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We specialise in Customised Tour to Korea, Japan, China, Indo-China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, and are good at tailor-making tour based on your personal needs and interests.
Our senior managers and team have over 20 years of full experiences in travel industry and lead us to devote to tourism. Our local partner offices in every cities and countries have been experienced with good drivers and guides. 
No matter what you are looking for standard, superior or luxury tour, customizing a private tour with us is easier than you think, affordable and worthyMoreover, the price will be much cheaper if your group size is over 6 or 10 persons
Why not just simply submit us inquiry to get a Free but informative guide and tour proposal in your personal situation? Save Much of Your Own Planning Time!

In the following, you would find it is a worthy thing to communicate with us and learn something. Yet we will be more than happy after you enjoy great free service of our travel consultants and finally decide to travel with us, and we will do whatever we can to ensure you a happy memory of your tour. Your travel vacation arranged by Customised Easy Holidays will be wonderful!

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我们的高级管理人员和工作团队在旅游行业拥有超过20年从业经验,并致力于旅游业。 我们在各个国家和城市的当地合作伙伴拥有经验丰富的司机和导游。


为何不立即向我们提出咨询,以获得一个专业的、但内容翔实并适合你的旅游建议? 这样你可以节省很多计划旅游行程的时间!