9D Reimagine North Korea With UFM100.3 DJ Wenhong

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400X400 Eng Wenhong

Best Pick:

  • 2N Stay at 5* Hyangsan Hotel and 5* Koryo Hotel
  • 1N Stay at Masikryong Ski Resort With Gondola Ride
  • Pyongyang Metro Train Ride
  • Pyongyang Circus Show
  • Mangyongdae Children’s Palace Performance

Gourmet Pick:

  • 44th-Floor Revolving Restaurant 6-Course Dinner
  • Duck BBQ With Soju Dinner
  • Ginseng Chicken With Ginseng Wine and Yakbap Lunch
  • Cold Noodle Lunch
  • Traditional Korean Cuisine Dinner

(Meals On Board/44th-Floor Revolving Restaurant 6-Course Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi airport for your flight to Pyongyang via Beijing. Upon arrival, visit  Grand Monument on Mansu Hill where locals pay their respects in front of the bronze statue of North Korea former Supreme Leaders. You will also make a photo stop at Chollima Statue.


(Breakfast/Korean Hot Pot Lunch/Dinner)

After breakfast, take a leisure walk from Pyongyang Grand Theatre to Kim Il Sung Square, used for military parades and rallies. After the visitation to the Foreign Language Bookshop, proceed to The Grand People’s Study House, a national library as well as a communication university. Then, learn more about North Korea’s war history at the Victorious War Museum and Spy Ship Pueblo, the only U.S. Navy ship held in captivity by a foreign government. After that, head to Tower of Juche, the world’s tallest stone tower and the symbol of the Juche ideology. Take the lift up to the top and enjoy the 360-degree breathtaking view of Pyongyang city. En route, pass by the 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel, a significant landmark with 3,000 hotel rooms. Next, travel to Mt Myohyang, known for its mystically shaped peaks and unique fragrances found in the area.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Duck BBQ With Soju Dinner)

This morning, visit Pohyon Temple, built during the Goryeo dynasty almost 1,000 years ago. Next, proceed to International Friendship Exhibition, an exhibition of gifts presented to former Supreme Leaders Kim II Sung and Kim Jong Il. Highlights include the beautiful train carriage presented from China and the limousine from the Soviet Union. Thereafter, return to Pyongyang and experience a Pyongyang Metro train ride. You will be amazed by the chandeliers on the ceilings, marble pillars and paintings in the ornately decorated metro station. Then, admire the Arch of Triumph, was built to honour the triumphal return of President Kim Il Sung.


(Breakfast/Ginseng Chicken With Ginseng Wine And Yakbap Lunch/Dinner)

This morning, make your way to Kaesong and visit the famous Panmunjom. The 4 kilometre-wide, 240 kilometre-long buffer known as the Demilitarized Zone, commonly known as DMZ, cuts across the peninsula separating North and South Korea. Be briefed by an army escort and visit the Armistice Talks Hall. Next, visit Koryo Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with precious ancient antiques from the Goryeo dynasty. After lunch, return to Pyongyang. En route, make a photo stop at the Monument to 3-Charter of National Reunification. After dinner, head to Kaesong Youth Park to glimpse at how North Koreans enjoy a relaxing evening at the amusement park.


(Breakfast/Seafood Lunch/Dinner)

After breakfast, travel to Wonsan. After lunch, take a leisure walk on Wonsan pier. After that, head to Masikryong Ski Resort. Experience a gondola ride at the ski resort and be amazed at the views of the surrounding snowy mountain range. You may also indulge in a host of fun snow activities at your own expense.


(Breakfast/Cold Noodle Lunch/Traditional Korean Cuisine Dinner)

After breakfast, visit King Tongmyong’s Mausoleum before you return to Pyongyang. Upon arrival, enjoy shopping at Kwangbok Department Store, one of the few places where you can use the local North Korean Won for purchases beyond souvenirs. Thereafter, enjoy an entertaining Pyongyang Circus show.



This morning, visit Kumsusan Palace of Sun, where locals pay their respects to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, both of whom now lie embalmed in glass boxes. The mausoleum also features their personal items such as cars, yachts and even train carriages. Next, explore Ryomyong Street, where the majority of residents are scientists and lecturers. After a leisure walk through the national hill park Moran Hill, proceed to the neighbourhood of Mangyongdae, the birthplace of the 1st Supreme Leader Kim II Sung. Then, enjoy a Mangyongdae Children’s Palace performance. If time permits, you may have the opportunity to see children partaking in extracurricular activities such as calligraphy, traditional musical instrument and dancing classes.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, visit Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm before you head to Korea Feature Film Studio, where most of North Korea movies are filmed. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your flight home via Beijing.


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400X400 CHI NKR WH
与UFM100.3 DJ文鸿同游9天揭秘朝鲜奇“文”趣事


  • 2晚住宿5*级香山饭店及5*级高丽酒店
  • 1晚住宿马息岭滑雪场酒店含登山缆车
  • 乘平壤地铁
  • 平壤国家杂技团表演
  • 万景台少年宫表演


  • 44楼旋转餐厅六道菜晚餐
  • 烧烤鸭配烧酒晚餐
  • 人参鸡配人参酒及药食甜点午餐
  • 冷面午餐
  • 传统韩式料理晚餐













早餐后,前往元山。午餐后,漫步于元山码头。之后,前往马息岭滑雪场。你将乘坐登山缆车并让雪山美景征服你。 你也可以自费参与各种有趣的雪上活动。