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Long Haul Package Tours From Singapore

Don’t be shy to pop that million-dollar question before making your travel purchase decision for tour packages, and not just by comparing packages by prices alone. Even if you think you are “paying lesser” for some aspects of the tour, these could eventually make their way into your tour bill in other forms. Chan Brothers Travel offers long haul package tours from Singapore that boasts exclusive highlights curated for the connoisseur in you, what we passionately call the Chan Brothers difference.

We believe that no 2 persons are the same; likewise, holiday preferences, needs and desires tend to differ even for the closest pals, the sweetest couples or the most closely knitted families. That is why you will find that our suite of diverse programmes comprises a plethora of sightseeing, history, cultural, shopping and culinary highlights to suit every taste.

Choosing Long Haul Package Tours

Chan Brothers Travel offers long haul package tours to Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Europe and North America. Australia tour packages boast national park immersion, authentic farm stay experiences and centrally located hotels and apartments. One-of-a-kind immersion in New Zealand offers deeper insight into the vast country from all angles. Stay at authentic cave hotel in Turkey. Get ready for a burst of salivating experiences with exclusive gourmet picks as part of our Europe tour offers. If you are looking to score North America on a lower budget, our Supersaver package tours offers unbeatable value without scrimping on service and quality.

Booking Long Haul Package Tours

Our click-and-mortar business model offers the best of both worlds. Convenient booking of travel arrangements in the comfort of your own home with the advantages of booking with a brick-and-mortar travel agency, be it for more personal touch, reassurance of physical customer service staff, support in an emergency or after-sales service among others.

Book your next trip with Chan Brothers Travel for the perfect holiday and contact us now. For the latest travel deals, tour promotions, trip ideas and holiday inspirations, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.