8D Savour Inner Mongolia With Mediacorp Artiste Romeo Tan

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Travel period: Jul 21

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400X400 ENG B InnerM RT

Bonus Pick:

  • Stay at 4 and 5* Hotels Throughout Including 2N Stay at 5* Wanda Realm Hotel
  • 2N Stay at Hot Spring Hotel
  • Mongolian Aobao Ceremony and Bonfire Party



  • Wulan Butong Grassland
  • Xilamulun Grand Canyon
  • Huanggangliang National Forest Park
  • Asihatu Stone Forest
  • Dalinor Lake
  • Beijing Wtown


Gourmet Pick:

  • 8 Bowls of Manchu Flavour Lunch
  • Chifeng Duijia Specialty Dinner
  • Roasted Whole Lamb Dinner
  • Fish Feast Lunch
  • Peking Duck Dinner
(Meals On Board/8 Bowls of Manchu Flavour Lunch/Chifeng Duijia Specialty Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Beijing. Upon arrival, proceed to Chengde and enjoy an 8 bowls of Manchu flavour lunch. After lunch, travel to the Chifeng. Upon arrival, proceed for Chifeng duijia specialty dinner at a century-old restaurant, Yin Phun Low before you transfer to your hotel.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Roasted Whole Lamb Dinner)

After breakfast, travel to Wulan Butong Grassland. This a very popular filming site for over hundred Chinese dramas such as “My Fair Princess”, “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, and “Kangxi Dynasty”. You will participate in a Mongolian Aobao ceremony at the ancient battlefield where Kangxi Emperor battled against Gul'dan. Tonight, enjoy a roasted whole lamb dinner. After dinner, join in a Mongolian bonfire party and enjoy a folk song and dance performance.



This morning, you may rise early to admire the sunrise over the grassland. After breakfast, proceed to Xilamulun Grand Canyon, also known as Three Little Gorges. Thereafter, travel to hot spring town in Keshiketeng Qi. After dinner, check in to a hot spring hotel and enjoy your in-room natural hot spring bath.



This morning, coach to Huanggangliang National Forest Park along China's most beautiful grassland highway Dada line. Huanggangliang is the highest peak of the Greater Khingan Range, which is 2,029 metres above sea level and located at the northeast of Keshiketeng Qi in Inner Mongolia. It preserves the most complete form of quaternary glaciers and is a typical valley glacier. After lunch, visit Asihatu Stone Forest, where the famous movie “The Promise” was filmed.


(Breakfast/Fish Feast Lunch/Dinner)

After breakfast, travel to Dalinor Lake, also known as China Swan Lake. Dalinor Lake is the second largest inland lake in Inner Mongolia and an important area for migrating birds.  Thereafter, enjoy a fish feast lunch. After lunch, head back to Chifeng. Proceed for dinner before you transfer to your hotel.



After breakfast, explore Beijing Wtown, commonly known as Gubei Watertown. This ancient water town preserves the rural traditional courtyard living and architectural style with its thousand years history during the period of the Republic of China.


(Breakfast/Peking Duck Dinner)

This morning, spend your time at leisure. You may at your own expense climb up Simatai Great Wall, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. As it still retains its original Ming period refortification, UNESCO has affirmed that the Simatai section of the Great Wall as a unique representative section of the Ming period. It has also been acclaimed by The Times, UK’s leading newspaper to be the top of 25 must-visit attractions in the world. You may also enjoy a leisure cable car ride at your own expenses to view the spectacular beauty of Simatai Great Wall. Thereafter, proceed to Beijing. This evening, enjoy a peking duck dinner.


(Meals On Board)

After breakfast, you may spend your time at leisure before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Additional package based on RMB600 per adult and RMB400 per child below 1.2 metres in height

  1. Wulan Butong Grassland SUV Experience
  2. Gongge’er Grassland Private Ranch to savour Mongolian milk tea and dairy products, try on traditional Mongolian fashion accessories and participate in the building of Mongolian yurts and tug of war games
  3. Free sunscreen scarf & sunscreen sleeve


Optional tour based on RMB160 per adult and free for child above 2 years old

  1. Simatai Great Wall with return cable car ride and tram ride



Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

Tour is conducted in mandarin unless otherwise specified.

Tour groups may be merged.


400X400 CHI B InnerM RT


  • 全程住宿4及5*级酒店含2晚住宿5*级万达嘉华酒店
  • 2晚住宿温泉酒店
  • 蒙古族祭祀敖包活动及篝火晚会



  • 乌兰布统坝上草原
  • 西拉沐沦大峡谷
  • 黄岗梁国家森林公园
  • 阿斯哈图石林
  • 达里诺尔湖
  • 古北水镇



  • 满族八大碗风味午餐
  • 赤峰对夹特色晚餐
  • 内蒙烤全羊晚餐
  • 鱼宴午餐
  • 北京烤鸭晚餐
























  1. 乌兰布统草原越野车深度游
  2. 贡格尔草原私人牧场喝奶茶、品尝奶食品、穿蒙古袍拍照、体验搭建蒙古包、拔河活动等
  3. 赠送防晒头巾及防晒冰袖



  1. 司马台长城含来回索道及电瓶车