7D Unforgettable Sri Lanka With UFM100.3 DJ Kemin

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400X400 ENG Kemin Sri Lanka



  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage



  • Dambulla Cave Temple

  • DIY Traditional Sri Lankan Hopper Session



  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress



  • Spice Garden

  • Noritake Factory Outlet



  • Arts and Crafts Centre

  • Gem Museum

  • Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

  • Sri Lankan Cultural Show


Nuwara Eliya

  • Tea Plantation and Factory



  • Dutch Fort



  • Cinnamon Gardens

  • Colombo Fort and Pettah

(Meals On Board)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Colombo. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel for your overnight stay. 

(Breakfast/Buffet Lunch/Welcome Dinner)

After breakfast, visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, established in 1975 to house abandoned and wounded elephants. Thereafter, continue to Dambulla and explore The Golden Temple of Dambulla, a UNESCO Heritage Site, located on a vast isolated rock mass that is 500 feet high and 5280 feet wide at the base. A sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, this cave monastery, with its five sanctuaries, is the largest, best-preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist mural paintings on the walls and ceiling is the largest antique painted surface in the world. Next, participate in a DIY traditional Sri Lankan hopper session. This evening, enjoy a welcome dinner.


(Breakfast/Buffet Lunch/Western Dinner)

This morning, proceed to Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a 5th-century fortress in the sky that is perhaps the most fantastic natural wonder on the island. Next, visit the Spice Garden at Matale, where you can see lush spice plants such as cinnamon cardamom and pepper and purchase some spices if you like. Thereafter, visit Noritake Factory Outlet where you can purchase the world famous porcelainware brand for both design, quality and perfection. Continue to embark on your Kandy city tour, which will include stops at sights such as Arts and Crafts Centre and gem museum. Kandy was the last stronghold of Sinhalese empire before it was ceded to the British in 1815. It is a fine example of Buddhist influence in Sri Lanka today, as temples and monasteries keeping Buddhist traditions alive can be found everywhere. Visit Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic whereby the tooth of Buddha that was brought to Sri Lanka since 4th century and is considered the country’s most prized possession. This evening, catch a Sri Lankan Cultural Show.


(Breakfast/Buffet Lunch/Dinner)

Today, visit tea plantation and factory where you can see how tea leaves are being processed into the famous Ceylon tea. Next, proceed to Nuwara Eliya, known as Sri Lanka’s “Little England”. It is set against a beautiful backdrop of mountains, valleys, waterfalls and tea plantations. It is also one of the coldest places in Sri Lanka, and the weather is reminiscent of springtime in England.


(Breakfast/Sri Lanka Crab Lunch/Get-together Dinner)

After breakfast, make a photo stop at Kitulgala, a beautiful location where the famous movie “Bridge of the River Kwai” was filmed. Head to Galle, to embark on your city tour of Galle which include visit the Dutch Fort, the oldest landmark and world’s heritage sites in Sri Lanka. This evening, enjoy a get-together dinner.


(Breakfast/Indian Cuisine Set Lunch/ Authentic Sri Lankan Dinner)

This morning, head back to Colombo. Upon Arrival, embark on a Colombo city tour. Drive through the city and pass Cinnamon Gardens, a tree-lined residential area, before arriving at the Fort and Pettah districts, the city’s commercial area where you can do some shopping. If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping at local shopping mall before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


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400X400 CHI Kemin Sri Lanka
与UFM100.3 DJ克敏同游 7天斯里兰卡“克”骨铭心



  • 品纳维拉大象孤儿院


  • 丹布勒金寺
  • DIY传统斯里兰卡煎饼


  • 锡吉里耶古城


  • 香料园
  • 则武陶瓷工厂直销店


  • 美术工艺中心
  • 宝石博物馆
  • 佛牙寺
  • 斯里兰卡文化表演


  • 茶园及制茶工厂


  • 加勒荷兰堡


  • 肉桂花园
  • 城堡及佩塔区

在新加坡樟宜机场集合,搭乘客机前往科伦坡。抵达后, 送往酒店休息。


早餐后,参观品纳维拉大象孤儿院。它建于1975年,专门收容遭遗弃及受伤的大象。之后,前往丹布勒并探访丹布勒金寺。丹布勒金寺矗立在高500英尺宽5280英尺的巨岩之上,既是石窟也是寺庙,是世界文化遗产之一。全寺由数个佛教彩绘雕刻的石窟殿堂构成并拥有世界最多的佛像雕塑。接着,参与DIY传统斯里兰卡煎饼。今晚, 共度欢迎晚宴



今早,前往锡吉里耶,探访座落在狮子岩上的锡吉里耶古城。这座建于第五世纪的空中堡垒,或许是岛上最不可思议的天然奇观。之后,参观马特莱香料园。园中遍植肉桂、豆蔻及胡椒之类的香料植物,也有丰富的香料商品供你选购。接着,造访则武陶瓷工厂直销店。则武瓷器因其精致的设计、绝佳的质量及完美无瑕的成品闻名于世,你可以在这里选购精美的瓷器。随后,展开一场康提市区游,走访美术工艺中心宝石博物馆等知名景点。康提是僧伽罗帝国的最后一个据点,直至1815年才被割让给英国,城市中随处可见维持着佛教传统的寺庙与修道院,是现今斯里兰卡境内深受佛教影响地区的绝佳范例。你也将探访佛牙寺。佛牙寺中收藏着珍贵的佛牙舍利,自四世纪时被带到斯里兰卡后便成为该国最珍贵的资产。今晚, 欣赏一场精彩的斯里兰卡文化表演



今天, 参观茶园及制茶工厂,了解茶叶究竟是如何转变成飘香四海的锡兰茶。随后,前往努沃勒埃利耶,此地层峦迭嶂,河谷苍翠,瀑布秀丽,茶园连绵,是斯里兰卡气温最低的地区之一,如此气候令人不禁怀想英格兰的春日,因而素有斯里兰卡的“小英国”之称。



早餐后,在电影《桂河大桥》的拍摄取景地基图尔格勒来几张快照。之后,驱车前往加勒,造访世界遗产之一的加勒荷兰堡,一窥这斯里兰卡最古老的地标。今晚, 共享欢送晚餐。