with ailments having difficulties in climbing the stairs and long walk, her partnership with the tour leader “Roy” has made the trip a safe and enjoyable ones.

Hence, I believed this is an unforgettable trip for us with lots of warm and outstanding hospitalities from ChengXin and Roy. We wish them all the best in their future and hope to keep in contact.

Thank You.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr & Mrs Oliver Koh 18.08.2016

Dear Sir,

I have been to China umpteen times. I was greatly touched and impressed with the Super Guide I had acquainted with.

Xiao Dong who won the Cheng Du Tour Guide Speaking Competition and his captivating story telling skills

First, he communicates constantly with you and assures to answer any questions you might have regarding the trip.

Secondly, he tries his best to meet the needs of the client's desire for food craving. He walks over 2.5 km to buy a special Leshan Duck and again bought another at Leshan which causes us to salivate.

Thirdly, Xiao dong ensures all the rooms are in good conditions and our bags are well taken care of.

Fourthly, Xiaodong provides wise advise so that we do not need to have a terrible time walking at the Jiu Zai Guo.

Xiaodong is certainly a talented tour guide that your company cannot do without.

I would certainly recommend my family and friends to join Chan Brothers for our further tour

Kudos to you and your staff for the excellent service provided.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr David Koh 18.08.2016

Hi, I am writing this letter is to share my experience of the tour Croatia & Slovenia with FM DJ Chen Biyu departing on 17/08/2016.

First of all I want to thank Edmund Wong our tour leader he is very helpful and efficiency whenever what & when I need something or purchase local products, his experience without hesitation explained to me where and when to get it. He is a caring and amiable leader I have ever met.

Besides that, DJ Biyu also given us an unforgettable and enjoyable holidays in Croatia & Slovenia. She is so cheerful and share her experience and how she became DJ of FM972. Along the journey, she sing,jokes and playing games with us, is good interaction. Overall my wife and me are enjoying of this tour, l hope Chan brothers will organize more celebrities or DJs in the tour in future.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Agnes Kwok 07.08.2016

I would like to compliment tour guide, Sayuri & tour leader, Dorene for their excellent services provided during my trip for 7D @ Hokkaido Japan tour. And also the driver who is very prompt and no problems at all.

I am also impressed with Dorene who will ensure that all the tour members are present before we move to another venue itinerary. I would also like to thank Sayuri once again for the wonderful pictures that she had taken for both my mum & myself.

The trip was an enjoyable one. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends & colleagues to Chan Brothers. And both my mum & myself will definitely join Chan Brothers for our future trips.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Linda Lim 23.07.2016

Thank you Vincent Hiew

I'm writing to give feedback on Chan Brothers' Scandinavia tour, which my daughter and I joined from 4 to 12 July 2016.

Having had poor experiences with package tours in the past, we came with lowered expectations. We are happy to report that we had a wonderful experience with Chan Brothers' tour. We loved the itinerary - everything from the activities to the pace to the timings were thoughtfully planned.

Of course, a good itinerary needs to be executed by a good tour leader. Our tour leader, Vincent Hiew, left us extremely impressed. Vincent was professional, meticulous and detailed - he was always calling ahead to confirm, ensuring everything would go according to plan. He never left anything to the last minute. Therefore, we never had to face any unpleasant surprises.

We felt that Vincent really went the extra mile and showed a lot of dedication to his work, for example, my daughter requested a vegetarian meal plan and he never failed to check in on her, making sure she was well catered for.

He shared many entertaining tales and invaluable travel tips from his personal experience, and did a lot of extra admin just to make sure we are comfortable, such as doing online check-in early to ensure that families were seated together on the plane.

He also briefed us extensively and in some cases, multiple times, especially when the itinerary involves a potentially confusing situation e.g; large crowds. We felt well prepared and safe under his care.

Having travelled with and observed other tour leaders, we feel that Vincent is an outstanding tour leader. Even though we did not stay at 5-star hotels, it felt like we had a dedicated concierge taking care of our every need. As customers returning to the world of package tours for the first time in 15 years, we could not have asked for a better experience. For that, we would like to thank Chan Brothers and especially Vincent.

Generic Image Testimonial
Dhanesh 27.07.2016

Would like to commend that your staff, Mr Sherman Chan did a fantastic job in helping us organize our holiday in New Zealand. We opted for free and easy and would like to stress that Sherman went all out in giving his best suggestions and at helping us find the best places to visit. Also, he took the initiative to give us travel tips and advises on what to look out for during our stay there. Both myself and my wife are especially happy with the way Sherman handled the whole booking and have lots of beautiful memories of New Zealand thanks to Sherman! Although the last minute booking, he was efficient and fast to respond! We had a memorable trip and would definitely look forward to being served by Sherman again in future!

Generic Image Testimonial
Lim Hong Choo 02.08.2016

Just returned early this morning from a 7D6N Fabulous Hokkaido Tour by Chan Brothers Travel.

Our Local Tour Manager was Ms Kiki Khoo. I would like to commend her for being thoughtful and helpful especially towards my 85 yrs old mum (eg. she offered to keep my mum company at times when needed). She also managed to fulfill our special request for proper beds for my family (for elderly and medical reasons) instead of sleeping on tatami. She also assigned our rooms near the lift lobby so that my mum does not have to walk too far which we really appreciate.

Our Hokkaido Tour Guide was Mr Seki whom I would like to highly commend. He is very eloquent, knowledgeable and has a good sense of humour which made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable throughout our trip. He was also very helpful and ensured that our needs were taken care of during the trip (eg. he helped to arranged for an electrical fan for us when the hotel aircon was not cold enough)

My family's overall experience was good except for the wet weather during our first 2 days and the air-conditioning system of several hotels which we have stayed.

Suggestion: As Singapore's climate is hot and humid, we are all used to work or sleep in cool environment/room. Hence, it would be good to check and ensure that the Hotel's Air-Conditioning System is working properly and is able bring the room temperature down to a comfortable level of around 22 to 24 Degree Celsius. If not, an electrical fan must be provided for all rooms.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate Chan Brothers Travel for being able to provide us with an enjoyable holiday with the help your capable and hardworking Local Tour Manager, Ms Kiki Khoo and Hokkaido Tour Guide, Seki. Not forgetting our Coach Captain/Driver who provided us with smooth and safe travel throughout the trip.

Thank you.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mary Tan 19.07.2016

The trip is very scenic, relax and credit goes to Vincent Hiew for his excellent services.

Below is the detail…


• We were entertained with very nice music, thanks to Vincent’s mum special collections.
• Vincent requested that we changed our seats so that people behind will have a chance to sit in front.
• There were sufficient toilet breaks during the long coach rides with some “shopping” in between.
• The coach was always there after our sight-seeing so that we could board immediately.

• Families and friends were always grouped together - air plane seats/hotel rooms/dining tables etc.
• We were informed where to change currencies and where to buy food for lunch.

• Every evening after we checked into our hotel rooms, Vincent stayed a while in the lobby in case there were complaints about the hotel rooms and he could rectify immediately.
• We received some morning calls personally from him.

Time Management
• Vincent is organised and he has good time management skill. He managed to get 39 of us to leave on time for our daily tour.
• He had covered all the places listed in the itinerary.

• Vincent gave us weather forecast for the following day so that we could dress appropriately for the weather. He told us to keep ourselves warm and not to get sick.
• Daily Vincent reminded us about our safety and to take good care of our money and passport in our bags.
• He advised us on ideal spot for the best photo shot.
• He provided us snacks and chilli sauce for the meal, knowing that some of us cannot eat without chilli.
• He showed us his appreciation by saying “thank you” a few times for our co-operation and punctuality.
• He helped us to fill up the tax claim forms at Denmark Airport before our departure.

Thanks to Vincent, I have enjoyed my Scandinavia vacation and there will be more future travelling trips with your company as you have great tour managers.

I will definitely recommend my relatives and friends to join Chan Bros Travel.

Your customers are your “walking advertisements”.

Generic Image Testimonial
Pamela and Paul Yong 16.07.2016

Hi Chan brothers!! My husband n I have signed up for the budget 10D7N Europe highlights. And now we have realised how awesome it was to go on guided tour as no time was wasted on travelling from place to place. We get to see n understand the different country cultire n history... we get to eat the excellent food each country have... we get very delighted n excited to every destination with your experienced tour guide Betty Ho... it changes our mind to go on free n easy in future! We are looking forward to our next trip with you guys again soon!! Thank you so much for our great holiday trusted in your hands and keep up the great work! Best regards... Pamela and Paul Low

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr & Mrs Heng Soo Koon 11.07.2016

我们夫妇俩参加了 贵公司的10天7晚瑞士休闲游。在简介会(briefing session)被通知,在出发前几天,领队会与我们联系,我们并没有把这件事放在心上,以为这只不过是说说而已。哪知道在出发前五天(领队 Edmund Wong 把行程中的一些重要资料用简讯传给我们,之后还拨电话,大约用了十分钟的时间,详细的再把行程所应注意的事项告诉我们。这是我们生平中第一次有这样的经历!觉得这项服务很好, 能让参加旅游者作充分的准备。贵公司应继续维持这项服务。

这次由领队 Edmund Wong 带领的10天7晚瑞士休闲游,是我们夫妇参加许多旅游中最满意的一次。就是住宿、食物、巴士和司机的素质都不错,但最主要的原因乃是领队 Edmund Wong,对我们来说,他是“最棒”的领队。

为什么我们说 Edmund Wong 是“最棒”的领队?以下几点就是说明他是“最棒”的理由:



团队里有几位 “要求多多” 和 “不守时间” 的团员,他都是以积极的态度为他们解决问题。有好几次他自己去找那些迟到者,也很婉转的请他们要守时。这些我们都看在眼里,真佩服他有这样的耐性。




总结:Edmund Wong 是一位敬业乐业的领队。赞 !

最后,我们要谢谢 贵公司为我们安排了一位这么棒的领队,我们更期盼 贵公司能栽培更多类似 Edmund Wong 这样素质的领队,让参加者对 贵公司充满信心。贵公司将是我们将来出国旅游的首选。

祝 贵公司

生意兴隆、 人才辈出、 服务更佳。

Generic Image Testimonial
Regina 11.07.2016

My parents and I would like to extend our thanks and compliments to Tour Manager Dave Tan for his dedication and excellent service during the entire period of our 13D10N East USA and Canada Discovery Tour.

I would like to bring to light one such incident where Dave went out of his way to extend his help and service. During our check-in at New York International Airport for our flight back to Singapore, Qatar airways counter staff had messed up the seating arrangements for a few of the families. Despite having seats assigned to us as shown in the e-ticket where my parents and I were sitted together, the airline had separated us without a valid reason. The airline staff were insistent that there was nothing they could do. In order to aid us in the seating arrangements, Dave had waited at the check-in desk for a resolution patiently. With the airline being unable to provide a solution, Dave took the initiative to re - shuffle the seating among the entire tour group in order for my family and the other 2 families to be sitted together. He was even willing to exchange his seat with my dad so that our family would not be separated.

His dedication and excellent service as a tour manager has allowed us to enjoy our tour package to the maximum. With Chan Brothers' employing such dedicated tour managers, we would definitely return back for more tour packages in the future.

Generic Image Testimonial
Dawn Tan 02.07.2016

Hi there,

Re : 12D 9N Eastern Europe On behalf of my friends, I just wanted to drop a note to express our gratitude and appreciation to Elaine Tan who was the Tour Manager for our group.

Elaine is one of the most knowledgeable tour guide we have ever encountered. We have learned a lot from her history lessons and she has provided great insights to these beautiful cities.

Unfortunately the trip ended just not the way we have expected. When we landed in Istanbul, the airport was under terrorists attack. During the whole time, Elaine was trying to reassure and calm us down. She would settle us down before running about to find out where we should be going. It was an extremely chaotic situation. Not forgetting we have a 82 year old Ah Ma in our group. Finally we were driven to a hotel where we could get some rest. Poor Elaine had literally no rest and had to head back to the airport to find out the next flight out. Thankfully she managed to book us all on the flight next day and we were able to go home to our families. It was not easy as there were hiccups even at the eleventh hour when two of our group members got bumped off the list and were on standby. It was such a nightmare...when we thought the worsts were over.

We are very impressed by Elaine's professionalism and her commitment to her job and ensuring that everyone is safe, even if it means putting herself at risk. We can't thank Elaine enough and will forever be grateful to her.

Chan Brothers is extremely lucky to have an employee like Elaine. She is a great ambassador and have represented Chan Brothers honourably. We are very lucky to have her as our Tour Manager. She's simply the best and I hope this message gets to be shared with her. Maybe Chan Brothers should have an exemplary award or recognition for Elaine! In our opinions she has got gone far and above our expectations during the crisis.

We are happy to be contacted for any clarifications. Thank you.

Chun Shien 11.06.2016

It was indeed an enjoyable holiday with Chan Brothers Travel for our trip 7D5N to Gold Coast with Dolphin Experience. Our Tour Leader Joe Gwee really impressed me beyond his call of duty. Going out of the extra miles to help all the tour members (20pax) to fill up the immigration card, this would save us the hassle of filling up ourselves, and making our job so easy to sign and make some declaration and input our designation especially when we are travelling with 2 young kids. Upon arrival in Brisbane Airport, after clearing the immigration, to my surprise, Joe assisted his tour members to retrieve all the luggage one by one by himself when some of the tour members are still queuing up to clear immigration.

He really ensure all our tour members are well taken care of throughout the trip. Eg: Helping us to get towels at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort so that we will not catch a cold after experiencing Hand-feeding of wild dolphins. Be our camera man, ensuring meals are served for each and everyone, helping us to safe-keep the photos taken when some of the tour members bag cant fit while they can proceed to enjoy themselves at the Movie World, Dreamworld and etc.

Really cant thank him enough and Joe DESERVES to be recognized for his dedication to our tour group and going extra miles beyond his call of duty.

To add on, we joined Chan Brothers Travel 12years ago for our pre-honeymoon to Gold Coast and 12 years later, we decided to bring the children back to Gold Coast to have fun and had chosen Chan Brothers Travel. Would like to commend Joe and Chan Brothers Travel did not disappoint us with the service and really glad to have Joe as our Tour Leader for this trip.

Not forgetting to commend Yong Zheng who had served me on my 1st trip down the office to make enquires before discussing with my wife. He is so friendly, knowledgeable and giving me valuable advises for places to go for my 2 young children. Patrick Ong who served me during my confirmation of booking also deserves to be recognized for his friendliness, approachable and valuable advises given to us.

Keep up the good job and I will spread the words and return again!

Uncle Tan HS 09.06.2016

Please allow me to thanks and am proud to see your tour manager (Joe) and advisors at China Division have always maintained their friendliness and professional service culture, both counter and phone (even if I can’t reach Joseph Lam) as well as pre-departure briefing etc.

First and foremost, let me thanks our 9D7N tour leader William who was cheerful and migrated very well with all level (age) of tour members, especially paid more attention and care to 83 years old Mr Quek who travelled alone. He (together with local guide Mr. Deng Wen Chao) had also handle well on the “soap saga” (no quite sure the whole picture) and relocation of hotel accommodation in the last second day.

In fact, Rosedale Hotel was a good choice as it has the basic shopping and foods outlets nearby, easy access to metro station which especially convenience for me with some planned events or others who preferred F&E in the last two days for this tour package.

Yes. My 21st trips to China. I and my travel-mate initially wanted to visit Fujian Tulou but it did not work out. Thank God and we were lucky to notify Mr Joseph Lam on our concern and as usual, he tried to understand our (customer’s) need, shared and recommended this NEW package “Canton in Depth” to us. He also noted and cared our special request particularly the two free days and alerted tour leader to update me any last minute change of accommodation so we can adjust accordingly. A truly and good example of eyes for (customer’s) details. We always placed Chan Brothers the first choice for China tour package, not only of your good product, but most important of your great customer service tour advisors like Mr Joseph.

Once again, MANY THANKS to him for another great recommendation and the “JOSEPH” Excellent Service!! Note (I wrote last year): “JOSEPH” = Joyous in his duty; On time on request of travel details ; Superior in Customer ; Excellent in details ; Professional travel knowledge ; Hospitality in service attitude

Sara Tiu 15.06.2016

It has been a great pleasure for me and my family to join the Guilin trip. Special thanks and appreciation goes to Ms Elsie Tang ( The Tour Leader ),Ms Ji Fang ( The Chinese tour guide) and driver Mr Kang.

They are a great team serving the entire tour group with their best customer service skill, very patience and have great consideration taking care of the elderly travellers. My mother who is weak in physical movement has received tender care from Ms Elsie especially, while Ms Ji Fang shared lot of good information about Chinese history and culture which helped the tour experiences more effective & knowledgeable. The excellent driving skill of Mr Kang make the entire 8 days journey comfortable and safe.

Needless to say, the entire 8 days tour was like a big family gathering as all the tour members were cooperative and caring to each other under the wings of the 3 great Chan brother staff excellence guide. Last but not least, the video clip prepared by Elsie is a valuable souvenir for us ( 无价之宝). My family and I will certainly look forward for another family trip organize by Chan Brothers.

Goh Geok Lian 13.06.2016

6 Days Beijing Tour with Chef Eric (7-12 June) Re: Letter of Commendation (Tour Guides - Richard & 何光)

Dear Sir/Madam

I refer to the above tour which was just completed this weekend.

My family and I would like to commend our tour guides Richard and 何光 for their dedication during the trip.

We travel as a family of 6, with the youngest being my 6 year old daughter, and the oldest my 93 year old grandmother. As you can imagine, our needs are varied. Throughout the trip, both guides took effort to ensure that everybody in our group is comfortable and we are taken care of.

When our 93 year old grandmother had a mishap at the hotel, Richard spent his after hours accompanying us to the hospital, while 何光 kept a lookout for my children and their grandfather.

We applaud them for their dedication and their thoughtfulness made the experience less unpleasant for us.

Please convey our heartfelt thanks to the two of them. We wish them the very best.

Mr & Mrs Khoo 23.06.2016

I would like to feedback on the tour guide, Mr Lawrence assigned to this tour. Mr parents would like to compliment him for the good services shown throughout the trip. He is very knowledgeable about the places of interest and he can explain very clearly and concisely to them which enhance their appreciation of the history and arts of the places they have visited. According to my parents, he has exhibited immense patience and attention to members of the tour and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs help.

I personally would like to thank him for the attention and assistance he has rendered to my parents (senior old folks) during the trip. He has assisted them in completion of the various tax forms and explained the tax systems and assist them in the vat refund. He can advise the star buys with discounts at the different locations. This has spared my parents tremendous effort to browse and hop around the shops.

My parents felt so happy and at ease throughout the whole trip and they truly enjoyed themselves throughout the whole trip despite the cultural and food differences. Mr Lawrence is able to explain and convince them to overcome the different cultural/food differences.

I have strongly insisted for my parents to book the guided tour to Switzerland with Chan Brothers instead of any other agencies despite there is price difference. I have explained to them Chan Brothers has deployed experienced and knowledgeable tour guides to guide them and make their tour a breeze and enjoyable. With reference to this good feedback from my parents, this has strongly reinforced my good opinion of Chan Brothers tours and prove to me that I am making the right choice!

I hope you as a Company is able to provide some form of commendation to Mr Lawrence for his good performance as he has assisted to uplift the reputation and spirit of Chan Brothers tours!

CF Chum 20.06.2016

Hi to all,

Just came back from a 11D8N Italy Romance tour lead by ms Vivian last night. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly and would like to register our note of appreciation here.

"True, everyone misses home as we touch down at Changi airport last evening. Safe & sound without the incessant reminders of being pick pocketed in Italy. A note of appreciation to tour leader , petite Vivian for a job well done in leading the group to Italy. Gained invaluable history lessons with her immense knowlege of the places we visited . And enjoyed the historical sites that Italy offered and soaked in the beautiful picturesque country sites .

And yes we really miss our local delights ; too many pastas for the past ten days . Hahaha. I m heading out soon for my local breakfast. I miss the Hokkien mee & kwaychap. Ciao ."

Michael Chong 20.06.2016

Hi Chanbrothers,

Thanks for arranging Ricky Tiang to be our tour guide for Europe tour. This was our first trip to Europe and to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

Knowing the fact that group tour can be tiring when moving places to places, but Ricky has made the tour fun and relax. He will entertain us with jokes. Is concern of our well_being whether do we eat well or ahave enough clothings to keep warm. Introduce nice food and places to visit when we are on our own. Never failed to keep us in his mind from point to point. Making the effort to know individual family (was suprised that we having 2 kids at home) and meet their needs.

Me and my wife are honour to have him with us for this 12days trip and a precious asset for Chanbrothers.

Leslie Tan 19.06.2016

Dear Chan Brothers,

I will like to thanks Chan Brothers for providing a stress-free honeymoon holiday for my wife and I to the 14Days12Night Best of Italy, Switzerland, Paris and Amsterdam.

I will also like to highlight one particular person in the trip. He's none other than our Tour Manager - Mr Patrick Ong. Mr Ong, have lived up to the highest accredited standard that Chan Brothers have set for years.

Despite the 12hrs flight delay on the day of departure, Mr Ong display a calm, professional tour manager seeking the earliest flight out to Rome. And once, we touched down in Rome, he still carry on that bursting energy for our Day2 city tour. Without showing any sign of tiredness in him. Kudos Mr Patrick!!!

I will also like to highlight that, Mr Ong have exceed his role as our Tour manager cum Tour guide. Some of his explanation during the trip is better than the local tour guide. His well vest of product knowledge is tip-top. And, the way he used the Whisper Set is top class, warning us Pickpocket and Gypsy making sure we have a safe and sound trip throughout the 14Days.

Lastly, Mr Ong is willingly to go the extra mile for my wife and I. I still remember that on the 2nd day of our 'Free & Easy' @ Paris. Mr Ong, offer the help to carry our extra luggage back to the hotel and even offer to wait for us to be back from the 'Can Can Cabaret show' such Tour manager is rare now!

To end, thank you Mr Ong for providing a memorable honeymoon trip for my wife and I. Will definitely sign-up with Chan Brothers again for future long-haul trip.

WELL DONE, Mr Patrick Ong!!!

Tham Yun Bing 24.06.2016

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing in to compliment Dave for his wonderful service during my 8-day trip to Hokkaido from 13 to 21 June. He had been very helpful throughout the entire trip in taking photographs for us and ensuring our safety. I observed that whenever we reached a destination, he would be the first one to get down the bus to assist the less mobile and he would always linger at the back of the group to ensure that no one got lost. He had also been very helpful in answering our questions and despite our large numbers, he had an organised system in helping us check in.

I also have to commend his excellent working relationship with our tour guide, Shallen, in making our trip as enjoyable as possible. Shallen is an excellent guide, very engaging, humorous and knowledgeable. She made extra stops for us to know more about the country. For example, she made a stop along a waterfall during one of the days to compensate for the postponement of our cruise at Shiretoko Nature Park due to wet weather. She also assured us that she would arrange for the cruise the next morning and repeatedly apologised for the any inconvenience caused. Not only that, despite the addition of the cruise the next day, we still managed to cover all our destinations.

Please thank Dave, Shallen and the bus driver on our behalf once more. They made the trip not only an enjoyable, but also a safe one.

Tony Goh 16.06.2016

Dear Sir / Madam

We refer to your completing the feedback questionaire which we have not hand out to your tour guide, as such we would like to give our feedbacks as follows:

Your Japan tour leader, Mr Don Hu has done a excellent job my providing fantastic services to all 7 days in Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Monbetsu, Abashiri, Shiretoko. Akan National Park and Value Plus

He got excellent knowledge,service, efficiency, responsibility by providing to all accommodation, facilities, comfort, airports, hotels, and at restaurant dinner to ensure that all meals are served to everyone before leaving us for his meal.

The local tour guide, Ms Cherrie Ng is very helpful in guiding us throughout the tour.

The bus driver is also provided excellent job by driving with dliligent care and patience.

Your Tour bus is best looking among the rest of tour company in Japan with Chan Brothers Logo which we will not miss boarding the bus.

The hotels and meals provided throughout the tour were fanstastic.

We enjoyed throughout the tours, and would fully recommend to all our friends and relative to join Chan Brothers Tour.

Not forgetting the gifts received, surprisingly that the puff and wet tissues can, printed with Chan Brothers Logo

Checking to airport and hotels are well served by both tour guides

Even we are guided to the shopping areas requested during our free day, which is well appreciated.

Three Cheers to Chan Brothers Travel

Yvonne Ong 24.06.2016


I would like to place on record my heartfelt appreciation for the staff from Chan Brothers and BK Travel Korea who have made my recent travel to Korea a very pleasant and memorable one. I travelled with Chan Brothers Tours on an 8D7N Grandeur Tour from 10/6 to 17/6.

Miss Cathryn from Chan Brothers Travel provided commendable service from first assisting me to evaluate against the various options (my first travel to Korea) to changing my tour group due to insufficient take-up to following up with my concerns prior to travel. She has been most patient and approachable, although I took a long time to deliberate over the options.

I suppose what made the biggest positive difference to my trip was the local Korean guide we had from BK Travels Korea. I must commend him for being one of the best guides I had in all my travels! Mr Liu Chih Hsun takes pride in his work, and takes very good care of his tour group members. He goes beyond the extra mile to make arrangements to meet our needs. I am very appreciative when he helped me make contact for me to meet up with my Korean friend. Mr Liu is charismatic and personable. Well-informed, he shared very freely his knowledge and learning from his years of experience and meeting with people all over the world. I must say I have learnt a lot from him over the 8 days we were together. There was never a boring and dull moment in the coach with him. I have plans to go back to Korea in the near future, and should I travel with a group, I pray I will get a local guide as excellent as Mr Liu.

Miss Cathryn and Mr Liu are definitely assets to your organisations! Once again, I would like to thank them for their value-added and above expectations service.

Zheng Kai Wen 05.06.2016

My wife and I returned from an amazing and memorable trip in New Zealand. Every event went smoothly as advised. We would like to extend our gratitude to both Sherman Chan and Beverly Yeo for their kind and professional assistance rendered in this itinerary arrangement. We were very satisfied with their service. Thank you.

Gerald Yeo 13.06.2016


Firstly, pardon me as I was not able to find the email address for feedback, please help forward this to the right department.

Have just returned from a free & easy trip in Seoul/Jeju. My family unanimously agrees that it is definitely one of the best experiences ever, if not the best. The places and people of South Korea definitely played a huge part. But I need to acknowledge that it is also the remarkable service and satisfying experience I received from your travel consultant - Jenny Goh that makes it the best.

Right from the first email inquiry to 20+ emails exchanges later, plus a handful of phone calls, she was patient and accommodating throughout the several change in travel dates and hotel choices.She was a great listener and thus able to offer clear options that were specific to my family's travel requests and preferences. Was already so impressed with her service even before we left for the trip.

That was not all. On our first day, hours into the start of our holiday, my daughter left her phone in the car that picked us from Incheon Airport to the Metro Hotel. We realised that only a couple of hours after checking in to the hotel. Our fears was that the driver could have picked up other passengers and the phone would be lost forever. That would have ruined the whole holiday.

I had no one to turn to as the hotel staff has no idea who drove us from the airport I was not able to contact the local operator that arranged the transport. Out of desperation, I contacted Jenny even though I know it is not her duty or responsibility. But you can imagine the relieve we got when she told us she managed locate the phone after contacting the local agent. Not only she did more than she should, she was very prompt and determined to help us recover the phone.

From then on, the whole experience from Seoul to Jeju was amazing. Till now, I still feel it could had gone the other way had we not recovered that phone. Therefore I need to write this to you to compliment Jenny on her outstanding service. And also to congratulate Chan Brothers for having a star player in the team.

From me and family, thanks again Jenny! Thank you Chan Brothers!

Mr Ang 20.06.2016

Dear Sir

My family and I participated in the 14D10N East America And Canada Discovery from 4 June 2016 to 17 June 2016. We had a great time and full of good memories of the tour, and the credit goes to our Tour Leader Mr Steve Lim.

Steve is a caring, responsible, committed, knowledgeable tour leader cum guide who is full of creative ideas and also very resourceful.

Steve cared for his tour members and explained every administrative details as well as the places which we visited in both English and Mandarin to ensure that the needs of both the English and Mandarin speaking tour members are met. He is effectively bilingual and fluent in both languages. Steve is also very knowledgeable and provided us with lots of information on the places which we have visited. We could tell that Steve has a lot of experience.

Steve is very responsible and had been providing us with very useful information prior to the tour and during the tour itself. He answered every query from the tour members promptly and clearly.

Steve is committed in his work as he was always the very last to take his meals, after ensuring that all the tour members' meal needs are taken care of. He even helped to organise the taking of a number of group photos which most tour leaders which I had encountered normally don't do. This is a very good practice in helping to bond the tour members.

Steve is full of drive and is very creative. He sacrificed his free time to prepare for us two great picnics - one beside the Niagara Falls and the other at the Premium Factory Outlet. Both were great experiences to us. Most tour leaders would have made use of any "free and easy” time to take a rest, but not Steve. He accompanied us all the way to ensure that we have a smooth and enjoyable tour experience. We could feel that he was around all the time to attend to us.

Steve has performed exceptionally well beyond our expectations. He is an excellent tour leader cum guide. Steve is the best tour leader cum guide which I have encountered so far. We are glad to have Steve to be our tour leader cum guide and hope to have him as the tour leader cum guide when we travel with Chan Brother Travels in future.

Please express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Steve, for all that he had done for us to let us have a memorable and pleasant tour experience. Through Steve's efforts, many great friendships were bonded even after the tour.

Great job, Steve! And a big "Thank You" to you. We appreciate your efforts and hard work.

Stephen Kwan 10.06.2016

Chan Brothers Travel services are beyond my imagination.

TOP of the TOP, I've never seen such services, they serve you from the bottom of their hearts, not just words, perfect and No 1 travel agent in Sin, no worries, no hidden cost and makes all my trips perfect

Elaine Khng 21.06.2016

I would like to commend on your employee Benjamin Gomes for the excellent service rendered throughout our experience with Chan Brothers.

He is meticulous and patient. Our family of 10 just came back on our trip to Melbourne. We had a wonderful and fantastic trip with no room for any unhappiness.

Benjamin made every effort in making the entire booking from air tix to hotel to transfers to day tours all perfectly done with no hiccups and of coz with my incessant requests now and then.

The entire experience was made beautiful thanks to his recommendation with the combination of free & easy with some in-built tours too. We will definitely come back only to him for his wonderful service. Thank u!! :)

Sita Srikisan Gupta's 28.05.2016

Flying with husband to NEW ZEALAND (Alpine Beauty ) Autumn season.

Lying in the south-west Pacific, New Zealand consists of two main islands - the North Island and the South Island. Spectacular glaciers, ?????picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, ??vast plains, ??rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau.....................

We took this tour from 17- 27 May 2016. Like most spontaneous decisions it not only exceed our expectations but awakened our enthusiasm and interest in the Maori culture, history and people.

Of course, it´s also because of the wonderful sights but the major contribution was made by our Tour Manager Woody . Her tour - very informative sparkled with lots of good humour and definitely not boring - can be recommended to everyone! Just do it and you will remember it for the rest of your life! Thank you once again Woody. We luv and miss you.

Jia Min 19.06.2016

Hi! My partner and I have already provided our feedback through the post-tour survey issued by our tour leader, Maggie Yip, but we would like to once again, extend our appreciation to her and our local tour guide in Japan, Johnnie Fung.

It has been a truly enjoyable trip filled with memorable highlights and picturesque moments, as we were brought around the major landmarks of central Japan safely and smoothly during the tour. Both Maggie and Johnnie (and of course, our bus driver) tirelessly looked after our well-being and also ensured that everyone was aware/alert of our surroundings at all times. Amidst the helpful reminders to check that our passports and valuables were with us, and that we had not left anything behind in the various hotels we stayed in each day, the both of them were always approachable through their affable and friendly natures. It was indeed a joy to have their company these past 7 days!

I attach a write-up from my fiance who had gone with me for the trip: "Amidst the sprawling metropolis that is Japan, at no point did we feel lost, alien or aimless. We breezed easily -- perhaps too easily -- through the beautiful sights, nature and heritage, shopping districts, restaurants and food places, and Japan became less unfamiliar and more homely. Beneath this facade of effortless travel lay the meticulous planning, scheduling and time-watching of Johnnie Fung, the tour guide, Maggi Yip the tour leader and 杉本考由 our bus driver. Even more remarkable is how the three of them had coordinated our daily schedule in our presence, and yet we only could catch a hint or two of their coordination as they always entertained us with stories of Japan, jokes and product recommendations. Such professionalism in ensuring the tiring work is hidden from the travellers!"

Again, it has been a great pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to travel with Chan Brothers this June -- this is my first time signing on for a guided tour package as usually my friends and I would plan for our own itineraries while travelling -- and much of the kudos would go to your staff, i.e., the service staff we had encountered prior to the trip and of course, Maggie and Johnnie, in ensuring such a smooth and pleasant journey for us throughout. Thank you!

Kenneth Tang 11.06.2016

Hi, I have provided my feedback through the paper that was distributed by the tour guide. However, I would like to add on in order to commend my tour guide, Ms Karlina Chua.

Ms Karlina Chua was not only my tour guide, but she was the one whom my wife and I spoke to when we first arrived at the Chan Brother's building in the beginning of the year to enquire more details on the Best of Italy/Switzerland/France/Belgium and Amsterdam tour package. She had been very approachable and demonstrated good knowledge of the tours available. She was able to advise us on the difference between this package and other Europe tours. We had many questions as it was our first trip to Europe and she answered it all very well. We even asked her questions regarding choice of airline and she was able to answer us. It was her friendly and heart warming nature that made it easy for my wife and I to choose to join a Chan Brother's tour for our honeymoon.

Our affinity with her continued when she conducted the pre-departure brief in the Chan Brother's building few weeks prior to the trip. Once again, she was friendly and knowledgable. The affinity continued when she announced that she would be our tour guide for our trip. My wife and I were very pleased as we had good impressions of her since the beginning.

Despite her age, she was able to be very energetic, entertaining us all the way from 26 May to 8 Jun. We were amazed at her energy on Day 2 when she brought us everywhere despite the rest of us feeling fatigue due to the lack of quality sleep on the plane. Throughout the trip we got to know one another better and we grew to love her witty comments as she brought us from places to places. We were also impressed with her knowledge of the local languages of Italian, French etc.

I would also like to thank her for her assistance to my wife in giving me a surprise birthday celebration during the trip. She had kindly assisted my wife by arranging for a cake to be purchased and delivered to the hotel - a touching act as she had gone out of the way for this; we did not see any cake shops nearby in Amsterdam. Out of goodwill, she had also asked for the contact number of the restaurant that my wife had reserved through email in order to make final confirmations with the restaurant and ensure that there were no miscommunications. Her efforts have made a smooth and successful birthday surprise for me. She also came to my hotel room, sang a birthday song and gave me a birthday card and a box of chocolates. This was unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised by her gesture. I believe she had gone out of her way to make this a memorable trip for my wife and I.

Should Chan Brother's have any staff awards to commend your tour guides, I believe Ms Karlina Chua deserves to win such an award. Her excellent service, from recommending tours to taking us on the 14 day trip, is an example for the other tour guides to follow.

I note that Chan Brother's have celebrity tour guides - celebrities who act as tour guides for selected trips. I think Ms Karlina Chua is a celebrity tour guide as well. She is a professional tour guide who has appeared on TV. Thanks Chan Brothers for such a wonderful tour guide.

Jen Goh 06.06.2016

Dear Mr Chan

We just completed our Croatia and Slovenia Discovery Trip 24 May to 2 June 2016.

Johnny Hoo is a great versatile tour manager I had met and he truly made this Croatia and Slovenia trip a happy memorable enjoyable trip that me and my family enjoyed very much. Even our over 80 years old folks enjoyed themselves very much this trip. In fact we felt in love with Croatia and Slovenia! Thanks Johnny. We love you!

Every minute and day of our trip were full of joy and laughter. Johnny really took very good care of the elderly and also everyone of us to make sure we are well taken care of and safe under him. He is also a great entertainer and also a good marketing person. He has answered to our concerns and clarified on Chan Bros tour fares and itineraries compared to other agencies. We have better clarity now and is assured we are getting a good fare for a worthwhile trip with Chan Bros. Indeed a loyal, committed, positive attitude and valuable staff of the agency.

We noticed he was not well with his back pain he still struggled and positioned himself with the right attitude and responsibility to make our trip a fun and enjoyable one. I can see his happy, self satisfaction and fulfilment face each time each day. He treats everyone equally with the right amount of care, concern and love.

This is not our first travel with Chan Bros.. Itinerary and accommodation standard are very good. The guides are more mature and knowledgeable then other agencies. Johnny Hoo is the best tour manager/leader that we had experienced so far. We look forward to joining him for future trips!

Polyn & Koon Lin 06.06.2016

Dear Chan Brothers' Management,

We do not usually write such letters but we had to tell you what an exceptional person you have working for you!

We are writing this letter to compliment your tour manager Dave Tan who served as the tour manager for our 10 nights 14 days East America & Canada Discovery.

We want to express our gratitude for serving us with such first class standard. We would like to accord of appreciation to Dave Tan for his relentless effort, efficiency and going the extra miles to satisfy the tour group.

We are particularly impressed with his unscripted knowledge on USA, Canada history and culture. He gave us a wealth information on the culture, history and economy of both the countries in facts and figures form. This was much better than the usual amount of information supplied by tour managers. We have also noticed he would do his homework to check the map before every journey to another state to ensure our journey was smooth and efficient. Dave is also very fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Dave is certainly a 100% responsible tour manager. He was on standby 24 hours for all tour members who need him and repeatedly gave us his room number to call him when in need.

Coordination skills / Efficiency
Dave displayed his leadership skill by managing everything and everyone from day one to the very last day smoothly and efficiently. The check in time for each hotel was fast and each of us can go up to the hotel room to rest really quickly. He had also managed to request for free WI-Fi for us at Sheraton where internet has to be paid. Dave was also clear to explain the needs in advance to all tour members in this trip. He had also plan and monitored the tour situation thoroughly throughout the entire trip.

Dave really went extra miles to satisfy the needs and wants of all tour members in the group. In the beginning of the long travel distance , he purchased tidbits for all the members of the tour group, bought beaver tails for each of the family in the tour group. On the last day, the shop that sells the best New York cheese cake was closed and in order not to disappoint the rest of us, he tried his best to purchase the cheese cake from another outlet for all of us. He even cut the cake and served each of us right before our journey to the airport. In addition, he also took lovely pictures for all of us at each photo stop. During the tiring long drive , he would have good movies to entertain us and kept us entertained with history and culture of the two countries. He would also gave recommendations on the best eateries and souvenier shops in the area every single time. His instructions were very clear and detailed as well.

Dave is indeed an outstanding tour leader. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and also portray a very good impression by staying cheerful and energetic at all times despite the long hour journey. With his brilliant and outstanding service, we are even more interested in other Chan Brother's package tour.

We are confident that Dave is a very valuable asset to your company and it is indeed very lucky for Chan Brothers to have him in the team. Employees like this is a company's "secret weapon". He is a great person to keep or even be promoted to train other junior tour manager. It was a fantastic experience!

You'll have our repeat business for as long as our experience remain consistent like this trip. We suggest Chan Brothers would do your best to keep, attract and reward more people like Dave! Lastly, we would like to wish your company all the best & have recommended your company to other friends and family members. Sincerely,

Muhammad Yasser Testimonial
Mr Muhammad Yasser

We would like to commend on the great customer service provided by yr staff, Mr Benjamin Gomez.

We booked a package to Spain at the natas fair in august and Benjamin has been nothing but exceptional from the beginning.

Upon collection of our tickets, we were pleasantly surprised when Benjamin managed to help us on a last minute request which we thought would not be possible.

We were quite fickle minded on the airline which we wanted to travel on but Benjamin has been veey patient & helpful. He assisted us in every way he could and even recommended flight timing to ensure that we had the best holiday experience.

Our trip went perfectly as planned. This would not have been possible without Benjamin' s help. An employee such as Benjamin is a definite keeper. He is an /asset to the company. People like him who are always going the extra mile to assist customers, is the very reason we keep going back to Chan Brothers. Two thumbs up!

Francis and Wendy Testimonial
Francis and Wendy

With regards to the Euro Tour on the 17th Dec 2013, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation to your tour manager Mr Richard Lim for taking us on a wonderful trip despite the constraints expected in a package tour with a full busload of strangers from all walks of life. He was prompt, hardworking and considerate.

He did a real fine job and it was a learning curve for me despite my not-so-young age.

Kindly convey our thanks and appreciation to Mr Richard on our behalf. God Bless.

Chris K Lee Testimonial
Chris K Lee

My name is Christopher K Lee, one of the travellers who joined your Hokkaido tour (JP8HG) from Dec 11 - Dec 18/2013. Booking reference #T0176622JK. On behalf of our 12-family member, I would like to write and thank our Tour guide in Japan for a job well done.

Her name is Phyllis Ku. She joined us in the Tokyo Haneda Airport on Dec 12 morning.

She used her personally experience and gave us vivid demonstration on the daily life in Japanese culture.

She had a clear voice, a good sense of humor, and she could always catch our attention whenever she spoke on the PA system.

She gave good and clear introduction and reminded us on all things we must do on each sight-seeing points.

We also appreciated the good room arrangement for our group --- all our six rooms were always close to each other.

We really appreciated the service attitude she had provided. When we raised a request, she would try her best to fulfill our request, from the type of food we want to eat, the souvenir we would like to buy, to a cup of hot water in the restaurant, Phyllis had helped us accomplished one by one.

We just want to let you know that we really enjoyed the trip, and we were glad that we had such a good tour guide this time.

Thank you for providing one of your best employees to us. I hope you could relay our appreciation to her, although it is a little late.

Wee Hong Testimonial
Wee Hong

I wish to express my utmost thanks to Sessaline for providing superb service to me, my wife and two friends.

We needed to arrange quickly a free and easy to Seoul to visit cat cafes and Yongpyong Ski Resort. Before approaching Chan Brothers, we tried a couple of other travel agency and were unable to secure accomodation at Yongpyong Ski Resort. When we met Sessaline, she provided us with a friendly welcome and quickly managed to secure the last two rooms at Yongpyong Ski Resort for us. She also understood our other travel intents and promptly proposed a very well tailored travel itinerary. Even though it took us an hour or two to discuss the dates and travel details at her counter, she shown a lot of patience and was very helpful.

Travelling to Yongpyong Ski Resort requires a 4 hour bus ride from Seoul and our flight landed late in the afternoon. She recommended us to stay one night at Lotte World Hotel first. It was great, as we really needed a good rest after the flight and bus ride into Seoul from the airport. Lotte World Hotel was also very comfortable and we could walk around Seoul first. The bus pickup location to Yongpyong Ski Resort is also just a short walk away from Lotte World. Not only did Sessaline took good care of our accommodation, she also considered the transportation and timing involved, such that our trip will be hassle free.

She understood we wanted to see the cat cafes and explore Korea and taste great local food, and thus recommended us to stay at Myong-dong area. She also specially arranged the bus transport back from Yongpyong to Seoul, such that the bus will drop us at Myeong-dong and we can walk to our hotel. She also took our budget into consideration and managed to helped us find a very comfortable Ibis Hotel located in the middle of Myeong-dong that is walking distance to the train stations, food, and cat cafes. As the hotel is 3 stars, we managed to reduce the price of our travel package. The hotel also provided transport straight to Incheon airport where we can take our flight home.

Sessaline really provided us invaluable help that made our trip possible, smooth and enjoyable. Her support did not stop when we left the counter. Before the trip commenced, she also assisted in verifying that our transportation and accommodation are in place. She also made the necessary changes needed, when we realized that the ski resort has made some changes to the transportation involved to get there and return to Seoul.

My friends, wife and I are really thankful and greatly appreciative of Sessaline's help and service. We look forward to arranging our next holiday with Sessaline and Chan Brothers.

Weiqi Loh and Family Testimonial
Weiqi Loh and Family

My family and I just came back hours ago from Europe (tour code: 02EU14B/14TK, booking number: T0177569LH). On behalf of my family, we will like to commend Laurence's efficiency, good planning and time management throughout the 14 days. We were at the same time, very surprised that he is a master of several languages and being able to communicate fluently with the locals there. He is very knowledgeable and knows a lot (both historically and geographically) about the different places of interests and shares many stories and experiences with us along the way.

During the tour, he made sure that we were the first, before all the other tour groups, to reach the various tourist destinations so that we do not have to squeeze / queue amongst the huge crowds. Following that, according to our itinerary, our free and easy day at Paris falls on Sunday, where most of the shops would be closed. Knowing that, Laurence actually went all out to plan and switch several itineraries so as to satisfy our shopping needs. He was also very patient to all of our different requests and at the same time, he is also humorous which made the long bus rides a much more pleasant journey.

Most importantly, we noticed that he was always on his toes while we were busy shopping or taking photographs, looking out (and chasing them off) for suspicious pickpockets and warned us consistently to beware and to take good care of our personal belongings. We felt his alertness ensured the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the tour group and this is very commendable!

Not forgetting that after all that shopping from the various destinations, our baggage was way overweight. At the check in counter, Laurence was a great help and helped to negotiate with the counter lady in-charge so that we are able to check-in all of our luggage without any problems. We were so glad that he was there to help us despite all the different problems that occurred concurrently during the check-ins of our other tour members.

All in all, we are looking forward to join more of his guided tours in future! Keep up the good work!

Generic Image Testimonial
Gloria Chen and Family

This is my first time travelling with Chan Brothers and I must say it was an excellent experience! I guess I owe this pleasant experience to our Taiwanese tour guide, Stone. During the 8 day trip he was our entertainer on board the coach and made great efforts to plan each day's itinerary to the fullest. He took great pride in ensuring timeliness therefore waiting was barely an issue. On top of that he is highly knowledgeable and in-the-know. Thumbs up for this dedicated and passionate tour guide! Those who will be travelling with him in the future can expect the best hospitality from this guy... he even packed dinner up to our room one night when we decided to skip it... who can beat that?

Writing in as I strongly believe that such positive enthusiasm should be acknowledged and given recognition.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ms Tan Bee Hong

On behalf of my family, i would like to compliment Mr Edmund Wong, who was assigned as the tour manager for the tour of EU12W, departed on 20 Dec 2013.

We felt happy to be accompanied by Edmund throughout the trip. Below are the few highlights we like to share :-

1. Edmund has good experience and knowledge in managing Europe tour. He provided us good tips since before departure. History and geography information sharing was very benefitial to us especially to my son (12 years old) who learnt plently of knowledge from him.
2. He provided the whole team with equal treatment. He supported individual needs anytime we needed. He is able to speak equally good in both English and Mandarin.
3. He has good sense of humor. He knows "right time for right things" to keep the tour members occupied.
4. He always set tour members' safety and security as top priority. We have good faith on him.
5. He managed crisis professionally, with both local authority and tour members.
6. Most importantly, he even sacrificed some of his personal time to accompany my son for additional optional excursion which he has no obligation to do so.

In conclusion, we had a wonderful time with him as well as the whole team. Look forward another great time with Chan Brother and Edmund Wong.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mdm Vivien Loong

I would like to express my appreciation of excellent service which was accorded to me by your Cruise Executive CHONG WEN JIE when I booked my Royal Caribean Cruise sailing 07Jan14. He has a most pleasant personality and attitude which is very important in the service industry.

He also went out of his way to accommodate my meal request.

Generic Image Testimonial
Chew Kim Seok

We booked a group tour to China, Chengdu, on the 2nd to 9th June 2013. We had a memorable trip. Our tour guide is Mr Xu Xiao Dong. I am happy to write a note on behalf of our 9 members, to commend Xiao Dong.

Xiao Dong has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the history and geography of Sichuan, particularly related to the tourist sites. He is knowledgeable on most aspects of Chinese culture, history and tradition. He presents his information in a very organised way and is eager to answer our questions. He made our visit enjoyable.

Xiao Dong goes the extra mile like –

1. He switched on all the room lights, adjusted the aircon and checked that all was in order before we checked in. He really made sure that we were comfortable.
2. When any members were unwell, he would assist us in our medication.
3. Xiao Dong would let us know the weather forecast for the following day. In other words he would tell us to put on a T-shirt or put on extra clothing.

Xiao Dong speaks the English Language too.

Another commendation is the bus driver. He drove the congested streets with ease.

Both the driver and Mr Xu were professional and we will like to compliment them for their great service. Well Done!

Lam Kit Mun Testimonial
Lam Kit Mun

My name is Lam Kit Mun. On behalf of my wife and my cousin, I am giving a feedback on Tour reference 02US11H 07/13SQ.

My wife, cousin and I have just finished the 11 Days 8 nights tour of West America starting 7th February and ending at 15th February, 2013.

Our tour manager is Mr Kenneth Lee and we can see he is very passionate and displays full dedication in guiding us all throughout the journey.

During the briefing, few days before departure, Kenneth has been giving us tips on what to wear and what to bring. That includes enriching us on the etiquette of America. Kenneth has been very interesting in telling us the story of the places on the origin and how Anaheim came about, how the name America came about and which outlet has the best deal during en route. Every morning, Kenneth is always the first waiting for us in the hotel lobby, eager to bring us out to very nice places. Together with the coach driver Joe, Kenneth has arranged the daily event so perfectly that we are always the first group to be at the factory outlet, grabbing the best deal before the other tour group arrives. Even when we go for buffet, we are the first to be there. Truly amazing.

In Universal Studio, Kenneth is very knowledgeable in the attraction as to which ride is good and bring us all the way to the other side of theme park so we can catch the best ride and also to be familiarize with both of the theme parks.

In Disneyland, Kenneth gives us quite an encouragement to advise us to get the park hopper option and we were very glad we took up the offer and have a wonderful moment in both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. He enlightens us the best show timing and advise us to be there in order not to miss the spectacular events such as World of colours and fireworks. If not because of his wise advice, we would have missed the main attraction Car land that is highly in demand in the theme park. Without his advice on the quick pass, we might have had to queue up hours to get in for the ride.

On Day 5 at Grand Canyon, Kenneth offers to queue up on our behalf for the helicopter ride which takes hours. During the time of queuing up, he advises us to make use of the time to go for the skywalk so that our time will not be wasted. By 2 hours, he is still in the queue for us. We might have our precious time wasted just sitting there as what other tour is doing. We deeply appreciate his time and long effort standing in the queue for the helicopter ride which is very highly popular in Grand Canyon.

In every hotel stay, Kenneth is fully open to tell us his room number so that if anyone of us has any problem, we can call up to him directly.

Joe, our coach driver is a very diligent and careful driver. He has been observing the speed limit carefully and the ride is totally smooth. Even though he drives us the whole day, he is always refreshed in the next morning ready to take us out. He handles our luggage very gently and arrange our luggage in the coach orderly. It is the first coach I ever took that has a plastic on every chair as a trash bag and he clears the trash bag every day. Thumbs up for that.

Our best impression on Kenneth, is that when we reached San Francisco, he introduced us on See’s Candy. It is one of the hard to find chocolate in San Francisco. One particular flavor is never sold in other place. He arranged us to be up early and we proceed to take the tram which give us an experience in taking trams. Because of him, we get to the shop when it has just opened and it is right at a corner where not many people notices it. After we took up his advice to buy the chocolate, true enough, it is very delicious. We have been walking around the street and we can never find another place that offers the same type of chocolate that Kenneth shown us.

My wife and I are in our second honeymoon and my cousin is in their first honeymoon. We are very grateful to have Kenneth as our tour manager who brings us to the place first before other does. Someone who tells us joke along the way and as it is Chinese New Year’s eve, Kenneth offers each of us oranges as advance Chinese New Year celebration which he bought in California. It is the sweetest oranges we had in our entire trip.

Thanks to Kenneth, Joe and Chan Brothers Travel for the memorable tour in West America.

Brian Ho and Family Testimonial
Brian Ho and Family

We would like to express our family's utmost gratitude towards a particular tour leader - Henry Chan.

From the very moment we stepped foot onto Hokkaido, we could see his dedication as he brought us for our very first lunch there. Whilst travelling on the road, he would always make an attempt to provide us with background knowledge of Hokkaido, as well as the places we would be visiting. On other occasions, his humorous take on life coupled with personal experiences never cease to bring laughter to the entire tour group. This indefinitely allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the trip in spite of long travelling time + early morning calls!

Henry's professionalism was further exemplified on various occasions. One instance was towards the end of the trip, whereby each family had truckloads of snacks to be tied up and sent back to Singapore. In order to let us rest well and enjoy ourselves on the last night, he went to each room personally to help tie up our boxes. Though it may be a simple act, but it is these seemingly minuscule acts of kindness that touched us. I recall other occasions whereby Henry would always stop us from making purchases at places which were more pricey while proceeding on to recommend cheaper alternatives :)

Throughout the trip, I would also like to comment that Henry is extremely knowledgeable with regards to Hokkaido per say. While one may say that knowledge comes with experience, I have never met a tour guide as dedicated as Henry. During the duration of our trip, he would constantly share historical facts about Japan with us, alongside his Hong Kong gossips (which the tour members were obviously more interested in). On the last day, he even made an effort to outline and recap the entire route of our trip on the map of Hokkaido.

All in all, my family and I are extremely grateful and glad that we had Henry as our tour leader. For without his continuously guidance/recommendations, the trip would not have been as fruitful. If we were to make a trip down to Hokkaido anytime in the near future, it would be great to have him as our tour leader once more :)

Jocelyn Chan Testimonial
Jocelyn Chan

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment one of the Chan Brothers Europe tour manager, Mr Edmund Wong for the excellent service he provided during my 14 days Europe Trip in April/May 2013 (Departed on 26 April 2013-04EU14B).

I am really impressed with Edmund's professionalism and ability to conduct the tour despite meeting difficult passengers. He is knowledgeable about the places we been to and he always provides clear and detailed information to ensure the groups are well-informed for every itinerary. Edmund is always awake throughout the bus journey from one place to another to keep a look out for the coach driver and he often entertained us by sharing interesting stories, experiences and amused us with jokes.

I would say Edmund is quick in response and settle issues instantly. My mother happened to be locked in one of the hotel bathroom as the door knob was faulty. I called him and told him the situation and he sent a hotel staff to assist very quickly. With only my sister and me, we were relieved that help was rendered to us immediately in this situation.

In addition, I am extremely pleased with Edmund's thoughtful planning. I appreciate the arrangements he had made by switching our free day from Sunday to Saturday so that we can do shopping. He also suggested several itineraries such as Palace of Versailles, City Tour and French Dinner to ensure we will not waste our Sunday not knowing what and where to go. On the last day before departing back to Singapore, he had kindly arranged Madurodam and last minute shopping before heading to the airport. His thoughtful selections and scheduling were really good especially making impromptu changes such as additional sightseeing. His plans were always putting our interest first and benefits to see more buy more and know more. I'm sure all others are satisfied and happy with Edmund's planning and service.

With warmest thanks, I would not hesitate to recommend Edmund and Chan Brothers for providing such committed and reliable services for this pleasant trip. I look forward to travel with Chan Brothers and Edmund in future.

Alan and Juliana Tan Testimonial
Alan and Juliana Tan

We wish to thank Chan Bros and especially to you and Candy Yeo for making our holiday in Tokyo (31st March to 5 th April 2013) a very memorable one. We were able to get around Tokyo easily by the trains all thanks to Candy's instructions.

We got to see the sakura blooms at all the parks we visited and it was indeed a sight to behold. Although they had started blooming on the 16th March we were still able to see them.

The hotel( Shibuya Excel) was very comfortable and central for us to take the trains everywhere. We also enjoyed eating the wide variety of Japanese food.

Once again, thank you.

Janet Ang Testimonial
Janet Ang

To Compliment On The Outstanding Service By Tour Leader - Candy

I had just returned from your 8 days tour "my star guide tour" to Korea from 29 May 2013 to 5 June 2013. I'm writing this letter to compliment a tour leader who brings us to the 8 days Korea trip. Her name is Candy. Although she is still young, she has a lot of experience in guiding us. She is patient, caring and friendly to all of us especially to the elderly. Furthermore, she gets along very well with all of us. Most of the tour mates kept praising her for her efforts.

Firstly, she will distribute a customize-made paperslip with all the useful information on it to every tour mate every time we check-in into a new hotel. Such as the morning call time, breakfast time, meeting time, her (Candy) room number and the number to dial for room to room. From my past experiences in joining tour groups, I think this is the first time I met such a caring tour leader with good service.

Secondly, in our tour we had an elderly with some walking difficulties. So wherever we go, our tour leader, Candy, will be walking beside this elderly and hold on to her hand to assist her. All of our tour mates saw it and would agree that she is very helpful.

Thirdly, during our check-in to and from Korea at the airport, she had explain the check-in process to us clearly and she will make sure that we have settle down at our flight seats before she gets down to her own seat.

Furthermore, every time when we are about to have our meals, she will be busy in helping to prepare and serve us the food at the restaurants. And in the middle of the meal, she will also return to check on us and ask whether we need any more food or something else. Hence, we felt that she is a very responsible tour leader and always look after the group.

In conclusion, I was really impressed by what Candy had done and would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to her for what she had done for us. I had travelled together with my two children. I'm a loyal customer of Chan Brothers Travel agency.

Generic Image Testimonial
Jaslene Loh

Hi Anthony,

My parents were led by Joe Gwee to US (Tour Ref Code 10US13N 23/12SQ - T0151255LH) in October/November 2012. Note that this was the group which went head-on with Hurricane Sandy in Boston and NY. They were extremely impressed by the service standards of Joe and insisted that I write this complimentary note to you to commend about his good efforts.

Being knowledgeable and a vivid story-teller about the places of interest are given for all tour managers. What impressed my parents was his sincere commitment to services, instant responsiveness and initiative to resolve all issues. His care and concern are extended to all members in the group, no matter how difficult the passenger is. With Hurricane Sandy on their back, the pre-arranged itinerary had to change. But Joe had no issues in creating new ways to introduce the places of interest and managed to keep everyone happy with the impromptu changes. He goes beyond his duty by recommending worthy shops and suitable restaurants to all during the trip. He also shows extra care to the passengers who have fallen ill by offering some suitable medications. Every night, he does a room-to-room check to ensure that all passengers are happy with the room allocated to them. If there were any dissatisfaction, he would first volunteer to give up his room. I am unable to finish listing the positive feedback that my parents have repeatedly mentioned.

My parents were also very impressed by the hotels arranged in this tour. The hotel rooms were of good size and were very clean and the beds were very comfortable.

My parents have travelled widely with many different tour managers over the years. This is really one of the very few times that they have expressed such immense happiness and satisfaction with their tour manager. Joe is truly a valuable asset to the company and he is a perfect walking-signboard for Chan Brothers Travel in the industry.

To Joe, You've made your job look so easy but we know it takes tonnes of experience and efforts to make it seamless! Well done and keep up the awesome work!!!

Julie Lim and Richard Choo Testimonial
Julie Lim and Richard Choo

My husband and I have just returned from aforementioned tour by your good company, Chan Brothers.

We want you to know we are extremely impressed with the outstanding and excellent service provided by your tour manager, Mr Ricky Tiang.

Right from the start when the group met at Changi Airport to the end of the return flight when we collected our luggage, Ricky has steadfastly never yield in providing the best and most professional service we have ever encountered in all our countless tour holidays over the years. He is knowledgeable about the places we visited, always providing the group with facts and figures, very often in a very interesting and delightful manner that turned us into children mesmerized by a tale being told by an amusing story-teller. He is always fun and humorous too. All the way during long coach journeys between cities, everyone will be laughing and giggling during his ‘entertainment gigs’, even the pair of darling granny and grand-dad we had in our group were totally charmed. Of course what we found most endearing was his continuous supply of sweets, sour plums, wet tissue and assortment of chilli sauce throughout the whole 8 days, served SQ style...haha..

One extremely touching moment deserves to be highlighted. The group was admiring and taking photos of a very beautiful lake on the way to Interlaken/Switzerland, however due to the angle of the sunlight, the ideal spot for the best snap shot of the lake was not easily accessible due to muddy ground and tall grass. Without worrying about dirtying his jeans and white shoes, Ricky gamely collected some of our cameras and tracked to the muddy spot to take the shots so that we can forever have memories of this beautiful scene with us. Enclosed herewith is the shot he took for us, the mirror image reflected on the lake is awesome isn’t it?

We will always remember how thoughtful and attentive he was to the needs of every single passenger in the tour group, be it young or old, male or female. We sat with different couples and families at different meal time, everyone have nothing but praises and compliments for Ricky. Followings are comments we repeatedly heard.

1. “...we are very lucky to have him as our tour manager...”,
2. “...he is damn good lah, really made the tour so fun...”,
3. “...must find out what other tours he’s leading, we will surely join...”.

Ricky is simply world-class! He’s truly a gem, one of a kind. As long as he keeps leading your tours, Chan Brothers will surely continue to assure and impress as the best in town, unsurpassed.

Thanks Ricky and Chan Brothers too, being carefree and having fun is truly a great feeling.

We’ll be back for more... adios...

Irene Neo and Ashley Chin Testimonial
Irene Neo and Ashley Chin

Joek is a A-star Tour Manager who is caring, witty, helpful and displayed professionalism at all times. I am immensely impressed with his extensive knowledge of history of the places we have visited and that he delivered it in the most entertaining and interesting manner that most remain attentive instead of dozing off during the long coach rides. Our coach rides were always full of laughter and fun. Even his dramatically emphasized 'goooood morning's were missed after we returned to Singapore. I once teased him that he seems like a 'father' to us as he constantly reminded the group to drink lots of water, he planned our toilet break time and told us to put on sufficient clothes to keep warm, etc. He not only gave us good tips on shopping but also share with us on how to keep oneself healthy and overcome jetlag.

Thanks Joek for being such a wonderful Tour Manager and offer to help me with one of my luggages after seeing how overwhelmed I was. You are definitely a gem to Chan Brothers. If you do lead tours to Europe next year, my friends and I will definitely be keen to join.


Jerome Ong Xue Kai Testimonial
Jerome Ong Xue Kai

Jean was extremely helpful and patient in answering my questions and this has definitely been a factor in me choosing Chan Brothers for 2 holidays in a row. Jean was extremely knowledgeable as well and offered advice beyond what I asked for.

The assistance which Denny provided to the group in Egypt was nothing less than outstanding. He ensured that the tour progressed smoothly and that the various request of the customers such as airplane seat preferences were met.

Yeo Lik Seng Testimonial
Yeo Lik Seng

I would like to say thanks to Mr. David Ang (Tour Leader) and Mr. Lim Kian Hong (Ah Hong) who was our tour guide in Taiwan.

I was in the 5/12 to 11/12 Taiwan NC group.

Well done.

Chua Chuan Tee Testimonial
Chua Chuan Tee

After so many changes in your tour agents, I finally had someone who handled my case in a proper manner and I must say that this is the quality service that I expected from Chan Brothers as a brand name. Hereby, I hope that the management would give their commendation to him and I would certainly not hesitate to book with Chan Brothers in my future trips.

Edwin Sim Testimonial
Edwin Sim

I never regret traveling with Chan Brothers due to their staffs' efficiency that makes everything happen.

Simon, Elizabeth, Amanda and Kimberly Testimonial
Simon, Elizabeth, Amanda and Kimberly

We enjoyed ourselves very much because we had a fantastic tour manager. We were very impressed with his extensive knowledge and he delivers it with wit and humour, making it most entertaining and interesting. He keeps us entertained throughout the whole journey. We are appreciative of how hard he works and how much he keeps talking non-stop to ensure that we are fully informed of the historic interest of the area. He gives very good tips on how to take care of ourselves in the bitterly cold weather and how to keep healthy. He provided us with shopping tips to suit our choice. In rotating us during our meals sitting arrangement, he makes us interact with each other and helps us make friends with our fellow tour mates fostering friendship and co-operation. In consequence, time was very well kept, all of us were real co-operative and we had a smooth and trouble free trip. Joek makes the trip so memorable and as a result we are really glad we chose Chan Brothers. Chan Brothers should be real proud of him!

Zac Teo Testimonial
Zac Teo

Initially I was quite skeptical about an itinerary tour, however during the trip, my mindset of an itinerary package changed. I have to say a big thank you to our tour leader Christine for allowing me to experience a whole new meaning of traveling. This is my first itinerary trip and will surely not be the last. This whole 10D Turkey trip is very well organized and executed. I think I made the right choice for the trip and also very blessed to have such wonderful company throughout the 10 days.

Gary Ng and Molly Ho Testimonial
Gary Ng and Molly Ho

Dear Mr. Anthony Chan,

From the very first day at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, Mr. Laurence had been very helpful and organized in getting all of us 44 persons to check in smoothly for our flight to Rome.

When we arrived in Rome and met up with the local tour representative and the coach driver, we were amazed that Mr. Laurence was able to communicate with them in Italian language. Besides that, he also spoke many languages in other cities as well.

On the whole we had a very smooth journey without any hiccups because he had planned the schedules and itineraries in an appropriate timing.

Thank you and regards

Generic Image Testimonial
Lee Huey Min

I am really pleased and lucky to have such a dedicated tour leader, Mr Sulong Sleiman, with us in this Korea trip. I am also very pleased with Chan Brother's arrangement for this tour.

I will not hesitate to recommend Chan Brothers tour packages to my relatives and friends in future.

Generic Image Testimonial

I have been to many tour packages, but never met anyone as responsible and helpful as our tour leader, James Koh. Really appreciate his thoughtfulness. I am sure, everyone from the group think likewise. I rarely write in to compliment people but I really think he deserves the compliment.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ong Kah Huat

I wish to thank Ms Ely Teh for her good service for staying with me to find my lost luggage when we landed in Singapore on 4 Apr 10 at about 2135 hrs at belt 36 at Terminal 2 from Seoul/Incheon. It was through her initiative that I am able to retrieve it at about 2220 hrs. I hope to follow Chan Brothers tour in future for the excellent service they provide.


Generic Image Testimonial
Elzbieta and Wojciech Patoka from Poland

We are especially grateful to Ms. Ely (counter 25 at your Singapore office) who did her best to make this very last minute trip possible. We were also grateful to the local guide who accompanied us during the two full day trips. Mr. Made Wardana was extremely informative and tactful and he speaks English fluently. Therefore, he is well worth recommending to anyone who is interested in not only sunbathing but also in learning about Bali culture, religion, nature and much more information which no guide book provides. Once again please accept our thanks for making our holiday unforgettable.

Generic Image Testimonial
Sunny Tay and Mah Siong Oi

We were impressed by the layout of the customers' counter service and were further impressed by the general efficiency and systematic approach in the operation. The general atmosphere and the staff seated at their working positions were very professional, uniformed, smiling, friendly and had keen interest to provide service and assistance. We were very impressed by the staff who served us as she was very informative, knowledgable and she knows her work well. She shows excellent customer service which is indeed commendable.

Generic Image Testimonial
Anonymous & Irene

Every special effort and good, meticulous thought deserves an extra effort on us to return the goodwill and the diligence of your tour manager in the course of his work, in the form of an extra commendation here.

Generic Image Testimonial
Josephine Lee

We are very pleased with the outstanding service of your staff, Mr. Jason Chan, through his responsiveness and the way he conducted the tour.

He had never failed to impress and consistently made extra effort to assist us in maximizing every moment of our trip. We are looking forward to joining his tour again.

Generic Image Testimonial
Ho Soo Pine

Ms Jess Khoo is very knowledgeable and offered information and briefing for the coming tour when I advised her that I could not make the briefing.

Jess is very professional, cheerful and I highly recommend others to travel with Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Tan Jing

During this trip, I gained a great deal of knowledge about the history of China and its cultures. This is due to the great and precise information I obtained from the tour guide who is well-versed in Chinese history and able to make the trip enjoyable and memorable by telling stories, poems, jokes and songs. He took the effort to interact and connect with the tour member, making this trip an unforgettable one. The Tan family and I were fortunate to have such an exciting tour arranged by Chan Brothers.

Generic Image Testimonial
Soh Hong Ngo

Joek Ong who led us for the 11 Days Exhilarating West American tour in December 2008 was very informative, helpful, caring & displayed professionalism throughout our trip. Once again, thanks Joek, thanks Chan Brothers! That's why I've been traveling with Chan Brothers all these years.

Generic Image Testimonial
Zhou Meixia

Joek proved to be a very competent tour manager by having a vast knowledge of the USA and he really let the group have a very insightful view of the places we went to. Thank you for such a wonderful trip and a fabulous tour manager!

Generic Image Testimonial
Edmund Chua

Unlike other travel agents, Ms Elva does her best to answer all questions! She also source for the best offers, flights and airline which is value-added service. This type of great customer service will make CHAN BROTHERS stand out from the rest of the company, which is important in today's competitive market!

Generic Image Testimonial
Joanne Lim, Jeslin Lim, Ng Jiexin and Sandy Ong


我想表 扬的是我们的导游曲昌民,他是我们遇见过最细心的导游。导游在我们的印象中一直都是 一个只有尽守自己为旅客介绍旅游国家的责任,直到我们参加这次韩国之旅前,从来没有遇见过 那么细心又有趣的导游。凡事只要是我们有什么不方便的地方,他都会为我们办理得妥妥当当, 丝毫都不马虎。我相信他给予大家的服务已经远远的超过一个导游应该旅客给予的服务了。除此 之外,从他为我们解释韩国的任何事物,都能看 得出他是个非常认真的导游,因为他表现出了他 对很多东西的认识,并不只是限于他工作范围之内所该了解的。

这次的韩国之旅给我们队大家的留下了非常好的印象,我们也在回国之后常常在亲戚朋友面前对 你们令人满意的服务赞不绝口。希望你们会保持这样良好的服务水平,我们期待再次参加贵公司 的旅行配套。谢谢。

Generic Image Testimonial
Ng Lee Lee

I've joined many group packages and I find Jasmine a very efficient, effective and helpful person. There were many people in the group but because Jasmine was calm and resourceful, we don't have much problem. Her problem solving and communication skills are in fact much better than the local tour guide. Thanks to her, we get to eat many local delights that many other groups may not get to try. The trip would not be as enjoyable without her.

Generic Image Testimonial
Mr and Mrs Tan

Dear Manager,

Both my husband and I would like to take this opportunity to compliment two of your wonderful staff Peter Han and Xiao Pang (China Guide). They both have exhibited professionalism, passion and care in the way they tackled unexpected situations and their concern for the well being (toilets/safety etc) for the elderly was really commendable. They are Gems to the company indeed!

We will definitely choose Chan Brothers again in our future travel plans.

Generic Image Testimonial
Yvonne Kan

Dear Sir,

My sister-in-law and I just came back from a 7 days Japan + Universal tour which departed on 2 November 2009.

We have had an enjoyable and memorable Japan tour. We would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank Madeline Sim and Liu San for their ardent assistance throughout the trip. Madeline is indeed an excellent staff. So is Liu San whose humorous nature made the trip a pleasant and pleasurable one. They are patient and we have no doubt on their professionalism. Their genuine willingness in guiding has turned us into delighted customers. We are also satisfied with the hotel and food arrangements.

Liu San is one of the most outstanding tour guides I have come across. I will definitely recommend friends to Chan Brothers Travel. In fact my last Hokkaido trip in 2007 was with Chan Brothers.

It is good customer service that matters, especially so for the travel and hotel industries. The tour leader and Japan local guide have certainly projected a wonderful image for Chan Brothers Travel.

Well done Madeline and Liu San!

Generic Image Testimonial
Soh Hong Ngo

Thanks to Chan Brothers for the wonderful food, accommodation & fantastic guide, Ms Vivian Seo of BK for the 8D6N Grandeur of Korea tour. Keep it up!

Misrepresentation and Travel Voucher Fraud by Companies Claiming to be Subsidiaries of
Chan Brothers Travel

(6 January 2014)
Recently, we have received feedback by individuals on companies claiming to be subsidiaries of Chan Brothers Travel offering services not limited to booking of accommodations and transfers. These individuals have also been issued fraudulent travel vouchers as confirmation of their booking bearing the Chan Brothers Travel logo such as these pictured.

We hereby inform all our customers to be vigilant when requesting for services or receiving calls, e-mails or any other form of solicitation from companies claiming to be subsidiaries of Chan Brothers Travel. Our official sales offices and subsidiaries can be found here.

We would appreciate it if you can highlight such cases to us should you encounter, so that we may take necessary action. Please contact us if you are in doubt.

Misrepresentation by Individuals Claiming to be Staff of Chan Brothers Travel

(13 June 2011)
Recently, we have received feedback on certain individuals claiming to be staff of the Malaysia office and conducting activities on behalf of Chan Brothers Travel.

We hereby inform all our customers that the below individual is not a staff of Chan Brothers Travel and we are not affiliated with him and his associated activities. The company "Chan Brother Travel & Tours SDN BHD" under which he operates in Malaysia has been confirmed as being unregistered as well.

1. Gwee Tuen Shion

We urge you to be vigilant should you receive calls, e-mails or any other form of solicitation from this individual or others not listed above. We would appreciate it if you can highlight such cases to us should you encounter, so that we may take necessary action.

Suspicious Promotions by Companies Claiming to be Subsidiaries of Chan Brothers Travel

(19 June 2010)

Recently, we have received feedback on certain companies claiming to be subsidiaries of Chan Brothers Travel conducting suspicious promotions and marketing activities to lure customers.

Typically, these companies contact customers with offers of attractive travel products such as free or subsidised hotel stays, airline tickets or tour packages. Customers are then required to attend a seminar to redeem these offers. Following the seminar, however, they might be persuaded to sign up for other non-travel related products such as time-share programmes.

We hereby inform all our customers that Chan Brothers Travel is not affiliated with these companies and their associated activities.

1. Coronia Strategies
2. Innovative Consultancy Services Asia
3. i-Discover International Pte Ltd

We urge you to be vigilant should you receive calls, e-mails or any other form of solicitation from any of these companies or others not listed above. We would appreciate it if you can highlight such cases to us should you encounter, so that we may take necessary action.

Please contact us if you encounter suspicious marketing promotions such as those mentioned above.