10/11D Northeast China Autumn in Depth With Mediacorp Artiste Pan Ling Ling

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Travel period: Oct 3, 4

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400X400 ENG Pan LingLing

Exclusive Pick:

  • Stay at 5* Hotels Throughout Including 2N Stay at 5* Wanda Realm Hotel and 2N Stay at 5* Dalian Aloft Hotel
  • Harbin With Modern Ice Popsicle Tasting
  • Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition
  • Mt Changbai With Hot Spring Egg and Corn Tasting
  • Tonghua Winery With Wine-tasting session
  • Panjin Red Beach

Gourmet Pick:

  • Pickled Fish Hot Pot Dinner With Russian Drink Kvass

  • Russian Cuisine Dinner With Red Wine

  • Yuan Wei Zhai Roast Duck Dinner

  • Hairy Crab Specialty Lunch

  • Yalu River BBQ Dinner

  • Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner With Abalone

(Northeast Dumpling Lunch/Pickled Fish Hot Pot Dinner With Russian Drinks Kvass)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Harbin. Upon arrival, visit Stalin Park and Flood Control Monument, which commemorates the success of the city’s flood control efforts in 1957. Next, head to Harbin’s most bustling commercial district Central Street, a thoroughfare flanked by Russian-style buildings and some stores selling Russian snacks. You will enjoy a complimentary Modern ice popsicle. Thereafter, proceed to St Sophia Cathedral and enjoy snapping photos of friends and family with the Byzantine-style Russian Orthodox cathedral as your backdrop. You may visit Harbin Museum of Architecture which is housed in the cathedral at your own expense. Next, explore Guandong Ancient Lane, an atmospheric area filled with traditional northeastern architecture and numerous stores specializing in traditional northeastern snacks.


(Breakfast/Soy Sauce Pork Ribs Specialty Lunch/Russian Cuisine Dinner With Red Wine)

After breakfast, travel to Volga Manor, a charming cultural site reminiscent of a typical 17th-century Russian castle. You will also participate in a DIY Russian doll session


(Breakfast/Double Cooked Pork Specialty Lunch/Dinner)

After breakfast, head to Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition. Next, view the exterior of Harbin Opera House, one of the city’s newest iconic landmarks and widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Thereafter, visit Harbin Ice-Snow World, currently the world’s biggest indoor snow theme park with the largest number of ice sculptures. After lunch, travel to Dunhua, an ancient city with over 1,000 years of history.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Mt Changbai Specialty Dinner)

After breakfast, head to Mt Changbai. Ascend the peak towards Heaven Lake, the highest and deepest crater lakes in China. Continue to Little Heaven Lake, Julong Hot Spring, and view Mt Changbai Waterfall in the distance. Enjoy a hot spring egg and corn before you proceed to Erdao Baihe Town, located at the foot of Mt Changbai.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Yuan Wei Zhai Roast Duck Dinner)

After breakfast, travel to Tonghua and visit a winery with a wine-tasting session. After lunch, continue to Zhongjie commercial street in Shenyang, widely regarded as the 1st pedestrian street in China.


(Breakfast/Smoked Meat Platter Specialty Lunch/Dinner)

After breakfast, visit Shenyang Imperial Palace, the largest palatial building in northeast China and the former abode of Emperor Nurhachi and Emperor Taizong during the Qing dynasty. This sprawling complex integrates the architectural style of the Han, Manchurian and Mongolian tribes and is one of China’s most well-preserved cultural relics today. Explore some of the main highlights such as Hall of Great Affairs, the 13 pavilions, Zhongzheng Hall and Qingning Palace. Explore Manchurian Street before you travel to Panjin.


(Breakfast/ Hairy Crab Specialty Lunch/Yalu River BBQ Dinner)

After breakfast, travel to Panjin to marvel at Red Beach. It is an amazing sight where the seaweed turns red and the whole beach resembles a huge piece of red carpet every year during autumn. It is widely regarded as one of China’s most unique natural attractions. Next, proceed to Dandong.


(Breakfast/Korean Cuisine Lunch/Spring Pancake Specialty Dinner)

After breakfast, visit Yalu River, located along the border between China and North Korea. You can take some pictures of North Korea in the background. From here, you will also see a part of Yalu River Broken Bridge in the distance. You will also enjoy a scenic boat ride to have a closer look at North Korea over the riverbank. Continue to modern coastal city Dalian.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner With Abalone)

After breakfast, head to Lushun. Visit Lushun Military Port, East Cockscomb Hill and North Fortress, and view White Jade Mountain and Tower from afar. Next, proceed to Taiyanggou and marvel at the yellow and amber foliage of the gingko leaves. Keep your eyes open to marvel at the Russian and Japanese architecture, which has given the scenic area a reputation of an open-air architectural museum. Thereafter, return to Dalian and head to Xinghai Square. View the sculpture with a series of footprints that depicts a child’s development to adulthood and into a prosperous old age, symbolizing a promising future and a life well spent. You may spend your time at leisure at a Dalian shopping mall before you proceed for a seafood and BBQ buffet dinner with abalone.


(Breakfast/Lunch/Meals On Board)

After breakfast, coach along Binhai Road to Hudiao Square. The road flanked by dense forest and towering mountains on one side of the road and a sweeping coastline along the other side. Next, visit Friendship Square and Zhongshan Square. Continue to the Japanese style street and discover a charming and well-conserved area filled with Japanese villas and izakayas. You may spend your time at leisure before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Additional package based on RMB560 per adult and RMB280 per child below 1.2 metres in height

  1. Volga Manor with DIY Russian Doll session
  2. Harbin Opera House
  3. Harbin Ice-Snow World
  4. Yalu River cruise
  5. Dalian shopping mall


Optional package based on RMB298 per pax

  1. Harbin Wanda City Central Grand Theatre’s spectacular show on ice or Russian themed performance


Optional package based on RMB198 per pax

  1. Dalian night tour with Xinghai Bay Bridge
  2. Lushan observation deck
  3. Oriental Venice Water Town



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If a place of visit is closed to visitors, it will be replaced with an alternative.

Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.

Tour groups may be merged.


400X400 CHI Pan LingLing























早餐后,前往菊花展。之后,外观2016年被评为世界最美建筑的哈尔滨大剧院。接着,你将前往哈尔滨冰雪大世界, 是目前世界面积最大,冰景数量最多,的室内冰雪主题乐园。午餐后,驱车前往敦化



早餐后,前往满族的发祥地长白山。抵达后,观赏位于长白山主峰之颠的天池,是中国最高最深的火山口湖。你也将游览小天池聚龙温泉群及远观长白山瀑布品尝温泉鸡蛋及玉米后, 前往长白山脚下的二道白河镇




















  1. 伏尔加庄园含手绘套娃DIY
  2. 哈尔滨大剧院
  3. 哈尔滨冰雪大世界
  4. 丹东鸭绿江乘游船
  5. 大连购物广场



  1. 哈尔滨万达中央大剧院冰雪秀表演或俄罗斯主题表演



  1. 夜游大连星海湾跨海大桥
  2. 绿山观景台
  3. 东方威尼斯水城