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Zodiac in the frozen landscape of Scoresby Sound , Greenland

• Perlan
• Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral
• Hofdi House
• Blue Lagoon geothermal spa with lagoon drink

• Thingvellir National Park
• Geysir
• Gullfoss

• Seljalandsfoss 
• Skogafoss 
• Reynisdranger 
• Reynisfjara beach 

• In-country flights (when required by the itinerary)
• Free Wifi onboard
• Personalised service – the best crew-to-guest ratio in expedition cruising
• Butler service in every suite 
• Open-seating dining options 
• Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship –select wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees and soft drinks, plus your own tailored mini-bar
• In-suite dining and 24-hour room service 
• Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team
• Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shoreside activities led by the Expeditions Team
• Gratuities included 

Meals On Board/Dinner
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.
Meals On Board/Dinner
Upon arrival, go on a city tour of Reykjavik. We will visits to the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral, outside visit to the Perlan Building, The Hofdi House and the city hall.
This morning, we will take you along the South Coast of Iceland, one of the country's most scenic regions. We stop at the gorgeous Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you walk behind it and through to the other side, volcanic glacier-fed waterfall cascading from a sheer cliff. Next stop at the majestic and much photographed Skogafoss Waterfall which one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, with a drop 60 meter. En-route all day long, stunning views of glaciers, Reynisfjara black sand coastline and impressive rock formations.
After breakfast, tour begin with the famous Golden Circle attractions: Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss and Geysir. Thingvellir National Park, Iceland’s 1st national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, we will proceed to Hotel check in and meet the Expedition Representative this evening.
Breakfast/Meals On Board
Today, begin the Greenland Expedition Cruise, transfer to airport to take the charted flight from Iceland to Kangerlussuaq. Upon arrival transfer to pier to onboard Silver Cloud Expedition Cruise. Kangerlussuaq is a settlement in western Greenland in the Qeqqata municipality located at the head of the fjord of the same name (Danish: Søndre Strømfjord). It is Greenland's main air transport hub and the site of Greenland's largest commercial airport.
Meals On Board
Sisimiut ('The People of the Fox Holes') is Greenland's second city, the largest Arctic City in North America, aslo the fastest growing cities in Greenland. Inhabited for more than 4500 years, the Danish Colonial Era saw the rapid development of the city into a trade centre, and the old buildings and artefacts can be seen at Sisimiut Museum. Today, modern industry focussed on processing sea food and shipping. Most residents still live in the colourful wooden houses Greenland is so well known for. Sisimiut's vast back country offers excellent opportunities for hiking and fishing, and the locals often use sled dogs or snowmobiles to get around their vast mountainous playground during the long winters.
Meal On Board
Illulissat is the third-largest town in Greenland after Nuuk and Sisimiut and known as the birthplace of icebergs, the Ilulissat Icefjord produces nearly 20 million tons of ice each day. In fact, the word Ilulissat means “icebergs” in the Kalaallisut language. The town of Ilulissat is known for its long periods of calm and settled weather, but the climate tends to be cold due to its proximity to the fjord.
Meals On Board
Evighedsfjord (Eternity Fjord) is a large fjord northeast of Kangaamiut in southwest Greenland. The fjord has a length of 75 kilometers and several branches with numerous glaciers coming down from the Maniitsoq Ice Cap to the north can be seen. Qingua Kujatdleq Glacier is at its southeastern end. At the northwestern end a U-shaped valley has seven glaciers coming down from the mountains but not reaching the water. The glaciers had their maximum extent around the year 1870 and have gone through several cycles of advance and retreat. The mountains on either side of the fjord can reach in excess of 2,000 meters and the fjord has a depth of up to 700 meters.

The Evigheds Glacier flows from the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second largest ice body in the world after the Antarctic ice sheet, to the west. It is a slow-moving tidewater glacier, meaning this valley glacier winds down through the coastal mountains to the ocean at a snail’s pace. As the glacial ice enters the water it begins to float and the eventually breaks apart into icebergs that float away down the fjord. The shades of blue and carved shapes of these ice floes are infinite.
Meals On Board
Nuuk is capital city of Greenland also is Greenland's economic and social hub, home to more than a third of Greenland's population, and although it feels like a world capital, scratch the surface, and a uniquely Greenlandic character can be found underneath. Nuuk Cathedral overlooks the gorgeous old Colonial Harbour district and the Greenland National Museum, resting place of the legendary Qilakitsoq mummies, the true highlight of the museum's archaeological collection. Although Nuuk has long been a melting pot of Danish and Greenlandic ideas, this is a city where Greenland displays its sophistication, with the Country's only traffic lights, roundabouts and University. Most of all, expect to find a multitude of friendly people who are proud of who they are, and equally proud of the city they call home.
Meals On Board
At Sea Day
Meal On Board
The relatively unexplored east coast of Greenland has some of the most dramatic fjord scenery in the world, and the stunning Lindenow Fjord is one such example. Situated on the southeast coast and approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the southern tip of the country, the landscape lives up to the Greenlandic name for the fjord, Kangerlussuatsiaq, which means “the rather big fjord”. The fjord is named after Godske Lindenow - who in the 17th century was a Danish navy Admiral tasked with finding the lost Norse settlements in Greenland - and runs some 64 kilometres (40 miles) in from the outer coast.
Meals On Board
The transit through the Sound is one of this voyage’s highlights. Connecting the Labrador Sea with the Irminger Seat, Prince Christian Sound or “Prins Christian Sund” in Danish is named after Prince (later King) Christian VII (1749-1808). 100 km (60 miles ), long and at times just 500 m (1500 ft) wide, this majestic and spectacular fiord throws you back into a Viking era – flanked by soaring snow-topped mountains, rock-strewn cliffs and rolling hills, it is as if time has stood still and one easily forgets that this is the 21st century.

Cruise through Prince Christian Sound to the western end and you’ll find Aapilattoq, a (very) small Greenlandic village of just 100 inhabitants. The name of the village means “sea anemone” in the local Greenlandic language, and the fact that the village has retained its Inuit name is a good indication of what you can expect. Hunting and fishing are the main occupations here, and it is not unusual when taking a stroll through Aappilattoq, past the small school (where 22 pupils from ages 3-16 are enrolled) and church, to come across a polar bear skin drying in the wind behind a local dwelling. Naturally, the Aapilattoq and its surrounding area are phenomenally rich in Arctic wildlife: Arctic fox and Arctic hare live in the countryside around the village while marine mammals include ringed seal, harbour seal, hooded seal, bearded seal, harp seal, humpback whale (typically in summer), minke whale, fin whale, narwhal, and beluga.
Meals On Board
Considered one of the Ten Wonders of the Arctic, Tassermiut Fjord is a 70-kilometre (44 mile) incision into the pristine wilderness of south-western Greenland. The fjord is entered near the settlement of Nanortalik (population 1200) and winds its way through scenery that is reminiscent of the dramatic mountain landscape of Patagonia.

There is a wonderful legend that the Vikings named Greenland Green and Iceland Ice in order to confuse potential attackers. Because it is quite the opposite; if Iceland is full of emerald forest, then expect ice in Greenland. Lots and lots of ice. Thus one shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the name Nanortalik means “place of polar bears”. Although, as Nanortalik is Greenland’s most southerly town, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t see any. In truth, Greenland’s polar bears typically live much further north. What you will see however is Mother Nature at her finest. Vertical cliff walls, sheets of floating sea ice and a plethora of Arctic wildlife that amount to an adventurer’s wonderland.
With average yearly temperatures of 5˚C and a population of just 150, to say that Narsarsuaq is off the beaten track is no understatement. Yet, what this little Greenlandic village might lack in size is more than made up for in big, bold scenery, generous wildlife and a surprisingly thriving tourism scene. Greenland’s leitmotivs of thrilling landscape and Viking history are majestically illustrated in Narsarsuaq. Today is the disembarkation day, we will depart from Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik and transfer to hotel.
Today, free and easy until afternoon. Later, head to Blue Lagoon after lunch. Here, you can enjoy a rejuvenating dip at the world-renowned Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, famous for its mineral-rich seawater and silica mu.
Breakfast/ Meals On Board
Today, transfer to the airport for your flight to Singapore
Meals on Board
Arrive Singapore
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