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  • Hotel City Taxes Included
  • Entrance to the Infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp
  • Exclusive: Include Excursion to Unbelievable Beauty of Hallstatt
  • Audio Headsets for More In-Depth Commentary
  • Localised Cuisine, Authentic Specialised Meals 
  • More In-Depth Inclusions, Fewer Optional Tours
  • Lower Tipping Guidelines
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Sale period: Now till 31 Dec 2022
Travel period: Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

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21 Included Meals
• 10 breakfasts
• 3 lunches
• 8 dinners

Specialty Meals
• German pork knuckle dinner
• Polish golabki stuffed cabbage
• Hungarian folklore dinner
• Austrian pork schnitzel and apple strudel

• Berlin Wall
• Bradenburg Gate
• Checkpoint Charlie
• Reichstag Building
• Tiergarten

• Bastei

• Prague Castle
• St Vitus Cathedral
• Golden Lane
• Wenceslas Square
• Astronomical Clock
• Charles Bridge

• Auschwitz Concentration Camp
• Jewish quarter
• Courtyard of the Royal Castle
• Wawel Hill
• Church of Virgin Mary
• Jagiellonian University 

• Castle District
• Heroes’ Square
• Fisherman’s Bastion
• Gellert Hill

• Designer Outlet Parndorf
• Ringstrasse
• Opera House
• Hofburg
• Parliament Building
• Town Hall
• Burgtheater
• Schonbrunn Palace

• Mirabell Palace
• Residence Square
• Mozart Square
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace

• Muhlbach waterfalls


Meals on Board

Head off to Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Meals on Board/Lunch

Upon arrival, embark on a tour of beguiling Berlin, one of the trendiest and most cosmopolitan capitals in the world that is also steeped in a wealth of history and culture. Kick off the day by witnessing the iconic Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery, an open-air museum with a section of the wall covered by approximately 106 paintings from all over the world as a testament to freedom. Continue experiencing the magical grip of Berlin as you tour historical monuments, such as Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and Reichstag building, built in the 19th century in Italian Renaissance style and comprises a redesigned glass dome. In the middle of the city, you will see Victory Column in Tiergarten, the famous park where many Berliners chew the fat and spend their time.


After breakfast, travel to Dresden, long regarded as the most beautiful city in Germany. Dresden is located on the left bank of Elbe River at a graceful river bend. Despite the devastating bombing campaign of World War II, the old part of the city has since been restored and regained its beauty. After lunch, continue towards Bastei and be amazed by the stunning rock formation of Germany. Take a stroll and admire Germany’s most unique landscape before you continue your journey to Prague, the capital, administrative, cultural, business and industrial centre of Czech Republic. Built along Vltava River, the longest river in Czech Republic, Prague is also one of the most beautifully preserved cities in Europe.


Begin your morning in Prague on a majestic note with a visit to Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world, St Vitus Cathedral, the biggest and most important church in the country, Golden Lane and famous Wenceslas Square, which is the hub of cultural, social and business activities in Prague. Not to be missed is Astronomical Clock, where a crowd gathers at the start of every hour to admire the procession of the Apostles and other allegorical figures. Take a stroll on Charles Bridge, the symbol of the city of Prague, and admire the Baroque statues that flank both sides of the bridge. After lunch, spend your day at leisure to discover the many more charms of Prague.


Journey into Poland and take in the old-world charm of Krakow. It is a multifaceted city where you will able to witness for yourself a mix of old and new with wonderfully preserved old buildings and increasingly modern city streets side by side.

Breakfast/Polish Golabki Stuffed Cabbage Lunch

Today, travel to the west of Krakow in southern Poland to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which serves as a chilling reminder of the Holocaust during World War II. Thereafter, return to Krakow to continue your sightseeing tour that includes the tallest structures on Krakow's skyline, the spires of old churches. Historical buildings, museums and churches also flank the main Market Square. One of your photo stops will be the Jewish quarter, where the movie “Schindler’s List” was filmed. You will also get to visit the courtyard of the Royal Castle at Wawel Hill. At Church of Virgin Mary, hear a trumpeter play from the tower window on the hour and immerse yourself in the area’s awe-inspiring Gothic architecture. If time permits, visit Jagiellonian University, one of the first universities in Europe.

Breakfast/Chinese Dinner

Travel across the Tatra region to Slovakia for a short stop before heading to Budapest, capital of Hungary. You will discover that Hungarian art and architecture are a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau influences.

Breakfast/Hungarian Folklore Dinner

This morning, explore Budapest, the administrative, business and cultural centre of Hungary. The Castle District is the premier destination for visitors and contains some of Budapest's most important monuments and museums. The main sights of the twin cities of Buda and Pest include Heroes’ Square, a magnificent reminder of Hungary’s influence during the celebrated Austro-Hungarian Empire, Fisherman’s Bastion and Gellert Hill, all of which offer panoramic views of the city. After lunch, you can spend your time at leisure or take a stroll along Danube River, which pulses through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe. Tonight, enjoy a traditional Hungarian folklore dinner.

Breakfast/Pork Schnitzel And Apple Strudel Dinner

After crossing the border into Austria, travel to Designer Outlet Parndorf for a fantastic shopping experience, where you can find your favourite designer brands at special discount all year round. After shopping, arrive in the beautiful city of Vienna otherwise known as Wien. Embark on a city tour to view significant landmarks from Ringstrasse to Opera House, Hofburg, Parliament Building, Town Hall and Burgtheater. The Burgtheater was largely destroyed in a bombing raid in 1945 and one month later, on April 12, 1945, it was further damaged by a fire of unknown origin. Thereafter, head to a major Viennese attraction, Schonbrunn Palace.  Schonbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Austria's most visited attraction. This Baroque synthesis of different arts, consisting of a palace and gardens, has been in the possession of the Habsburgs for centuries, and has been restored to its original condition.


Designer Outlet Parndorf Parndorf is close on public holiday and Sunday, subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Overnight accommodation may not be in Vienna during festive/peak season.

Breakfast/Chinese Dinner

This morning, continue to Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart. Enjoy the expansive view of the breathtaking countryside where well-loved musical, “The Sound of Music”, was based on. Discover this delightful musical city at your leisure and rejoice in sights like Mirabell Palace, Residence Square, Mozart Square and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace at No.9 Getridegasse Street. You may also opt to visit Mozart Museum at your own expense, or go shopping for souvenirs.

Breakfast/German Pork Knuckle Dinner

Start the day travelling through the famous Salzkammergut (Lake area) to Hallstatt known as the ‘Pearl of the Salzkammergut’, passing many local villages on route which introduces you to the local area. Due to its significant cultural history, the "Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut" region became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Many consider Hallstatt as one of the loveliest lakeside towns in the world. Nestled on the southwestern banks of the Hallstätter, the town has been known for its salt mining since the early days. Take a leisurely lakeside walk seeing how the houses above you cling onto the mountain side and admire the Muhlbach waterfalls. Afterwards, drive to Munich, the third largest city in Germany for your overnight stay.

Breakfast/Meals on Board

If time permits, of course there is always last-minute shopping before bidding “Auf Wiedersehen” to Munich as you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


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• 柏林围墙
• 布阑登堡门
• 查理关卡
• 国会大楼
• 蒂尔公园

• 德国猪脚晚餐
• 巴斯特


• 布拉格城堡
• 圣伟提斯教堂
• 金小巷
• 温瑟斯拉斯广场
• 天文钟
• 查尔斯大桥


• 奥斯威辛集中营
• 犹太区
• 皇家城堡的庭院
• 瓦维尔山
• 圣母玛丽亚教堂
• 加基隆里安大学


• 匈牙利民族风味晚餐
• 城堡区
• 英雄广场
• 渔夫堡垒
• 古勒山


• 潘多夫购物商场
• 环城大道
• 歌剧院
• 霍夫堡皇宫
• 议会大厦
• 市政厅
• 城堡剧院
• 美泉宫

• 米拉贝拉皇宫
• 居民广场
• 莫扎特广场
• 莫扎特故居

• 穆巴赫瀑布



抵达后,您将前 往 游 览 德 国 中心 的 城 市 游 。先参观过去分割德国首都为东西柏林的柏林围墙和露天博物馆,参观在那里展出的约106幅来自世界各地象征自由的画。之后,续程参观布阑登堡门查理关卡国会大楼蒂尔公园内的胜利纪念柱




游布拉格从布拉格城堡,然后到圣伟提斯教堂金小巷以及著名的温瑟斯拉斯广场。这广场也是布拉格文化、社会与商业活动的中心,过去则是买卖马儿的地方,故称马儿市场。万勿错过 参观天文钟,此处每小时都会有大批群众聚集观赏使徒及其他寓言人物的列队游行。漫步于中世纪建成的布拉格地标查尔斯大桥,并细心欣赏大桥两侧的精致巴罗克雕像。午餐后,您可自由活动探索这个历史古城。






前往斯洛伐克稍作停留 ,再到匈牙利及其首都布达佩斯。您将发现匈牙利艺术与建筑风格,是罗马、歌特、巴洛克与新艺术的相互融合。匈牙利丰富的音乐历史,包涵了李斯特的狂想曲与艾凯尔的歌剧及吉普赛与民族音乐。


今早游览布达佩斯,匈牙利的行政、商业与文化中心。它的城堡区拥有布达佩斯最重要的纪念碑和博物馆。重要景点还包括英雄广场渔夫堡垒古勒山。午餐后 ,您可自由活动或考虑到多瑙河的岸边散步和体验当地时尚和美食。今晚,您将品尝一顿丰富的匈牙利民族风味晚餐



在旺季和节日季节时,在维也纳的住宿也许会另作安排。 潘多夫购物商场在公众假期和周日将关闭,如有不可遇测的情况及更改,恕不另行通知。


继续前往音乐家莫扎特的故乡沙尔斯堡。您可以到经典电影《音乐之声》的拍摄地点。您可在此自由活动,游览米拉贝拉皇宫居民广场莫扎特广场莫扎特故居。您可自费参观莫扎特博物馆 。









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Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
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Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
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Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
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passenger Adult
passenger Adult
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Standard Triple Room
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