Customised Travel Packages from Singapore

Just like free and easy and group tour packages, customised tour packages are another great option when making travel plans. Planning for your holiday can be daunting - accommodation, meals, and activities are just some of the considerations to take into account.

There are concerns among travellers that booking a tour package takes the spontaneity out of a holiday but this could not be farther from the truth. Customised tour packages allow you to cherry pick the activities, locations and even restaurants you would like to experience on your holiday - all whilst maintaining convenience and ease of travelling.

Why Go For Customised Tour Packages?

Firstly, customised tour packages cater to the different unique interests of travellers. They are not cookie-cutter tour packages that are made for everyone in mind - customised travel allows travellers to pick places and activities based on their specific interests or reasons for visiting the country. However, a group tour package is great for other reasons - it is a curated package of the best tourist spots and restaurants out of hundreds of options available.

Customised tour packages also give travellers the option to slow down with their time and tailor the itinerary according to their interests. Likewise, travellers also enjoy greater access when there is a private guide solely for your travel experience. Finally, we recommend customised travel packages for families because there is increased safety and security with a smaller group.

Book Customised Travel From Singapore With Us

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