7/8D Taiwan Floral Medley with UFM100.3 DJ Jing Yun

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Travel period: Mar 12

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400X400 Jing Yun TW


  • Taoyuan Tourist Night Market
  • Taoyuan Fairy Valley


  • Chung-she Flower Market
  • Fengjia Night Market


  • Alishan National Scenic Area with sunrise and sea of cloud viewing experience


  • Fenchihu old street
  • Fenchihu Railway Station


  • Chimei Museum


  • Sun Moon Lake with leisure cruise


  • Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou
  • Ximending
  • Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
  • Shifen Old Street
  • Shifen Waterfall

 Seasonal Flowers Viewing

  • Chung-she Flower Market – Sage, Calliopsis, Roses, Salvia Splendens, Perfume Lilies and more
  • Alishan National Scenic Area - Viewing of cherry blossoms such as Yoshino cherry blossoms and mountain cherry blossoms
  • Taoyuan Fairy Valley – Tulips, rainbow-coloured field of seasonal flowers in bloom

 Value-Added Selections

  • 1-night accommodation in Alishan National Scenic Area
  • 1-night accommodation at Taichung hot spring hotel with personal hot spring facility in room
  • Alishan sunrise viewing train ride to Zhushan Station
  • Nostalgic railway ride from Yongkang Station to Bao’an Station  
  • Lighting and releasing of heavenly lanterns

 Gourmet Inclusions

  • Alishan specialty dinner
  • Fenchihu railway bento lunch
  • Tainan Fucheng specialty dinner
  • Thao tribe cuisine lunch
  • Flower farm exquisite lunch
  • Chien Yen steamboat buffet dinner

Seasonal Flower Viewing at Alishan, Chung-she Flower Market & Taoyuan Fairy Valley

Visit Chimei Museum & Ride on Alishan Sunrise Viewing Train
Shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou & Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

1-night accommodation at Taichung Hot Spring Hotel with Personal Hot Spring Facility in Room
(Meals On Board)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Taoyuan. Upon arrival, proceed to explore the bustling Taoyuan Tourist Night Market to experience local night market street food culture as well as savour local snacks like oyster omelette with cuttlefish soup, barbecued squids, deep-fried pork ribs and duck noodles at your own expense.  

(Breakfast/Taiwanese Cuisine Lunch/ Alishan Specialty Dinner)

This morning, proceed to Chung-she Flower Market where you can view seasonal flowers in bloom like roses, sage, lilies throughout the year. Next, continue to the renowned Alishan. During the journey, enjoy the mesmerizing scenery that greets you. Upon arrival at Alishan National Scenic Area, visit attractions such as Sister Lakes, ancient over 1,000-year-old cypress trees and Shouzhen Temple. Take a leisure walk through the forest trails and admire beautiful heritage trees and mountain peaks shrouded in misty clouds. Tonight, experience an overnight stay in the Alishan National Scenic Area and prep yourself for the next morning’s sunrise and cloud viewing experience.
Seasonal Bonus:
View the pink petals of Yoshino cherry blossoms at Alishan National Scenic Area and is subject to weather conditions.
Visit to Alishan National Scenic Area is subject to weather conditions and will be replaced with Xitou Nature Education Area and Monster Village if unavailable.
Please bring along an overnight bag for your Alishan National Scenic Area stay.

(Breakfast/ Fenchihu Railway Bento Lunch/Tainan Fucheng Specialty Dinner)

The beautiful sunrise, rare natural phenomenon sea of clouds, forest, sunset glow and railway are known as the “Five Wonders of Alishan”. This early morning, take the Alishan sunrise viewing train, also known as ‘Alishan Mini Train’, to Zhushan Station, where the sunrise viewing platform is located. It is also one of the 3 highest railway stations in the world. Take a deep breath of fresh air while enjoying the sun rising in the horizon. If you are lucky, you may see the rare natural phenomenon of a sea of clouds which will leave you awestruck. Next, explore the over 100-year-old Fenchihu old street. It is located at the relay station of Alishan Railway and is Taiwan’s highest altitude old street. Set against a backdrop of mountains, the houses exude a rustic atmosphere. As such it is also known as “Southern Taiwan’s Jiufen”. Tuck into the renowned Fenchihu railway bento at Fenchihu Railway Station and relive the nostalgic yester years. You may also bring home the commemorative tin bento box as keepsake. Thereafter, proceed to visit Chimei Museum, the newest landmark attraction in Tainan. Founded by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, it is a comprehensive museum with wide collections of Western art, sculptures, musical instruments, weaponry and natural history. There are four exhibition rooms, one temporary exhibition gallery and a sculpture hall in the main building. Explore the Metropolis Park outside the museum to view the grand Apollo Fountain Plaza and Olympus Bridge with 12 Olympus statues. Chimei Museum, with its exterior that resembled Versailles Palace, has brought European style and culture to the area. 
Please prepare warm clothes for sunrise and sea of cloud viewing experience as weather temperature is expected to hover around 3 to 15 degrees celsius. Morning call will be around 4am to 5am local time. Alishan National Scenic Area sunrise and sea of cloud viewing experience is subject to weather conditions, based on official scheduled timetable and will not be replaced if unavailable.

(Breakfast/ Thao Aboriginal Cuisine Lunch)

After breakfast, go on a nostalgic railway ride from Yongkang Station to Bao’an Station to relive the yester years of rail history. Besides retaining the commemorative train tickets as keepsake, you can also gain insights on the historic evolution of Taiwan’s railway and glimpse into the lives of local people. Thereafter, visit Sun Moon Lake, one of Taiwan’s most popular picturesque spots and the country’s largest body of water. Take in the scenic views and enjoy a leisure cruise on the placid lake. Then visit a Lingzhi Specialty Centre. Next, proceed to Taichung to explore Fengjia Night Market to savour a variety of delicious local snacks as well as shop for many fashionable yet affordable clothing and accessories. Tonight, spend the night at a hot spring hotel with personal hot spring facility in room where you can enjoy a rejuvenating and therapeutic hot spring bath in private or at the outdoor hot spring pool.
Please bring along your swimwear and swim cap for the outdoor hot spring pools. 

(Breakfast/Flower Farm Exquisite Lunch/Chien Yen Buffet Hotpot Dinner)

After breakfast, proceed to Taoyuan to visit Taoyuan Fairy Valley, a top destination for viewing of seasonal blooms.  Occupying over 214 hectares, Taoyuan Fairy Valley is Taiwan’s largest privately-owned garden and is also acclaimed as the hometown of tulips. The valley boasts of beautiful scenery and seasonal blooms throughout the year where from January to March are the best months for viewing tulips.  With an expanse primitive valley and lush forest scenery, Taoyuan Fairy Valley is like a paradise on earth. Later, proceed to vibrant Taipei. First, head to Taipei’s largest outlet mall, Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou. Newly opened in January 2016, it is Japan's Mitsui Group’s overseas joint venture in Taiwan. The outlet mall boasts of over 220 retail stores of international and leading Japanese brands and sporting equipment integrated with 13 restaurants and entertainment facilities like cinema, bookstores, supermarket and more. In the evening, shop to your heart’s content at shopping paradise, Ximending.
Seasonal Bonus:
View tulips and sea of rainbow-coloured flower fields at Taoyuan Fairy Valley and is subject to weather conditions.

(Breakfast/Get-together Dinner)

This morning, visit Pixiu lucky charm centre and a Taiwanese pineapple tart shop. Next, explore Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, a popular attraction in Taipei. Transformed from a tobacco factory into a creative park, it features an exhibition gallery amidst a tranquil surrounding. You may also drop in the Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store located within the park or explore the shops on other floors in the building for creatively designed products to bring home as souvenir. Continue on to Shifen Waterfall, acclaimed as “Taiwan’s Niagara Falls” and be awed by nature’s work of art. If you are lucky, you may behold a rainbow over the waterfall as cascading waters plunge over the rock ledges of the waterfall. Then proceed to the nearby Shifen Old Street where rows of curios shops and restaurants line both sides of a train track. Here, you will also experience the joy of painting wishes, lighting and releasing heavenly lanterns into the sky. Next, visit the Pearl specialty centre. Tonight, spend a memorable evening with UFM100.3 DJ Jingyun and your fellow travellers at the get-together dinner.
Releasing of heavenly lanterns is subject to weather conditions.


Today, you can set your own morning call to wake you up at your preferred time. After breakfast, you can choose to explore the various attractions in Taipei like the National Palace Museum, Beitou Hot Spring, and Tamshui Old Street. Alternatively, you can visit Ximending, East District, Taipei 101 , Shida Commercial Area and Shilin Night Market to enjoy shopping fun.

(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.



  • Seasonal bonus is subject to weather conditions and there will be no replacement in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.
  • During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned.
  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
  • In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the former for accuracy.



400X400 菁云台湾


  • 桃园观光夜市
  • 桃源仙谷


  • 中社观光花社
  • 逢甲夜市


  • 阿里山国家森林游乐区


  • 奋起湖老街
  • 奋起湖铁路车站


  • 奇美博物馆


  • 日月潭


  • Mitsui Outlet Park林口
  • 西门町
  • 松山文创园区
  • 十分老街
  • 十分瀑布



  • 中社观光花社 –鼠尾草、波斯菊、玫瑰、一串红、香水百合等
  • 阿里山樱花季 – 吉野樱、山樱花
  • 桃源仙谷 – 郁金香、彩虹花田


  • 一晚住宿台中豪华温泉酒店,并可在房内享受温泉浴
  • 一晚住宿阿里山
  • 乘搭阿里山小火车至祝山赏日出云海
  • 体验乘搭台湾火车,从永康站至保安站,获取“永保安康”纪念票
  • 日月潭休闲乘船游湖
  • 燃放祈福天燈


  • 阿里山风味晚餐
  • 奋起湖铁路怀旧便当午餐
  • 台南府城小吃晚餐
  • 邵族原住民风味餐
  • 花田风味午餐
  • 千叶火锅自助晚餐








  • 赏花视气候而定,恕无法保证花期。
  • 因交通管制,阿里山园区内无法驶入大型游览车,故请携带手提行李袋以方便入住酒店。阿里山因属高山地带,酒店住宿设备以简单为主。
  • 如遇通往阿里山的路况不佳,阿里山森林游乐区将更改为溪头游乐园区和妖怪村,并入住溪头立德会馆或其他同等级住宿。突发状况,恕不预先告知。









早餐后,出发前往位于桃园的赏花重地——桃源仙谷。总面积达214公顷的桃源仙谷是北台湾最大的私人花园,号称台湾郁金香的故乡。谷里风景宜人,依照不同的时节种满了各类花卉,1至3月则是欣赏郁金香的好日子。广阔的原始自然谷地,配合着山林景观,让桃源仙谷成为一个远离尘嚣的避世桃源。续程,启程到繁华的台北。首先,将前往参观北台湾最大的Mitsui Outlet Park林口。它刚于2016年1月全新开幕,是由日本三井不动产集团跨海到台湾打造的海外据点之一,共设有220家品牌包含国际精品、日本流行品牌、运动用品以及超过13间餐厅,同时还有威秀影城、诚品生活等,是一座集购物、美食、娱乐的大型商城。傍晚,你将在台北的繁华地区之一—西门町尽情地享受台北繁华街头购物的乐趣。




续程,前往近年深受欢迎的十分风景区。首先,参观拥有“台湾尼加拉瀑布”美称的十分瀑布,观赏大自然的鬼斧神工。它垂帘式的水流美景让人目不暇,若天气好,还会出现一道斜挂在瀑布上的彩虹美景。接着在邻近的十分老街,感受在火车铁轨上体验燃放祈福天灯的乐趣。随后,参观珍珠推广中心。今晚,你将与UFM100.3 DJ洪菁云共度一场联欢聚会,为此行留下美好回忆。


(早餐 / 机上用餐)


  • 若天气状况/开花期不佳,赏花额外佳选内的景点或活动将不会被取代也不能退款。
  • 额外佳选的活动限于出发日的团体。日期如有更改,恕不预先通知。
  • 导游全程以中文解说,除非特定备注。所有酒店评级均以当地为准。团队如有合拼或行程顺序更改,恕不预先告知,特注台北酒店。
  • 公司会在出发日的2个星期,通知团体成团与否。
  • 若中英文行程版本出现不符之处,将以英文版本为依据。