7D6N ALL TAIWAN (Charter Flight)

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Sales period: Now till Decmber 2018
Travel period: 01 - 31 December 2018

fr. SGD 1898


Add on Bonus
Enjoy free day to explore Taipei with One Day Unlimited MRT Pass on Day 7

• Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
• Sun Moon Lake leisure cruise
• Wenwu Temple

• Ten Drum Culture Village with drumming performance and hands-on drumming experience 

• Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

• Mr Brown Avenue
• East coast scenic drive to Hualien


• Taroko National Park

• Shifen Waterfall
• Shifen Old Street 
• Jiufen
• Ximending 
• Martyrs’ Shrine
• Taipei 101
• Dihua Street
• Ningxia Night Market

• 1-night accommodation each at Sun
Moon Lake, Tainan leisure farm with farm activities and Taitung hot spring resort with personal hot spring facility in room
• High Speed Rail Ride from Taichung to Changhua
• East coast scenic train ride from Hualien to Yilan 
• Releasing of fireworks
• Seasonal Fruit Picking and Tasting at a local fruit farm
• Lighting and releasing of heavenly lanterns

Gourmet Inclusions
• Aboriginal cuisine dinner
• Tainan Fucheng specialty lunch
• Leisure farm specialty dinner
• Tung Po Zuiyuelou Chinese buffet lunch
• Exquisite hotel dinner
• Traditional bamboo rice lunch
• Ocean Sunfish specialty dinner
• Chien Yen steamboat buffet dinner
• Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant Set Lunch

Seller Program

Set Lunch at Shin Yeh Restaurant 85th Floor of Taipei 101

Tainan Fucheng specialty lunch & Tung Po Zuiyuelou Chinese buffet lunch

High Speed Rail Ride to Changhua & 1N Stay at Sun Moon Lake
Meals On Board /Breakfast/ Lunch /Aboriginal Cuisine Dinner

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Taipei. Upon arrival, proceed to Taichung and enjoy a High Speed Rail ride to Changhua and continue your journey towards Nantou. Next, visit the sprawling Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, a 62-hectare theme park that takes its cue from Taiwan’s aboriginal culture, among others. Thereafter, visit Sun Moon Lake, one of Taiwan’s most popular picturesque spots and the country’s largest body of water. Its poetic name is derived from the unique shape that resembles the sun and the moon. Take in the scenic views and enjoy a leisure cruise on the placid lake. Spend the night at the beautiful and peaceful Sun Moon Lake district, contemplate the quiet beauty of nature and retreat from the frenzied hustle and bustle of city life.


Breakfast/ Tainan Fucheng Specialty Lunch/ Leisure Farm Speciality Dinner

After breakfast, visit Wenwu Temple, located to the north of the lake before making a stop at a lingzhi speciality centre. Gear up for a day of discovery as you make your way to Tainan. Proceed to view an invigorating drumming performance at Ten Drum Culture Village which has been nominated in the Grammy Awards. You will also get a hands-on drumming experience at this new cultural landmark of South Taiwan. Next, proceed to a Tainan leisure farm for your overnight farm stay. Participate in farm activities and experience the novelty of releasing fireworks.


Please bring along your overnight bag for Tainan leisure farm stay.

Releasing of fireworks is subject to weather conditions.



Breakfast/Tung Po Zuiyuelou Chinese Buffet Lunch /Exquisite Hotel Dinner

Wake up feeling relaxed and echarged from your farm stay and head to Kaohsiung. Upon arrival, make your way to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, the largest Buddhist complex in Taiwan, before making a stop at a pearl culture centre. From Kaohsiung, head east to Taitung, famed for its beautiful natural landscape, high mountains, rift outlying islands and hot springs. Along the way, enjoy seasonal fruit picking and tasting at a local fruit farm. Spend the night at a hot spring resort with personal hot spring facility in room.


Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum is closed on Tuesdays and will be replaced with a visit to Fo Guang Shan.

Please bring along your swimwear and swim cap for the outdoor hot spring pools.

Seasonal Bonus

Enjoy picking and tasting 200 grammes of tangerines or grapes, 1 pineapple, 1 custard apple or other available seasonal fruits per traveller.


Breakfast/Traditional Bamboo Rice Lunch/ Ocean Sunfish Speciality Dinner

Rise and shine! This morning, start your visit at Mr Brown Avenue, where the picture-postcard vast tracts of rice fields and blue skies are responsible for producing the most prized rice in Taiwan. If time permits, you can rent a bicycle at your own expense and explore the vast paddy fields firsthand. Next, enjoy an east coast scenic drive to Hualien, with views of pristine landscape seamlessly combining sea and mountains. End the day with a visit to one of the country’s top destinations, Taroko National

Park, to admire various geological marvels such as Swallow Grotto and Changchun Shrine.


Please bring along your overnight bag for Hualien stay.


Breakfast/Chien Yen Steamboat Buffet Dinner

After breakfast, enjoy an east coast scenic train ride to Yilan. Thereafter, cross Hsuehshan Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Taiwan, to Taipei city. Upon arrival, proceed to Shifen Waterfall, also known as Niagara of Taiwan. Thereafter, make your way to evocative Shifen Old Street, where rows of curios shops and restaurants line both sides of a train track. Here, you will also experience the joy of lighting and releasing heavenly lanterns with your fellow travellers. Thereafter, travel to Jiufen, a former gold mining village crammed with teahouses and shops. Thereafter, immerse yourself in the vibrant ambience at Ximending, Taipei’s famed shopping area and epicentre of the city’s youth culture to shop and people watch.


Releasing of heavenly lanterns is subject to weather conditions. Every 4 travellers will share 1 heavenly lantern. Public transfer to Jiufen will be used should visitation fall on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays or during major events in Taiwan.



Breakfast/ Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant Set Lunch

This morning, visit Martyrs’ Shrine to observe the changing of guards’ procession ceremony before heading to a pixiu lucky charm centre. Next, make your way towards Taipei 101, one of the city’s notable landmarks with multilevel shopping, food court, various restaurants and stores and an international grocery store. Next, enjoy an exclusively arranged Shin Yeh Taipei 101 Restaurant Set Lunch, and marvel at the panoramic views of Taipei city on the 85th fl oor of Taipei’s tallest building. Continue to Dihua Street, which used to be a distribution centre for goods such as Chinese herbal medicine, fabrics, rice and tea due to its close location to Dadaocheng Wharf. Today, many of these old buildings have been turned into design boutiques and cool cafes. Step into the historical lanes of the surrounding area and get a taste of the traditional snacks along the streets. You can also drop by the famous Xiahai City God Temple or enjoy a high tea session beside the pier at your own expense. Then, visit a pineapple pastry speciality shop. End the day with yet another eat-a-thon at the famous Ningxia Night Market, the most popular night market among local Taiwanese.

Breakfast/Meals On Board

Today, get a free One Day Unlimited MRT Pass to explore the Taipei city. With a rich tapestry of cultural sites, charming suburbs, bustling streetlife and hospitable inhabitants, Taipei has well earned its reputation of one of Asia’s most liveable cities. Spend your day at leisure exploring all that it has to offer. Visit Tamsui at your own expense, taking a leisurely jaunt down historic Tamsui Old Street to sample its famous iron eggs and browse for curious. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the vibrant ambience at East Taipei. If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.  

Revisions, if any, in itinerary are subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at www.ChanBrothers.com/PackageTourTnCs. In particular, the Customer is requested to note the following:

Itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

Accommodation in designated cities is subject to room availability.

Sequence of itinerary may be subject to change.

Different tour groups may be merged.

Proposed changes, if any, that are not accepted will be subject to the refund provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions.



• 九族文化村
• 日月潭休闲游湖
• 文武庙


• 十鼓文化村
• 一晚住宿休闲农场并体验农场活动

• 佛光山佛陀纪念馆   


• 一晚住宿于温泉酒店,并可在房内享受温泉浴
• 伯朗大道


• 太鲁阁国家公园


• 十分老街
• 十分瀑布
• 九份
• 西门町
• 忠烈祠  
• 台北101 
• 大稻埕迪化街
• 宁夏夜市        

• 一晚住宿于日月潭景观饭店
• 一晚住宿台南休闲农场并体验农场活动
• 一晚住宿于台东温泉酒店,并可在房内享受温泉浴
• 乘火车至宜兰,并欣赏东海岸景色
• 体验强劲快速的‘子弹火车’
• 体验燃放祈福天灯的乐趣
• 摘採与品尝当季水果
• 欣赏十鼓文化村剧场击鼓表演和学习击鼓

• 原住民风味晚餐
• 台南府城小吃宴午餐
• 农场特色晚餐
• 东坡醉月楼单点吃到饱午餐
• 传统风味竹筒饭午餐
• 花莲曼波鱼特色料理晚餐
• 千叶台式火锅吃到饱晚餐
• 台北101 – 85大楼欣叶台菜套餐午餐













季节优惠:季节水果只限每人采食200克或一颗中型当季水果 *

如: 柚子、释迦、凤梨、橘子等



享用户外温泉设施, 需穿戴泳装及泳帽;而室内温泉设施多数以裸汤为主。













早餐/台北101 – 85大楼欣叶台菜套餐午餐



早餐 / 机上用餐

今天,您将免费获取台北捷运一日票,可无限次乘搭捷运玩遍整个大台北直至傍晚的集合时间。建议您可到淡水走趟淡水老街,或是乘搭缆车到猫空品茶。喜爱购物的您,也可到台北信义区的ATT 4 Fun 、东区、各大百货商场或是五分埔作最后的冲刺。之后,将在酒店集合并送往机场乘搭客机回返新加坡。










  • Do note that the third bed for triple room may be a "roll-away" bed.
  • The below chart serves a guideline and may not be applicable to all destinations.
  • For maximum comfort, we highly recommend a family of four to stay in two rooms.
  • If extra bed are not available, passengers will be put into : 1 Standard Double / Twin Room + 1 Standard Single Room
passenger Adult
Standard Single Room
  • 1 adult x $ Single
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 Child x $ No Bed
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