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400X400 Eng Banner - Chongqing


  • Stay at 4 & 5 Star Hotels Throughout
  • Dazu Rock Carvings
  • Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street
  • Three Natural Bridges: Film Site of "Transformers 4" & "The Golden Flower"
  • Opportunity to Interact With Local School Children from Hope Primary School
  • Mt Jinfo
  • Pengshui Chiyou Jiuli City
  • Miao Tribe Bonfire
  • Ayi River

Gourmet Pick:

  • Miao Tribe Long Table Feast
  • Wulong Farmhouse Meal
  • Jinfo Temple Vegetarian Meal
  • Sichuan Cuisine New Chongqing
  • Local Snacks

(Meals On Board/Lunch/Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Chongqing. Upon arrival, proceed to Ciqikou, also known as little Chongqing. Ciqikou boasts a long history of 1,800 years and is known as the 1st ancient town in Shapingba District.



After breakfast, head to Dazu. Upon arrival, visit Mt Baoding Stone Carvings with the inclusion of tram ride, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Buddhism-themed rock carvings were created between the late Tang and early Song dynasty in the steep hillside. Amongst them, the most famous carvings are the Baodingshan carvings and Beishan carvings. 



Today, view People’s Auditorium, an important landmark of Chongqing. Next, visit Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Hongya Cave and Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, a national monument in the prosperous downtown of Chongqing. Thereafter, spend the night in Wulong.



This morning, visit Three Natural Bridges, where directors Zhang Yimou and Michael Bay shot part of their films "Curse of the Golden Flower" and "Transformers 4", respectively. A UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, it boasts of a cluster of naturally formed bridges and is the world's 2nd largest group of sinkholes. The scenic area is famed for its spectacular landscape of the 3 bridges sandwiching 2 large sinkholes, which create a magnificent and otherworldly sight together. Proceed for lunch before heading to Mt Fairy, named after a peak that resembles a dancing fairy. From afar, the mountain’s peak is veiled in wispy white clouds, like a shy fairy draped in beautiful gauze. The layers in the landscape make it an expansive and spectacular geological phenomenon to behold. Thereafter, visit Hope Primary School to share some joyful, loving moments with the children.



After breakfast, drive to Nanchuan District, proceed to Mt Jinfo via the West Gate and hop on a sightseeing car along the west slope. Alight and take a cable car up the mountain. Visit Jinfo Temple at the top of the mountain and walk along the footpath built along the visually astonishing mountain. Out of its 3.5km length, 1.5km was built along almost vertical cliff faces. Next, be awed by a panoramic view of the wonders of nature on Golden Turtle Facing Sun Platform. Situated on the west slope of the Jinfo Mountain between 1800m and 2100m in altitude, are two gently sloped hills. The bigger one resembles a domed turtle carapace, while the smaller one resembles the head. The cliffs form the edges of the giant turtle shell and when the sun shines on it, golden light is reflected and scatters out, hence its name. Thereafter, visit Jinfo Mountain Karst Exhibition Centre where you get to see how the geology of the mountain changed over time, highlighting the evolution of its karst landform, biodiversity, culture and history. Next, enjoy your time at leisure in Tianxing Town. Thereafter, enjoy an outdoor spa at Tianxing International Hot Springs before you check in to your hotel.


Please bring along your swimwear and swim cap for outdoor hot spring pools.



After breakfast, head to Pengshui Chiyou Jiuli City and enjoy 3 spectacular sights: Jiuli Pillar, Jiuli Palace and Jiudaomen. It is a perfect combination of natural scenery in Pengshui and the historical culture of Miao people. Jiuli Pillar is the tallest totem pillar of Miao people with the longest diameter and most mysterious inscriptions. Jiuli Palace is the largest and tallest collection of tilted buildings, the largest quadrangle dwellings and the most mysterious pavilion and palace clusters. Jiudaomen is the largest Miao building collection. Next, travel to Gongtan Ancient Town and take a boat tour of Wujiang River Gallery. Along the way, enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to Tujia and Miao girls sing folk songs and participate in interactive games. At night, join a Miao tribe bonfire to experience the local culture.


Miao tribe bonfire is subject to weather conditions.



This morning, sail along the scenic Ayi River, Qinglong Valley and listen to the famed ballads of the Miao girls. Along the way, enjoy the sight of steep cliffs on both sides of the river, the verdant shades of woods, spectacular sight of entwined networks of ancient tree roots, vines and beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. The river goes from jade green in the deep to transparent in the shallow and you can watch fishes happily darting about in the clear water. Immerse yourself in the songs of the birds and the refreshing air of the valley before you head back to Chongqing.


(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, visit Huguang Guild Hall before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Additional tour based on RMB500 per adult and child above 2 years old

  1. “Impression Wulong” Show
  2. Chongqing Hot Pot
  3. Chongqing Night View

Optional tour based on RMB500 per adult and child above 2 years old

  1. Madame Tussauds Museum
  2. Chongqing River Cruise



  • If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.
  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
  • Tour groups may be merged.


400X400 Chi Banner - 重庆

  • 全程住宿4及5星级酒店
  • 大足宝顶山石刻
  • 解放碑步行街
  • 天生三桥,张艺谋影片《变形金刚4》及《黄金甲》外景地
  • 与希望小学孩子同乐,献上一份爱心
  • 金佛山
  • 蚩尤九黎城
  • 苗族篝火晚会
  • 阿依河



  • 苗家长桌宴
  • 武隆农家风味
  • 金佛寺素斋
  • 新渝派川菜风味
  • 重庆风味小吃





早餐后,乘车前往大足。前往大足宝顶山石刻,含景区内搭电瓶车。唐末宋初时期的摩崖石刻,以佛教题材为主。 其中,以宝顶山摩崖造像及北山摩崖造像最为著名,也被列为世界文化遗产。 之后,乘车回返重庆。



今早,外观人民大礼堂。接着,游览重庆中国三峡博物馆洪崖洞解放碑步行街。 之后,乘车前往武隆



今早,游览天生三桥。 它是张艺谋影片《黄金甲》及由迈克尔•贝执导的《变形金刚4》外景地、世界自然遗产、世界天生桥群、世界第二大天坑群。 武隆天生三桥景区以其壮丽的三桥夹两坑景观称奇于世,世界天生桥群及世界第二大天坑群相映生辉。 午餐后,乘车赴仙女山,一座山峰酷似翩跹起舞的仙女而得名。 远望仙女峰,但见白云缭绕,若隐若现,好似,一位身披薄纱的仙女含羞玉立。 她起伏又不失平坦; 茫茫林海、松涛阵阵,镶嵌在山林间的辽阔草场延绵天际山峰、山谷、森林与草原浑然一体,层次分明,具有雄、峻、秀、奇、阔的地质地貌特色。 接着,前往希望小学,与孩子们同乐,献上一份爱心。



早餐后,乘车前往南川金佛山西大门,转乘西坡金佛山道观光车,远眺骆驼峰、香炉峰,到金佛山索道下站,乘坐索道上山。 到山顶游览金佛寺,中国海拔最高的凌崖绝壁栈道,绝壁栈道位于金佛寺西北坡悬崖边缘。 从踏上栈道起,脚下便如凌空微步,右手是绝壁,左手是悬崖。全长有3.5公里,其中1.5公里几乎是在垂直的90度崖壁上建成,离地面40-50米,行走时如凌空微步,步步惊心。 之后,游览金龟朝阳观景台远眺大自然鬼斧神工,金龟朝阳位于金佛山绝壁西坡,在海拔1800~2100米之间的山沿上,有大小两座缓坡山形,大者似椭圆龟背,极为饱满,小者像龟之头部,绝壁形成龟板的边缘,体形硕大,斜日反照,金光闪射,故名金龟朝阳。 游览结束后原路返回山下。 接着,前往金佛山喀斯特展示中心,是金佛山地质演化史体验馆,了解金佛山喀斯特地貌特征演变历史、生物多样化及熬硝历史文化,满足自然遗产展示及国家科普教育基地等功能需求。 之后,你可在天星小镇自由活动。天星小镇川西民居的干槛式建筑为特色,一条精致的长街,汇聚巴渝最淳朴的民风,琳琅满目的精致物件,把一种远离都市的生活回归重新拾起。随后,前往天星国际温泉城泡汤。



早餐后,乘车前往彭水。游览蚩尤九黎城,欣赏三大世界之最:九黎神柱、九黎宫及九道门。 游蚩尤大殿、蚩尤神府、北斗七星景观亭、百苗文化长廊、七十二行街等等。九黎神柱是世界最高、直径最大、雕刻鬼神像最多的苗族图腾柱。 九黎宫则是世界最高最大的吊脚楼建筑体,世界最大的四合院建筑体,最奇特的楼中楼与楼中殿堂建筑集群。 九道门是目前世界上建有最多朝门的苗族建筑景观。 之后,前往龚滩古镇。乘船游览乌江画廊,沿途欣赏百里乌江画廊,可在船上倾听土家族、苗族妹子的歌声,并参与互动游戏。 晚上,参加苗族篝火晚会,体验苗族风情,跳摆手舞及竹杠舞,体验苗乡人的欢乐生活。                                                         




早餐后,游览阿依河青龙谷,体验竹筏放歌。 观赏峡谷风光与苗家阿妹对唱情歌,并学习苗族山歌。沿途欣赏两岸峭壁耸立、绿荫遮天、古树盘根、藤萝密漫、野花怒放,那水深潭时碧绿,浅滩时见底,见鱼儿穿梭,令人心动,闻鸟鸣幽谷,沁人心脾。 之后,乘车回返重庆。





1. 《印象武隆》

2. 重庆火锅

3. 重庆夜景


1. 杜莎夫人蜡像馆

2. 两江游船



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