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Travel period: MAY 9,10,11

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• Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses
• Huaqing Pool
• Ancient City Walls
• Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Northern Square
• Hui Min Street
• Bell and Drum Tower Square
• Yuan Village

• Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor
• Xuan Yuan Temple

Mt Hua

• Hukou Waterfall
• Shanbei Grottoes

Special Arrangements
• Waist drumming and song performance
• Han clothing dress up session
• Traditional shadow play performance
• Shanbei folk music performance
• Viewing of seasonal flowers*

• 1N stay at Shaanxi culture themed hotel in Mt Hua
• 1N stay at 4* hotel in Hu Kou
• 5N stay at 5* hotel in Xi’an

Local Speciality
• Han Dynasty cuisine, Da Qin Xiao Yan
• 100-year-old heritage brand De Fa Chang dumpling feast
• Chang’an roast duck feast
• Biangbiang noodles
• Bun with meat filling
• Shaanxi rice noodles
• Hui Fang food stall: Shaanxi bun, Red Willow roast meat, rice dumplings with honey
• Chang’an food stall: Shaanxi classics, Chang’an gourd chicken, Guanzhong 6 mini bowls
• Guanzhong farm-style cuisine: Free range chicken, mixed vegetables, steamed dishes and snacks

(Meals On Board/Dinner)
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Xi’an via Hangzhou. Upon arrival, proceed for a mini hot pot dinner before you transfer to your hotel.
  Day 1
(Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, visit Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses which were among many buried treasures and sacrificial objects that had accompanied Emperor Qin in his afterlife. The royal tomb features over 8,000 life size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations, making them the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Next, proceed to Huaqing Pool, located at the foot of Mt Li. Popularly known for its therapeutic hot springs, it has been the residence palace for generations of emperors. This evening, enjoy Da Qin Xiao Yan, part of Han Dynasty cuisine at the first Qin-themed restaurant in southern China. The cuisine promotes China’s northwestern culinary culture, but is fused with local ingredients and fresh produce. During dinner, you may participate in a Han clothing dress up session to experience the dining culture in ancient times. Thereafter, proceed to Mt Hua.Day 2.
After breakfast, visit Mt Hua. Originally known as West Great Mountain, it is hailed as the most precipitous mountain in the world. Mt Hua is surrounded by 5 peaks and shaped like a lotus flower. Enjoy a cable car ride to explore the northern peak. If your stamina allows, there will be 3 hours of leisure time where you may continue to explore the other peaks. Thereafter, return to Xi’an where dinner awaits. This evening, enjoy a Chang'an roast duck feast. Day 3.
After breakfast, head to Ancient City Walls, one of the best remaining conserved city walls in China. Spanning a distance of 13.6 kilometres long, the Ancient City Walls encircle the city. Thereafter, visit Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Northern Square to view colourful musical fountains on Asia’s largest water fountains square. Be captivated by the splendor of the Tang dynasty. Next, proceed for lunch at De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant with over 100-year-old heritage. Following this, explore Hui Min Street, a must-visit place in Xi’an which features a variety of delectable Shanxi snacks. Thereafter, proceed to Bell and Drum Tower Square, one of the iconic landmarks of Xi’an. This evening, enjoy some of Hui Min’s authentic dishes at Hui Fang Food Stall for dinner.
Day 4
After breakfast, travel to Huanglin. Visit Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor by an electric vehicle ride, a popular ancestor worship destination for Chinese worldwide in search of their ancestry roots. On the east of Qiaoshan is Xuan Yuan Temple, also known as the “Emperor Temple” with historical artifacts and relics like stone tablets, carvings and metal clocks in the temple compound. Next, proceed to Hu Kou where dinner awaits. This evening, enjoy Shanbei’s culinary delights for dinner.
Day 5
After breakfast, proceed to Hu Kou Waterfall, the only yellow waterfall on the Yellow River. The Yellow River, also known as Mother River of China is China’s second largest river. Hu Kou Waterfall earned its name as its gushing river water narrows from a 400 to 500-metre wide channel to a 40 to 50-metre wide mouth, resembling the outpouring of water from a teapot spout. Next, explore Shanbei Grottoes to get a glimpse into the lives of the local people. It is a symbol of the yellow earth highland and unique architectural buildings of Shanbei, which used to be the primary housing of local people. Thereafter, return to Xi’an. This evening, join a specially arranged farewell dinner and cooking demonstration by Celebrity Chef Eric Teo.
Day 6

After breakfast, head to Yuan Village, Guanzhong’s 1st village. View the magnificent geographical and historical wonders of Shanxi and experience Guanzhong’s local way of life and folk culture. Feast on a specially arranged farm-style cuisine lunch at Yuan Village. Indulge in delectable dishes like local free range chicken, farm-style mixed vegetables, Guanzhong steamed dishes and more, all made from fresh organic produce. Thereafter, view the traditional procedures of food processing like making of bean curd, wine, vinegar, flour, oil and more which reflect the wisdom and hardship of people in the past who did not use modern equipment in the food preparation process. Thereafter, enjoy a cup of tea while viewing a specially arranged Guanzhong shadow play. Then, return to Xi’an for dinner at Chang’an Food Stall, a must-visit destination for savouring a variety of Shanxi cuisines.
Day 7

(Breakfast/Lunch/Meals On Board)
After breakfast, proceed to Han Yang Ling Mausoleum for viewing of seasonal flowers. After lunch, head to Xi’an Airport for your flight back to Singapore via Hangzhou.
Additional package based on RMB500 per person.
1. “Tang dynasty” performance
2. Night tour of Tang City
3. Daming Palace National Heritage Park, including electric car ride
4. IMAX3D movie "Legend of the Daming Palace”
5. Daming Palace Miniature Landscape
6. Daming Palace Relics Museum
7. Taiye Pool
8. Silk Road Group Carving
9. Night view of Bell and Drum Tower Square

If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternatives.
Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
Tour groups may be merged
In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the latter for accuracy.



• 秦兵马俑
• 华清池
• 古城墙
• 大雁塔北广场
• 回民街
• 钟鼓楼广场
• 袁家村


• 黄帝陵
• 轩辕庙


• 壶口瀑布
• 陕北窟洞

• 腰鼓秧歌迎宾表演
• 穿汉服,体验中华文化
• 体验皮影表演
• 观赏陕北民歌表演
• 腰鼓秧歌迎宾表演
• 赏月季花*

• 华山特别安排侠文化主题酒店
• 壶口住宿4*酒店(当地最好)
• 西安5晚住宿5*酒店

• 汉代大秦小宴,体验分餐制文化体验
• 德发长饺子宴,百年老字号
• 长安烤鸭宴,陕西百年京味烤鸭
• Biangbiang面:面条象裤带,老陕面食
• 肉夹馍:馍酥肉嫩
• 西安凉皮:劲道酸爽
• 回访大排档:陕西泡馍、红柳烤肉、 蜂蜜粽子
• 长安大排档:陕菜经典;长安葫芦鸡、 关中六小碗
• 关中农家乐:土鸡、陕西大烩菜、 蒸碗、关中小吃

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3     
Day 4
Day 5
早餐后,前往壶口瀑布。黄河是中国第二大河,被称为母亲河。瀑布在壶口由四、五百米宽骤然收缩为四、五十米,飞流直下,其形如巨壶倾汤,得名壶口,它是黄河上唯一的黄色大瀑布。随后,游览陕北窑洞,了解当地风土人情。窑洞是陕西北部独有的建筑,曾经是当地人的主要居所,被称为黄土高原的象征。之后,驱车回返西安参加联欢晚宴及烹饪示范,与名厨Eric Teo共度美好的欢乐时光。
Day 6
Day 7
2. 夜游大唐不夜城
3. 大明宫遗址公园,含电瓶车
4. IMAX3D电影《大明宫传奇》
5. 大明宫微缩景观群
6. 唐代艺术博物馆(大明宫遗址博物馆)
7. 太液池
8. 丝路群雕
9. 钟鼓楼广场夜景