8D Savour South Taiwan with Mediacorp Artiste Lee Teng

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Travel period: May 13

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400X400 South Taiwan Lee Teng


  • Donggang Fish Market
  • Paradise of Deer
  • Eluanbi Lighthouse
  • Longpan Park
  • Kenting Main Street
  • Hengchun Ancient City Gate


  • Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Field
  • Blueprint Cultural And Creative Park
  • Tainan Night Market
  • Sicau Green Tunnel
  • Jingliao Old Street


  • Hinoki Village


  • Tianliao Moon World
  • Meinong Hakka Village
  • Ruifeng Night Market
  • Taroko Park and Suzuka Circuit Park
  • Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Group


  • 2N stay at  YOHO Beach Resort & Club in Kenting
  • Up close with near extinction deer
  • Salt harvesting Experience t at Tainan’s oldest salt field
  • Boat ride to explore mangroves forest, known as Taiwan’s miniature version of Amazon River
  • Visit Chimei Museum
  • Hand-picking locally produced Golden Diamond Pineapples at Dashu District
  • DIY Hakka Lei Cha
  • Drumming performance and  percussion drumming learning


  • Fuwan innovative cuisine lunch
  • Seafood lunch
  • Wanluan pig’s knuckle lunch
  • Chou’s Shrimp Roll dinner
  • “A Taste of Nostalgia” Gedaofan  
  • Beer duck cuisine dinner
  • Dashu pineapple lunch
  • Meinong Hakka cuisine dinner
  • Dongpozuiyue buffet lunch

(Meals On Board/Fuwan Innovative Cuisine Lunch/Resort Exquisite Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Kaohsiung. Upon arrival, proceed to Pingtung, the southern most province of Taiwan. Enjoy a specially arranged feast of Fuwan innovative cuisine like sakura prawns and pine nuts rice at Fuwan Villa. Then, head to the famous harbour in Pingtung to visit Donggang Fish Market which offers an abundance and wide variety of fresh fish and seafood produce. You may buy and enjoy fresh seafood and seasonal catch like blackfin tuna at your own expense. This evening, check in to YOHO Beach Resort and Club for your 2-night stay You can enjoy the resort’s recreational and entertainment facilities or star-gazing at the sea side.


Please bring along your swimwear and swimming cap when using the resort’s swimming pool facilities
Day 1

(Breakfast/Seafood Lunch)

After breakfast, proceed to Lujing, also known as Taiwan’s Nara to visit the Paradise of Deer where you can get up close to these near extinction deer. If you like to have closer interaction with them, you may choose to feed them at your own expense. Thereafter, head to Kenting, the southern most city in Taiwan to view Eluanbi Lighthouse, an over 100-year-old lighthouse located on Cape Eluanbi. Cape Eluanbi’s landform is formed by coral reef limestones. Hence, the geographical land formation and sweeping vistas of the sea are spectacular. Next, proceed to Longpan Park to admire the remarkable picturesque scenery of the cape. Not-to-missed is a visit to Kenting Main Street where there are many specialty shops and a wide variety of local snacks. This is the best shopping stop to purchase beach theme souvenirs.


For your safety and welfare of the deer, please do not make loud noises or chase after the deer at Paradise of Deer as deer are easily frightened.

Day 2

(Breakfast/Wanluan Pig’s Knuckle Lunch)

This morning, explore the castle in Hengchun Ancient City Gate to understand the history and culture of this ancient town. Thereafter, proceed to Tainan to visit Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Field, the first salt field in northern Tainan. With over 338 years of history, it is the only remaining ancient salt field in Taiwan. You will learn the traditional way of drying, mining and collecting salt as well as witness the unique and colourful mosaic art formed by the tile-paved salt fields under your feet. Next, continue to Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, the latest attraction in Tainan, to view a collection of trending creative works and buy some unique souvenirs. This evening, visit the popular Tainan Night Market to hunt for delectable food. Tainan snacks are renowned throughout Taiwan and one must not miss savoring delicious local snacks like charcoal-grilled chicken fillet, braised dishes and marinated guava. You can also browse and shop for the latest fashion and accessories at the night market. 

Day 3

(Breakfast/Lunch/Chou’s Shrimp Roll Dinner)

After breakfast, proceed to Taijiang National Park where you will go on a boat ride to explore mangroves forest at Sicau Green Tunnel, popularly known as Taiwan’s miniature version of Amazon River. Known as a green tunnel on the water, the creek is shaded on both sides by over 100-year-old mangrove trees growing at a 45 degrees angle in the wetland. Be enthralled by this beautiful scenery of mangrove trees and their reflection on water. Thereafter, proceed to visit Chimei Museum, the newest landmark attraction in Tainan. Founded by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, it is a comprehensive museum with wide collections of Western art, sculptures, musical instruments, weaponry and natural history. There are four exhibition rooms, one temporary exhibition gallery and a sculpture hall in the main building. Explore the Metropolis Park outside the museum to view the grand Apollo Water Fountain Square and Olympus Bridge with 12 Olympus statues. Chimei Museum, with its exterior that resembled Versailles Palace, has brought European style and culture to the area. 
Day 4

(Breakfast/“A Taste of Nostalgia” Gedaofan  Lunch/Beer Duck Cuisine Dinner)

This morning, proceed to Houbi in Tainan, home to gorgeous terraces of rice paddy fields.  Explore Jingliao Old Street, which became renowned after being featured in the documentary film, “Wu Mi Le”. View attractions like the historic Dowry Street, Holland Well and Ruan Family Ancient Alley. Besides being able to see the rustic and simple daily lives of Taiwan’s small town, you will also savour Gedaofan, a traditional local farm-style dish, served in a large ceramic rice bowl to experience how the early local dwellers might have enjoyed this simple yet joyful lunch. Then, head to a traditional tea cultural centre before proceeding to visit Hinoki Village in Chiayi. The village is an artfully landscaped site featuring cottages made from ancient cypress logs. Wander through these wooden Japanese-style dormitories, and learn more about the development of Taiwan’s timber industry. 

Day 5

(Breakfast/Dashu Pineapple Lunch/Meinong Hakka Cuisine Dinner)

Today, visit a lingzhi specialty centre before heading to Dashu District in Kaohsiung to learn more about the lifestyle of the locals and the process of growing pineapples. You will be able to hand-pick locally produced Golden Diamond Pineapples and savour a sumptuous Dashu Pineapple lunch. Thereafter, proceed to Tianliao Moon World to view its spectacular scenery. Its unique landform is known as “bad land” in geography as years of overflowing rain and river water have caused the land to be barren and desolate, reminiscent to the surface of the moon. Then, head to Meinong Hakka Village to experience Taiwan Hakka culture and learn to make Hakka Lei Cha, a healthy tea-based beverage which the Hakka nobles used to serve Lei Cha as tea to their important guests. This evening, explore Ruifeng Night Market and to shop for souvenir and graze on local street snacks. 


Each person is limited to handpick one Golden Diamond pineapple. If the produce of Golden Diamond pineapples is not sufficient, arrangement will be made to handpick other varieties of pineapples.

If Ruifeng Night Market is closed, it will be replaced with Liu He Night Market.
Day 6

(Breakfast/Dongpozuiyue Buffet Lunch/Get-together Dinner)

After breakfast, make at stop at a pearl cultural centre. Thereafter, proceed to Kaohsiung’s latest amusement parks, Taroko Park and Suzuka Circuit Park. Officially opened in May 2016, it is the only circuit theme park in Taiwan licensed by Japan’s Suzuka Circuit. You will enjoy one complimentary ride on the Ferris wheel and you may also choose from the 16 amusement rides including a mini Suzuka circuit, drift racer, air racer, freestyle drive and carousel ride at your own expense. The three-storey shopping mallalso offers other sporting activities like mini golf and baseball as well as a multitude of shopping and dining options.. Thereafter, continue to Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Group to view an invigorating drumming performance which been nominated in the Grammy Awards. You will also get to learn and experience the joy of drumming
Day 7

(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

If time permits, you may spend your time at leisure before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.

Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.


400X400 南台李腾


  • 东港渔港鱼产品直销中心
  • 鹿境梅花鹿生态园区
  • 鹅銮鼻灯塔
  • 龙磐公园 
  • 垦丁大街
  • 恒春古城


  • 北门井仔脚瓦盘盐田
  • 蓝嗮图文创园区
  • 台南夜市
  • 四草绿隧
  • 菁寮老街


  • 桧意森活村


  • 田寮月世界
  • 美浓客家村
  • 瑞丰夜市
  • 大鲁阁草衙道与铃鹿赛道乐园
  • 十鼓桥糖文化园区


  • 两晚住宿垦丁悠活度假村
  • 独家零距离贴近梅花鹿
  • 体验传统嗮盐、挑盐及收盐
  • 乘竹筏船游览台湾袖珍版亚马逊河 - 四草绿隧
  • 独家安排参观奇美博物馆
  • 大树社区亲手摘采金钻凤梨
  • 学习制作客家擂茶
  • 欣赏水剧场击鼓表演及打鼓体验


  • 福湾创意料理午餐
  • 海鲜料理午餐
  • 万峦猪脚特色午餐
  • 周氏虾卷国宴晚餐
  • 古早味割稻饭特色午餐
  • 啤酒鸭料理晚餐
  • 大树凤梨特色午餐
  • 美浓客家菜晚餐
  • 东坡醉月吃到饱午餐




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Day 5



Day 6


Day 7