About Private TOURS

about us

From wherever you are on this globe, there seems to be a radical boom happening in the world of luxury travel right now. Far gone are the days when the holy grail is all about hitting those trophy sites one after another or partaking in an expensive yet staid itinerary; now and more than ever before, playing curator to your own holidays and getting under the skin of all those dream destinations are clearly becoming quintessential indulgences in one’s quest for the ultimate travel experience.

And this is when Chan Brothers Private Tours gets really zealous! Here, we reckon there’s no exact science and formula to a great bespoke holiday; instead, we are buzzing to harness all our insider resources, spread our wings across the globe with our far-reaching connections and work absolutely round the clock to bring all your holiday imaginings and heart’s desires to fruition with our private tour from Singapore.

why Us

We work so you can relax

Sure, the internet can be a treasure trove for any budding holiday planner but your precious hours shouldn’t be wasted on digesting the clutter of information and organising those cumbersome logistics. We say hand over the baton, take over the plush seat in the control room and just get ready to jet off in style. And did we mention our personalised 24-hour phone support from the beginning of your trip to the moment you return? Now, that’s luxury bespoke travel of our private tour packages.

No request too large, no detail too small

Imagine yourself gazing at the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your own private glass igloo, picnicking amidst the sacred ruins of the enigmatic Angkor temples away from the crowd or being chauffeured through the rolling hills of Tuscany in a vintage convertible stopping only for gorgeous Chianti, to-die-for views and rustic meals lovingly prepared by Italian nonnas. All you have to do is tell us your desired private tour experiences.

"Would we?" is always on our mind

We make it a point to not brag about the savvy knowledge and the extensive experience of our travel advisors because frankly, we consider these qualities to be fundamentals. But above and beyond, if opinions are being called upon for your reference, our recommendations are always going to be genuine. Case in point – If we won’t stay in a particular resort because the hospitability isn’t always impeccable, it won’t be on our list; and if there’s a hole-in-the-wall gem that blew our palate away more than that popular restaurant on the high street, we will surely let you in on the secret.