8D Savour Taitung & Yilan With Mediacorp Artiste Felicia Chin

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Travel period: May 6

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  • Da Lu An Aboriginal Village
  • Rice County School with DIY Chihshang Rice Session
  • Scenic Cycling at Mr. Brown Avenue
  • Taroko National Park
  • Makauy Ecological Park: Mingchih Forest Recreation Area and Divine Trees Garden
  • Sanxing Town with DIY Sanxing Spring Onions Pancakes Session
  • Kavalan Whiskey Distillery

Exclusive Pick:

  • Domestic flight to Taitung (Excludes for Scoot Flights)
  • 3N Stay at Taitung Chihpen Hot Spring Hotel (Fly by EVA Air, will be stay 2N at Taitung Chihpen Hot Spring Hotel)
  • 1N stay at Yilan Jiaoxi Hot Spring Hotel
  • Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Puyuma Aboriginal Cultural Performance
  • East Coast Scenic Train Ride

Gourmet Pick:

  • Amis Aboriginal Cuisine Lunch
  • Nostalgic Big Bowl Specialty Lunch
  • Ocean Sunfish Lunch
  • Seafood Lunch
  • Mingchih Resort Specialty Dinner
  • Takao 1972 Mini Hotpot Set Lunch


(Meals on Board/Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Taoyuan International Airport. Upon arrival, transfer to Songshan Airport for your domestic flight to Taitung. This evening, check in to a local 5-star Chihpen hot spring hotel for your 3N stay. Rejuvenate and relax in your in-room hot springs bath.

Please bring along your swimwear and swimcap for the outdoor hot springs.


(Breakfast/Amis Aboriginal Cuisine Lunch/Dinner)

This morning, visit Xiaoyeliu Scenic Area, a geological wonderland with dozens of fascinating rock formations and be enthralled by the spectacular shoreline of Pacific Ocean. Then, proceed to Da Lu An Aboriginal Village to experience the culture of the Amis aboriginal tribes. Admire the traditional techniques used in constructing the surroundings such as using driftwood for the pavilions and sogon grass for the thatched roofs which stand in contrast against the endless sea view of the Pacific Ocean. Here, have close interaction with the aboriginals, as well as enjoy a Amis aboriginal cuisine lunch and rice wine. You will also enjoy a complimentary Donghe bun, a local specialty snack. Thereafter, coach to Sanxiantai. Besides having an amazing legendary story, it also boasts a magnificent sea view due to its geographical and geological location. In addition, visitors must not miss photography moments at the 8-arch bridge that connects the coast to the largest island.


(Breakfast Box/Nostalgic Big Bowl Specialty Lunch/Get-together Dinner)

This morning, rise early for a tethered hot air balloon ride to capture the panoramic 360-degree views of Taitung. Then, head to Guanshan, reputed as Taiwan’s Rice County to visit Rice County School and experience DIY Chihshang rice session. You may keep a packet of premium rice as souvenir. Eat like the locals and enjoy a nostalgic big bowl specialty lunch. En route, you will arrive at Mr. Brown Avenue. Be enthralled by the vast borderless paddy fields. You may go on a scenic cyclin ride and set your soul free from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tonight, enjoy get-together dinner with your travel companions and be entertained by Puyuma Aboriginal cultural performance.

Please prepare warm clothes for the hot air balloon ride that takes around 5 minutes, which will be departing at about 4.30am in the early morning. This activity is strictly subject to weather conditions, wind speed and safety considerations and will be replaced by a guided tour to view the firing of hot air balloons if unavailable.


(Breakfast/Ocean Sunfish Lunch)

After breakfast, visit the Corals Museum. Then, proceed to Hualien to visit Taroko National Park, and marvel at the renowned Swallow Grotto, Eternal Spring Shrine, Shakadang Trail as well as towering mountains and other spectacular geological formations. This evening, visit the largest market in Hualien, Dongdamen Night Market to experience Taiwan’s unique night market culture, where you can play games or savour delectable local street snacks like cuttlefish balls, aboriginal tribes skewed barbecued meat, fried spring onion pancakes, deep-fried crabs etc.


(Breakfast/Seafood Lunch/Mingchih Resort Specialty Dinner)

This morning, visit a lingzhi specialty centre before you go on a East Coast scenic train ride to Yilan. Upon arrival, coach to Makauy Ecological Park, known as Taiwan’s Alps. Explore Mingchih Forest Recreation Area which is a nature lover’s paradise at 1,500 to 1,700 metres above sea level, providing a cool temperate climate. As it is near northern Taiwan’s Cross-Island Highway, it is acclaimed as the “Pearl of the Northern Cross-Island”. There is a wide range of sights that await visitors to explore, such as the red juniper wood in Mingchih Lake, Fuchun Court, Stone Garden, Ferns Garden, Fairy Tale Walking Trail and Minchih nursery. Whenever it is shrouded in rain and mist, the park conjures beautiful scenery like from a Chinese ink painting.  This evening, check in to Mingchih Resort for a relaxing night in the midst of nature.

You will be transferred to a mid-size coach shuttle for your journey from Yilan to Mingchih Forest Recreation Area. Please prepare your medication should you experience car sickness and bring along a hand-carry luggage for your overnight stay at Mingchih Resort.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Exquisite Hotel Dinner)

After breakfast, embark on a journey to explore the over 1,000-year-old Divine Trees Garden and soak in the ions in the forest. The garden boasts Asia’s largest collection of divine trees, with over 100 heritage cedar and Taiwan cypress trees. Interestingly, 51 heritage trees among them are named after the age of the trees and famous ancient sages like Confucius, Sima Qian and Wu Zetian. Thereafter, proceed to Sanxing Town to experience the joy of farming and participate in a DIY Sanxing spring onion pancake session. Next, visit Kavalan Whiskey Distillery at Yuanshan Town. View the entire process of making Kavalan whiskey and sample the whiskeys. You may like to buy a bottle of their award-winning 2015 World Gold Medal Single Malt Whiskey. This evening, check in to Jiaoxi hot springs hotel and enjoy your in-room hot spring bath.

As the tour at Divine Trees Garden will take about 1.5 hours, please wear comfortable shoes. Please bring along your swimwear and swimcap for the outdoor hot springs.


(Breakfast/Takao 1972 Mini Hotpot Set Lunch)

This morning, proceed to vibrant Taipei city. Visit a pixiu lucky charm centre and pearl culture centre. Thereafter, indulge in the joy of shopping at Ximending. You can also go to a pineapple tart specialty store for some souvenirs.

(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

Tour groups may be merged.

Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.




  • 达麓岸部落屋
  • 米国学校体验池上米DIY
  • 伯朗大道骑乘单车
  • 太鲁阁国家公园
  • 马告生态公园:明池森林游乐区与神木园
  • 三星乡体验三星葱葱油饼DIY
  • 葛玛兰威士忌酒厂


  • 乘内陆航班直飞台东 (乘搭酷航则无需乘搭内陆航班)
  • 3晚住宿台东知本温泉酒店 (乘搭长荣航空,则为2晚住宿台东知本温泉酒店)
  • 1晚住宿宜兰礁溪溫泉酒店
  • 热气球定点系留升空体验
  • 台湾原住民卑南族歌舞表演秀
  • 乘台铁火车体验台湾铁路文化


  • 阿美族传统原味午餐
  • 大碗公古早味特色午餐
  • 曼波鱼料理午餐
  • 海鲜料理午餐
  • 明池山庄风味晚餐
  • 打狗霸小火锅套餐午餐