6/7D Yunnan with Tengchong LOHAS Journey With Dr Tan Yong Seng & Dr Tan Bee Gawh

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Travel period: Mar 8, 9

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400X400 ENG B8

Exclusive Pick

  • Stay at 4 and 5 Star Hotels Throughout Including a Hot Spring Resort With Hot Spring Baths and Volcanic Sauna Rooms
  • Health Talks by Dr Tan Yong Seng & Dr Tan Bee Gawh
  • Group Fitness Session
  • Pu’er Tea Workshop by Local Tea Specialist
  • Bai Tribe DIY Tie-Dye Workshop
  • DIY Healthy Pine Pollen Cake Pastry Session
  • Pu’er Tea Cake
  • Yunnan Flower Biscuits



Tengchong Blessed Land

  • Longevity Village Heshun Ancient Village
  • Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve Scenic Boat Ride
  • Natural Oxygen Bar Mt Yunfeng Scenic Area
  • Mt Laifeng National Forest Park’s Famous Camelia Japonica
  • Tengchong Shadow Play

Kunming City of Eternal Spring

  • Highland Cherry Blossom City Mt Yuantong Park


Gourmet Pick

  • Kunming: Mushroom Hotpot, “A Bite Of Yunnan” Specialty Meal
  • Tengchong: Hand Pilaf, Mt Yunfeng Healthy Vegetarian Feast, Tengchong Cuisine Buffet
  • Dali: Erhai Fish Cuisine

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring. After lunch, head to Guandu Ancient Town, a part of the collective memory of the older generation of Kunming people.  Spanning an area of 1.5 square kilometres, the ancient town boasts of many cultural artifacts and rich heritage where you can view many attractions like mountains, monasteries, pavilions and temples from the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. You can also enjoy complimentary sampling of Guandu Baba, a local specialty snack. After dinner, watch the spectacular “Dynamic Yunnan” performance. “Dynamic Yunnan is conceptualised by the Yunnan native and internationally-renowned dancer, Yang Liping. It is a grand ethnic dance musical that showcases the beauty and richness of Yunnan ethnic minorities’ cultural traditions in a modern presentation.


After breakfast, coach to Dali. After lunch, visit a tie-dye museum and learn the art of traditional tie-dyeing craft at Bai Tribe DIY tie-dye workshop. You may keep your handiwork as memento. Thereafter, coach to Baoshan. Proceed for dinner before you transfer to your hotel.


After breakfast, coach to Tengchong. En route, pass Lujiang Dam, located on the southwestern ancient trade route of Silk Road and was regarded as Asia’s top bridge that is suspended in the clouds as well as visit Yunnan Museum. Upon arrival, embark on a journey to Mt Yunfeng for a healthy vegetarian feast. Thereafter, ascend Mt Yunfeng, also known as Celestial Mountain by a return cable car and electric sightseeing car ride). With 70 percent of Mt Yunfeng populated by dense primordial forest and a temperate weather, free radicals are created in abundance here. Descend and check in to your hot spring resort for a relaxing hot spring bath. As Tengchong lies on the boundaries of active tectonic plates, hot springs are formed at several geothermal areas. The thermal spring water is rich in silicon, sodium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur ions which possess health benefits. This evening, indulge in a Tengchong Cuisine buffet dinner.



After breakfast, explore Mt Laifeng National Forest Park which is shaped like a shield formed by the eruption of volcanoes over 900,000 years ago. The tea garden has over 110 tea variants and 2,500 types of tea plants with multicoloured flowers. Among them are tea plants whose seeds are used to produce quality tea oil. The quality of tea seed oil is comparable to olive oil and possesses health and beauty benefits. Thereafter, head to Heshun Ancient Village where you will experience a DIY healthy pine pollen cake pastry session, a local specialty believed to boost strength, appetite and increase longevity. You may keep your handmade pine pollen cake as souvenir after. Then, enjoy a local specialty hand pilaf for lunch with a Tengchong shadow play performance, an over 140-year-old ancient art form. Next, enjoy a scenic boat tour around Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve (includes tram ride). Beihai Wetland Nature Reserve is widely acclaimed as the kidney of the earth, as it maintains an ecological balance between the marshes that float on the water and the many rare plants, fishes and birds that breed there.



After breakfast, board a domestic flight to Kunming. Upon arrival in Kunming, enjoy a mushroom hotpot for lunch. Next, learn the art of brewing at a pu’er tea workshop by a local tea specialist. This evening, enjoy “A Bite of Yunnan” specialty meal with your fellow travellers at your get-together dinner and watch a film featuring the beautiful scenery of Yunnan.



After breakfast, tour Mt Yuantong Park to view cherry blossoms. The precipitous mountain ridges of Mt Yuantong are acclaimed as one of Kunming’s 8 great sceneries. Every Spring, the over 10,000-square-metre magnificent sea of blooming flowers is a spectacular sight to behold, comprising three types of cherry blossoms - Yunnan cherry blossoms, Japanese cherry blossoms and Hall crabapples. Thereafter, proceed to the airport for your flight home.


Additional package based on RMB680 per adult and RMB340 per child below 1.1 metres in height

  1. “Dynamic Yunnan” performance
  2. Mt Laifeng National Forest Park
  3. Complimentary Guandu Ancient Town tour with sampling of Guandu Baba, a local specialty


  • If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.
  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified. Tour groups may be merged.
  • In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the latter for accuracy.


400X400 CHI B8


  • 全程住宿4及5 *级酒店包括温泉度假酒店含温泉、火山石地热蒸房
  • 陈言森医生及陈美娥医师中西医养生讲堂
  • 延年益寿养生保健操
  • 普洱茶讲堂
  • 白族扎染DIY
  • 养生糕点松花糕DIY独家特质普洱茶饼
  • 云南鲜花饼



  • 长寿村和顺侨乡
  • 乘船游览地球之肾北海湿地
  • 天然大氧吧云峰山景区
  • 来凤山国家森林公园赏茶花
  • 腾冲皮影戏


  • 高原樱花城昆明圆通山赏樱花


  • 昆明:菌火锅风味、《舌尖上的云南》特色餐
  • 腾冲:特色手抓饭、云峰山养生素宴、腾冲风味自助餐
  • 大理:洱海鱼风味

















  1. 《云南映象》歌舞表演
  2. 来凤山国家森林公园
  3. 官渡古镇及品尝官渡名小吃粑粑



  • 如果景点不对外开放,将由其它景点取代。
  • 行程游览顺序如有更改,恕不预先告知。
  • 全程以中文导游讲解。
  • 不同团体将可能合并成一团。