8D Magnificent Northeast China Harbin & Snow Town With UFM100.3 DJ Weilong

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Travel period: Dec 31

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400X400 Weilong

Exclusive Winter Highlights

  • Snow Town: Be awed by the out-of-the-world scenery with snow-capped wooden houses in the Snow Town resembling stout “snow mushrooms”
    Chan Brothers Travel Exclusive: visit Dream Home, a signature attraction in Snow town
  • Yabuli Skiing Resort: Literally known as “fruit garden” in German and which used to be the hunting ground for royal family and nobilities in the Qing Dynasty, it is now an international ski resort
  • Volga Monor: Experience Russian culture up close by visiting Volga Manor, a Russian-themed hotel and view landmark buildings including Saint Nicholas Church of Harbin, Pavlov Castle, Pushkin Salon and Forest Villa
  • Yingjie Hot Spring Town: With a variety of hot spring baths of indoors and outdoors, gender separated or mixed, lay back and be rejuvenated by the hot spring water
  • Sun Island Park International Snow Sculpture Art Expo: the earliest and largest park with the theme of snow fun in China
  • Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival: the largest outdoor ice and snow art exhibition in the world


Value Complimentary:

  • 5* Shangri-La Hotel’s Ice Palace Steamboat
  • Russian cuisine at Volga Manor
  • Horse-drawn sledge ride at Yabuli Ski Resort



  • Exclusive upgrade of 2 nights stay at 5* Harbin Kempinski Hotel
  • 1 night stay at Yabuli 5* Avaunce International Convention & Exhibition Center Hotel
  • 1 night stay at 4* Volga Manor 
  • 1 night stay at 4* Yingjie Hot Spring Hotel

Complimentary Gifts:
Gloves, warm pack and DIY hand-painted Matryoshka Doll

Local Gourmet Inclusions

  • Twice-cooked pork (Guo Bao Rou)
  • Dongbei cuisine
  • Farmer's feast
  • Snow Town’s Wild Mushroom and Chicken Stew 
  • Orient King of Dumpling
  • Ha Lao Kee’s Preserved Vegetable With Fish Steamboat    

(Meals on Board/Dinner)

Assemble at Changi airport for your flight to Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou or Xiamen and transfer to ice city Harbin. Upon arrival, head to the famous Songhua River which becomes a natural skating rink during the winter season. Thereafter, visit Flood Control Monument and Central Street. Tonight, tuck into a hearty steamboat dinner at the famous Shangri-la Hotel's Ice Palace.



This morning, proceed to visit the latest highlight of the city - Harbin Grand Theatre. The building, designed by MAD Architects from Beijing, was recently chosen from 3,000 projects as cultural building of the year 2015 by 55,000 readers of the prestigious ArchDaily. Enter Harbin Grand Theatre to observe the intricity of the building architect at own expenses. Later, visit Guandong Ancient Lane, which displays the culture of the “Guandong” period.  Next, see St. Sophia Cathedral, one of the landmarks of Harbin. Thereafter, explore Sun Island and see the one of the 4 largest ice and snow festivals in the world at The Snow Sculpture Art Expo 
before checking out the colourful ice and snow sculptures at Ice and Snow Amusement World.


After breakfast, proceed to Asia’s biggest ski resort – Yabuli Ski Resort. It used to be the hunting ground for the royal family and nobles during the Qing Dynasty. Yabuli Snow Mountain has the altitude of 1374.8m with snow accumulating to a thickness of 30 – 50 centimetres, making it ideal for skiing and other snow activities. Experience the thrills of skiing or other ski activities at your own expense at the best international ski resort of China.



After breakfast, enjoy a ride on a horse-drawn sledge from Yabuli Ski Resort. After lunch, head to Snow Town, a fairytale-like yard where the snow is natural and pristine. Here, the snow looks like milk and hangs from the eaves to the ground, forming a unique scene of "snow curtains".  Later, visit Dream Home, an iconic attraction in Snow Town that was left behind by local film productions, it is perfect for that insta-worth picture. As you walk along the avenues and climb to mid-mountain, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the township and the beautiful snowscape that unravels before you. Tonight, experience a traditional home stay where you can try out a traditional Chinese bed “Kang”.



After breakfast, spend the day at leisure exploring Snow Town. You may consider heading up to the highest peak of Yangcao Mountain with an altitude of 1686.9m. En route, view the densest forest, purest sunshine and the humble lifestyle of the loggers. 



After breakfast, journey to Yingjie Hot Spring Town. En route, stop at Yabuli Ski Resort for lunch, and if you wish, you may indulge in more ski activities. Upon arrival at Yingjie Hot Spring Town, rejuvenate your mind, soul and body with a hot spring bath. Here, hot spring baths come in many varieties, indoors and outdoors, gender separated and mixed, developed and undeveloped. The entire valley becomes a stunning snowscape in winter, where you can experience a wintry hot spring experience.
Please prepare your own swimming costume and swim cap.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Russian Cuisine Dinner)

After breakfast, proceed to return to Harbin and check in for your stay at Volga Manor. The building marries the unique Russian culture and architecture with the history of Harbin, and you can view some of the famous replicated Russian landmark buildings in the manor. This includes Saint Nicholas Church of Harbin, acclaimed as the “Number 1 Orthodox Church in the Far East”, Pavlov Castle which is remade by its original wood, Pushkin Salon which is named after famous poet, Pushkin and European style Forest Villa. Thereafter, participate in a DIY activity of hand-painting of your own Matryoshka Doll. Tonight, enjoy a Russian cuisine dinner within Volga Manor.


(Breakfast/Meals on Board)

After breakfast, if time permits, spend some time at leisure before transferring to the airport for your flight to Singapore.



Additional Tour Package: RMB 450/ Adult, RMB220/Child (below 1.2m)

1. Harbin Grand Theatre (Admission)  2. Harbin Grand Theatre Ice Show Performance 3.Guandong Ancient Lane


Optional Tour A) Yangcao Mountain : RMB340/Adult, Free of charge for child below 1.2m

Optional Tour B) Snow Village Ten Mile Scenic Drawing : RMB350/Adult, Free of charge for child below 1.2m

Optional Tour C) Yabuli Train Riade: RMB180/Pax

Optional Tour D) Harbin Central Grand Theatre’s spectacular show on ice: RMB180/Pax


Shopping stops: Winter clothing, Russian craft store



  1. Triple sharing room will be additional roll-away bed in existing twin room, unless otherwise stated.  
  2. Triple sharing not available at Volga Manor and Yingjie Hot Spring Town, surcharge S$100 for single room stay
  3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified; Tour sequence of itinerary is subject to change; Tour
  4. Groups on different flight schedule may be merged.
  5. Any extension/deviation after the tour is subject to the stipulated date stated on the air ticket prior to departure.
  6. All hotel ratings are based on local terms. If hotel is pending certification from the relevant body, we will use     comparable to 3.5-4 star standards for your reference.
  7. In the event of discrepancy between the Chinese and English tour itineraries, please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy. 


400X400 伟龙


  • 【中国最美童话世界,雪乡】:曾兄弟旅行社独家赠送最具代表性雪乡景点:【梦幻家园】,里面的雪蘑菇、小木屋是整个雪乡保留的最完好的,也是雪乡最美的景点;
  • 【亚布力滑雪旅游度假区】:国际级滑雪场,赠送马拉爬犁雪地游;
  • 【哈尔滨伏尔加庄园】:俄罗斯式文化主题园林,体验雪地雪圈;
  • 【英杰温泉小镇】:来自地下2208米的寒地温泉,感受冬天泡温泉的乐趣;
  • 【圣索菲亚教堂广场】哈尔滨地标性建筑,号称中国境内最大的东正教堂;
  • 太阳岛雪雕博览会】:国际雪雕博览会的主会场;
  • 【冰雪大世界】:世界最大的冰雪项目景点。 

  • 纪念品:哈尔滨特色纪念品
  • 保暖配套:户外保暖手套,保暖贴每人一包



  • 5*香格里拉大酒店冰宫火锅
  • 俄罗斯西餐联欢晚宴
  • 亚布力滑雪场马拉爬犁



  • 独家提升哈尔滨2晚5* 凯宾斯基
  • 亚布力1晚5* 雅旺斯国际会展中心
  • 2晚雪乡民族家庭旅馆,特别体验东北人家的传统火炕,其它2晚住宿当地4星级酒店
  • 1晚住宿哈尔滨俄罗斯庄园风格4星级酒店伏尔加庄园
  • 1晚住宿温泉酒店,享受室内外温泉









早餐后前往哈尔滨大剧院(自费),大剧院依水而建,由大小两个曲面剧场组成,以白色呼应哈尔滨这座冰雪之城,内部装饰也以此为主题,已成为哈尔滨的新地标。在国际建筑业奖项中分别荣获2015年ArchDaily最佳文化类建筑奖”(是唯一获奖的中国作品)和2016年建筑业奥斯卡奖项Architizer A+中的“最佳建筑细节---木材”大众评审奖。跟随专业讲解入内参观。之后游览文化街关东古巷,品尝特色小吃,体验东北民风,感受浓郁的关东风情。接着前往哈尔滨的“老”地标---索菲亚大教堂广场,教堂始建于1907年3月,占地面积721平方米,通高53.35米,平面呈拉丁十字布局,是典型的拜占庭风格建筑。精品店选购俄罗斯特产后,前往太阳岛公园雪雕博览会:太阳岛人于80年代末期将堆雪人的民间游戏升华为雪雕艺术,与哈尔滨冰灯互为姊妹, 并称为冰雕雪塑。接着游览冰雪大世:集天下冰雪艺术之精华,融冰雪娱乐活动于一园,当今世界规模最大、冰雪艺术景观最多、冰雪娱乐项目最全、夜晚景色最美的著名景点。













附加配套成人/人民币 450元;1.2米以下小孩/人民币220元

1. 哈尔滨大剧院(入内参观,含专业讲解员)   2. 中央大剧院冰雪秀表演   3. 关东古巷



选择A  -  雪乡羊草山(登山顶观雪乡全景,含压雪车接送) : 成人/人民币340元;1.2米以下小孩免费

选择B  -  雪乡冰雪十里画廊风景区:成人/人民币350元;1.2米以下小孩免费

选择C  -  亚布力森林小火车:成人及小孩同价/人民币180元










3.导游全程以中文讲解 ;行程游览顺序将会有所调整;不同航班的团体将可能合并成一团;