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400X400 Shikoku  Xiaozhu

Move over big city, hello stunning natural sights and magnificent feudal castles. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, laidback pace of life or distinctive elements of traditional Japan, the charming sights and sounds of Shikoku and Osaka offer the perfect respite from city life.


• Awaji Hanasajiki 

• Naruto whirlpools 
• Onaruto Bridge 
• Uzu no Michi 

• Ritsurin Garden 
• Sanuki Mannou National Government Park 

• Kotohira-gu shrine 

• Hirome Ichiba 

• Yasunami Water Mill Village 
• Shimanto-gawa River 

• Matsuyama Castle
• Dogo-onsen Hot Spring 

• Towel Museum 
• Imabari Castle 

• Senkoji Park

• Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter 
• Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki 

• Himeji Castle

• Shinsaibashi Shopping Street 

• 3N stay at Shimanto,  Matsuyama and Imabari Onsen Resort
• Foot spa experience
• Kimono dress-up session
• Vintage Botchan steam train ride 
• Leisure bicycle or boat ride 
•  Onsen Manju tasting

• DIY udon set lunch  
• Shikoku cuisine set dinner 
• Buffet dinner with fish cutting and soba making demonstration
• 9-course Kaiseki dinner 

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(Meals On Board)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Osaka. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel for check in.

(Meals On Board/Lunch/Dinner)

Today, transfer to Awaji Island via Kobe. On Awaji Island, located on a hill, Awaji Hanasajiki offers a panoramic view of charming flower field against the background of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and the Osaka Bay from the observation deck. Next,  to see the Naruto whirlpools beneath the Onaruto Bridge. Too fast and furious? Capture a good look from Uzu no Michi, an enclosed walkway extended under the bridge 45 meters above the whirlpools with glass window set in the floor. The highlight is the roaring vortex which swirls up to 20 kilometres per hour at a maximum diameter of 20 metres. Later, immerse in the atmosphere of the Edo era as you take a leisure stroll in the Ritsurin Garden. The landscaping of the garden began in mid-1600s and took almost 100 years to complete. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of this spacious garden featuring 13 landscaped hills and 6 ponds again the backdrop of mountain Shiun-zan. Spend the night in Takamatsu.

(Breakfast/DIY Udon Set Lunch/Shikoku Cuisine Set Dinner)

After breakfast, start your day at the Sanuki Mannou Government Park. Here you will see different flowers during different season and the recreation area makes it a great place for outdoor family fun! Next, visit Kotohira-gu Shrine, a famous Shinto shrine on the wooded slope of Mt Zouzu dedicated to ensuring the safe passage of sailors and seafarers. Work up an appetite on your ascent to the shrine and savour the sweet reward of being a Sanuki udon craftsman in your DIY udon set dinner. Not only will you get to taste one of Japan’s best udon noodles, you will be able to roll up your sleeves and learn the secret behind this Japanese dish. Continue on to Hirome Ichiba, a bustling market in Kochi popular with the locals and expats alike for its vibrant and friendly atmosphere and excellent but cheap food and drink offerings. Local produce, souvenirs and clothes are also available for those looking to bring home a slice of Kochi. End the day with a special 9-course Shikoku cuisine set dinner at your Shimanto onsen resort hotel.

(Breakfast/Lunch/Buffet Dinner With Fish Cutting And Soba Making Demonstration)

This morning, let Yasunami Water Mill Village captivate you. Delve into the inner workings of the machinery responsible for helping to lessen work with hydropower. Next,head to Japan’s last pristine river, Shimanto-gawa River and enjoy the option to either hop on the bicycle ride along river, or if you are not into exercising, a leisure boat ride awaits. Thereafter, enjoy a ropeway ride to visit Matsuyama Castle, one of the oldest surviving castles from Japan’s feudal era located on the steep Mt Matsuyama. From the castle, enjoy a bird’s eye view of Matsuyama and Seto Inland Sea. The castle grounds that are lined with crimson colours leaves are also postcard-worthy spots in autumn. If you are lucky, you may witness fisherman using traditional fishing methods! Later, arrive into Japan’s earliest and most famous hot spring, Dogo Onsen Hot Spring, said to be frequented by the Japanese imperial family and also inspiration behind Miyazaki’s popular animated film, Spirited Away. Dating back to the Meiji period, this onsen is a maze of stairways, passages and rooms and was the first public bathhouse to be preserved as part of Japan’s cultural history. Your tired feet will be very glad for a breather with a foot spa indulgence before we wrap up the day with a buffet dinner and fish-cutting and soba-making demonstration.

(Breakfast/Lunch/9-course Kaiseki Dinner)

For your highlight today, hop aboard a Botchan Tram in Matsuyama. This vintage tram, a picturesque sight itself with their beautiful curves and rustic interiors, will take you snaking Dogo towns and around castle moat. Do not miss seeing the Botchan Tram engine uncoupled, cranked up on a pivot, and spun around the retro tram by the drivers. Thereafter, immerse yourself into the culture with kimono dress-up session and stroll this area that features many interesting shops, quaint temples, eateries selling unique hot spring snacks of which Onsen Manju is one of the famous, a soft black sesame bun with azuki bean paste filling, and specially arranged for you to taste. Later, proceed to Imabari, which boasts the greatest production of towels in Japan. Find out more about the manufacturing process of these fluffy towers and enjoy towel art in the world’s first towel museum, Imabari Towel Museum. In the evening, visit Imabari Castle, one of the famous landmarks of Imabari. The castle is lit up every night with 100 pieces of lighting which cast a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water. After a fun time at the get-together dinner, you may choose to wrap up the day with a rejuvenating hot spring bath at your onsen resort in Imbari.



Today, cross the busy Shimanami Kaido that links Hiroshima and Ehime and stretches over Seto Inland Sea. Formed by 6 different islands, Seto Inland Sea was an important trade route historically and is often compared to the Mediterranean thanks to its calm waters, mild climate and laidback atmosphere. Later, hop onboard the ropeway up to Senkoji Park, which rests atop a mountain overlooking the city where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the port, mountains and surrounding islands from the observatory. Then, proceed to Okayama for a glimpse into life in provincial Japan at Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, the charming and quaint merchants’ quarters from the Edo, Meiji to Taisho periods. This former trading centre features Edo-style architecture with European influences in an interesting blend of east-meets-west. Spend the night in Okayama.


(Breakfast/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, indulge in some retail therapy at Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki featuring more than 100 premium brands. Travel to Himeiji, the economic, cultural and educational centre of Harima province. Get your cameras and selfie sticks fully charged and ready as you visit the iconic Himeiji Castle, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also known as White Heron Castle because of its elegant white walls. Considered as Japan’s most impressive and best preserved feudal castle, Himeiji Castle is one of the 12 castles in Japan that have been untouched by war and natural disasters over all the years. Explore the labyrinth of passages, gates and baileys and the pretty cherry blossom trees dotting the castle grounds. Journey back to Osaka this evening and enjoy a final shopping spree at Shinsaibashi Shopping Street before we transfer to the airport for your flight home. Upon arrival in Singapore, bid farewell to one another as your unforgettable journey to Japan ends.

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  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
  • Tour groups may be merged.


400X400 四国小猪


• 淡路赏花公园

• 观鸣门漩涡
• 大鸣门桥
• 涡之道

• 栗林公园
• 国营赞岐满浓公园

• 金刀比罗宫

• 弘人市場

• 安並水車之里公园
• 四万十川

• 松山城
• 道后温泉

• 今治毛巾美術館
• 今治城

• 千光寺公园

• 仓敷美观地区
• 三井奥特莱斯购物城 仓敷

• 姬路城

• 心斋桥商业步行街


  • 3晚住宿四万十、松山及今治正宗温泉度假村
  • 观鸣门漩涡
  • 足浴体验
  • 穿和服体验
  • 乘坐蒸汽复古少爷列车
  • 骑自行车或乘船观光
  • 黑温泉馒头品尝


  • 乌冬面DIY套餐午餐
  • 四国风味套餐晚餐
  • 自助晚餐并观赏鱼切割及荞麦面制作示范
  • 九道菜怀石料理晚餐















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  • 导游全程以中文讲解,除非特定备注。
  • 不同团体将可能合并成一团。