The 'Young Explorer Project' is a joint collaboration by Chan Brothers Travel and the Tourism Authority of Thailand; it's all about travelling in Thailand from a foreigner's opinion. This joint project aims to introduce Thailand's attractions and culture in a fun and engaging way through the eyes of our local bloggers; to introduce free and easy travel in Thailand; to emphasize it isn't THAT difficult to plan a free and easy trip to Thailand. (Perhaps if it's still a hassle for you, you may wish to opt for Chan Brothers' free and easy holiday packages to Thailand)

We will be sponsoring 6 local bloggers, where each pair will be covering one destination, each with different themes as follows:

  • Chiang Mai (Food, Photography & Culture):
    18 – 21 April 2013, by Miss Tam Chiak
    & Shiberty;
  • Krabi/Phuket (Relaxation & Sea Sports):
    23 – 26 April 2013, by Randyys
    & Typicalben; and
  • Bangkok (Food & Shopping):
    26 – 29 April 2013, by Zoe Raymond
    & Sheila Mandy.

These like-minded 20-25 year olds will work together as a pair to experience and discover, up-close and personal, the true beauty of Thailand. So, stay tuned to what they have to say about the Thailand trip and a chance for YOU to win some travel vouchers!

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