8D Guizhou LOHAS Journey With Dr Tan Yong Seng & Dr Tan Bee Gawh

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Travel period: Mar 15

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Value Plus:

  • Stay at 5 * Hotels Throughout
  • Chinese and Western Medicine Health Talk by Dr Tan Bee Gawh and Dr Tan Yong Seng
  • Group Fitness Session
  • Pingba Farm With Cherry Blossoms
  • Shiqian With Ancient Hot Spring Experience


  • Mt Fanjing
  • Yamugou Scenic Area
  • Zhenyuan Ancient Town
  • Qinglong Cave
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall

Gourmet Picks:

  • Mt Fanjing Speciality
  • Zhenyuan Ancient Town Cuisine
  • Taoist Wellness Vegetarian Feast
  • Kaili Sour Fish Soup Cuisine
  • Herbal Wellness Cuisine
  • Huangguoshu Wild Produce Speciality
(Meals On Board/Lunch/Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Chongqing. After lunch, coach to Guiyang. Upon arrival, check in to your hotel.


This morning, proceed to Pingba Farm to view cherry blossoms,the best spot for viewing these splendid flowers in Guizhou. Next, head to Shiqian with ancient hot spring boasting more than 400 years of traditional bath rituals and culture. It is also one of the few in the world, where the water is suitable for both bathing and consumption. The hot spring is well known to be beneficial in aiding the improvement of health issues and one of the secrets to the locals’ longevity.



After breakfast, ascend Mt Fanjing by an electric sightseeing car and a return cable car ride. Mt Fanjing is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also one of the 5 famous Buddhist mountains in China. Its distinctive landscape is one that is void of any artificial scenery and is made even more splendid and mysterious with the occurrences of natural phenomenon. You will explore some of the major sights such as Red Golden Summit, Yuejing Mountain, Sleeping Buddha, Mushroom Stone, Numerous Rolls of Books, Jiulong Pond and Phoenix Mountain.



After breakfast, explore Yamugou scenic area. Before the Tang Dynasty, Yamugou was known as Ghost Valley before it became well known as a sacred site of pilgrimage for those seeking cures for diseases and infertility due to the mysterious appearance of a holy tree with a unique scent emanating from its flowers. Later, the scenic area became known as Yamu, which literally means God of Tree in the native Tujia language. Thereafter, visit Mt Fanjing Ecological Botanical Garden, a large-scale park for protection of rare animals and plants. Take the chance to go deeper into the scenic area and you may come face-to-face with the famed golden monkeys of Mt Fanjing.



This morning, proceed to Zhenyuan Ancient Town, situated along Wuyang River surrounded on all 4 sides by towering peaks and a river stream that passes through the city in a meandering S-shaped curve. Located on the north bank is the old town and across the river on the south bank is the ancient fortress, which together form a shape similar to the Taiji symbol. Explore the charming old town with its ancient houses, alleys, wharf and fortress walls. Next, head to Qinglong Cave, where according to legend the Taoist immortal and sage Zhang Sanfeng lived for 3 years and built the Zhusheng Bridge. It is also the only sacred place in China where 3 religions, namely Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, coexist together.



This morning, visit Langde Miao Village, comprising around 100 ethnic Miao households, also known as Long Skirt Miao as the women are dressed in signature long skirts. Upon arrival, get ready to experience and participate in their traditional welcome ritual, known as 12-course “block-the-way” wine ceremony. You will get the opportunity to appreciate the unique wooden hanging-turret buildings of the village and enjoy Miao performances. Next, you will also participate in DIY Miao tribe wax resist dye, embroidery and silverware sessions. Visit Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum before you coach to Anshun for your overnight stay.



After breakfast, explore Huangguoshu Waterfall by an electric sightseeing car and 1-way escalator ride. It is the largest waterfall in Asia and one of its most unique features is the water-curtain cave, a natural cave formation that lies behind the waterfall. Next, visit Doupotang Waterfall and Tianxing Bridge scenic area before you return to Chongqing.


(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, spend some time at leisure before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Additional package based on RMB600 per person and RMB300 per child below 1.1 metres in height

1. Yamugou scenic area

2. Qinglong Cave

3. Langde Miao Village


Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.

Revisions, if any, in itinerary are subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at www.ChanBrothers.com/PackageTourTnCs. In particular, the Customer is requested to note the following:

Itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

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Different tour groups may be merged.

Proposed changes, if any, that are not accepted will be subject to the refund provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions.


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  • 全程住宿5*级酒店
  • 陈美娥医师及陈言森医生中西医养生讲堂
  • 养生保健操
  • 平坝农场赏樱花
  • 石阡养生古温泉体验


  • 梵净山
  • 亚木沟风景区
  • 镇远古镇
  • 青龙洞
  • 黄果树大瀑布


  • 梵净山特色餐
  • 镇远风味餐
  • 道家养生素宴
  • 凯里酸汤鱼风味餐
  • 特色药膳养生餐
  • 黄果树野生风味餐


















早餐后,游览黄果树大瀑布景区 ,含电瓶车及单程扶梯。黄果树大瀑布是亚洲最大的瀑布,其奇特之处是隐在大瀑布半腰上天然形成的水帘洞。游览陡坡塘瀑布天星桥景区后,驱车回返重庆。





  1. 亚木沟风景区
  2. 青龙洞
  3. 郎德上寨