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  • Stay at Local 5 Star Accommodation Throughout
  • 2N Complimentary Upgrade at Taiyuan Fuli Pullman Hotel
  • 1N Stay in a Traditional Inn at The Ancient City of Pingyao
  • 1N Stay in a Mongolian Yurt
  • Explore 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Shanxi: Mount Wutai, Yungang Grottoes, Pingyao Ancient City
  • Outreach Activities: Specially arranged by Chan Brothers, we will be visiting Kong Mama who has adopted and raised abandoned babies on her own without governmental support. 

Gourmet Pick:

  • Pingyao Specialties
  • Datong Steamboat
  • Taiyuan Noodles
  • Mt Wutai Vegetarian Feast
  • Mongolian Style Roast Lamb
(Meals On Board/Dinner)
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Shanghai/Beijing before transferring to Taiyuan via a domestic flight or high speed train.

Taiyuan is a 2,400-year-old historical ancient town with mountainous surrounding three sides of its city. It is an important strategic city of the northern China and is known as the North gate to the central plains.


After breakfast, proceed to Qi County to visit the compassionate 66-year-old Kong Mama. Although Kong Mama is handicapped, she adopted and raised abandoned babies by herself for over 40 years. Currently, she is raising over 40 abandoned children with her meagre income with no governmental support. Hear Kong Mama relate on her journey of raising these children and watch the adorable children’s performances. Offer your care and compassion through donations of old clothes and stationery for the children. Donation is on a voluntary basis and is not mandatory. Next, proceed to the Ancient City of Pingyao (tram ride included), a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Feel transported back in time as you enter the ancient city. The street layout, shops, buildings, temples and officials’ residences have been carefully conserved and restored to their original state during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Take a leisurely stroll down the Ming-Qing Street where you will relive scenes of prosperity on the bustling “Wall Street of China” some 200 years ago. You can also find many antiques collection from the Jin Shang dynasties. There are also the Pingyao polished lacquer ware, one of the top 4 famous lacquer ware in China. Thereafter, proceed to visit the Rishengchang Draft Bank, the first private bank in China. Then ascend Pingyao City Wall, an UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as visit the most well conserved county office of China, the Pingyao County Office. In the evening, you may watch ““Youjian Pingyao” performance at your own expense. Tonight, check into an ancient inn in Pingyao and immerse yourself in the Xibei folk culture.


After breakfast, proceed to Mt Wutai, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and one of the 5 sacred Buddhist sites in the world. Among the four renowned Buddhist mountains, it is special as it is the only dojo in China with both Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism elements. Enroute, stop by to visit the Taiyuan East lake Vinegar Park to learn more about the history and traditional process of producing Shanxi vinegar. Upon arrival at Mt Wutai in the afternoon, enjoy a vegetarian feast. Thereafter, visit Nanshan Temple, one of the largest temples in Mt Wutai. Built during the Yuan dynasty, the 7-storey temple is 2 kilometres away from Tai Wye Town.


Mt Wutai is the dojo for Manjusri Bodhisattva as well as a popular summer retreat. After breakfast, proceed to Wuye Temple to pray for wishes and blessings for your family and yourself. It is said to be the most popular temple filled with flourishing incense as most wishes are fulfilled. It is also the largest yellow sect temple at Mount Wutai. Next, visit the Bodhisattva Peak which is known as “Little Potala Palace”. During the Qing dynasty, Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong made numerous visits to Mount Wutai and would reside at the Bodhisattva Peak. Its red pillars and walls as well as the golden tiles have made it more spectacular, grand and luxurious, comparable to the architectural style of royal palaces. Thereafter, visit Mount Wutai’s largest green sect temple, Xiantong Temple to view the external façade of the Shakyamuni Buddha Relics Tower.  Continue to visit Shuxiang Temple where you can view the largest Manjusri statue in Mt Wutai.   


After breakfast, proceed to Yungang Grottoes, one of China’s top 4 grottoes and has been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yungang Grottoes are built in the mountains, stretching a distance of 1 kilometre from the east to the west. It has 45 remaining large grottoes with 51,000 Buddha statues of various sizes. With each statue being a stunning masterpiece of Buddhist art sculpture, the collection is indeed a treasure trove of art both in China and internationally. You will be enthralled by the ancient cilivilisation of China. In the afternoon, proceed to Hohhot, the largest grassland city in Inner Mongolia.

After breakfast, proceed to Kubuqi Desert. During the journey, stop by Baotou city to visit the Yellow River Bridge, a reinforced floating bridge. Located on the southern gate of Baotou city, the bridge has stood the test of time while the waters from the Yellow River under it flow continuously. In the afternoon, explore the famous Xiangshawan Desert (Whistling Dune Bay) to view a spectacular formation of soft sand hills in the horizon. There are about 400-metre-tall crescent-shaped sand dunes and about 100-metre-tall sand hills that are tilted at 40 degrees. During fine weather when the sand is dry, one can ascend to the peak of the high sand dunes, and hear thunderous sound from the sand as you slide down the sand dune. You may also choose to enjoy a camel ride or go sand boarding at your own expense. 

After breakfast, proceed to Xilamuren Grassland. Visitors will not only view the picturesque grassland scenery, they will also experience the nomadic lifestyle and customs. Savour authentic Mongolian food and their traditional culture as well as receive a “hada silver bowl toast”, a form of warm welcome in the Mongolian culture. Join in at your own expense, grassland activities where you get to view a Mongolian grassland performance, titled “Men with three skills”, Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and equestrian. Next, you may opt to ascend Mongolians’ sacred mountain, Aobao and visit a local Mongolian herdsmen family at their Mongolian yurt, savour dairy products made by the herdsmen, should you choose to. At night, revel in a bonfire party arranged specially by the herdsmen. You may enjoy a night of dancing and singing or take a leisurely stroll on the vast grassland under the star-studded night sky.


After breakfast, visit Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, said to be the final resting place of Wang Zhaojun, one of the 4 ancient beauties from the Han empire, built to celebrate her martyrdom. The tomb is 33 metres tall with an underground space of 13,000 square metres. Hence, it is acclaimed as one of China’s largest tombs from the Han empire. Thereafter, head to Datong, the capital of coals.

After breakfast, proceed to Hanging Monastery, acclaimed as one of the ancient architectural wonders in the world. Built more than 1,400 years ago, it is the only remaining temple in China that consists elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It is perched on steep cliffs and hung precariously in mid-air. Thereafter, coach to Taiyuan, where you can visit the Coal Museum of China at your expense. Experience a ride in a mini train to explore the wells in the coal mine and learn the process of coal mining in Shanxi. Next, celebrate a heartwarming trip with a get-together dinner with your new friends, tour leaders and MediaCorp artiste Shane Pow.
(Breakfast/Meals On Board)
After breakfast, proceed to transfer in a coach to the airport for your flight back to Singapore via Shanghai/Beijing.

Additional Package: RMB550 per Adult or Child

  • “Youjian Pingyao” Performance
  • Coal Museum of China



  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.
  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tour groups may be merged.
  • Any extension/deviation after the tour is subjected to the stipulated date stated on the air ticket prior to departure.
  • All hotel ratings are based on local terms in China. If hotels are pending certification from the relevant body, our Agency will rate the hotel accommodation as “X-star or equivalent” for your reference.
  • In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the latter for accuracy.




  • 全程住宿当地五星酒店,免费升级2晚太原国际5星铂尔曼酒店
  • 特别安排 1 晚平遥古城住宿特色古客栈,体验西北人家的民俗风;
  • 探索山西三大世界文化遗产:五台山 、云风石窟、平遥古城
  • 在内蒙古希拉穆仁大草原最美的季节领略茫茫草原风光,体验游牧民族生活:特别安排 1 晚住宿蒙古包,欣赏壮观的草原日出。

  • 爱心活动:探访 66 岁爱心人士孔妈妈。孔妈妈在自身残疾的情况下,收养弃婴 40 年,现在还有弃婴 40 多名。


  • 平遥风味小吃
  • 大同铜火锅风味
  • 太原面食制作风味
  • 五台山素宴风味  
  • 内蒙古特色手抓肉

早餐后,赴祁县,探访66岁爱心人士孔妈妈,孔妈妈在自身残疾的情况下,收养弃婴40年,现在还有弃婴40多名,并且逐渐增多,在没有政府的任何扶持下,孔妈妈靠微薄的收入,越来越难以支撑,这种大爱需要我们社会人士共同的支持,让我们听孔妈妈讲述爱心路程,看孩子纯真的表演,奉献爱心。注:捐献活动出自个人意愿,绝不勉强。接着车赴被联合国教科文组织评为世界文化遗产的 平遥古城(含电瓶车);进入古城内恍如时光倒流,无论街道的布局、店铺、市楼、庙宇、官衙的民宅,至今仍保留着明清时原有的面貌。漫步两百年前中国的华尔街明清一条街重温200年前的繁华与热闹,在这里可以找到不少晋商遗下的古玩珍藏,自费品尝到平遥的当地风味小吃如莜面、烤佬佬、油糕、红面湖湖、水煎包、山药丸则等等。还有“中国四大名漆器”之一的平遥推光漆器。游客可以参观中国历史上第一家私人银行日升昌票号、登上世界文化遗产平遥古城墙及中国现存最完整的县衙平遥悬衙。入夜自费又见平遥秀,今晚入住平遥仿古客栈,体验西北人家的民俗风。



















附加配套全套人民币 550元成人与小孩 

  • 又见平遥秀
  • 煤炭博物馆  


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