8D Perfectly Delicious Hubei with Celebrity Chef Eric Teo

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Travel period: Dec 22

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400x400 CHI

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  • Stay at 5* Hotels Throughout
  • Cooking Demonstration by Celebrity Chef Eric



  • Yellow Crane Tower
  • Moshan Hill Scenic Spot
  • Qingchuan Pavilion
  • Hubei Provincial Museum


  • Most Scenic Highway along River Valley
  • Chexi Folk Custom Tour Site


  • Shennong Altar
  • Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area
  • Shennong Peak Scenic Area
  • Longtan Valley
  • Guanmenshan Scenic Area


  • Daughter’s City
  • Enshi Grand Canyon
  • Tusi City


  • Temple of Guan Yu

Gourmet Inclusions

  • Han-style Dim Sum Dinner
  • Yiling Cliffside Speciality Dinner
  • Chicken Mushroom Speciality Lunch
  • Shennongjia Bamboo Feast Dinner
  • Sanxia Fish Feast Dinner
  • Tujia Bowl Smashing Speciality Dinner
  • Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Dinner
(Meals On Board/Han-style Dim Sum Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Wuhan. Upon arrival, enjoy shopping at Hanjiang Road pedestrian street.

(Breakfast/Lunch/Yiling Cliffside Speciality Dinner)

This morning, explore Hubu Alley then ascend Yellow Crane Tower, one of China’s most renowned towers, and enjoy the picturesque views of Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in the distance. Next, proceed to Moshan Hill Scenic Spot, and explore China’s largest tourism site of ancient Chu culture. Thereafter, travel to Yichang. This evening, enjoy a Yiling Cliffside speciality dinner at Fangweng Restaurant, a uniquely picturesque restaurant built and caved into the cliffside with part of the dining hall seemingly hanging out of the cave.


(Breakfast/Chicken Mushroom Speciality Lunch/Shennongjia Bamboo Feast Dinner)

This morning, head to Three Gorges waterfall before you travel to Shennongjia, China’s most primordial forest. The nature reserve that is shrouded with mysticism got its name from the legend that Emperor Shennong built a ladder here to collect the rare medicinal herbs which are then used to heal his people of illnesses and diseases. En route, pass by most scenic highway along river valley. This picturesque highway is shaped like a dragon and acclaimed as one of China’s most scenic roads. After lunch, proceed to Shennong Altar, which is embraced by green mountains all around. The beauty of this scenic site has attracted many overseas Chinese to visit in search of their roots as descendants of the legendary Emperor Shennong. Next, explore Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area, filled with scenic caves, bridges, waterfalls and lakes.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Sanxia Fish Feast Dinner)

This morning, explore some of Shennongjia’s most scenic spots such as Shennong Peak Scenic Area, Shennong Valley and Banbi Rock. Thereafter, come face to face with the golden apes at Longtan Valley. Next, head to Guanmenshan Scenic Area to meet the giant pandas, Ao Yun and Yun Yun. Shennongjia used to be home to the giant pandas but they completely disappeared from this land during the Qing dynasty. After which, return to Yichang for your overnight stay.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Tujia Bowl Smashing Speciality Dinner)

This morning, proceed to Chexi Folk Custom Tour Site. Renowned for its beautiful landscape and Tujia folk customs, you will also find China’s 1st waterwheel museum and other cultural sites such as a national farming museum and China’s largest ancient workshop exhibition display. Thereafter, travel to Enshi. In the evening, enjoy a night tour of Daughter’s City, China’s foremost site featuring the unique culture and architecture of the Tujia people, and filled with inns, teahouses, restaurants, snack stalls and more than 300 folk and craft shops. This evening, enjoy a Tujia bowl smashing speciality dinner, in which you will experience the unique Tujia custom of drinking wine from a bowl and smashing it to pieces thereafter for good fortune.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Tujia Speciality Dinner)

After breakfast, explore Enshi Grand Canyon on an electric sightseeing car vehicle and return cable car. The nature site comprises of 2 scenic areas, Qixingzhai scenic spot and Yunlong Ground Fissure, embraced by soaring mountains, sheer cliffs and deep canyons.  Yunlong Ground Fissure is one of the world’s rare geological formations in which its cliffs on 2 sides are formed in 2 different periods.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Dinner)

This morning, visit Tusi City, the foremost ancient Tujia site in China with well-preserved architecture of the Tujia, Miao and Dong minority tribes, and numerous cultural relics such as sculptures, carvings, painting and folk art. Next, travel to Jingzhou. Upon arrival, visit The Temple of Guan Yu and view the exterior of Guan Yu statue.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, return to Wuhan. Visit Qingchuan Pavilion before heading to Hubei Provincial Museum to see one of China’s largest amount of historic and cultural relics including bronze vessels and lacquer woodware. Specifically, the bronze sword of Goujian, No. 1 human skull fossil of Yun County, Chime Bells of Marquis Yi and Blue-and-white vase of the Yuan dynasty are the top 4 highlights of the collection. Next, stroll at Chu River Han Street and watch chimes Performance. Thereafter, transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Additional package based on RMB500 per adult and free for child below 2 years old

  1. Hubu Alley
  2. Three Gorges Waterfall
  3. Chu River Han Street
  4. Chimes Performance

Optional package based on RMB400 per adult and free for child below 2 years old

  1. 90-minute “Hanxiu” performance


Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.

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400x400 Eng


  • 全程住宿5*级酒店
  • 名厨Eric Teo烹饪示范



  • 黄鹤楼
  • 东湖磨山公园
  • 晴川阁
  • 湖北省博物馆


  • 最美水上公路
  • 车溪民俗风景区


  • 神农祭坛
  • 天生桥景区
  • 神农顶景区
  • 大龙潭金丝猴基地
  • 官门山


  • 女儿城
  • 恩施大峡谷
  • 土司城


  • 关羽祠


  • 汉派点心晚餐
  • 绝壁洞穴餐厅享用夷陵风味晚餐
  • 香菇土鸡风味午餐
  • 神农江湖竹宴晚餐
  • 三峡鱼宴晚餐
  • 摔碗酒风味晚餐
  • 三国宴晚餐






















  1. 户部巷
  2. 三峡大瀑布
  3. 楚河汉街
  4. 编钟秀


  1. 长达90分钟的《汉秀》表演