8D7N Hiroshima, Kyushu with Amami Island Christmas Edition

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Sales period: Now till 15 December 2017
Travel period: 23 December 2017

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Tourcode : JP8KCY


Miyajima Island

Itsukusima Shrine

Otorii Gate

Hiroshima Peace Memorial



Tenjin Shopping Street

Dazaifu Tenmangu


Amami Island

Ayamaru Misaki

Amami Oshima Brewery

Amami Marine Exhibition Hall



Akiyoshido Cave




Satsuma Kiriko Glass Factory




Dolphin Land

Aoshima Island

Oni no sentakuiwa



Harjiri Falls






  • Return domestic flight to Amami Island
  • Rejuvenating 1-night stay at a famous Japanese onsen resorts in Beppu
  • Opportunity to up close with Wild Dolphin and experience dolphin kiss
  • Beppu hot sand bath
  • Rikishaw ride in Yufuin
  • Snack coupon at Taketa Town
  • DIY Mud-dyed Towel
  • Hands-on Bonito Flakes making
  • Set sail on Marine Viewer Seto to see coral reefs



  • Keihan local lunch
  • Kaiseki dinner
  • Yakiniku dinner
  • Seafood dinner
  • Buffet diiner
  • Japanese set lunch



  • Christmas Celebration Dinner
  • Camp Fire with Gift-giving session

Christmas Celebration Dinner Camp Fire with Gift-giving session

* Return domestic flight to Amami Island
* DIY Mud-dyed Towel
* Set sail on Marine Viewer Seto to see coral reefs
Meals On Board/Lunch/ Dinner

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Hiroshima. Upon arrival, visit UNESCO World Heritage site Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the only structure left standing in the area where the first atomic bomb exploded on 6th August 1945. Make a stop at Akiyoshido Cave to explore the Orient’s largest limestone cavern boasting naturally created art and mystery while on-route to Fukuoka, a vibrant yet compact city in Western Japan and the gateway to Kyushu for many travellers. Thereafter, rev up and embark on a shopping spree at Tenjin Shopping Street. Next, visit Dazaifu Tenmangu a famous shrine that was built in honour of Sugawara Michizane (the God of wisdom)

Bento Box Breakfast / Keihan Local Lunch /Seafood Dinner
After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight to Amami Island. Amami Island, a small island located in the south of Kyushu has also been called “Island closest to Heaven” in Japan. Upon arrival, head to Ayamaru Misaki, a famous view spot to have a glimpse of the beautiful beach with coral reefs and the Pacific Ocean. Make a stop to Amami Park, a multifaceted facility that presents the nature, culture and history of the Amami Island. Next, you will get to understand the process of weaving and experience DIY Mud-dyed towel session at Oshima Tsumugi. Oshima Tsumugi is often counted as one of world's three most beautiful woven fabrics. Thereafter, stop by Amami Oshima Brewery to learn more about the production process of one of Japan’s finest sakes
Breakfast/Lunch/Christmas Celebration Dinner

This morning, you will get to experience Hands on Fishing and Bonito Flakes making. Amami Oshima has the second largest mangrove forest in Japan. There is no best way to explore the Mangrove Forest other than canoeing through the river in low tide. After lunch, set sail on Marine Viewer Seto where you can view the coral reefs and tropical fish up close. Rejoice non divers! The Honohoshi Coastline is covered with beautiful small pebbles shaped by the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the breeze and relax as you listen to the sound of the waves hitting the pebbles. Thereafter, proceed to Amami Marine Exhibition Hall. Divided into three zones, visitors can find out more about the local marine wildlife in different areas; ocean, beach and beach side forest. There will be an opportunity to feed the sea turtles. Located next to the Exhibition hall is Ohama Beach Park. Soak up the glorious sunset over the horizon followed by a sumptuous dinner. End the day on a perfect note as you celebrate Christmas with a heart-warming gift exchange over a campfire.

Breakfast/Lunch/Buffet Dinner
This morning, transfer to Kagoshima by flight. Constructed in the 1658, Senganen was built by an influential clan in the Edo Period. Besides the original building, there is a Japanese style landscape garden with ponds, streams, shrines and bamboo grove. Here, a tea ceremony awaits, you will learn the technique to whisk the emerald-green power Matcha into a frothy, thick brew and enjoy your own brew together with Dyanbo Mochi in Historical House. Next, proceed to Satsuma Kiriko Glass Factory. Satsuma Kiriko glass is Kagoshima prefecture traditional gift. The gradation of colours is created by a special technique known as “bo-kashi” which offers bright and warm beauty. Conclude your day with a shopping spree along Tenmonkan, the largest downtown shopping district in Kagoshima
Breakfast/Lunch/Yakiniku Dinner
After breakfast, head over to Dolphin land in Miyazaki, these friendly mammals are trained to give you a kiss when you come up close and personal with them. Next, stop by Aoshima Island, a small, beautiful island just off of the coast of the resort beaches south of Miyazaki city. At the center of the island is Aoshima Jinja, a colorful shrine that is said to bring luck to married couples. During low tide, you will be able to see Oni no sentakuiwa, which is also known as the devil's washboard. Overnight in Miyazaki
Breakfast/Lunch/Kaiseki Dinner
After breakfast, make a stop at a local craft beer factory where you will learn more about the production process of one of Japan’s finest beers. Famous for being Japan’s 100 best waterfalls, Harajiri Falls was formed due to a large volcanic flow by the eruption of Mt Aso 90,000 years ago. Walk along the suspension bridge that hangs out in front of the fall to enjoy the view of the majestic water. Next, explore the charming and unique Taketa town with its buildings and streets dating back to the Edo period. With your snack coupon, you can get to savour the local specialities such as ice cream, dango, or hot cabosu juice. Thereafter, proceed for a unique journey at Yufuin, to enjoy the picturesque rural beauty of Yufuin on a rickshaw ride. Then, a jaunt to the renowned Beppu awaitsi. Visit Umi-jigoku, a pond of boiling blue water. Not quite Dante’s inferno, but one that will leave an impression nonetheless. This evening, pamper yourself with a traditional hot spring bath at an onsen resort in Beppu
Breakfast/Japanese Set Lunch
This morning, don in a traditional yukata to experience a unique hot sand bath, a suitably relaxing full-stop for a trip well spent. Hop onboard a speedy bullet train ride to Hiroshima. Next, take a ferry ride to tranquil Miyajima Island and visit Itsukushima Shrine, a superb architectural beauty that appears to float on water at high tide. Do not forget to take a photo of the iconic Otorii Gate, believed to be the gateway between the spirit and human worlds. A liminal space, if you will
Breakfast/Meals On Board
If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home





































  • 2 趟内陆航班来回飞往奄美群岛
  • 著名别府温泉度假村活力住宿1晚
  • 与野生海豚近距离接触的机会
  • 别府热沙浴
  • 由布市人力车体验
  • 竹田镇小吃券
  • 泥染毛巾手作体验
  • 日本柴鱼片手作体验
  • 乘坐半潜式水中观光船近距离观赏岛上的珊瑚礁和热带鱼



  • 奄美群岛道地午餐
  • 怀石晚餐
  • 烤肉晚餐
  • 海鲜晚餐
  • 自助式晚餐
  • 日式午餐(套餐)



  • 圣诞晚餐
  • 营火会及礼物交换

在新加坡樟宜机场集合,搭乘航班前往广岛。抵达后,前往被列为世界遗产的广岛和平纪念公园。该处是1945年8月6日发生第一颗原子弹爆炸事件后唯一一个还残留在爆炸区的建筑结构。在前往福冈之前,我们将沿途停靠东方最大的石灰岩洞穴 - 秋芳洞欣赏其自然形成的艺术和神秘感。福冈不仅是充满活力的小城市,也是日本西部被许多旅客视为通往九州的门户。随后,和我们一同前往天神购物街尽情地血拼一番!最后,前往参观为了纪念菅原道真而建的著名太宰府天满宫


今早,您将能体验亲自钓鱼以及手制日本柴鱼片的过程。与此同时,您也将能在奄美大岛上看到日本第二大的红树林,而探索红树林最好的方式就是在低潮时划独木舟穿过河流。午餐后,您可以乘坐半潜式水中观光船近距离观赏岛上的珊瑚礁和热带鱼。不会潜水的朋友们将能在此行中体验到前所未有的乐趣!之后,前往Honohoshi海岸。由于有从太平洋涌来的激浪常年冲刷着海岸的石头,因此间接使形成了一个由圆圆鹅卵石铺开的海岸。在这里,您可以一边聆听海浪拍打在鹅卵石上的迷人声音,一边尽情享受缓缓吹过的微风,以及放松心情。接下来,随我们一起前往奄美海洋展览馆。此展览分为三个区域。游客可以通过不同的展区 – 海洋、海滩,以及沙滩森林了解关于当地海洋野生生物的信息。喜欢海龟的朋友们将有机会喂食该处的海龟。与展览厅毗邻的是大滨海滨公园。您可以此乘此机会欣赏此处迷人的日落,然后享受丰盛的晚餐。今晚,我们将为您安排营火会以及礼物交换节目,庆祝圣诞节!


今早,乘搭飞机前往鹿儿岛。建于1658年,仙岩园是由江户时代极具影响力的部落所建。除了原有的建筑物,这里还有一个日式风景园林、池塘、溪流、神社和竹林。此外,您也将能在这里参与茶道典礼,学习如何将翠绿的抹茶粉搅拌成既有泡沫,且具有浓稠感的热饮,并且在历史悠久的日本古屋中体验一边品尝自泡抹茶,一边享用两棒饼的美好滋味。接下来,前往萨摩切子雕花玻璃工厂。此款玻璃是鹿儿岛县出产的传统礼品。据知,玻璃的色泽是采用一种称为“bo-kashi”的特殊技术创造而出,以致颜色明亮、温暖。最后,再随我们前往鹿儿岛市中心最大的购物区 - 天文馆展开一场疗愈性购物旅程,为今日的行程划上完美的句点!




早餐后,我们将停靠当地的一家啤酒工厂。您将有机会在这里了解到日本最好啤酒之一的生产过程。随后,前往被列为『日本100个最佳瀑布』之一的著名瀑布 - 原尻瀑布。该瀑布是9万年前阿苏山大爆发时,火山碎屑流导致而成的大瀑布。瀑布前面有座吊桥,从吊桥上不仅能够看到瀑布的正面,还可同时欣赏到倾斜而下的壮观流水。喜欢探索迷人小镇的朋友们也能在今天的行程中探索迷人而独特的竹田镇。据说,此镇的建筑及街道历史都可追溯到江户时代。您可以在此使用小吃券品尝到多款当地具有特色的食物,如冰淇淋,日式团子,或热暖暖的柑橘果汁。随后,前往由布市开始今日独特旅程中 – 乘坐人力车享受风景如画的乡村美景!在接下来的时间里,我们将前往探索著名的别府市。您将能在此欣赏到别府市最著名的地狱温泉 - 海地狱由于池水呈现出清澈的湛蓝色泽,因此给人望之有种海的感觉,不过温度却高达98℃。虽然此处不能与但丁的地域之旅相互比拟,但它的美景仍然会为您留下深刻的印象。今晚,您可以在别府的温泉度假村所提供的日本传统温泉浴放松身心,慰劳疲惫的一天。


今早,和我们一起穿上传统的浴衣,体验独特的热沙浴,犒赏您疲惫的身心!接着,搭乘闻名全球的子弹列车前往广岛,然后乘坐渡轮前往宁静美丽的宫岛参观在高潮时仿佛漂浮在水面上的美丽建筑 - 严岛神社。爱在旅途中拍照的你可千万别错过本岛极具标志性的景点 - 大鸟居。据说,该鸟居是用于区分神域与人类居住俗界的标志。由于它就设在海面上,因此,此景点的空间显得有些窄小。





  • Do note that the third bed for triple room may be a "roll-away" bed.
  • The below chart serves a guideline and may not be applicable to all destinations.
  • For maximum comfort, we highly recommend a family of four to stay in two rooms.
  • If extra bed are not available, passengers will be put into : 1 Standard Double / Twin Room + 1 Standard Single Room
passenger Adult
Standard Single Room
  • 1 adult x $ Single
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 Child x $ No Bed
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