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• Church of St Nicholas
• Market Colonnade
• Triple Bridge
• Dragon Bridge

• Preseren Square

• Church of the Assumption

• Plitvice Lakes National Park

Sea Organ

• Rector’s Palace
• Clock Tower
• St Blaise Church
• Onofrio Fountain
• Orlando’s Column
• Sponza Palace
• City walls admission 
• Franciscan Monastery

• Diocletian’s Palace
• Temple of Jupiter
• Cathedral of St Domnius

• Roosevelt Square
• Ban Jelacic Square
• Zagreb Cathedral
• Croatian Parliament
• St Mark’s Church
• Kamenita Vrata
• Lotrscak Tower

• Bay of Kotor

• Bascarsija
• Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
• Tunnel Museum

• Stari Most

Meals on Board

Troop down to Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Meals On Board/Dinner

Upon arrival, make your way to Ljubljana, the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Ljubljana boasts a balanced mix of old and new, with centuries-old buildings surrounding a medieval heart beating in tandem with an increasingly modern outlook and a vivacious entertainment and cultural scene. Get acquainted with the city’s ancient charms on a tour through the heart of its old town. After feasting your eyes on the impressive Baroque-style architecture of Church of St Nicholas with its impressive twin bell towers and towering dome, head to nearby Market Colonnade and stroll through dozens of charming little shops selling a wide variety of local produce and souvenirs. The market curves along the east bank of the river Ljubljanca, between Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge, offering plenty of visual treats as well. Later, cross Triple Bridge to the city’s main meeting point, Preseren Square, named after the greatest Slovene poet, France Preseren. Continue to Lake Bled.


Today, tour Slovenia’s most famous lake, Lake Bled. Marvel at the stunning crystal blue-green lake, immerse in its idyllic surroundings and fresh clear air, take a moment to ponder and understand why it is described by many as a paradise on Earth. Delve deeper into the region’s beauty with a traditional pletna boat ride to Bled Island, a picturesque islet crowned by the exquisite Church of the Assumption. Visit the church, climb up the stairs to the top and to ring the church bell for your wishes to come true. Thereafter, do not miss an opportunity to join an optional tour to Postojna Cave, a natural wonder of Slovenia, at your own expense. Then, continue on your journey to Opatija for your overnight stay.


Breakfast/Croatian Suckling Pig Lunch

Today, get ready for a change of scene as you approach Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of Europe’s most impressive national parks with a designated UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979. Hold your breath as you walk towards the 70-metre-tall Veliki Slap, the largest waterfall in the park. The beauty of the park lies in its 16 crystalline lakes, interconnected by a series of cascades, and set in deep woodland populated by deers, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. Next, proceed to the pretty coastal city of Zadar. Head to the Sea Organ, an artistic and architectural installation located along the coastline, to hear the natural symphony made by tidal waves flowing through a series of tubes and holes underneath a set of large marble steps.

Breakfast/ Bosnian Bey Soup And Cevapi Lunch/ Dinner

This morning, cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina and proceed to the ancient town of Mostar. Mostar was initially developed by the Ottoman Empire and occupied by generations of multicultural residents ever since. Packed with plenty of architectural gems from different eras, ranging from pre-Ottoman, Ottoman, Mediterranean and Western European architectural elements, the city is a feast for the eyes. Walk across the old town’s indisputable star, Stari Most, also commonly known as Old Bridge, and revel in the moment as the pale stone arch cast a sweeping reflection on the Neretva river beneath. Head to Sarajevo for your overnight stay.


Sarajevo, the capital of the country, is a city that had risen from the ashes time and time again from its tumultuous times throughout history. Now, its rejuvenated historic centre is filled with spired minarets, bustling bazaars and a certain buzz about town. Explore Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and stroll down the cobbled streets of Bascarsija, founded by the Ottomans in the 15th century, and you may think that you have landed in Turkey! Sarajevo is also the city that hosted the 1982 Winter Olympics. Visit Tunnel Museum to experience the life of the besieged during the war. If time permits, shop for traditional and handcrafted wares and try Bosnian coffee at your own expense. Travel back to Mostar and spend some time at leisure to explore the city.



Today, travel to Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro. Explore the Old Town and marvel at its many UNESCO World Heritage Sites including medieval churches and fortification. Next, get ready to be lost for words as you stand before the mountain-rimmed Bay of Kotor, the deepest natural fjord-like bay in the Mediterranean Sea. The scenery around it, including the steep mountains which come almost straight down to the water edge, is spectacular. Thereafter, travel to Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Breakfast/ Adriatic Seafood Pasta Dinner

Be in awe as you set eyes on Dubrovnik with its orange-hued roofs, ancient city walls, marble streets and Baroque buildings. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city’s landmarks such as Rector’s Palace, Clock Tower, St Blaise Church, Onofrio Fountain, Orlando’s Column and Sponza Palace will not fail to impress. Next, with your city walls admission, walk around the ancient fortress dotted with bastion, towers and detached forts. After, see Franciscan Monastery up close, which also houses Europe’s 3rd-oldest pharmacy. You may wish to join an optional cruise to sail along the Adriatic Sea, or take a ride up to Mount Srdj for breathtaking views of the Old City at your own expense


Breakfast/Chinese Lunch/Dalmatian Grilled Fish Dinner

This morning, drive through the Croatian countryside to Split, the 2nd-largest city in Croatia. Soak up the exuberance of the Dalmatian city of Split as you embark on a city tour through its most important sights. Relive the days of the past as you come face to face with Diocletian’s Palace, Temple of Jupiter and Cathedral of St Domnius. With the dramatic coastline and turquoise waters of the Adriatic surrounding remnants of Roman, Renaissance and Gothic buildings, this charming city is a sight to behold.

Breakfast/Chinese Dinner

Today, enjoy a scenic drive back to Zagreb. Embark on a sightseeing tour of this old Central European city, with its Baroque atmosphere in the upper town, picturesque open-air markets and great shopping. Take in sights like Roosevelt Square, Ban Jelacic Square and Zagreb Cathedral. Go back in time to the Middle Ages with a stroll through the upper town to Croatian Parliament, St Mark’s Church, Kamenita Vrata or Stone Gate, and the ancient Lotrscak Tower.


Breakfast/Meals On Board

If time permits, of course there is always last-minute shopping before bidding farewell to Zagreb as you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


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In particular, the Customer is requested to note the following:
Itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.
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Sequence of itinerary may be subject to change.
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• 圣尼古拉斯大教堂
• 市集回廊
• 三重桥
• 龙桥
• 普列舍仁广场 
• 圣母教堂

• 布里特威斯国家公园 
• 海风琴
• 校长宫
• 钟楼
• 圣布莱斯教堂
• 奥诺佛喷泉
• 奥兰多石柱
• 斯蓬扎宫
• 城墙入门票
• 方济各修道院 
• 戴克里先宫
• 邱朱庇特庙
• 圣多努米斯教堂 
• 罗斯福广场
• Ban Jelacic 广场
• 萨格勒布大教堂
• 国会大厦
• 圣马克教堂
• 石门
• Lotescak 塔 

• 清真寺
• 巴斯卡尔斯加
• 战争隧道博物馆

• 石桥 

• 科托尔海湾 


在新加坡樟宜机场集合,搭乘航班前往克罗地亚的首都 - 萨格勒布。

抵达后,前往斯洛文尼亚的首都及最大城市 - 卢布尔雅那。卢布尔雅那是个新旧均匀融合的城市,其周围不仅拥有长达几百年悠久历史的建筑 物,也拥有日益现代化的外观及活跃的娱乐及文化场所。在这里,您将能够通过古镇游览了解其古老的魅力。欣赏完圣尼古拉斯大教堂令人印象深刻的巴洛克建筑风格、其双钟楼以及高耸的圆屋顶后,不妨到附近的市集回廊,以及在各角落售卖多种当地农产品和纪念品的迷人小店铺逛一逛。该市集回廊环绕着位于三重桥龙桥中央的琉比亚纳迦河东 岸,日复一日地为路过的旅客提供了大量的视觉盛宴。穿越三重桥,并 且到以最伟大斯洛文尼亚诗人 - 弗兰策·普列舍仁命名的普列舍仁广场集合。随后,续程到布雷德湖

今天,启程前往游览斯洛维尼亚最有名的湖泊 - 布雷德湖。您将可以在这里欣赏到水晶般迷人的蓝绿色湖水,沉浸在田园诗般的环境以及呼吸到新鲜干净的空气,甚至是在欣赏之余抽空思考和参透该湖泊被许多人描述为“地球上的天堂”的奥妙。随后,乘坐传统的渡船前往布雷德岛进一步探索本区域的美景。该岛以圣母教堂作为其标志而闻名。您可以 参观教堂,并且爬楼梯到教堂顶端敲响教堂的钟,祈祷愿望能够实现。 此外,您可以自费参与这里提供的斯洛维尼亚自然奇观 -“波斯托伊纳 洞”游览活动。最后,前往奥帕蒂亚,并在此地过夜。


早餐后,我们将告别奥帕蒂亚,前往自 1979 年以来便被列为列入世界遗产的布里特威斯国家公园。该公园也是欧洲最令人印象深刻的国家公 园。您将能在此景点观赏到湖区公园内最壮观的 70 米高大瀑布 Veliki Slap(即“大瀑布”)。公园的魅力之处非其湖泊莫属。由于主要有 16 个湖泊,故公园又叫十六湖国家公园。各湖泊由一条水路相连,并且位 于深山林地,为此经常有鹿、熊、狼,野猪和稀有的鸟类出没于此。接 下来,前往美丽的沿海城市 - 扎达尔。抵达后,前往当地最著名,并且 在世界上独一无二的海风琴。海风琴是一架经过精心设计,并且位于海 岸线的海浪管风琴。其白色石阶下暗藏 35 个大型风琴管,大海就是风 箱。海水的拍打和潮汐的涨落会在风琴管中自动形成气压变化,由此来 达到演奏音乐旋律的效果。


今日,将前往莫斯塔尔古镇。莫斯塔尔最初由奥斯曼帝国开发,自那时 以来一直由多代多元文化的居民所占据。该古镇以拥有不同时代建筑瑰 宝而闻名遐迩,其中建筑元素包括来自奥斯曼帝国时期前,奥斯曼帝国、地中海及西欧时期的元素,因此素有“视觉盛宴”之称。接着,游览莫斯塔尔古镇最为著名的石桥。古桥的墩台为石灰石,而且与水边悬崖边上的翼墙相连,欣赏时还可在桥下的內雷特瓦河捕捉到其倒影。最 后,前往萨拉热窝,并在此地夜宿。


早餐后,我们将带您前往波斯尼亚以及黑塞哥维那的首都 - 萨拉热窝。萨拉热窝不仅是最大的城市, 它也是在历史悠久的动荡时期中复兴多次的城市。随着萨拉热窝的复兴重建,该城市也变成了发展最快的城市之一,并且在各处建设尖塔、繁华的集市,使其充满热闹的现象。接下来,我们将带您探索清真寺,并且漫游由奥斯曼帝国在 15 世纪创立的巴斯卡尔斯加。该处的景色绝对能让您误以为身在土耳 其!不仅如此,萨拉热窝也是主办 1982 年冬季奥运的城市!如果时间允许,您也可以在这里品尝到波 斯尼亚咖啡,并且自费购买心仪的传统和手工制品。 随我们前往战争隧道博物馆体验当地人民在战争 期间被围困时的生活。  


今日,前往位于黑山的沿海城镇 – 科托尔。科托尔以自然和文化历史区被列入世界遗产而闻名,其中著名景点包括其老城区的中世纪教堂和防御工事,以及其位于地中海最深的自然峡湾–科托尔湾。在这 里,您能在峡湾的最边缘看到最迷人,且自然的壮丽风景,尤其是周围的景色。其中,科托尔湾最壮观 的景色来自于从陡峭山区几乎直线下降到水边的景观。随后,前往被誉为“亚得里亚海之珠”的杜布罗夫尼克。 


早餐后,您将能看到杜布罗夫尼克独有的橙色屋顶、古城墙、大理石街道和许多巴洛克风格的建筑物。 该市被列为世界遗产,拥有众多极具代表性的地标,如校长宫钟楼圣布莱斯教堂奥诺佛喷泉奥兰多石柱,以及斯蓬扎宫,必定能让您对这座城市留下深刻的印象。此行的焦点莫过于使用您持有的城墙入门票探索附有堡垒、塔楼及独立堡垒的古堡!随后,不妨前往方济各修道院,并且近距离观赏修道 院以及挥发您的想象力想像自己住在中世纪的场景!该处也是欧洲第三大古老药房的所在地。您可以悠 闲地享受接下来的剩余时间,并且乘此空档探索老城区或游览集市。除此之外,您也可以选择自费参加 乘船游览活动或登上 Srd 山顶观赏杜布罗夫尼克迷人的风景。


今早,随我们一起乘车穿越克罗地亚的乡村地区前往克罗地亚第二大的城市 - 斯普利特。您将能在斯普利特的达尔马提亚城市的城市游览中观赏到多个重大景点,如著名的戴克里先宫邱朱庇特庙,以及圣多努米斯教堂,并且重温这座城市过往的风光。 此外,您也能在此观赏到这座城市的其余迷人之处,如被亚得里亚海美丽海岸线和蔚蓝海水包围的罗马、文艺复兴时期和哥特式建筑残迹。  


今天,我们将驱车回萨格勒布,并且沿途欣赏风景。接下来,我们将以观光的方式带领您游览这座古老的中欧城市,感受上城的巴洛克气氛,参观风景如画的露天市场,以及进行一番购物。您可以在此游览 多个萨格勒布著名的景点,如罗斯福广场Ban Jelacic 广场以及萨格勒布大教堂。对中世纪景点情有 独钟的朋友将有机会游览萨格勒布的老城区 (上城),途中景点包括国会大厦圣马可教堂、拥有石门之称的石门,以及Lotescak 塔。 




行程若更改,需受公司的条款与细则所约束,请参考 www.ChanBrothers.com/PackageTourTnCs。

不同团体可能合并成一团。 若有更改不被接受,需遵守条款与细则中的退款规定。



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Standard Single Room
  • 1 adult x $ Single
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 1 adult x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 1 adult x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ Half Twin
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Double / Twin Room
  • 2 adults x $ Twin
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 2 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 child x $ With Bed
  • 1 child x $ No Bed
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Adult
passenger Child
Standard Triple Room
  • 3 adults x $ Triple
  • 1 Child x $ No Bed
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