Q: Why is my tour still “Pending”?

A: There can be many reasons why tour cannot be confirmed.  Largely, it is due to no minimum group size. No worries! You can check your tour status again nearer to departure date. Please note that all tour confirmation will be advised no later than 14 days before departure.

Q: Can I change to another tour now since my booking is pending?
A: Tour status will be advised 2 weeks before departure. If your departure is unable to confirm 14 days before departure, we may recommend you alternatives if available. Please note that surcharge may incur on a case by case basis and you will be advised accordingly. Should you decide not to accept the alternative; a refund will be made accordingly.

Q: Can I cancel my booking now since my booking is pending?
A: Please refer to Terms & Conditions for cancellation charge and procedure.

Q: How do I get my refund?
A: For cheque and cash payment, refund will be made in the form of a cheque. For credit card payment, refund will be made through credit card Company. The processing time may take up to 6 weeks to complete.


Q: What is the next step?

A: We will keep you informed about briefing and payment.

Q: What if I could not / did not attend the briefing session?
A: You may visit our retail office no later than 10 days before departure and we will provide you with a counter briefing. Or else, you may request for a set of pre-departure information via email and pay your remaining tour fare via ibanking service.

Q: Can I cancel my tour booking?
A: Please refer to Terms & Conditions for cancellation charge and procedure.

Q: Can I add on more traveller(s) to my booking?
A: Please contact our friendly Travel advisors or email to 

Q: Can I know the group size?
A: Group size can be up to 55 passengers per coach.

Q: Can I make special request for meals?
A: Such requests have to be done no later than 10 days before departure date, subject to availability.

Q: Can I make special request for seats?
A: At times, special request for seats may not be available because group seats are pre-assigned by airlines. We seek you understanding that we may not be able to get your preferred seats, especially during peak season.

Q: I renew my passport, do I need to update Chan Brothers Travel?
A: Yes, please send an image of your passport to

Q: When should I purchase Travel insurance?
A: You should purchase as soon as you can, no later than 3 days before departure. Click on this to purchase your insurance or email to for assistance.

Q: What are the things I need to prepare for the tour?
A: Please refer to the information provided during pre-departure briefing session.

Q: If I have an extension request, does it mean that it is confirmed since the status display “Confirmed”?
A: For any extension or deviation request, please check the status with our friendly Travel Advisors. The status displayed is for group confirmation and not representing confirmation of your extension / deviation request.

Q: Does it mean that this is a definite departure since my booking is now confirmed?
A: Due to unforeseen circumstances, tour confirmation will be updated again no later than 14 days before departure.


Q: Why I am unable to retrieve my booking?

A: Name entered has to be according to what is printed on the Pax Statement, in capital letters. This feature is only applicable for travellers joining package tours organised by Chan Brothers Travel. For free & easy or cruise booking and any other tours/reasons, please email to 

Q: Where can I find my “Booking Number”?
A: Your booking number is located at the top left hand corner of your pax statement, typically starting with “T” followed by 7 numbers and ends with 2-3 letters. For example: T0123456CT, T0987654LHE.

Q: How can I contact Chan Brothers Travel?
A: You may contact us during our operating hours at 6438 8880 or email us at