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    Founded in 1965, Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd has since grown to become one of the largest tour operator and travel agent in the region, strongly recognised as a household name and definitely an Travel Icon. With over 500 staffs in Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta and Shanghai, we take pride in our consistent efforts to offer our customers with the best value and innovative tour packages that redefines travel. Our reliability and entrepreneurial spirit over the past 46 years have successfully earned us more than 50 prestigious local and international awards.


    We are one of the first in the industry to launch an online portal for flights, hotels and tour packages supported by our very own call center in Singapore. With an annual turnover rate of S$200 million, we offer the widest variety of flights, packages and over 100,000 different hotel accommodation. Our customers can now book and receive instant confirmation of their travel bookings, whenever they want and wherever they are.

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Travel Tales

  • Get inspired in Kerala, India!

    Step into the world of vibrant colours and excite your senses with its richness in the culture of India. Break away from the usual hotspots and explore the highlights of Kerala, India.
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  • Freestyle Cruising to Alaska with Norwegian Pearl

    Imagine catching the sunrise from your own private balcony, as a whale swims past right in front of you, while you are on board Norwegian Pearl. Read on to find out more!
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Travel News

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  • World's largest natural flower garden opens in Dubai

    Billing itself as the world's largest natural flower garden, the 72,000-square-meter attraction, located in Dubailand, has more than 45 million flowers. The name is apt, considering this mega-garden was - like pretty much everything in Dubai - built on desert land. [ read more ]
  • Sleep in a pod on the fly

    Fliers faced with a lengthy layover or delay can sometimes feel stuck in airport limbo. Exhausted from hours in transit, travellers without enough time to leave the airport will often pay to access a lounge or hunker down at a restaurant for free wi-fi. But an additional option - on-site sleep pods or suites - is an increasingly popular amenity in airports from Europe to the United States. [ read more ]
  • Relaxed visa rules allow tourism to grow in Asia and the Americas

    A record 1.035 billion tourists travelled around the world in 2012. As the number of tourists crossing borders grew each year, the restrictions and costs that keep them out of certain nations decreased. There are still those countries that seem near impossible to enter for even the most adventurous traveller, but overall, visa requirements have lightened in recent years. [ read more ]
  • Seoul Convention Bureau jumps on 'Gangnam Style'

    Now, thanks to the Psy music video "Gangnam Style," which recently became the most viewed YouTube video of all time, its counterpart, Gangnam, is fast becoming Seoul's most talked-about destination. Although Gangnam was previously regarded as unremarkable from a travel perspective, the Seoul tourism industry is scrambling to harness the area's new fame. [ read more ]