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When it comes to booking a package tour for your holiday, you probably need to decide between a free and easy or packaged tour. The main difference between the two is that the free and easy tour package grants you more freedom and flexibility in planning your travels.

Both types of tour packages come with their own set of perks and disadvantages. Whether you prefer a much more relaxed holiday or a travel itinerary that is meticulously planned out, Chan Brothers offers you with a wide selection of tour package options.

Before you decide to go with a free and easy tour package, it is recommended that you weigh your options and consider how the package will be an asset to your travel plans.

Benefits Of Free And Easy Tour Packages

The biggest benefit of going for a free and easy tour package is in the freedom to dial up or down your travel plans - depending on your mood on that day.

Compared to a group tour package, going free and easy means that your schedule becomes more flexible:

  1. Your spending can be lowered for things like meals; you have the option of eating at a local street store instead of restaurants.
  2. You have room for exploration as well as a change of mind if you encounter a different activity you would like to include in your plans.
  3. You get to research the places that you have interest in.

Some people may prefer group packages simply because of the convenience it offers - you need not worry about accommodation, meals or places to go. However, if you are seasoned traveller and well-versed with the difference in cultures around the world, going for the free and easy tour package can be a fulfilling and fun experience.

Book With Chan Brothers For Free And Easy Tours

As one of the leading tour agencies with over 50 years of travel, Chan Brothers offers free and easy tour packages that cover a wide range of locations. Depending on your travel plans, you can opt for free and easy tours from Asia to Europe.

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