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    Meal on Board

    Own check in for the flight to Chengdu. Upon arrival, meet with local representative and proceed to check in hotel and free leisure!

    Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

    After breakfast travel to Zhao County and visit 【Zhao Bridge】 is the world's oldest open-spandrel segmental arch bridge of stone construction. Then visit Chinese Chan sect originator--Bailin Zen Monastery, where Xuanzang was studying "The theory of reality", and was the starting point to learn from the west. Here you will get to know about the famous Zen Meditation, like famous Zen Tea Room, Clean Bowl Room.【Junlebao Perfect Ranchvisit Cow museum,learn the significance of dairy products to human function and intestinal health, at the same time learn the production of modern feeding, milking, yogurt, or milk powder. Cattle are the Mount of Lao Zi the founder of Taoism, it means "tune the heart", and black ox and purple energy means “auspicious. Here you can Interact with the calf and taste the delicious milk. Plant Cole flowers by yourself, in the flower sea under construction, then after 2 months’ waiting and expectation, you can receive the picture showing the flowers you plant.


    Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

    After breakfast start to experience, preservation activities in Yiling Health Center, visit Yiling TCM Industrial Park, Shen Nong Herbal Graden, TCM Specimen Museum, then return to nature, experience that man as an integral part of nature, reshape the origin of life, participate nature-origin preservation activity, guided by a high comprehensive quality tutor, with knowledge from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and medicine together. The activity is combined traditional preservation culture and modern scientific preservation rules, through the intervention of diet, sleep, emotion, exercise and life style, rehabilitates the body harmony, and reactivates the health and vitality. Food will be arranged asMeal Replacement by five corns/five fruits/five vegetablesand health preservation diets. And health diets guidance from regimen experts, communicate with experts about net food will be provided.

    Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

    Cang Yan Mountain Chinese historical cultural mountain, visit the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon " cinematic location, which has the fame”gathering the mysterious form all mountains, CangYan reaches top of the Taihang peaks” . Appreciate the three tops and onlys “the bridge rainbow”, “Cooper pilgrimage”, “Sandalwood escape from sun”. The centuries-old Fuqing temple has a long history and outstanding architectural art form strange spectacular cultural beauty. Fuqing temple was built in the Sui Dynasty in early 1400. According to the inscription records, the daughter of Suiti Princess Nanyang had become a nun, spent 62 years here. All the buildings in mountain, built in broken rock, little and dainty, or cross to danger walls, are constructed as magnificent and spectacular.Then travel to the famous Chinese historical and cultural village "Da Liang Jiang Village", which after 600 years of accumulation of development, gradually produce a combination of Shanxi and Hebei, formed grand stone village as the acme of perfection. Then return back to Shijiazhuang.

    Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

    After breakfast go to National level famous historical and cultural city-Zhengding climb the ancient city wall of Zhengding, visit Zhengding Four Pagodas, then visit Long xing Temple, where you can visit Six Onlys of national cultural relics--the Song Dynasty architectural Mani Temple, praised by ancient architecture expert LiangSicheng as the solitary example of ancient architecture in the world; “Back sit Guanyin”--praised by Mr. LuXun as “Oriental beauty godness”; the largest wheel reservoir in early China; LongCang temple monument praised as the first monument in the Sui Dynasty; the largest bronze cast Buddha in ancient China. Then travel to Hebei Museum, in the "Mancheng Han Tombs" find Jade clothes sewn with gold wire, Inlaying gold boshan censer and other national treasure. In the "mysterious Zhongshan" understand the culture of the millennium in the Warring States period. In "Quyang stone" listen to the stories of Xingyun grand master and Buddha statues of the Northern Qi Dynasty.

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    易如反掌 2人成行
    Tour Code: ME6HB
    Travel Period: 01 May 2018 – 28 Dec 2018


    *全程入住当地5*级中华养生主题酒店 *品尝中国药膳大赛特金奖获奖中华养生药膳 *4顿

    下午14:30 大家聚集于樟宜机场,搭乘豪华客机飞往河北省会石家庄是中华人民共和国河北省的省会,位于河北省中南部,京津冀地区重要的中心城市,全国重要的现代服务业、生物产业基地之一,同时还是河北省的政治、经济、文化和对外交流的中心。专人专车接机入住当地五星级酒店休息。


    早餐后乘车前往有“中国雪梨之乡”的赵县参观世界闻名的石拱桥,叫安济桥,又叫【赵州桥】。它是隋朝的石匠李春设计和参加建造的,到现在已经有一千四百多年了…… 在古代,如果有桥的排行榜,赵州桥绝对稳坐天下第一。它所采用的坦拱和敞肩拱式设计,为世界首创,这种建筑形式比西方早了一千两百多年。。后参观中国禅宗祖庭——【柏林禅寺】,玄奘法师曾在此研习《成实论》是其西去取经起点,了解禅宗著名的吃茶去、洗钵去等禅学法门。远古,炎帝创世,他以牛舌的嗅觉尝草,以牛眼的敏感识谷,以牛的气力移山倒海、造田兴农。牛寓意“调心”;牛是道教创始人老子的坐骑;青牛紫气寓意“吉祥”。行走在君乐宝【优质牧场】牧场,参观【奶牛博物馆】,了解乳制品对人体机能及肠道健康的意义,同时亲身了解现代化饲喂、挤奶、酸奶或奶粉的生产与小牛互动并品尝美味乳品。在建设中的【牧场花海“亲植”】一片象征欣欣向荣美好生活的油菜花,亲手创造 “油菜花开满地黄,丛间蝶舞蜜蜂忙;清风吹拂金波涌,飘溢醉人浓郁香”的花海美景,待两个月后寄送您亲植的花海照片,享受期待的过程与希望的实现。




    仁者乐山,智者悦水,寿者长志,天高云淡,自是滋味。前往井陉,游览电影《卧虎藏龙》外景地,有“五岳奇秀揽一山,太行群峰唯苍岩”之美誉中国历史文化名山【苍岩山】,欣赏“桥殿飞虹”、“古柏朝圣”、“白檀蔽日”等苍岩三绝 “五岳奇秀揽一山,太行群峰唯苍岩”,苍岩山景观丰富多彩,群峰巍峨,怪石嶙峋,深涧幽谷,古树名木,清泉碧湖,构成了奇特、幽静、秀丽的自然景观。千年古刹福庆寺以悠久的历史和卓越的建筑艺术构成奇异壮观的人文之美。福庆寺建于1400年前的隋代初期。据碑文记载,隋朝隋炀帝女儿南阳公主曾在此出家为尼,度过了62个春秋。山上主要建筑有书院、万仙堂、桥楼殿、大佛殿、藏经楼、公主祠、碑亭等。所有建筑依山就势,小巧玲珑,或建于断岩,或跨于险壁,斗拱飞檐,构造宏丽,云蒸霞蔚,颇为壮观。随后前往参观“中国历史文化名村”【大梁江村】,经过600余年的积淀发展,逐渐繁衍出一处晋冀合璧,巧采京华、建制恢弘,叹为观止的石头村落,随后返回石家庄。




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