7D Savour Korea With Jeju With Mediacorp Artiste Quan Yi Fong

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Travel period: May 29

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400X400 Korea Yi Fong
• Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

• Hyundai Premium Outlet Gimpo
• Gyeongbokgung Palace
• Common Ground

• Teseum Safari
• Udo Island
• Udobong Peak 
• Geommeolle beach 
• Seobin Baeksa 
• All-terrain vehicle ride
• PLAY KPOP music experience
• Gimnyeong Maze Park
• Cheonjiyeon Falls
• Jusangjeolli Cliff
• Camellia Hill
• O’sulloc Tea Museum

• Nami Island

• Pocheon Herb Island

• Everland

• Scenic boat ride to Udo Island
• Korean Culinary Lesson With DIY Rice Cake Session
• “The Painters: HERO”
• O’sulloc Tea Museum with Green Tea Ice Cream
• DIY Lavender Pillow Session
• Hanbok Dress-up session

• Korean Set Lunch
• Sashimi Set Dinner
• Black Pork Bulgogi With Hallasan Fried Rice Lunch 
• Abalone and Seafood Hot Pot Dinner
• Grilled Cutlassfish Set Lunch 
• Ginseng Chicken Soup Dinner 
• Pan Fried Chicken With Buckwheat Noodle Lunch 
• Pork Galbi BBQ Doinner
• Hanjeongsik Lunch
• Korean Dolsotbab Set Lunch
• 8-colour Samgyeopsal BBQ Dinner
(Meals On Board/Korean Set Lunch/Sashimi Set Dinner)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Incheon.

Upon arrival, proceed to Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village. Be fascinated by this fairy tale themed village which is filled with painted alleys of various characters from fairy tales. Next, proceed to Hyundai Premium Outlet Gimpo which houses 230 premium brands and showcases the latest fashion trends. Here, you can enjoy year-round discounts with most of the goods priced 30 to 80 percent off retail prices. Find the fanciest goods here and enjoy major savings on your favorite brands. Next, transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Jeju. This volcanic island is Korea’s largest and draws both international and domestic travellers alike. With its mild weather, plethora of spellbinding natural sights and relaxed vibe, it is not difficult to see why. Upon arrival, visit Teseum Safari where the life-sized teddy bears will win you over with their adorable poses and themed outfits.

(Breakfast/Black Pork Bulgogi With Hallasan Fried Rice Lunch/Abalone And Seafood Hot Pot Dinner)

After breakfast, go on a scenic boat ride to Udo Island, known for its breathtaking scenery, natural sights and marine life. Make your way to the lighthouse on Udobong Peak, the highest spot on the island, where you will marvel at golden canola fields and stunning panoramic views of the island and its surroundings.

Next, complete your island jaunt with stops at 2 equally mesmerising beaches popular for different reasons – Geommeolle beach for its shiny black sand and Seobin Baeksa for its resplendent white coral sand. Head back to Jeju where you will be treated to a delicious black pork bulgogi with Hallasan fried rice lunch. Begin your afternoon with some thrilling action on an all-terrain vehicle ride. Next, proceed to Gimnyeong Maze Park, a unique maze park which contains foliages from all over Asia. The maze is also good for health, as the stone and wood surrounding the maze emits high levels of far infrared radiation and a large volume of phytoncides. The park, with its variety of trees which are several decades old, is the perfect place for what Koreans term as “forest bathing”, in which people surround themselves with nature (particularly trees) to soak in all its natural benefits. Wrap up the day with a visit to the newly opened PLAY KPOP music experience, where a K-pop hologram performance hall invites you into a world of Hallyu fantasy.


(Breakfast/Grilled Cutlassfish Set Menu Lunch/Ginseng Chicken Soup Dinner)

This morning, explore beautiful Cheonjiyeon Falls, one of the 3 most famous waterfalls in Jeju. Later, visit magnificent Jusangjeolli Cliff, which was formed when the lava from Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun. Next, visit Jeju’s garden treasure, Camellia Hill. A camellia arboretum spanning 20-hectares and home to 6,000 camellia trees of 500 different species, it is a gorgeous sight. During the spring season, camellia flowers are in bloom and the scent of the flowers will invigorate your senses.

Next, proceed to O’sulloc Tea Museum. Learn about Korea’s traditional tea culture and enjoy views of the nearby green tea fields and the surrounding landscape at the observatory. After which, enjoy the museum’s green tea ice cream said to be the best in Jeju.

After dinner, enjoy Korea’s most innovative and magical art performance “The Painters: HERO”.


“The Painters: HERO” may be replaced with an alternative performance.


(Breakfast/Pan Fried Chicken With Buckwheat Noodle Lunch/Pork Galbi BBQ Dinner)

Transfer to the airport for your domestic flight to Seoul. Upon arrival, make your way to Chuncheon, where you will then hop on board a boat bound for Nami Island. This is a half-moon shaped island that is famous for its tranquillity, enhanced by genteel tree-lined roads. Nami Island is not only known as the filming site of “Winter Sonata”, but it is also a creative culture centre for local artists. Next visit the enchanted Pocheon Herb Island which showcases Mediterranean herbs all year-round and is renowned for providing sensual experiences for relaxation of body and mind. Here, you will also participate in a DIY lavender pillow session.

(Breakfast/Korean Dolsotbab Set Lunch/8-colour Samgyeopsal BBQ Dinner)

After breakfast, start your day with a Korean culinary lesson and a DIY Korean traditional rice cake session. Here, gain insights into the tips and tricks for making the perfect royal court rice cake.

This afternoon, make your way to Everland, South Korea’s largest theme park. Unleash your inner child and enter a colourful realm of thrilling rides and entertainment. 

(Breakfast/Hanjeongsik Lunch/Get-together Dinner)

This morning, visit Ginseng Monopoly Showroom before making a stop at an Obdo cosmetic shop to stock up on Korean skincare products. After which, enjoy a traditional Hanbok dress-up session. Next, proceed to the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest palace during the Joseon dynasty. Roam its stately grounds, delve into its storied past and imagine what it might have been like centuries ago. Enjoy snapping photos with friends and family with the magnificent palace as your backdrop. Next, visit Korea's first pop-up store built with shipping containers, Common Ground. It is approximately 5300 square meters in scale and made up of 200 large containers. At Common Ground, find new and trendy mid-sized shops by up-and-coming new designers and editorial shops. In the evening, enjoy a get-together dinner with your new found friends.

(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

In the morning, visit Healthy Liver Shop to shop for health products before you transfer to the airport for your flight home. 

Seasonal bonus is subject to weather conditions and there will be no replacement in case of adverse weather conditions.

Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.

Tour groups may be merged.

If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.

During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned. 


400X400 韩国权怡凤

• 松月洞童话村

• 现代名牌奥特莱斯 金浦店
• 景福宫
• Common Ground集装式购物中心

• 济州泰迪熊博物馆
• 牛岛
• 牛岛峰
• 黑沙海边
• 珊瑚沙海
• 乘坐四轮摩托车
• 金宁迷宫公园
• 天地渊瀑布
• 大浦洞柱状节理带
• 济州茶花树木园
• 雪绿茶博物馆O’Sulloc

• 南怡岛

• 抱川香草岛乐园

• 爱宝乐园

• 乘船至牛岛
• 韩国烹饪课及传统米糕DIY
• 涂鸦秀: HERO
• 雪绿茶博物馆O’Sulloc,含绿茶冰淇淋
• 薰衣草枕头DIY
• 穿韩服体验

• 韩式套餐午餐
• 刺身套餐晚餐
• 黑猪烤肉配汉拿山炒饭午餐
• 鲍鱼海鲜煲汤晚餐
• 烤带鱼套餐午餐
• 人参鸡汤晚餐
• 煎鸡肉配荞麦面午餐
• 烧烤猪肋骨晚餐
• 韩定食午餐
• 韩国石锅拌饭套餐
• 8色烤五花肉晚餐


抵达仁川后,前往松月洞童话村。在这个童话主题村庄中,有着五颜六色的小巷,里面满是各式童话人物,在这里你可将尽享惊喜。下一站,前往汇聚着230个知名品牌的现代名牌奥特莱斯 金浦店,展现最新潮流趋势,全年都能在这里享受购物折扣,多数商品可享3-8折优惠。你可在此搜寻最炫商品,以最优价格购买钟意产品。接着,搭乘国内航班前往济州岛。这座韩国最大的火山岛无时不吸引着本国及国际游客,这都归功于其数不胜数、引人入胜的自然景观以及休闲放松的氛围。到达当日,游览济州泰迪熊博物馆,真人大小的泰迪熊将以其可爱的姿态及主题服装虏获你的心。



早餐后,乘船至牛岛,该岛以其惊艳的景观、自然风光及海洋生物而闻名。前往牛岛峰的灯塔,这是岛上的最高点,在这你会惊叹于成片的金黄油菜花地、绝美的小岛全景以及周边景致。接着,在离岛之前将前往两个人气极高、各具特色却又同样让人着迷的海滩,有着闪亮黑色沙滩的黑沙海边及有着耀眼白色珊瑚沙滩的珊瑚沙海。回到济州岛后,享用美味的 黑猪烤肉配汉拿山炒饭午餐。下午的行程将在乘坐四轮摩托车的刺激活动中开启。随后,前往金宁迷宫公园,亚洲唯一用观叶植物建造的迷宫。这不仅是一次有趣的体验,同时也有益于健康,因为迷宫四周的石头及树林会释放高强度远红外线辐射及大量杀菌素。这座树木种类繁多的公园已存在好几十年,它是韩国人口中“森林浴”的完美场所。在这里,人们被自然(特别是树木)环绕,尽享其带来的各种益处。当天的最后一站将前往新开的PLAY KPOP数码主题乐园,带你进入韩流梦幻世界。



今早,探索美丽的天地渊瀑布,济州岛3个最著名的瀑布之一。随后,造访壮美的 大浦洞柱状节理带,它是由汉拿火山爆发时流入中文海的熔岩形成。下一站,探访济州岛的花园瑰宝济州茶花树木园。这是一座占地20公顷的山茶花植物园,种植着500个不同品种的6000棵山茶花树,景致绚丽。春天,山茶花肆意绽放,花的芬芳刺激着你的感官。


 晚餐后,欣赏立体影像在观众面前展开梦幻的现场绘画技术及最先进的媒体艺术结合的新概念表演艺术 – 《涂鸦秀: HERO》。











早上,前往人参专卖店,再到Obdo化妆品直销店,囤积韩国护肤产品。接下来,选择钟意的传统韩服,享受穿韩服体验。之后,前往宏伟的景福宫,这是朝鲜王朝时代最大的宫殿。漫步在其庄重的大道上,探求其充满故事的过往,想象数世纪以前的景象。与友人及家人一起,以宏伟的宫殿为背景,穿着韩服来几张快照。下一站,我们将造访韩国首家用海运集装箱打造的概念店 – Common Ground集装式购物中心。其规模约为5300平米,由200个大型集装箱构建而成。在Common Ground,搜寻全新时尚、由新锐设计师及时尚编辑打造的中型店。傍晚,与团友一起享受欢送晚宴。