Package Tours by Continents


Tropical rainforests, majestic canyons, and mountains mark the landscapes across Africa. A continent like no other, the rich traditions that continue on here is compelling for travellers to visit at least once in their Travel across the Sahara desert and take in the natural beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro. Book your Africa package tour with us today.



From the culturally significant Great Wall of China to the magnificent Mount Everest, Asia is a large region that is steeped in culture and rich with diversity. our package tours surrounding Asia include all the famous historical sites, unforgettable gastronomical experiences and a wide range of activities to suit every traveller. Explore the diverse landscape of Asia with one of our package tours today!



Rich history, exotic cuisines and natural landscapes are what many travellers look forward to when traversing Europe. From the famed Seven Hills of Rome to the ancient structures and mythology in Athens, our Europe package tours cover the best in the region to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Europe remains a top favourite among travellers for these reasons. Book with us today and indulge in these experiences.


North America

Planning a trip to North America? Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park are only of the many sights to behold across the United States, Canada and Cuba. Our North America package tours include a good variety of scenic landmarks, cultural cities and outlying wilderness. Make trip planning easy when you book your package tour in North America with us today.



Travelling to Australia or New Zealand? Their diverse landscapes, beautiful cities and amazing food open up many opportunities for exploration. From weekend markets and gourmet food trucks to vast ochre plains and pristine beaches, Australia or New Zealand is perfect to experience a little bit of everything – food, culture, wildlife and nature. Our package tours to Australia and New Zealand are curated to offer you the best, recommendations we have. Book with us today!


South America

Home to the biggest rainforest and river in the Amazon, travelling across South America can be a phenomenal experience. Our package tours across South America cover a range of exotic locations, historical sites and natural landmarks. There are also ample opportunities to sample fantastic cuisines, take in elegant landscapes and local cultures. For a truly unforgettable experience in South America, book your package tour with us today!



Europe Supersavers

Northern Lights


Exotic China


Chan Brothers Package Tours

Looking to book package tours for your holiday from Singapore? As an established tour agency in Singapore, Chan Brothers is your go-to choice for premium, well-designed, and attractive package tours.

Whether you are a seasoned traveller looking to explore exotic destinations or new to the world of travelling, our tour packages are designed to help your travelling plans go smoothly and according to your desires. Based on demand, we have premium tour packages that feature popular bucket-list worthy destinations such as Iceland’s Northern Lights and Scandinavia’s Lofoten Islands. Our tour deals also include timeless experiences curated by our own experts and customers. Categorised according to what you are looking for (celebrity, long haul or exotic destinations), we offer package tours that makes travelling hassle-free.

Choosing Package Tours

Choosing the right package tour can make a whole lot of difference to your holiday. When you go for Chan Brothers Tours in Singapore, you can be assured of a hassle-free and well-planned holiday. We will take care of the logistics and planning, so that you can enjoy your holiday in bliss.

With our package tours from Singapore, you get to dial up or down your holiday plans according to your travel desires and needs. Our package tours, depending on the country or site of visit, covers coveted destinations, popular tourist highlights and even features delicacies in local cuisine.

Book Package Tours from Singapore

From Asia and Australia to Europe and Africa, our tour deals encompass a wide range of locations. We have package tours that suit different types of travellers as well - for those seeking adventure and others who have sightseeing spots on their bucket lists.

Top-notch accommodation hotels, VIP access for popular tourist spots, and splendid local fare are some of the things you can look forward to when you travel using our tour deals. Our highly qualified and friendly tour managers and guides will be able to bring you through some of the best experiences on your trip.

To enquire more about the package tours we offer from Singapore, contact us by leaving your details on our form online. We also post regular updates on our Facebook page, so do follow us on our page to stay updated on the latest promotions and deals.