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Chan Brothers Long Haul Packages

If you are planning for a trip this year but are unable to commit the time and resources that is required for a long haul holiday, consider booking a tour package.

Chan Brothers Travel offers long haul tour packages in Singapore to a wide range of locations. Long haul tour packages are a great choice for those travelling with families, in big groups or who simply do not have the time to plan an entire trip to the details.

The long haul tour packages offered here in Singapore come with comfortable hotel accommodations, international flights, great meal options and a good selection of sights and activities to see and do in the destination of choice.

A good long haul holiday does not have to be stressful - choose the tour package that interests you and get ready for a memorable trip! Make the best use of your time, money and energy through the help of a long haul tour package.

Long Haul Holidays | Why Pick A Tour Package?

Though a lot of people prefer to plan their own itineraries when it comes to a long haul holiday, there are a couple of advantages that come with tour packages offered by travel agencies. One of the biggest advantages of booking with Chan Brothers for our long haul packages is the convenience.

Some of the well-known reasons behind why long haul holiday tour packages are popular in Singapore are:

  1. Tour packages can be cost-effective. You get to enjoy promotions, deals and discounts that would otherwise not be advertised on other booking sites.
  2. You do not have to worry about planning your trip. From accommodation to sightseeing activities, your tour operator will have taken care of all the logistical elements.
  3. There is increased safety and security when you travel in a group.

Book Your Long Haul Holiday Tour Package With Chan Brothers

In over 50 years, Chan Brothers has proved to be one of the leading travel agencies in Singapore. We have received several prestigious awards such as the Travel Agency Of The Year Awards by Singapore Tourism Board as well as the Best Travel Agency Awards by Travel Trade Gazette Asia.

Chan Brothers offers a large number of long haul travel packages in Singapore. To enquire, leave us your details in our contact form.

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