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Sales period: Sep 2018 - Oct 2019
Travel period: Sep 2018 - Oct 2019

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• Independence Hall
• Liberty Bell

Washington, DC
• Capitol
• Lincoln Memorial
• Jefferson Memorial
• Washington Monument
• White House

•Hershey’s Chocolate World

• Lobster dinner
• Harvard University 
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Old State House
• Beacon Hill 
• Boston Common
• Quincy Market

New York/New Jersey
• Rockefeller Center
• Broadway
• Times Square
• Fifth Avenue
• Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
• Liberty Island cruise
• Statue of Liberty
• Castle Clinton National Monument
• Wall Street
• New York Stock Exchange
• Federal Hall
• Charging Bull statue
• Trinity Church
• Ground Zero
• 9/11 Memorial
• One World Trade Center

Niagara Falls
• Niagara cruise
• Skylon Tower
• Niagara-on-the-Lake with icewine-tasting session
• CN Tower
• University of Toronto
• Flatiron Building
• St Lawrence Market
• City Hall
• CF Toronto Eaton Centre
• Lake Ontario

• Parliament Hill 
• Central Area
• Peace Tower
• Rideau Canal

• Old Montreal
• Notre Dame Basilica
• Mt Royal Park
• Olympic Park
• St Joseph’s Oratory of Mt Royal
• St Lawrence River

• Old Quebec City
• Place Royale
• Fontaine de Tourny
• Parliament Building
• Plains of Abraham
• Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac 
• Dufferin Terrace
• La Fresque des Quebecois wall mural
• Parc de la Chute-Montmorency
• Sugar shack

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Ultimate Travel Bucket List
Feel The Mist of Niagara Falls
(Meals on Board)
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to New York.

Upon arrival, travel to Philadelphia, a historic city and birthplace of the nation. Its attractions include Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and Liberty Bell, which was rung to summon the citizens of Philadelphia for the 1st public reading of the declaration.

(Breakfast/ Dinner)

After breakfast, continue to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Upon arrival, visit Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and White House. Stay overnight in Harrisburg.


Today, travel to Pennsylvania and visit Hershey’s Chocolate World for an interactive chocolate experience. Next, head to the vicinity of Niagara Falls for your overnight stay.

(Breakfast/Western Lunch)

Depart for the famous natural wonder, Niagara Falls. Get your camera ready as you enjoy close-up views on Niagara cruise. Later, take an elevator ride to the top of Skylon Tower and enjoy views of Niagara Falls from 775 feet above the mighty falls. Enjoy your lunch at the world-famous revolving restaurant with spectacular views of the falls. After lunch, visit Niagara-on-the-Lake, the birthplace of Ontario’s modern wine industry. Visit a winery and enjoy an icewine-tasting session of Niagara Fall’s famous tipple. Thereafter, journey to Toronto, voted as one of the world’s cleanest and safest cities. Drive past CN Tower, University of Toronto and the picturesque Flatiron Building. Stop by St Lawrence Market, which is popular with shoppers, art lovers and photographers looking for a glimpse into Toronto’s past. Continue with a photo stop at City Hall and end the day at CF Toronto Eaton Centre.


Niagara cruise is only available from May to November and is subject to weather conditions and public closure, and will be replaced with admission to Journey Behind the Falls if unavailable.



From Toronto, continue along the coast of Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great Lakes. If time permits, you may take a boat ride and cruise along the awesome Thousand Island, at your own expense, to discover the incredible natural beauty of this remote region. Later, continue to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Enjoy a city tour of the capital including Parliament Hill, the most visited attraction in Ottawa. Do not miss a photo stop at Central Area and Peace Tower, the most iconic symbol of Canada. Next, drive past Rideau Canal. This historic waterway is filled with boaters during spring, summer and autumn, and is transformed into the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink in winter. Travel to Montreal, the 2nd-largest French-speaking city in the world.


This morning, embark on a sightseeing tour of Old Montreal, the historic centre of the city. Then, enter Notre Dame Basilica, one of Montreal’s most iconic symbols, and marvel at its famed magnificent interiors. Next, visit Mt Royal Park and view Olympic Park. Drive past St Joseph’s Oratory of Mt Royal and travel through the beautiful countryside along St Lawrence River to Quebec. Explore Old Quebec, the only walled city in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can walk on cobblestone streets and view historic buildings. Visit Place Royale, Fontaine de Tourny in front of Parliament Building, and Plains of Abraham, the site of the historic battle between French and British forces. Then, continue to view Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, the landmark of Quebec, enjoy a walk along Dufferin Terrace and make a photo stop at La Fresque des Quebecois wall mural.

(Breakfast/Lobster Dinner)

After breakfast, visit a sugar shack and learn how maple syrup is made. Do not miss getting some maple souvenirs before you leave Quebec, one of the leading producers of maple syrup. In the afternoon, enjoy a scenic ride through the historic states of Vermont and New Hampshire before arriving in Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts and the historic cultural centre of the USA. Upon arrival, enjoy a scrumptious lobster dinner.


After breakfast, visit the prestigious campuses of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thereafter, see Old State House, one of the most historic buildings in the city. Next, head to Beacon Hill and Boston Common, both part of the freedom trail, before visiting downtown Quincy Market, one of America’s oldest gathering places. Then, return to New York and continue on a downtown tour of Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Times Square and Fifth Avenue.


Today, enjoy shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets to shop for branded goods at great prices with incredible discounts


Today, experience the grandeur of New York’s skyline on a Liberty Island cruise and view the Statue of Liberty. Thereafter, stop at Castle Clinton National Monument for a photo opportunity. Later, embark on a walking tour of the financial district that includes Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall and Charging Bull statue. Along the way, you will also see Trinity Church, one of the oldest churches in the USA. Understand the events surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and the acts of heroism that rallied a nation as you continue your walking tour of Ground Zero. Get to view 9/11 Memorial, built in the footprint of the original twin towers, and One World Trade Center, which soars to the patriotic height of 1,776 feet honouring the year of the founding of the USA. Later, stop by FDNY Memorial Hall, an important building that pays tribute to the firefighters who fell on 9/11.

(Breakfast/Meals on Board)

Spend the day at leisure. If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Revisions, if any, in itinerary are subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at www.ChanBrothers.com/PackageTourTnCs.

In particular, the Customer is requested to note the following:

Itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

Accommodation in designated cities is subject to room availability.

Sequence of itinerary may be subject to change.

Different tour groups may be merged.

Proposed changes, if any, that are not accepted will be subject to the refund provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions.



• 独立厅
• 自由钟

• 雕刻与印刷局
• 华府
• 林肯纪念堂
• 杰弗逊纪念堂
• 华盛顿纪念碑
• 白宫
• 史密森尼国立自然历史博物馆


• 好时巧克力工厂


• 龙虾晚餐
• 哈佛大学
• 麻省理工学院
• 旧议会大厦
• 毕肯丘
• 波士顿公园
• 昆西市场

• 洛克菲勒中心
• 百老汇
• 时代广场
• 第五街
• 伍德布里工厂直销店
• “自由岛”号游船
• 自由女神像
• 克林顿城堡国家遗产
• 华尔街
• 纽约证券交易所
• 联邦议会大厦
• 公牛雕像
• 三一教堂
• 世贸遗址
• 9/11 纪念馆
• 世贸一号楼
• 纽约消防纪念墙


• 游船瀑布之旅
• 施格林瞭望塔
• 尼亚加拉湖边小镇 - 冰酒试饮会

• 加拿大国家电视塔
• 多伦多大学
• 熨斗大厦
• 圣劳伦斯市场
• 市政厅
• CF多伦多伊顿中心
• 安大略湖

• 国会山
• 中楼
• 和平塔
• 里多运河

• 蒙特利尔旧城区
• 圣母大教堂
• 圣约瑟大教堂
• 奥林匹克公园
• 皇家山公园
• 圣劳伦斯河

• 老魁北克市
• 皇家广场
• 图尔尼喷泉
• 议会大楼
• 亚伯拉罕草原
• 芳堤娜城堡酒店
• 都伏林步道
• 魁北克壁画墙
• 蒙莫朗西公园瀑布
• 糖屋






早餐后,继往美国首都华盛顿。 途 中 ,到雕刻与印刷的纪念品商店购物。沿途您可以在雕刻与印刷局(俗称铸币厂)的纪念品商店购买独特的货币收藏品和美元连体钞珍藏册。之后,游览华府林肯纪念堂杰弗逊纪念以及华盛顿纪念碑白宫史密森尼国立自然历史博物。此 馆 通 过 研 究、收 藏 、展 览 会 和 教 育推广活动促进以及发展、探索和学习自然世界。

若 前 往 参 观雕刻与印刷局是周末或不对外开放时,行 程 将 不另作安排。







前往美加边境的自然奇景尼加拉瀑布。乘游船来段瀑布之旅, 准 备 相 机近距离欣赏及拍摄并感受瀑布的雄姿与威力。 之后,乘 坐 电 梯 升降机至 达 施格林瞭望的 顶 端 ,从 离 尼加拉瀑布 7 7 5 尺 的 高 度 以 不 同 的 角 度 欣 赏 瀑布。在世界著名的旋转餐厅享受午餐与瀑布的壮观景色。午餐后游览尼亚加拉湖边小镇——安大略现代葡萄酒业的诞生地。参观酒厂并体验尼亚加拉瀑布名酒的冰酒试饮会。之后前往多伦多,世界上公认最干净最安全的城市之一。驾车途经加拿大国家电视塔多伦多大学,以及风景如画的熨斗大厦后,我们将驻足参观圣劳伦斯市场,这里吸引了众多购物者、艺术爱好者和摄影师慕名而来,在此一窥多伦多的往昔。之后,我们会在市政厅稍事停留摄影留念,接着前往参观CF多伦多伊顿中心,结束一天的旅程。



从多伦多,沿着海岸线至到北美五大湖之一的安大略湖。若时间允许,您 可 自 费 乘坐游船畅游风景怡人的千岛区探索其壮观的自然风光。之后,续往加拿大首都渥太。展开市区游到渥太华旅游热点国会。万勿错过于和加拿大最具代表性地标和平塔摄影留念。接着,驱车经过一条富有历史的里多从春季至秋季,运河上都会充满划舟者,而在冬季它最为人知的美誉当属“世界最长的滑冰场”。启程到全球第二大的法语城市蒙特利尔


上午开始历史观光旅,游览蒙特利尔老城区,城市的历史中心仍然保留了过去时代的魅力。进入蒙特利尔最具标志性的符号——圣母院大教堂,欣赏赞叹其著名的宏伟内饰。接着,游览皇家山瞭望奥林匹克公园。驱车经过皇家山圣若瑟大教堂,并穿过美丽的乡村,沿圣劳伦斯河魁北克城。探索老魁北克市,这是北美洲唯一的围墙城市,也是联合国教科文组织所推荐的世界文化遗产地。在此,您可漫步于鹅卵石街道,欣赏历史悠久的建筑物。之后,参观皇家广场, 议会大楼前的图尔尼喷泉亚伯拉罕草原。这草原是当年英法两军战争的战场。续往魁北克城市标志之一的芳堤娜城堡酒店, 沿着都伏林步道散步,并在魁北克壁画墙拍照留念。 






早餐后,游览著名学府哈佛大学麻省理工学院。此后游览最有历史性的建筑之一——旧议会大厦然后前往游览毕肯丘波士顿公园。之后,探索位于市区的昆西市场。然后回返纽约并展开纽约市区观光游。参观景点包括洛克菲勒中心百老汇、 时代广场第五街











  1. 倘若原定的景点不对外开放,将由其他景点取代。
  2. 在重大活动举行期间,酒店住宿可能无法按照行程作安排。
  3. 行程顺序如有更改,恕不预先告知。
  4. 若中英文行程版本出现之处,将以英文版本为依据。



  • Do note that the third bed for triple room may be a "roll-away" bed.
  • The below chart serves a guideline and may not be applicable to all destinations.
  • For maximum comfort, we highly recommend a family of four to stay in two rooms.
  • If extra bed are not available, passengers will be put into : 1 Standard Double / Twin Room + 1 Standard Single Room
passenger Adult
Standard Single Room
  • 1 adult x $ Single
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 Child x $ No Bed
  • Departure
  • Airline
  • Price From (SGD)
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24 Nov 2018 SIN/JFK e SQ 26 2355 1115 (+1)
05 Dec 2018 JFK/SIN e SQ 25 2015 0650 (+2)
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single twin triple
7,088.00 5,738.00 5,638.00
per child
halftwin bed no bed
5,138.00 0.00 5,038.00
Flight Details
date sector flight ETD ETA
01 Dec 2018 SIN/JFK e SQ 26 2355 1115 (+1)
12 Dec 2018 JFK/SIN e SQ 25 2015 0650 (+2)
Price Details
per adult
single twin triple
7,088.00 5,738.00 5,638.00
per child
halftwin bed no bed
5,138.00 0.00 5,038.00
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